Welcome to The n00b Chamber 2!


Reading this page may cause you to fall off your chair from laughter!

* At least you found a use for them. ~ Casey

* Anyway nice talking to you, and I'm very glad to know you're not actually a jerk at all, like people called you in the noobmail. ~ Dekorin

* Your noobmails were VERY funny, they made my day. And you aren't mean at all!!! Thanks for putting these up, I laugh every time I read them! ~ Poppi

* One of the funniest pages I've read on Neo. ~ rayvven

Updated 4/6/14

Hi _crazy_4_horses, My name is Toxic_Pyro and I welcome you to laugh at n00bs.

I hope you get a good laugh as I have.

n00b blocked: Hey in 5 days time i can buy the fire fire pants on fire paintbrush for 100,000

How about in *blank* days time...

n00b blocked: Umm can i barrow your magical fire lupe plushie please i will give it right back

Yeah so when you give it back to me it won't be magical anymore and worthless.

n00b blocked: Can you put your magical fire lupe plushie on the trading post so I can bid on it. I'll give you 20k.

First of all it's a gallery! Why would you even think that I would sell it to you???? Besides it's worth over 800k = 800,000 nps and as you can see where I'm headed the answer is NO...it's NOT for sale!

n00b blocked: Can u send me any fire pEtPet plz. If u want can u send me a fire Gallion plz, thanx manz.

Simple answer...no and btw, I'm not a guy!

n00b blocked: well, ill make u a deal. i am poor, so if you give me a book for 10,000 i will pay you back. if i dont u can report me. it might take me a while, because i get all my money from games, but i will make you 20,000 over time.

First of all 20k isn't near what I want and second of all reporting doesn't do anything for me as I'll lose nps. Sorry I don't make deals with the poor...and yeah it will probably take you a year to give me what I want for the book!

n00b blocked: You do know that items over 100k can't be bought.

Really? No wonder I haven't been making a profit!!!

n00b blocked: Yo! do you want to trade your Fire Snowickle?

No I love Icky it's my favorite fire petpet! If I did it would be in the tp...right?

n00b blocked: You're 21 huh right just to tell u people that are 21 don't play neopets k just a tip.

You can take your stupid tip and shove it! *sigh* This game was meant for 17-25 yr. olds anyway!!!

n00b blocked: How did you get so many paint brushes?

Excellent question! I'm not sure? I mean they are really expensive! *ponders*

n00b blocked: can i borrow your mutant paintbrush and can you be my neofriend?

Mutant pb? And No.

n00b blocked: How could u afford to feed 3 of them (Kitty's)

Very easily actually! Besides my first only cost me 58 nps...not very expensive to me...

n00b blocked: I'm interested in buying your Staff of Righteous Fury. What do you want for it?

Is it in my trades? Does it look like it's for sale? What part of gallery don't you understand??

n00b blocked: hey can i get some stuff from you please i need a litte bitte of stuff from your shop.


Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: come on i have some fire things but hey you can just lol at me

Why the heck would I give u anything? Besides it's a gallery and the items are priced 100k for a reason 0_o

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked:thats fine you don't want my fire codstone please I thought you were my neofriend

There is no such thing as a fire codestone and maybe that's cause I took you off as soon as you said "can I have

n00b blocked: Can i have a pet of yours?


Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: That's a no...


n00b blocked has given you Organic Pear

n00b blocked: I gave u a itam plz give me something back it has to be as good as the gift.

You have given Organic Pear to User 'n00b blocked'. Click the button below to continue.

n00b blocked: can i make a deal witth you if you make that fire pb cost realy low ill buy it from ya. can you make that deal huh??? please???

Okay ^_^ instead of 123,456 I will lower it to 100,000 O_O

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: well i cinda ment like one thousand each. PLEASE iv been trying to ever seinc i got on

pfffft no...don't bug me...besides it's in my gallery that means it's not for trade or sale...didn't u read my lookup? I guess not -_-

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: geez dont be so pushy all girls are so mean!

Mean? Well at least I'm not a n00b!!

n00b blocked: Why cant i be your neo friend. are better then me our somthing?

Exactly AND b/c you can't spell AND your grammar is horrible!

n00b blocked: I know you say the stuff in your gallery is not for sale, but i have a qeustion. when do the petpets ever get played with? do you think that you could send me a fire whinny or a fire gallion? your pretty much the only person i found with either of them.

