Hey guest, my name is Torisho! ^_^ And this is PFA's/Kindle's miscellaneous picture page. She says she's feeling really lazy right now and doesn't feel like making this page pretty, but for now you can just take a look at some of the screenies PFA has taken over the years.


Annoying ad glitch from some time ago... also, the old sidebar. Ah nostalgia.

Experimenting with the customization when it first came out, regardless of how OOC it was...

Soya before her Faerie-ness, apparently not sure where her dress was supposed to go.

Soya when she became 1337 days old. How 1337. :D

Someone wanted to see how the moach costume looked on the different pets. Here was my contribution. XDDD

Looks like the face stealer got to Sonya. D:

The best ad I ever did see. *sage nod*

My pets are looking a bit... coggish.

Lookup art

And now some old lookup art for your viewing pleasure. :3 Feel free to marvel at the improvement of my art.

My original lookup picture... it's very old. XD;

Some ooolllddd art from my pet lookups.

A groupshot I had on my lookup for a while... up until the new layout I think?

From the Altador Cup, the one where Team Shenkuu first showed up. (AKA the first one I played in. XD;)

This one I put up after the AC was over. ^_^

A doodle I put on my lookup once... inspired from an odd Neoboard conversation.

Um... this one I put up after the AC was back. XD Ph34r the blindingly cute chibis!

Put up after a month or something of realizing the AC was over... ^_^;;

The doodle I have on the lookup of this side account. In case you're wondering, it's a depiction of the character this account was named after. *Current*

I decided my old pet lookup art was way too blindingly old, so I sketched up some new pictures. XD; *Current*

Altador Cup IV rolls around, and PFA's laziness continues! (But at least it's in color this time)

The tragic story of my life. :P *Current*