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Welcome, madamkambria, to my realm. This page works best on larger screens, but should work fine on small ones. Please use firefox or chrome, and enjoy the time and effort I've poured into this. If images are not appearing correctly / text in on top of correctly, I assure you they're supposed to be there / not like that. Just refresh the page. :)

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**This story probably won't make sense to you unless you've read the full stories of all my Eyries. I'll try and sum it up here for you.

The current year is 1921. The world's super powers are butting heads, the stench of war in in the air. Scientists are doing everything in their power to make their country better, stronger and faster. Those same scientists are trying to find a way to capture all the essence of the strong, fierce creatures around them and find a way to host those animals spirits, power and strength in a human body. They're taking young animals from their homes and running horrible experiments, test and much more on them.

Tsukasau and his siblings (See Family section) were all taken from their nests before hatching. Their entire lives they've had wires attached tot hem, injections of dangerous chemicals promising to make them stronger and tests ran on them. Jdore was the first to hatch, but was too weak to continue with. Later, when Tsukasau hatched, it was his turn.

Every test they ran showed great signs of potential, Tsukasau was their very first subject. He got huge, very muscular. His speed was incredible, it was everything the scientists could hope for. HE was injected with medicine to boost brain activity, allowing him to speak and understand English, Tsukasau was a great success. But, one day, the newest batch of chemical injections was released. Tsukasau was the only suitable subject to test them on... And so it started.

He started growing weaker, and his mind started numbing. After a while, he could hardly move. The scientists panicked, he was their prized test subject. So, they added more and more into his body trying to save him. In the end, it did the opposite. Tsukasau was left an empty vessel. His mind was no longer in this universe. He seemed to be trapped in another dimension inside of his head, a horrifying dimension... He could sometimes see bits and clips of whats going on in the real world around him, but for the most part he was stuck in his mind. Sometimes, he'd murmur something about Ruin... No one quite understands what he's concerned about.

The scientists were concerned that Tsukasau would hurt himself, so they chopped his wings off and locked him in a nice, padded room.

Rusted, metal skeletons from what use to be cars lay buried under the dust colored sand. All around you decaying buildings towered overhead, creating an unsettling darkness on the ground. Your breath heavy with fear, eyes unable to rest. Everywhere around you dark, cold shadows fill the space between buildings, where the light is unable to touch. The air was thick, coated with the stench of death and destruction. But, this was nothing new to you. You, madamkambria, are one of the remaining humans in this dying world. Forced to live in the shadows, hiding from the angry creatures who wishes you harm. Every step you take carefully planned, trying to stay as quiet as possible. Your body ached from the constant movement, never stopping to rest. You couldn't stop to rest, you'd be devoured. Whenever danger gets too close, you hold your breath to blend in with the scenery.

As the sun was making it's trip around the earth, darkness cradled the land. A dim glow from the sunset left just enough light to see where you're going. For the past week or so you've been searching an abandoned city for a refugee camp. Refugee camps are full of survivor humans, typically injured or close to death. They group together to stay alive, praying to the Goddess, the Sun hoping she grants them her healing. Without the Goddess they believe they wouldn't still be alive. Every camp seeks out the Goddess, praying that she will grant them eternal life; or even just a small blessing.

As you reach the outskirts of town you see an odd gathering of shadows in the valley. You get a little closer and see that those shadows are actually hundreds of raging spirits who have gathered, seeking something. Or someone. A groan came from the group, it almost sounded like they were chanting something...
Kill Tsukasau, Devour Tsukasau...
Your heart raced with fear, you knew being anywhere near these spirits meant sure death. You were about to flee, hoping none of the spirits caught your scent... But, something stopped you. Out of the corner of your tired eyes you spotted something. It was sitting on a cliff overlooking the mass horde of spirits, a demonic figure sat gazing at the fiends. In his eyes an intense red reflected in the moonlight, he was truly a frightening sight.
Is this the thing those spirits are after...? Tsukasau...?

What is the Ruin?
Ruin is when there's nothing left. The futuristic world I've created is no longer alive, and the inhabitants of this world have grown savage and cold. Murder is no longer a crime, but a hobby. Souls no longer exist due to the excessive crime and hatred, except in the few remaining good hearted beings. All living things are dying off, slowly rusting until they fall apart. The human race was killed off by the higher powered beings many years ago. There are still a few refugee camps remaining where the surviving humans take shelter from the evil lurking, and they pray to the Goddess, The Sun for help. But, in time the world itself will stop being. A Goddess can only postpone the ruin for so long.

