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I opened my eyes to see a large black sky hanging above, and the stars shining bright. All at once tons of smells came to my black green nose and twirled around in my head. I blinked my eyes before attepmting to stand upon my four paws. I made my way over to a puddle of water that had came from the rain that must have poured down just before I was born.
I looked at the water to see a grey lupess looking right back at me. I stepped into the puddle to see my crystal blue paws and tail. I bent my head down to sip up some of the rain water, and then noticed a large black creature standing right behind me. I blinked my pink eyes and turned around to see a large shadow kougra with a grin on his face.
Then all of a sudden I felt myself being picked up in one of his large paws and I found myself looking at his face. He smirked and began to speak. "Your name shall be Sashkaru. I hope you have a good life." In an instant I felt several bones break and blood pouring from my body and found myself staring into my reflection in the puddle. The kougra's paw was covered in blood and then I saw nothing. It had all turned black.

The next image that came to my eyes was the brilliant light of the large white cloud that I lay down on. I looked up to the large blue sky to see a bright sun hanging above. Where was I? When I stood up and looked around it all came to me. I was in heaven. Not long after I was born I had been sent into heaven.
I looked around to see a couple of other lupes and lupess' but I did not see another pup. I then found another freindly lupe that I wanted to talk to. She had a beautiful white pelt with a couple of light blue markings large wings. "Whats your name?" Was one of the first things she said to me. Remembering my short time on earth, I told her my name. "Sashkaru." I told her and she gasped. "Here, I will bring you to Kalarko.

I then saw a large white lupe, with a bright halo upon his head. He smiled and hugged me before placing me in a small room. He pointed to three doors and explained where they went. "Each door leads you to a different place. The one on the right leads to hell, the center to earth, and the last brings you to another part of heaven." He stopped for a second before talking agian. "You may chose where you would like to stay." I looked up at him and then back at the doors. "Three have chosen heaven, one has choosen earth and two in hell. And now you may chose where to go also." I looked at all of the doors and then a question came into my mind. "Why so little for earth, and more for hell then it?" I asked and was supprised that I already knew so many words. "That is because on earth you have to wander around as a ghost and there are so many dangers down there." He replied and then looked at me. "Chose your path, and I am sure no matter what you choose, it will be correct. Those were the last words I ever heard in heaven, for I had chosen the road less travled. I had went into the center door. To earth.

The darkness surrounded me, but then there was some light. No. More darkness. Then I fell. It all seemed to be like a bunch of photographs in a slide show at the time. Like pieces to a puzzle. Crumpled wings. Halo. Ground. Blood. I glanced around, my eyes wide in fear. Now it all started coming together. I looked up, there was nothing but blank sky. No. A speck of white. More white. They grew bigger as they fell, slowly and gracefully. Feathers. But where- oh. I turned around as you would if to chase your tail. There on my back were two white wings. And on my head, I knew there was a halo. "A fallen angel..." I muttered to myself. Blood covered my body. "Sashkaru." I said to myself quietly. "No. Uraka..." And so for years I lived like that. No longer know as Sashkaru. As Uraka, the fallen angel.

I turned into a nocturnal lupess. Sleeping in the daylight, or shade or my cave. And only emerging at nnight to eat and possibly was my pelt in a nearby river. I had learned how to fly, and had grown strong. Once or twice I took a moose down on my own. Occasionly someone would wander near my cave at night, and I would end up talking. But not for long, only a couple of minutes. Then one day a dark colored lupess wandered across my cave while I was sleeping. A creul grin spread across her muzzle as she neared my sleeping body. She grabbed both of my wings and pulled them upwards so no longer resting on my back. I yelped in pain and jumped up as blood drained from my body. My back seemed lighter. Like something was no longer there. Then I noticed the lupess had two feather white objects held in her left paw. My wings! I practicly fell over. Was I going to die of loss of blood? No. I was already dead. A light glow now surronded my body and the lupess turned away. "Wait!" I growled at her. "Tell me your name you beast!" She grinned and turned around, then she tackled me pinning me to the ground as more blood drained onto the floor. "It's Solar, and your own?" Her voice was deadly and I began to shake slightly. No! Get yourself together. I shouted in my mind. "It's Sashk-" I was about to say my birth name for the first time since I had changed it so long age. "It's Uraka." But Solar payed to attention to what I said after I had started saying my first name. "Ohhhhh." She said and frowned. "I'm soooo sorry for harming you," She said in a sweet, friendly tone. "Have your wings back!" She growled in a bitter voice and threw the feathery mass at me. "Now 'Uraka', you'll have to watch out because I'll always be there. I'll be in the shadows, I'll be in you nightmares. I'll be everywhere you are. I'll be in every single place of darkness, and there's no where you can go to escape me." That was the last thing I heard from her for awhile. But what she said filled my brain. I always smelt her pelt. I always knew she still had a thirst for blood. She was in every shadow, in all of my nightmares. She had taken over my mind by only saying a couple of things to me. In one day, I started turning the exact opposite of what I was before. I turned into a scared little lupess who coulden't even hunt a rabbit when she neared shade. And... I lived like that for a couple of months, growing thinner each day. I would have died if I hadn't already been dead. But all of that would soon change.

