Note: Tskari's character and story has been intact for about a 1-2 years ago and hasn't been altered or changed since then. The details were solely created by me with little inspirations off-site here and there. If there is anything around that you see similar, understand that it is purely coincidental.

Her plot line is particularly one of my favorites. I spent hours pining over papers to formulate it perfectly. I would like to discourage any of you from taking any piece of it. (Little aspects, sure, whatever, nobody's completely original, but please use your common sense.)

Coding help courtesy of Trowa

Background by me

Headers by VIBE

Plot Synopsis:

-as taken from a one of my places off-site-

A very long time ago. In a dimension apart from ours, the Demon of Winter and the Moon Spirit have a great battle. The demon had wanted to indulge Earth in complete darkness and eternal winter. Though they fought hard, the Moon Spirit wins the battle but gives him a gift to ease his sorrow. She seals him in an Everlasting Forest, an enchanted forest where it is always winter. For a while, the demon was content. But eventually, his hatred resurfaced itself and he vowed that one day, he will end the cycle of the Moon as revenge and release himself from his seal.

But there was one problem. Because he was sealed in the forest, the demon was in no shape to attack the Moon Spirit himself. He has to find a vessel to do it for him.

In a world similar to feudal Asia, a poor lumberjack's daughter is sold to a geisha house for a "better life". And for a while she is happy. Until things take a turn for the worst and she finds herself broken, bleeding, and helpless. Only a deal with a winter demon allows her to keep going. He provides her with a second chance at life, as long as she complete his one and only wish. She becomes a slave not just to the demon, but to immortality as well.

200 years later, the moon turns into the color of blood and the village elders prophesize the end of the moon's life. Only the Moon Child, a white-haired baby born every 10,000 years has the ability to replenish the moon's cosmic energy. A child of the Moon Spirit, the Moon Child is born to be sacrificed to keep the moon from dying out.

But grudges held between the winter demon and the Moon Spirit, mother of all Moon Children, bring danger to this specific Moon Child. For 10,000 years, the demon has held this deep grudge for it was the Moon Spirit who sealed him in the Everlasting Forest.

Quick Backstory Info

Tskari's background story is quite um.. icky. So I shall only breifly descibe what happened.

Born to a poor fisherman around the coasts during 19th century Japan, Tskari never truly had a very extravegant lifestyle. At age 10, she was sold by her father as a last resort to a geisha house who had proclaimed interest in her due to her greyish-blue eyes {a trait that was considered extravegant beauty at the time}. From then on, she lived among the beautiful women, trained by her elders on the main duties of being a geisha. At age 21, she was made a fully-fledged geisha.

However, circumstances (that of which I shall refrain from describing) occured that threatened to destroy her reputation and her occupation. She was forced to flee her home because of her sin. During the last moments of her "true" life she is seen writhing in pain amid the blud-stained snow as she crawled into the forest for safety. A man, the very one who had caused her her suffering, simply watched her crawl into the shrubs, sure of himself that she was to die.

Tskari, open and bleeding, managed to pull herself into the bushes of the forest. During her last breaths, she was approached by an entity whose appearance escapes me. He offered her a deal. He proclaimed that if she were to serve him for as long as he wanted, he was going to give her a new chance at life. Tskari, simply not wanting to leave the world at such a young age, quickly accepted.

And so the pact was born.

Tskari & The Demon

From then on, the girl was made to serve the evil being. However, the relationship between servant and master was not one based of kindness or "love" if I may. It was created out of fear. The woman feared that if she were to disobey her master's orders, he was going to take away her life. That was the last thing Tskari wanted. With her mind focused on her own selfishness and the sin that she committed during her time of life, she was very certain that if she were to die, she would be sent to an eternal suffering down below the earth's surface.

And so she obeyed dilligently. She fetched all that he asked for, did bidding after bidding. Eventually it came to a point when he ordered her to seek out individuals and end their existence. Tskari, not wanting to anger her master, did so with a heavy heart. After so many decades of servitude, Tskari began to lose sight of things such as emotions and opinions. She learned to block out her own concience in order to fulfull the tasks that he asked for. She only paid attention to his orders, making sure that she served her master to the best of her ability.

As the years passed, the woman began to lose sight of what made her an individual. She was simply a pawn now. And her master was the player. What once was a vivacious and lively young woman became a person who possessed no emotion or regard for anything.

Tskari always calls the demon "Him". Though he is her master, she doesn't refer to him as her master to others since well.. it sounds quite suspicious. When she talks to him, she

Her constant services as an assassin earned her the name "The Ringing Demon" due to the ringing of the bells that her victims heard seconds before their demise. She is an urban legend that has existed for centuries.


There is a good chance, you'll not understand anything on here Kay. Very rambly and messy.