Unfortunately, this Goddess who is said to protect the world, keeping it and it's inhabitants healthy was slain by dark Kas. By killing the Goddess of Life, Nhale, Tsukasau welcomed the ruin into the world. Nhale had divine powers, such as being able to heal those who sought her out and keeping the world healthy. Without her to rejuvenate the ever fading world, the ruin grew stronger and devoured most everything. She did what she could to save the world, while alive. Her healing abilities weren't free of charge, but saved many lives for a little while. Each heal took a little bit of herself, wounding her. Never did she ask for anything in return. For this, her worshipers knew her as "The Sun", the one who gives life. A new Goddess of Life rises from the ashes when the old one is destroyed. It takes a few years for her to surface, but she always comes back in the form of a young girl. All her powers remain, as well as her memories. Each new Goddess is said to have developed her own unique power, unknown to the world until it's needed. Be it reaping the evil that haunts the remaining good-hearted living, bringing loved ones back from the dead or even just making flowers bloom in all the chaos... Each Goddess is unique, and each Goddess helps keep the ruin from coming.

Ultimately, the ruin is what is to be one day far in the future, but with a twist of imagination. When Earth has given us everything it possibly can, and nothing is left. Only then will true human instincts of survival kick in. When resources are scarce, and people become savage to survive. Think of it as a zombie apocalypse, without the zombies. No stores, no internet, no cable... survival of the fittest from there on out. That is the ruin.


Name: Tsukasau
Alias: Kas
Age: Ageless
Gender: Male
Species: Darigan Eyrie
Era: Far Future
Family: None
Mate: None
Height: 155cms (Quad form)
Weight: 130lbs
Intelligence: Master Genius
Habits: Mindlessly wondering, seeking answers
Attitude: Inquisitive, Enrages quickly

History: Once a mindless killing machine controlled by darkness, Kas is left with questions of who he is, what he's done, and why he's here. Every step he takes, he gets closer to solving these mysteries, but while on his journey he realizes he's still not completely in control. While he's fighting, defending himself from the remaining tortured souls, he changes. A familiar darkness consumes him and he resumes his place as a born killing machine, this is known as Kas' dark side. He's violent, ruthless and determined to kill whomever is attempting to hurt him. This dark side takes over and he can't snap out of it until he's killed every last living thing in the area. Once his true self awakens, he's left with blood on his paws, and self hatred. He seeks the one who controlled him, causing him to commit horrible crimes for revenge. Meanwhile, Kas is also searching for the one who is said to stop the ruin he caused.

Fiends all over this broken planet moan his name in a chant like rhythm, Kill Tsukasau... Devour Tsukasau... Kill Tsukasau... Devour Tsukasau. Rumor has it that if you devour the one who brought the ruin, the ruin itself would cease.


Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Species: Unknown

Guardians in this day and age have the ability to transform into any creature that walks this dying, ruined planet. Some life forces are born with guardian spirits, others aren't as lucky. But, they can still have a guardian of their own if a spirit thinks watching over them will be interesting or beneficial to themselves. The bond between a guardian and the being it's attached to is strong, tied together through the mind. When the being is angry, the guardian becomes an enraged, ferocious creature. When the being is happy, the guardian morphs into a happy, peaceful creature, and so on. If a being dies, so does it's guardian. They're connected not only through the mind, but by the bond of time. No one is quite sure why, or even how this is possible...
Some guardians are lost, born from nothing and seeking anyone. These wandering spirits tend to be less friendly, and more self- centered.

The animal that the guardian spirit becomes is completely random. When in a light, happy mood it could be anything from a blue jay to a frolicking bunny. On the other end, when angered the spirit can take the form of just about any enraged animal. The guardian will always be the same color, and have a light opacity on it. Though it's form may change, it's details never do. Guardians attach themselves to a living creature for life, and follow that creature until it's death. They're not quite friends, but not there to be harmful. More like someone looking for something good on TV, tuning into someones life for a while. But, the people they choose tend to have some traumatic past, making them more interesting for the spirit to follow.

Slowly regaining consciousness, Kas looked to see where he was. He was in some sort of deserted temple for worship. As feeling started slowly coming back to him, he felt something sticky on his paws. His vision cleared, allowing him to see the pool of blood he'd been laying in. Panicked, he jumped up and moved backwards. His eyes continued to search in the darkness, looking for an answer. A few feet ahead of him lay a body. Not just any body, but the corpse of the Goddess, Nhale.

What.. Nhale? Did I do this... I couldn't have, could I?

His heart started to race as he panicked, because he knew what this meant. By killing the Goddess of life... The world will slowly start to rot, welcoming ruin. He ran, and ran, and ran. He ran so far and so fast trying to escape what he'd surely done. The blood was now dried on him, but no matter how hard he tried to wash it off the blood remained on him. His tired, confused body flopped to the ground next to a small pool of water collected from days of rain. He gazed down at his reflection.

I would never have done this...
Why can't I control myself...

Heavy eyelids forced his eyes closed, he was jut too emotional and wished for everything to just stop. For a moment he laid there. The world must've been equally sad, because that day the sky cried, and cried. The rain splashing against the cold, hard ground was almost calming. When he again opened his eyes, a bit more relaxed, there was a shadow watching him from behind a small rock. Startled, he rose and snarled at the shadow.