I don't "play" with them. (I thought that was a very weird question but at least the n00b actually read what I wrote...oh btw I laughed when I read that he would like me to actually send him something from my gallery...hmmm I guess he read the info but it didn't register *ponders*)

n00b blocked: You claim to have 28/28 petpets in your fire gallery, when you do not have a moltenore! DESPICABLE!

I have two moltenore's by the way AND I even have screenies of me bidding on them in the auctions!However, FYI...that number doesn't include the moltenore...it includes the *painted* fire petpets O_O

n00b blocked: i was wondering. would you consider a tyrannian bearog, pyro? i need to trade

First of all I don't know what item you want *but* it doesn't matter because nothing is for sale.

n00b blocked: can i have one of your items in ur shop please it can be any one




Thank you!




No, Thank *YOU* for a new n00b mail ^_^

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: thats very rude you cant help someone in need of money i am shocked and apalued.

LOL...shocked? You would get the same answer if you asked others. Get it yourself by playing games! Stop being lazy and learn to spell! Btw this n00b has been blocked

n00b blocked: Do you want my ghost chomby? (114 hps)

Why don't you want it?

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: I want to trade it for a draik. Wrong person...sorry!

No problem...

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: U dont want to trade ur draik!!!

LOL...no way!! Besides it's against the rules...

n00b blocked: where'd you get all your fire paintbrushes, i wnat one but ur selling them too high, i cant buy ones 100,000 or over, could u change the price, pleeeeeeeeeeeeze

I got them on the trading post. "Selling"? Who says they are for sale??? And...No the price stays as it is...because it's UNBUYABLE!

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: Then why the hell is it in your shop!?

*rolls eyes* It's a gallery...didn't u see the other fire stuff?

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: Yea, so what, people just go to look? thats stupid. Thats just telling people that u have it and they cant get it.

It's a gallery (my collection) besides you prob. don't even have enough for it even if it was in the trades.

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: It doesnt matter if i can, whatif other people who can want it?

I bought it so I can do what I want with it. And I wanted it for my fire gallery.

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: k fine i just dont really see the point in it, if i had it id use it

*sigh* I give up! (I didn't reply...I was getting a headache from this n00b)

Lesser n00b: I need The Eyrie Guard from your shop for an Illusen Quest, I'll pay in pure np, could you please put it up for trade?

First mistake was not reading my lookup to find my main username (I would have replied sooner). I would have only sold it for a SAP or Fire Picnic Table...

n00b Blocked: I wanted to know if I could borrow your fire paintbrush (the proper one, not the petpet one). I dont mind if you say no, its just I can't afford one myself, and i really want fire pets. I promise i will give it back the minute i've painted them, please reply.

I did reply and I wasn't mean (for once).

n00b Blocked: Hey I know you have a fire kookith can I have it

Sure...............in neverland :P

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b Blocked: Your a jerk

Thanks and you're a n00b!

rejected n00b wannabe: ... *thinks* ... you can put my name in the n00b page IF you want... coudz i buyz a firee bp froem ur shop for 2100np thats all Iza gots... okay That is far enough to put on the n00b page BTW great ones... LMAO I almost fell off my chair... Oh and sorry for the messed up typing it just makes it look better ... don't it?

Ur not going in my page but yeah the typo's do make them more funny.

Next nm from that same n00b...

unrejected: ok FINE don't put me there ... was it not n00bish enough?... I knew I couldn't get into n00b school.

Okay lol I put ya in there just for that last neomail, congrats gameking210...I will now n00bamize you!

n00b blocked: I need a draik morphing potion if you lower it to 99999 neopoints I will buy it from you it wont let me buy it for 100000 neopoints it says its too expensive and I must contact the shop owner and so if you do lower it send me a neomail.

No...besides even if I did lower it...it would be gone before you could say NP.

n00b blocked: Omg u just bought that halloween pb 'n now ur selling it lmao..thats pathetic...

I can do what I want with the paint brush! Made a nice little profit off it too thanks to you =P

n00b blocked: Hey um sorry 2 bother u but u have some items over priced now im not making u change them but if u want neopoints then u should.

0_o Really? Thanks...no wonder I'm so poor...

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: its no big deal lots of people do it almost every store i go 2 has items at 100,000 or more, normally i dont bother people but u had something i like.

