Welcome to the petpages section of Cib's Premades. I decided to add this section, as I love petpages myself. My goal with these pages is for them to be simple & easy to edit, the same way I view my premade userlookups. If you have any questions about editing them, feel free to contact me, as I'd love to help you out! Enjoy the premades!


1. Always leave on credit.
2. Please do not beg for a request.

There aren't many rules, but please follow them. They are very important, & I want them to be followed to a tee. However, you are allowed to edit these petpages as much as you want; just leave on the credit! Thank you.

the premades

Click inside the box, press control + a, and then copy the code.
After that, enter it into the box here.

To view an active preview of the petpage, click image abox the text box.
If you need color scheme idea, use Kleur as a reference.

Style Six.

Want to spice up your petpage with bullets, dividers, or anything along those lines?
Here are some of my favorite resource sites that I use myself!