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Introductions first, yes? You would be tamia_silverwing, of course. No, I don't know that; the computer knows that. I could explain how it works, but it would take a very long time and frankly I'd bore myself to tears. My name is Tyra Magena. I'm a communications specialist first and foremost, with my primary research area being the practical application of Virtupets technology to modern Neopian systems. I'm also a communications retailer, which means that if you're a wealthy explorer type with a pressing need for some high-quality two-way comm assemblies, I'm your go-to guy. Girl. Ugh. Okay, please don't ever call me your go-to girl.

Hello Neopia.

My, don't you look fine today! Anyway, this, as I'm sure you can tell, is my new blog site. It has been set up to house a painstakingly organized collection of empirical observations and notes concerning the vastly different members of the greater Neopian populace — by which I mean, of course, that I've been spying on you. About time you figured it out.

Oh, don't be like that, I've been spying on everyone.

So let's talk about you.

*cracks knuckles* Right, so, let's bring up the file on tamia_silverwing, shall we?



Oops. Sorry about that. I just reread my design notes and apparently I'm not supposed to be sharing your details yet. Something about a potential global breach of privacy or something? I could do it though, you know. I've got your file right here, and I've got it built into the programming of the page so that it instantly detects the identity of the reader and matches it with the appropriate file, and...

Yeah, okay, should probably go along with the Neopia Central authorities on this one. For now. But I do have one file I can share with you, at least, and this time the friendly neighbourhood Chias in blue can't hold it against me because technically the subject doesn't exist.

I know. Cool, right? I've got some theories on parallel dimensions, guided in part by the experiences of a certain green Alien, but that's a lecture for another time. For now, let's just sit back, and I'll tell you what I've learned about tamia_silverwing.

The Short Version.

Name: Tam.
Gender: male.
location: canada.
Neomail: always open.
Neofriends: open to people he's talked to, but he ignores random requests.
Guilds: closed, as he is apparently the (rather poor) leader of his own guild.
Pets: none are or will ever be up for adoption or trade.*
Battledome Challenges: maybe, but only with Rinna.
Freebies: unlikely, but he is amused that anyone would ask.
Help: given gladly.
Art Requests: closed.
Art Trades: generally closed, but there may be exceptions.
Cream and Sugar: doesn't like coffee.

*I've tried to interpret this curious use of language over and over again. What "pets" are we talking about here? What exactly is meant by "trading"? Tamia_silverwing's world seems to work very differently from ours — a dark place where pets can apparently be treated as mere bargaining chips to further some indeterminate group's goals. Bears further research.

The Long Version.

Statements left in tamia_silverwing's own words, to reduce the risk of mistranslation. My own comments will be marked by [TM:].

Why didn't I get a reply from you?
because i'm 23 and i was inactive on neopets for years honestly it's kind of a miracle i'm here at all we should be celebrating this (no but for real sometimes i forget, if you really want a reply then please a) be patient and b) when that doesn't work give me a nudge in the right direction to help my memory. i'd appreciate it)

Why don't you use proper capitalization and punctuation?
because i have nothing to prove to you

Want to be my neofriend?
this isn't exactly what I meant by neofriend requests being open to people i've talked to. step in the right direction, but you'll need to push that envelope more than half a centimeter to get there. talk to me about things. sometimes i like things. let's discover them together

Can I join your guild?
i'm still surprised by how many times I get this of course you can join, tuvic is a public guild with no actual requirements (you don't even need to have watched star trek, if that's a consideration). you don't need to ask, feel free to jump in and make yourself at home.

Is Tuvic dead...?
sort of looks that way doesn't it. i actually handed down the official reins of leadership years ago but the thing that really made tuvic was the message board and the community. if you want to join and start that up again, be my guest. every now and then the board sees a bit of action, and i think that's pretty awesome.

I love the Silverwing books too!
cool. kenneth oppel is awesome. if you're into bats or steampunk or high-flying adventure stories, look him up.

What about the rest of your username — why "tamia"?
my sister and i chose the username together, half from me (hence the "silverwing"), and half from her (hence the "tamia"). tamia comes from the species name for the one and only majestic red squirrel, a testament to my sister's past obsession with them. don't get me started about the r&b singer, id already been on neopets for half a year before i learned about her

What's your real name?

lol what about your actual real name?
people have been pushy about this in the past and i'm not really sure what they want to hear

Where do you live?
i live in alberta, canada. currently in the city where i (until very recently) went to university, but i grew up in the country on a little ex-farm, fifteen minutes away from the nearest villages (which are only inhabited by a couple hundred people each)

yep it's where people go to get smart

I mean, what's your major...?
i have a degree in anthropology with a minor in english. i went through a bucketload of different majors and prospective careers during my university career, everything from a paleontologist to a a print editor to a tour guide. i finally settled on archaeology, which, if you don't know, is basically ancient detective work, a field that blends arts and physical sciences. so now i've got a degree in that and the rest of my life ahead of me. pretty sweet

How old are you?
i used to refuse to answer this question, but hey, it's hardly a secret among most people i know online anyway. i'm 23

Lol you're old.
come at me bro

Can you give me some writing/art tips?
yeah of course

Can you rate/review/critique this thing I did?
i don't rate things (why. why would that even be useful) but under most circumstances i'd be happy to review or critique your writing or art if you want me to. especially if it's art, because art is quick — it might be harder to convince me to set aside the time to read a longer written piece like a series for the neopian times or something. i'll still do my best though

Do you use a Mac or a PC?
i use a mac, almost always my macbook pro. her name is madame adrienne pamplemousse and she is my queen.