I was being sarcastic...it's a gallery therefore, nothing is for sale.

n00b blocked: Trade me the Fire Paint Brush and the Fire Kookith for a codestone, a Hopso, and Dablon.PPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSS!!!!

LOL in your dreams!

Next nm from that same n00b...


I'm a girl but anyway...I don't need *your* stinkin' business cause it's a gallery so I don't sell anything!!!

*takes deep breath and feels better after*

n00b blocked: Hey, m8 how did u get so many Fire, Fire, Your Pants On Fire Paint Brush?

*rolls eyes* I bought them. O_O I bet that's a shocker...

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: You bought them How? there like 100k each.

So? That's like pennies to me. And they're like 400k-600k now...

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: WOW U MUST BE RICH

ya think? ^_~

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: Not being cheeking or nothing but can u give me some nps m8? I can't do that sorry.

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: Oh... just wondering why? Why? *lol* Because they're mine.

n00b blocked: hi i was wondering if you would mind giving me some nps or items, i am very poor abd would appreciate it alot! thank you in advance...even if you dont help me.

no...besides who are you? lol

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: i may not no you, but i really need help. if i were rich i no for a fact i would help people who were less fortunate. but i understand if you would rather not...thanx for your time.

Actually I work hard for what I have...you should too. Here's a tip: Don't beg...it's not nice. Have a good day!

n00b blocked: hey, i noticed that some of the stuff in ur shop is like 12 million np! How do you get so many? Is there some sort of cheat or something like that, that allows you to have more neopoints? If there is, could you please tell me it, I will understand if you don't want to though

It's called Restocking and it's NOT a cheat.

n00b blocked: will u please price ur fire snowickle at 99,999 so i can buy it? consider my offer. thanks i reall y want one.

I really wanted one too that's why I paid 1.6 million nps for it.

n00b blocked: I'll give you up to 200k in money for that baby fireball you have in your shop I also have 2 petpet trades so if 200k isn't enough I will give you one of those or 2 if truly needed

Gallery = No

n00b blocked:i am writing because i want u 2 be 1 of my neofriends. i want my account 2 be just like yours, the 1 thing that i have been looking for since i started playing is a fire, fire , your pants on fire paint brush, and i have read your account and it said you have had all 34 of your pets turned into a fire pet. also u started on my birthday919february 19 200400 but mines in 02 19 92. please will u be my neofriend and help me make my account just like yours.

LOL! I painted 34 petpets fire. -_-

n00b blocked: i cant find a fire paint brush and i have the money to buy one but if someone has something 100,000 neopoints or higher than nobody can buy it and i was wondering if you could put your fire paint brush to 99,999 so i could buy it PLEASE!?

n00b they are priced at 100k for a reason. They are worth 400k...actually I think they are worth 600k now. Check the trading post.

n00b blocked: AHHH!!! i cant believe my eye's!!!! I looked at all your screenie's... how the heck did you become so ritch!!!! Neopian lottery?!?!?! not even that would make you that ritch dude! please share your secrite!

Well...I know how to spell for one. So you wanna know the secret? It's not really a secret...more than half of the people who play know. But okay I'll tell you.... the key is... restocking. I'm not going to explain it. You will have to find out on ur own.


No matter how loud you yell...my answer will be the same.

Next nm from that same n00b...


You're funny...not.

n00b blocked:Where did you get all of the fire stuff from?????

lots of places on this site... shops, TP, auctions.

35 month n00b blocked:What about a baby pb for your The Eyrie Guard?

The 35 month n00b bid a plushie -_- do I look like a n00b to you????

n00b blocked: why did u put that new faerie quest on your pet page. i thought i really had a new quest, and bought the item. u owe me 13000 for buying it. plz neomail me back asap

If you had the quest it would have been on the top of the page not middle and you wouldn't have been able to use the wiz. Sorry, but you can always resell it.

A couple of minutes later after telling her that a lu codestone isn't worth 20k...

n00b blocked: oh well what about my 13,000

what? go sell the plushie. bye

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: how rude

What a n00b -_-

n00b blocked: what would you feel if you let my be your neofriend and I will try to bring your item?

Huh? Sorry...I don't speak n00b.


NO. Why do n00bs yell? It's not like I can hear them...

n00b blocked:1. Q How did you get that Draik? see iv allwas whanted a Draik but it was all was a limided adishon.

