Hello, shaded_arceus, and welcome to my screenie page! You may call me Arceus or Wraith, but that is irrelevant to the reason you must be here - for humour and screenies! Yay!
Just a note, SunnyNeo made this coding, I just edited the images. So don't credit me for the coding, alright?


: Arceus, a somewhat random teenager with too much time on her hands.
: Arcanyis, a Wraith Scorchio and oldest of the pet group.
: Shedinja, a Clay Angelpuss and Arcanyis' petpet.
: Anyope, a Tyrannian Uni with equal parts power, wisdom and courage. (Resides on jamjar384)
: Zora, a Maraquan Grackle Bug and Anyope's petpet.
: Terror, an eloquent Faerie Krawk with a dwarvish stature.
: Nagini, a Reptillior and Terroryse's petpet.
: Twili, a Pirate Draik who dreams of becoming Darigan one day.
: Midna, a Darigan Carmariller and Twilightrealm's petpet.
: Caza, a Ghost Cybunny with a liking for plushies. (Resides on jamjar384)
: Marshmallow, an understuffed Plushie Hasee and Cazalinn's petpet.


: Oh dear, I shall have to warn your sister's Kougra.
: I said, that was bad timing on my part! I meant I was hungry for chocolate!
: Sure you were...

: This does not appear to be a game that I am familiar with. Do you not think, perhaps, that this poor chap is on the wrong site?
: Ssssseemsss ssso. Thisss isssn't really a game many of usss can help with, isss it?

: Those two should really go to the Happy Positive Fun Thread™ and cheer up a bit.
: That is currently irrelevant, as that poor lady requires assistance which I may be able to provide. I shall return shortly. *flies to the board*
: What are the odds that he will suggest Faerie and be unable to be swayed from that decision...
: Quite small, actually. Look, I'll show you... *logs onto the board* 'Terroryse suggests Wraith, Faerie or Darigan, with only a hint of bias.' ...he's pretending to be me again? Aww, it's infuriating when he does that.


: I knew there was a reason I kept going here.
: What, besides making us stare at shapes for ages? And that one is totally fire.
: You will have to concede the point eventually, it is undoubtedly a hatching egg.

: Thanks, Coltzan, now SOMEONE can take me training again!
: I, um...you need five dubloons, remember? And I'm out of money from getting Twili's egg...
: And you better be saving for my paint brush!

: Excuse me, the shipwreck interests me!
: I think the being beyond the fourth wall means in terms of treasure, sweetie.
: There could be treasure in the shipwreck...

: All of my hate, Aisha. All of my hate.
: ...it is just a game, Arceus, it is not hate-worthy---
: Be quiet! That Aisha constantly foils me!
: *sigh*

: I approve of this zap.
: How come there's never any interesting ones on my end? :c

: Oooh, I do like this plushie!

: Well, there goes that attempt at paint brush clothes.


: Hey, Faerie, dark isn't necessarily evil!
: Yeah @_@
: Is that even legal. o_o

: ...I should get a prize for that. Even if it's an invisible prize.
: Scratchcards do not work that way...
: Well, they should!


: Did you HAVE to get all those keyrings?
: 78 points is not enough to buy anything BUT keyrings, but it divides perfectly by 6! What do you expect me to do, waste perfectly good points? Points, I might add, that you earned me? Do you expect me to waste your effort?
: ...so I have joined the family of a hoarder. Great.


: I finally got my beautiful Draik! I spent SO much time stalking auctions for you...
: And then you took me to be beaten up by the Lab Ray Scientist!
: Not my fault you came out male...

: Oh, what it is to be a dwarf pet...fortunately for me, I have the abilities to survive.
: ...since when did you pester others?
: It was back in my long-gone pirate days...I shall not go into it now, as it is a long story and the readers shall be bored.

: So Caza finally decided on her petpet?...where is she, anyway?
: Getting ready. She'll be around soon.

Pound Finds

Random Events

: Alright, this is ridiculous. Whoever heard of a Water Faerie who can't swim?
: You know this technically wasn't a random event as it was from the cookie, right?
: ...be quiet and stop breaking the fourth wall, you're not meant to know that! You weren't even around!

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