How do you draw your art?
i begin by drinking a gallon of toad spit, sacrificing three goats, and dancing under the light of the full moon, then I use the raw power of my mind to bend the pixels to my will.

You are a hilarious individual. I meant what programs you use.
well in that case, i mostly use photoshop elements 6.0. if you've never heard of elements, which is likely, it's this sort of simplified, photo editor's version of photoshop. i got a copy of the 3.0 version with my tablet a million years ago, and i've just upgraded the software since then because it's got all the basic drawing tools and stuff so why spring for the mother of all pricey software when i can do everything i need to with its weird and decidedly less demanding little sibling? i also use a program called manga studio for lineart sometimes, because i like the pen tool.

What kind of tablet do you have?
wacom graphire4, 4x5 inches. it's tiny and about eight years old, but it still works fine (the grip on the pen has all but decomposed, but hey) and the size honestly never bothered me. you can't buy it anymore, don't even bother looking. but if you're scoping out your first tablet, check out something like the wacom bamboo (sort of like my tablet's spiritual successor) or a monoprice, which are obscure but incredibly cheap and you can order them online_ most are slightly bigger than mine, and i've heard good things about both kinds.

Can I use your art on my userlookup/shop/petpage/application?
i'm generally cool with this, but I do have a few conditions:
1. don't remove my username
2. don't steal parts of my character designs for your own pets (eg. if my drawing of a draik is wearing cool blue goggles on a leather band with gold buckles, you can't say that your pet has goggles that look exactly like that)
3. don't try to pass off the image as your own work (eg. entering it in a site competition or using it to gain favour in some other kind of contest onsite or off)
4. don't use art that contains my own personal characters (kiyoshi, jeri, tyra, etc.)
if you don't know who counts as my own character and who doesn't, feel free to ask. also, if you're unclear on what would be considered art theft and what wouldn't, please talk to me about it. the vast majority of art theft cases involve people who simply don't know that what they're doing is wrong. always always ALWAYS double check if you're not sure. i'll never report someone just for asking, but art theft is serious business and it pays to know for sure that you're doing things right.

Are you planning to make more comics someday?
maybe, if i get the time/inspiration ultra mega supreme combo.

Will there be more Ghostchasers stories?
i'm not sure. i originally intended for ghostchasers to be a trilogy of series, but along the way, i started writing about the characters in a slightly modified context outside the limitations of neopia. as much as i love writing for neopets and as creative as you can be with the content of your stories, there are some things i want to talk about that neopets understandably does not allow because it is meant to be a safe place where kids and kids at heart go to have fun and relax. if i write anything for the nt again, it will almost definitely be ghostchasers related, but i can't guarantee it'll happen.

Can I use your characters in a story/comic I'm making for the NT?
yeah sure, unless you're doing something appallingly obscene with them or something. if you wanna use them for anything, please ask me first just to let me know what you've got in mind.

Are all of your characters real Neopets that I can actually find on the site?
nah, but lots of them are. i once wanted to find a way of working every one of my pets into my overarching storyline, and in my head there was (is) this vast network that connects every pet on not only my 5 accounts, but my sister's 3 accounts as well. it was intense.

Is Jeri Australian?
there is no australia in neopia

Jeri is an ignorant and offensive stereotype and I am offended.
i get where you're coming from and i think it's somewhere that's sorta but not quite adjacent to the place where the actual real issue of cultural appropriation comes from, but you are hilariously misguided and i am going to explain why. jeri is a fictional character who affects the accent and stereotyped, theatrical mannerisms of a group of people he does not belong to because he met some of those people and liked them so much he wanted to be one of them. this is NOT a cool thing to do in real life and i am obviously not condoning it. but nevertheless it is part of his story, as a fictional character. i wasn't always the best writer when it came to portraying jeri as he was meant to be portrayed (i was fourteen) but it was supposed to be apparent that jeri's mannerisms were affected, 2-dimensional, and altogether transparent to everyone around him. no one in the story actually thinks jeri is from "neopets australia", and the reader was not meant to either. also, please don't pretend to be marginalized because you are from australia. cultural appropriation may take many forms, but a character who says "g'day mate!" a lot is not hurting you.

Is Kiyoshi's name from Avatar: The Last Airbender?
it is not even spelled the same why do people keep asking me this

*insert neomail here which refers to my NT series as "Ghostbusters"*

Do you roleplay?
nah, sorry

Can my pet like your pet?
your pet can like my pet all they want, just don't expect my pets to necessarily return the feeling or even acknowledge the fact that your pet likes them for some reason

dude just no

Favourite neopet species?

Favourite Colour?

Converted or UC?
uc are awesome for the beautiful poses, but customisation is fun.

RW, RN, or made-up names?
made-up names are the cleverest i think. rw names don't hold much appeal for me

Ninjas or pirates?

Meridell or Darigan?

Cats or dogs?

Cream or sugar?
i told you, i don't like coffee.

You're weird.
thanks muchly

You use made-up words.
i know

You're really mean!!!
i'm sorry

Done yet?
i think so

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