2.Q how no where did you get the Paint Brushes?

1. Draik trans. potion. It costs over 1 million nps.

2. 0_o I dont understand this question. However, At least you didn't make as many spelling errors this time.

#1 n00b blocked: Your shop sucks! Everything is un able to be taken I think you CHEAT or you just are a spoiled BRAT!!!

rofl!!!! Just cause I have nice things? You missy are the brat. Btw, I'm not spoiled...just good at restocking. You should try it sometime...maybe you'll be able to get nice things too. This is the best n00b mail so far!

n00b blocked: hi your my neofrind right ????may i plz have something i am poor all i have is 758np!you are so rich look at your shop i am not begging i just asking for something small like a baby doll(i am poor so a baby doll is lots to me!)plz i will be real happy it is like giving money to the poor pppllllzzz i am be real happy you will be my bust neofriend!!plz!

0_o You are not my nf and you are begging.

n00b blocked: heh, my name is britney. i saw your gallary and i had to ask can you give me a Fire Wocky Morphing Potion for a doomfish

Do you have a doomfish?

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: Ya you dont have one lol

No duh. I don't see one in your trades...

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: its in my items. i am not trading it if i do all of the people will want it. You sent (send) me it as a neofriend and i'll sent (send) you it easier

If you had it I would give you nps NOT my MP which is for MY GALLERY! But I don't think you really have it. Nice try. Have a good day. *You have now been blocked*

n00b blocked: How did you get cybunny and those fire paintbrushes?

The pant devil gave them to me.

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: Who's the pant devil?

Did she get my joke?

n00b blocked: Hey can I have a petpet paintbrush? TO MY fAVORITE GIRL.

Stop being cheap and buy her one.

n00b blocked: Can you PLEASE! help me? i've been trying to get any fire morphing potion, but i can't. i'm not saying you have to give me one, i'm just saying that maybe you could just give me a few tips on how to get one. but if you want to give me one for the trade i put on your pppb, then that would be cool too

Mp tip: Go buy one. You have a few options: TP, Auctions, Wiz...pick one!

n00b blocked: Hello!!!!! sorry for distubing you,finaly a fire lover like me........anyway is ther any chanse i could trade you that Fire Pteri Morphing Potion?????? Ill give you something good

You have no chance...it's in my gallery therefore, it's not for sale OR trade.

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: Heh, well you gota use them sometime.

Says who? They will never be used unless i sell my gallery (lol).

n00b blocked: hey whats up? do you know how to make your pet lose weight???

Lol...stop feeding it...i guess. Who cares?

n00b blocked: Wouldn't you love to give me a fire petpet paint brush!!??You already have like, 4 , and (here's my tragedy story)i just got the petpet lab map(finally!!) and then, my beloved fire rock was killed!!!*tumbles seems to have disappeared, Nothing. Naughta. Zilch.Zip.* Isn't that sad???? n he can't come back, i waited and waited!!!so if I can afford to get a rock again, I'll need a fire paintbrush to get dear tumbles back!!So have pity on me!!i'll trade you an assortment of items like omellettes, jellies, fishing stuff, advent calendar stuff, and some random more interesting items!!help me n poor tumbles please!!(oh, and sorry about the begging)

You shouldn't have used the petpet lab ray on it. You knew the consequences, sorry. Well at least the noob knows she's begging. I guess it's ok to say she's a half noob. :D

n00b blocked: i know what the answer is but, can i please have one of your cool fire items in your gallery like the Fire Blumaroo Morphing Potion???

If you know the answer...why bother asking?

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: oh, yeah your right. lol

*rolls eyes*

n00b blocked: I saw your card gallery..Are u interested in a Iskha Lightbringer?It'sworth 1 million but I will definitely go a lot lower...wanna offer?

so I have a few cards...that means it's a card gallery?

n00b blocked:You have way too much time on your hands. You're not even funny accidently on your page. You come off sounding like a snob.

Woah someone needs to chill. Maybe the problem is...you're not funny! This n00b is the only person to not like my page. *dung* On you! And guess what! Now you're on here! HA

n00b blocked: I see you have a TCG Gallery and it looks nice but it's missing somecard. I have one of the ones your missing up on the trade if you like to take look.