-Coming back from a service. Thinking. Lots of thinking. Tells Kazuron that the mission has been completed
-He tells her that there is a very special mission he wants her to fulfill
-The Moon Child has been identified. The Emperor has issued a search for a guardian.
-Tskari is to apply, bring her to the Forbidden Lake, and dispose of her when the moon turns red.
-(That is in 1 month (the official start of Winter). But Lin needs to trust Tskari before she goes off with her.) Earn her trust and get her alone
-Tskari ends up as the official guardian and lives with Lin
-Lin opens up to her and says that all this hustle bustle about her being the Moon Child. She talks about how she was once a lowly ramen shopkeeper's assistant.
-Lin then asks Tskari where she's from and where. They bond blahblahh.
-Cute little adventures of them walking around. Lin scraping her leg and Tskari freaking out blah.
-All the while, Tskari still has to serve her duties to the demon
-Japanese government getting super antsy with all the random massacres (The Ringing Demon is striking again)
-Lin's father was taken (since Kazuron blackmailed her to)
-Tskari is caught since she wasn't in her full game. She is then taken into custody and it is revealed that the culprit for all the deaths is the very person who was trusted with all their lives (since she was supposed to protect Lin)
-Lin is completely horrified, considers leaving, yada yada, but Tskari convinces her to stay to fulfill her duties
-Lin is getting sicker and sicker as the moon starts to decay. Tskari is riddled with guilt.
-Tskari stops following the demon's orders. It hurts her internally because by not obeying the demon, his wrath is being sent upon her
-They fight, they separate, blah
-When Lin wanders into the White Forest (cuz she misses her guardian), the demon decides to do things for himself.
-Says he can bring her father back to life if she were to come towards him. Lin agrees. Demon brings back father. But only the corpse, nor her actual father. Lin's father is just a creepy empty casking filled with demonic energy
-Lin screams, Tskari finds her, sees Kazuron about to destroy the little girl, who is already too weak to run away
-Lin's moon spirit thing vs the demon. Super epic battle. Demon not defeated since destroying it destroys Tskari as well. Lin doesn't know what to do. (she is back as herself)
-Tskari decides to sacrifice herself. She destroys the demon, and also destroys herself.
-Lin finds a way to sacrifice herself, thus saving the moon AND lifting Tskari's curse (somehow lol). So they both rise up together blahlalala happy ending woo)



Guard Chi With Her life
Tskari was made the personal guardian of the Moon Child. Otherwise known as Chi {Katechie}. Because the Moon Child is almost always a fragile being, Tskari was appointed to look after the girl and protect her from any evil that might appear to torment her. It is crucial for Moon Children to survive because imbedded within them is the missing lunar energy the moon needs in order to survive. {To read more on this topic, check out Katechie's petpage}. One of her major goals is to ensure the Moon Child's survival until the time comes for him/her to be sacrificed.

Lift the Demon's Curse: note that this goal conflicts the first one
Tskari is binded in contract with an ice demon who resides deep within the Everlasting White Forests. She does the demon's bidding in return for a second chance at life {she was dying at the time of the covenant}. The demon agreed. What Tskari does not know, however, is that the demon only keeps her alive for the sole purpose of finishing off his greatest enemy: the Moon Spirit {who is reborn into the world as a mortal every 1000 or so years}. Apperantly he possesses some sort of vendetta against the moon. The demon cannot do the task himself as he is trapped inside the White Forests for all eternity. What easier way is there other than to deceive a mortal into doing his bidding? 1000 years later, the he proposed to her a deal. Saying that if she were to finish off the vulnerable Moon Child {who is the Moon Spirit in mortal form}, he'll give her freedom. Tskari, fed up with seeing all her loved ones die around her {as she is made immortal by the demon} takes the deal and seeks off to finish off her master's final order.


The snow covered the top of the trees in a fragile white blanket. It lathered itself among the grass, twisted with the gnarled black, leafless branches, and provided an icicle towel over the bare plant-life. The evergreen's pines peeked out of the white hide, the only color in the entire scenery. Winter has stuck again, it's snow-white fingers twirling it's magic among the forest. 

You don't remember how you got here. You don't even know if you were awake or dreaming, but what you did know was that you weren't in the same forest you entered earlier.

There was something interesting about this place. Everything looked the same. Identical. But the ambience was completely different. There was this sudden exotic feel to the forest as if the life here wasn't exactly congruent to the life back there. Did something happen? Did you eat peculiar berries? Did you really come upon something extraordinary and alienic, or was it as simple as your exhausted mind and body playing tricks on you...? Yeah. That must be it.

You shake your head and take a deep breath. Is it getting colder? Whatever. You just need to get back home, it's getting late. You see the sun setting among the trees and you shiver.

Suddenly, a soft tinkling of bells faintly dingles in the air. You snap your head in the direction. Then the sound shifts to your left, getting closer. Then closer, this time directly behind you. You twirl around, hoping to catch whoever made the sound only to see nothing but the plain white scenery. 

What are you doing here?" You flick your head forward and see a girl, no older than her late teens staring at you. She had the most unusual features brought about to her. Her hair was a peculiar shade of charcoal black, glistening in the reflection of the snow. Her skin was a light pink, flushed probably from the cold. Her eyes contained a bight neon sky blue ring of color in them. It made her pitch black pupils stand out immensely. She had this sort of mysterious beauty towards her.