Who are you? What is it you want?!

Kas was in no mood to deal with another sorry spirit looking for a fight.
A small creature ran out and huddled at Kas' feet, purring.

What the... He questioned, staring at this small, strange creature. It seemed to be a feline with the hair on it's back slightly raised.

A shadow creature? What are you...

With a strange noise, the creature slowly morphed into an inquisitive owl and circled above Tsukasau, watching like a hawk.

Stop it! Tsukasau roared.

The creature paused, scared and confused. It's feathered-tail swished back and forth, almost like a playful cat ready to pounce. Tsukasau looked closer he realized what this creature was.

You're.. You're a guardian?

The creature looked pleased, nodding agreeably.

While designing Tsukasau, I went through many ideas. Various colors, items and shapes were added to spice up the design. But, something about all those designs just didn't sit well with me. So, I felt it was very important to emphasize to how the pet actually looked, for once. In the past I dress pets up with piercings, eyeliner, arm warmers and more... (The little bouncing icon on the right was an old fursona, designed by just throwing cool things on it.)
But, as I've grown older and gone though Art classes at college, I've learned less is more. Simple is beautiful. So, in Kas' design I've decided to take away unnecessary design elements. To some, this could come off as lazy. I sure hope you people reading understand this is so much more than not wanting to do extra work, and it's been plotted out. I put much more time and effort into keeping Kas' design simple than I ever have with my busy designs. I thought I'd still change up the design a little, but I still wanted people to know what he was. So, I took away an Eyrie's pride and joy: his wings. In Kas' era, the world is dying and the living are falling to pieces. I couldn't just have Kas walking around as a perfect Eyrie, so Kas is starting at the bottom, literally. Tsukasau lost his wings from the scientists experiments. They decided that he was a danger to himself, so they removed his wings.

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Tosh is Tsukasau's big brother, technically. Back in the nest, before these boys hatched, they were brothers. They never set eyes on each other, but they could feel each others presence from within their warm, cozy eggs. Unfortunately, they we're separated before they could ever properly meet. But, the internal bond of their brotherhood could never be separated. It's not always the easiest thing to accept a new family member, but these two are working things out. Slowly. It doesn't help that Tsukasau doesn't remember anything due to his vegetative state.

But, Tosh wont give up trying to fix him. He's determined to find the answers to bring Tsukasau back to him. They may not be normal brothers, born and raised together... Heck, they don't even know their own mother. How could Tosh ever hope to restore Kas' memory... When there are no memories to restore? Tosh is cooperating with the scientists who stole them away from their nest that fateful day, doing all their deeds and running all their little tests. In the long run, after his operation is done, he'll rise up and fight for the sake of his brother. He'll search for a cure to undo what these horrible men have done. But.. Will Tosh ever be able to undo the mental torment Kas has gone through? & What is this Ruin thing Kas is always mumbling about...


Jdore isn't directly related to Tsukasau. She was from another nest, stolen like the rest of them. Her egg seemed quite promising, so she was added to the artificial nest that was provided for stolen eggs. Under the incubator they got used to each others scents. Unfortunately, Jdore's egg was injected with a chemical said to help creatures grow faster, make them stronger. In reality, the chemical stunted her growth, permanently. She hatched much sooner than Tsukasau or Tarshanon, but her body stopped growing at a young age. So, she's technically the little sister. She's a little sensitive about her size, so... It's best not to mention it.

Regardless of her size, she is the big sister of the three. But, due to her small body the chemists didn't feel it was right to add more chemicals. She's the runt of the family. After restoring Jdore to full strength, scientists will continue to run their tests on her. She doesn't get to spend much, if any time, with her brothers... But if her body is strong enough to withstand the tests, the scientists will go forward with the operation. Leaving Tsukasau the only one of the family who isn't strong enough for the experiments, let alone the operation.

This section is about all the little things I did while applying for Tsukasau to show my dedication. Everything from the beginning process of doodling him, failed attempts at poses, and my userlookup.
This was just another way for me to show Ann (lady_ravenwind), how much Tsukasau really means to me. C:

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Makeables / Adoptables I've Collected;

stop   pointing at  me! Adoptable by  Koikoi04

Tsukasau is in some groups too!

Adopted 3.21.11
Thank you so much, Ann. ;u;
I'm leaving this little section here so everyone, including myself, remembers where Tsukasau came from. Without Ann, none of this would be possible. Through the entire application process I was biting my nails (not literally, yuck!) down to the bone from nerves, I'd never put so much into adopting a pet. I guess it paid off, didn't it? :) To all the other applicants, I'm sorry there was only one Tsukasau. I looked at tons of applications for him and I think it was a stoke of luck that I won, I was so nervous... You guys had great apps, but please don't give up! Keep trying!

Also, I did this little doodle because I saw you were getting married! Congratulations! I thought you might get a kick out of this picture, I hope everything goes perfect on your big day! :)

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