If you notice, all of the TCG's I have in my fire gallery have fire in them. Therefore, it's not a TCG gallery.

A lesson for some of you...

n00b blocked: uh? Thats how much I had to pay for..it..o.o; theres no profit for me...

Just because someone has a gallery that doesn't mean they like to be ripped off. You got the candle just to make a profit off me and I don't like that.

Therefore, I could have had something for a little cheaper but then this person bought it for a little more just to resell it to me. That's a big NO NO! A friend got it for me for the holidays...had to pay a little more but in the end a lesson was learned.

This is about a trade that I put up. Wishlist stated The only 1 on TP. Neomail offers! (r95)

n00b blocked: That's because it's a Virt. Prize give it time there will be plenty

K but atm there is only one

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: hmm...your right......but doesn't it always start that way?

I'm not looking for a crazy amount of nps if that's what you think

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: not at all..........however, stating the obvious, especially with the insinuation of rarity, would lead one to believe the opposite in such cases...wouldn't you agree?

Have you ever heard of supply and demand?

Someone is trying to sound smart but they ended up sounding really dumb.

n00b blocked: how much you want for that rainbow wocky in trading post?


Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: lol ur a funny guy...get lost unlest u willin to go a lot lower.

i'm in no rush to sell, dude. It's not my fault you can't afford it.

Another neomail from a different account after being blocked

n00b blocked: you take a good long look at my pets and then tell me im not rich...on both accounts.

I don't need to look. I'm richer than you anyway. Do not neomail me again. Good bye.

n00b blocked: I was looking at Lot 322875155. And it would be great if you could give me Calculus Basics separately. I am willing to give you 3,000NP plus an omelette or jelly or something. Thank you!

I didn't even dignify that with a response. I really wanted to though... really, really badly

n00b blocked: hi how are you do u have any valuable items?

I have ubs for sale...

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: wats that? i was taking a look at ur draik egg are u giving it up?

the draik egg is just for show in my gallery

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: do you have anything valuable that u dont want or like i really need something

-_- Here's a thought... earn that valuable something on your own.

n00b blocked: how much for the books alone in your trading post?

all of them? Also if you're looking for reseller prices you're nming the wrong person

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: no just want to know how much you want for all of the books... lol no i actually read them to my npets

I was in the middle of responding with prices when she neomailed me again before I could finish and click 'send'.

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: i'll give you 10,000np

Are you kidding me? (I guess she wasn't cause she didn't write back). I waited a few minutes for the response before blocking this pathetic n00b for wasting my time.

n00b blocked: I see you bought 'A Tales of Stripes', a little faerie told me that the person who bought it would have something for me - I see a really nice Lenny Gnome in your store that would look really nice in my collection. Smiles, Smiles, Smiles

Ummmm this faerie says 'buy it before it's sold or it will become unbuyable again...

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: No I believe it was to be a gift from GOD.

I didn't reply as I was like 0_o

Next nm 3 hrs later from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: wisper - where's my gnome?

I thought you got the hint of no reply. I guess I was wrong. You have a lot of nerve. If you want it here's a thought... GO BUY IT!

I still don't get it. I won one of her auctions. What does that have to do with giving her something for FREE?

n00b blocked: hey why was that book (The Daydreaming Green Acara) that you bought from me worth so much?

It's new.

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: why did u bid everyone bid so much??

For Profit. (I kept it simple)

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: ok. do you like plushies??

Yes, rare ones.

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: which ones are rare??

Rarity 90 and higher. They also have to be cute.

Not all neomails can be funny but this person obviously has no clue about anything...

n00b blocked: Can I have your Fire Draik Morphing Potion for 20-30k? Please I really want a Draik!

Lame attempt to get into my n00b chamber? I can't tell, but it's here anyway...

n00b blocked: For your hissi potion i will give you 4 Poisonous Lollypops (RARITY 130) a WEBCLAW (rarity 120) Brain tree branch and splinters both (rarity 120) and 10,000 neopoints neomail back

I didn't reply. I rolled my eyes and blocked this user right away.

n00b blocked: I put that in the auctions by accident. Put it in your trades and I will offer what you paid.

I didn't reply or put it in the auctions right away

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: Fine then I will block you because you are a scammer.

Hmmmm it looked like you were hoping to get more, with 20k increments. I can understand if it was in the auctions for 1np, but not with that high increment. Guess what? I blocked you too. Don't be a sore loser.

n00b blocked: I said 175k and you offer under that? Makes sense. lol.