You glanced down to her azure boots. Dangling from their sides were tiny jingle bells. So that was the sound... Her outfit was a whitish blue, a bright blood red obi loosely wrapped around her waist. She wore fingerless gloves that matched her shoes.  

She unsheathed her Katana and pointed it at you. "Didn't you hear me? What are you doing here? You don't look like you're one of us." Her eyes contained a slight spark of irritation as she stared at you, her blood red lips slightly pursed.

U-uh.. I just.. I'm lost." You sputter, staring at the blade pointing at your stomach.

-will finish this later or whatever-


Full Name: Tsukina Kari
Name: Tskari
Alias: The Snow Samurai, White Princess {Shirahime}
Gender: Female
Species & Color {Neopets}: Grey Cybunny
Species: Human/Spirit Entity
Age Deceased: 22
Age In Years: 150+
Origin: Northern Empire {Japanese}
Homeland: Rekkane Village
Residence: Everlasting Forest
Occupation: Servant/Samurai/Assassin
Relations: None alive
Weapon: Katana/Various sharp objects

Hair Color: Pitch black
Eye Color: Sky blue
Skin Tone: Pale like snow
Physique: Toned arms and legs, narrow waist. Distinct hip shape.
Markings: Tattoos on some part of her body

Kayatsu Forest

The world devoid of all motion
Nothing changes here; all constants are in effect
The flowers they lay in a forever slumber
Their dance of hues devoured
Even the brightness of the skies above cannot breach the blanket that which lays upon this frozen tomb
A tomb in which the living still reside
The ice here, no longer takes a stride
Towards the transformation to a new state
It's jagged lines and sharpened daggers
Protrude from the ever-going frozen rain
The life here has all but forgotten
The many rainbows of nature's give
Their memories of lush lavanders and reds all rotten
Replaced with colorless white for them to live

Kayatsu Forest isn't found by regular mortals. It is only accessible through special means that involve supernatural occurences. The forest seems to be some sort of chasm. It is only accessible through a certain portal within a regular forest in Earth. It is said that it was once part of the regular world until a curse was set upon it some time ago. The origins of this curse are unknown.

Kayatsu is a bit different from the regular forests. For one, it is always wintertime. The snow and ice never melt completely enough for spring to come around. The sky, indeed, never ceases to snow. This snow though, varies in strength and quantity.

Many have tried to venture out of the forest but it seems to be an endless area. Nobody knows where Kayatsu ends or if it even ends at all.

The geography is of that of a regular forest with it's thickets and hills and it's combination of evergreens and deciduous trees. However, along with the weather, the life in Kayatsu is one out of the ordinary.

Life in Kayatsu Forest

The animal-life may seem unpeculiar for they are ordinary winter forest animals (wolves, ferrets, bears, deer). However, some these animals aren't ordinary animals if one were to take the time to observe. A few are containers for the souls of individuals who have died in the forest of Kayatsu. It is rare for a soul to be reincarnated as an animal. This is only achieved if the soul has been noble enough to be given a second chance to live. (More on this subject later).

There used to be people who resided in this forest as villages. These people were divided into two main groups, the Kuroshana. and the Shiratani.

Warn your warmth to turn away. Here it's December every day. Press your lips to the sculptures and surely you'll stay. Love like winter. For of sugar and ice I am made, I am made.

River of Hope

-insert poem here-

This is just a quick note. Will rewrite this later or something:

Not everything about the forest is dead. They say that the curse put on the forest only reaches exterior things. The River of Hope, a nickname the forest life gave to this sacred body of water, was named justly so because it's waters show a reflection of the forest but not covered in snow, but blooming and changing with the seasons.

While the entire forest is winter forever, the River of Hope 's waters show a reflection that changes with time, seasons and day, just like a normal forest would.

It provides the life trapped in the forest an escape and somewhat of a fake way of going to the real world.

But to many it also provides hope. That someday the curse on the forest would be broken and naturality restored within it's branches.

Notey Note:

The following aren't the real deal x) Yes, they tell her story but they aren't written the way they will be once I get her petpage all set up and junk. jdhfsdf. I really nead to get to that. Ahem. Anyway. These are merely just here so you guys can get a quick idea of what Tskari's character is(: Please don't take them too seriously as they are prone to change later on.



I just noticed that her hand isn't even touching her hip xD

I made her hips smaller last minute. And I completely forgot to lengthen that arm.


^The Snow Gates BG.
Lol. Most people get inspired by other's works.. or something.. But noooo xD My brain decides to get inspiration from freaking NC backgrounds.

Something is wrong with me.

Art By Me:

this is a picture of Tskari during her geisha years

Old Tskari Reference:

These are sketches/drawings I did in the past of Tskari. Please don't use these references anymore as they are outdated and old xD I've had her character with me for the longest time but for a different pet. It was only recently when I decided to adopt that pet out and reuse the character for Tskari(: Some of them (all but the first) were drawn back when I didn't have a tablet xD So forgive the failures. Haha.

Yes, Tskari had white hair for the longest time. It was only recently that I changed it.


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