I had wondered across the land and neared a dark gloomy area. Of course I hated it. I coulden't get Solar out of my mind. It seemed like she was all around me. Stalking me. Haunting me. Hunting me. Then, I saw her. She was bigger then before, and stronger too. Blood covered her muzzle and a small dead ixi lay behind her. It must have been her meal. "So we meet agian." Solar said with a toothy grin. She then ran towards me and grabbed the back of my neck with her bloody muzzle. "Time you go buh-bye." She said in a muffled voice. She then walked over to a large source of glowing liquid. "Toxic waste..." I muttered quietly. Then Solars grip loosened and I was thrown into the mess. It began to engulf my body as I wimpered and tried to get out. But the goo was like quicksand and I could no longer be seen.

I felt myself being pulled upwards as I opened my eyes, only to see green all around. I was like a pup after birth. Seing for the first time, smelling new things. And hearing. I looked upwards to see a scaley blue hand grabbing the fur on my neck. And then, I took in a breath of smokey, poluted air. It wasn't pleasent. I saw that it was a woman hauling me out of the waste. She had blue scales all over her body, along with a couple of white markings. She had pure white eyes and a long tail. She smiled and revealed tons of pearly white canine teeth filling her mouth. A strange colored tounge flicked out of her mouth as she spoke. It was the tounge of a snake. I coulden't help but stare, but it didn't look like she seemed to mind. "Hello, pup, may I ask you're name?" Pup!? I was a full grown adult, not a pup! It seemed like she could sense my anger as she set me down infront of her. "Don't be angered, I call all of the lupine kind pup." This woman was strange. I sighed and nodded, as if saying I understood. "Good, now are you going to tell me your name or not?" I blinked. Oh yes, she had asked for my name. "I've had multiple names." I blurted out, but somehow knew I could trust her. "First Sashkaru, then Uraka. But now, it's... Toxic." I had noticed my strange colored pelt. Black with green markings. Uraka didn't suit me. She nooded in approval. "My name is Ilsakra." A kind of hiss like sound came when she said the S. I could tell she was part snake. "Toxic," I could tell this was going to be a fair amount of talking. "You have brothers and sisters down here on Earth, scatered across the land. Some have already met eachother, others haven't. I can't tell you how many their are, but I can tell you that I've seen them. But I can't tell them anything about you, and I can't tell you anything about them. Some are male, others female. That is all I can say about you siblings, but their is more that I have to tell you. Solar, the one who left you in that... mess, for a centery is under my care. Along with her pup and old mate-" I coulden't help but interupt. "SHE has a PUP!?" Ilsakra shot me a glare and continued. "Yes, but she denys it. It is her secret. A curse was cast upon her by her old mate, an evil canine from hell whos name is Zarkial. I cannot tell you the name of their pup though, but I can tell you he is grown and is nothing like either of his parents. The cure is for her to be loved, and love that brute in return. That is all I have to say, but there is one quiestion I have to ask. Do you trust me?" Trust her? I had just met her, all I knew was her name. But.. somehow I did. I would put my life in her hands. "Yes, I trust you." She smiled. "Then welcome to the family.




She recently gave birth again, and it's all Zarkial's fault. He forced the pups on her and he killed all of them. All but one. And the new pup... his name's Yarikeno. Zarkial named him... the freak. It's just another way he's torturing her.


He.. he died.... But... there's a new one. It's as if Yari were still alive... reborn... Solar's second group of pups and he was the only one who stayed alive. The same name for him... Yarikeno....




I haven't seen Dj at all lately, and I would really like to. I hope he's doing okay.

(Toxic needs more friends. So if you want to roleplay, just neomail Kovu!)



Love? I have no such thing. I haven't loved one other then the love you share for a friend or family member.



I don't need a pack, I'm perfectly fine with living alone.



Name: Toxxica_
Nickname: Toxic
Gender: Female
Species: Lupe
Fur Color: Black
Marking Color: Lime Green
Wings: None
Crush: No
Mate: No
Offspring: No
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Petpet: No
Faerie: No


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