(I offered 155k) It's called haggling.

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: You should mail me first beforehand. I can haggle to 155k.

What's the difference? I rather just offer instead of wait for your reply. There is a reject option. Does that button not make sense to you?

n00b blocked: Hi can you put up the chomby springy toy

You mean separate it?

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: Yeah I will give you seven hundred for it


Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: No 700 dollers

I'll think about it. (I'm not thinking about it)

n00b blocked: Why are you so mean!?! This is neopets! Play nice little girl!

What are you talking about?

Next nm from that same n00b...

n00b blocked: Oh you know. I have friends. And he isnt happy with you.

Okay... whatever. Have a nice day! I have friends too and for the record, I'm not little!

n00b blocked: Would you be willing to transfer your mutant draik for a grandfather acara? ive always wanted a draik so plz consider it thx.

Toxic will never be up for trade. (Nevertheless, how is that a fair trade?? Toxic has over 550 hps...)

n00b blocked: I was just wondering, what's your minimum offer for your Brown Aisha Morphing Potion? 10,000 NP?

0_o that's roughly what I paid for it when I restocked it...

blocked: 500k for the new petpet

Nty. I saw them sell for 800k-1.2m.

Next nm from that same person...

blocked: not interested in paying full price sry 500k is firm if u cant find a buyer or need nps let me know ill take it off u. did u restock it???

Yes, I did.

Next nm from that same person...

blocked: oh come on help me help u you make a quick 500k i get to make some profit too if you restock all the time ill pay more than the other resellers do, so u can make more than they offer and you can always get rid of it quickly to me i always buy items for resell

I didn't respond.

Next nm from that same person...

blocked: ill take the plushie mp off your hands too if u like, but has to be a price you and i are both happy with cuz i cant buy stuff for full price if im reselling


blocked: what r u looking for for the wenfry im trying to get it for my little sister


Next nm from that same person...

blocked: common any thing else please

They'll go down in price. You just have to be patient.

Next nm from that same person...

blocked: her birthday is tomorrow

I can't go lower than 650k...

Next nm from that same person...

blocked: all I have is 9441

Can't help you with that.

Next nm from that same person...

blocked: now don't be rude about it im tryin to do somting nice for my little sister because its all she want nothing else and im begging u and u wanna go and say something like that WOW YOURE JUST COLS HEARTED

I was willing to decrease the price and I'm cold-hearted? It's not my fault you can't afford it.

Next nm from that same person...

blocked: ok so now youre calling my poor and brought down the price my foot youre just cold blooded

And you're begging which is against the rules.

blocked: You know this book is unpriced right? That you're only asking 99k and could prob get more...

I have SSW and there are others priced at 99k. Btw, Cog Jewellery Making is also buyable.

Next nm from that same person...

blocked: Thank you! COULD you tell me what the prices are... D: I've refreshed ton's and didn't see them... D:

blocked: Would you ever consider selling your Chokato Year Six Cake?


Next nm (not a noob. Just wanted to share)

blocked: Even for millions?

Nah, I'm good in that department.

Next nm (not a noob. Just wanted to share)

blocked: Haha alright figured I would try! Thanks

That's alright. I totally understand. I don't even know how much I'd want for it. Definitely more than 20m, but it's still not for sale. =)

I messaged a person asking if they would help me out and give me the ID number of a new item that they had. The instructions were included in the message:

blocked: Sorry I'm not exactly sure how to do all of that (ID). You can buy it if you wish to know more about it.

I am tempted to buy it, but the ID can wait. Thanks for replying anyway.

Next nm from that same person...

blocked:You must be valued greatly at your job.

I am, thanks. By the way, most sellers are willing to help without making me buying something I don't need.


blocked: I would love to hear an offer.

Hmmm the number that comes to mind is 600k.

Next nm

blocked: How about somewhere closer to 900k. What do you think?

It's only r94...

Next nm

blocked: Don't take this as rude, but but have you never negotiated anything before? You know...you make a low offer, I make a higher one, and we meet in the middle?

I've been playing this game for over 10 years, I know how it works (they've only been playing 11 months LOL). You asked me to name a price and I did. If you knew you were looking for 800k-900k you should've stated that first. Have a nice day.

To be continued...

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