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Welcome! My name is Toimu but everyone calls me Toi {Toy}. I'm not a huge crowd person so mom (Eclipse) put me in charge of the Art Gallery.

This is a custom art request page where the main focus is to provide personalized designs of yourself or your pets. Everything you see here is done by me with the help of my mother. We like to tag team the requests and trades so they get done faster. And because mom is usually working on other things outside of Neo, I help her with the artwork needed on Neo.

Browse around and enjoy the gallery and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. If you would like to see a bigger image of my art off to the left, just hover over the image. There's also an invisible scroll bar so there's more artwork then what's seen. FYI - That artwork is designed to be used by Eclipse only and not for public use.

Visit Sweet-ish Delight if you're interested in some adoptables.

Requests are Closed!


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  • Febuary 22, 2019
    TOIMU ENTERED INTO THE BC!! Entry is for Feb 22nd starting at 12pm NST to March 1st at 11:59am NST. Please take a moment to vote!
  • Febuary 22, 2019
    Completed Toimu's redesign, now to color. She'll still have the pastel colors as before but her outfit changed just a little bit to go with a more futuristic/galaxy theme. Pictures of her outfit coming soon.
  • Febuary 21, 2019
    Started revamping the Art Gallery. Decided on a scrolling style instead of limiting the content into boxes
  • September 19th, 2018
    Oh wow!! It's been awhile since I've been online_ I'm so sorry for that everyone. It's been crazy with moving, new job and other stressing factors. Anyways, sadly I'm not back yet but I hope to be soon. Keep checking back for updates. Thank you!
  • June 19th, 2018
    Hello everyone and thanks for checking in. I'm still working on requests however I won't be able to open up requests next month. I've recently accepted a new job and I'm in the process of relocating to a new area. My goal is to get my current requests finished in the next few weeks. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten. All requests have been drawn, I'm just now needing to get them digitally colored. Keep checking back. Thank you.
  • May 23rd, 2018
    Requests are now closed and the waiting list is now full. I will start working on these piece next month once my other art page is open and the craziness of getting that site done dies down. I will let you know when your piece is finished. Thank you for your request.
  • May 21st, 2018
    Decided to open requests a day early. Only three spots are open so hurry and send me your request! Don't forget to read the rules before applying as the rules have changed!
  • May 9th, 2018
    Man, it seems forever since I have done anything with this page. If things continue on pace, I hope to open up customs on May 22nd or sometime that week. My other art project is coming along smoothly and I hope to have all of my desired pieces done by the end of the month.
  • April 27th, 2018
    The Art Gallery is officially open but custom request will remain closed until mid-May.
  • Gallery Rules.

    Learn the Rules like a Pro

    Rules have been modified since this revamp. Your request will be rejected if rules not read.

    No Stealing/Claiming as own Work

    This artwork was made for the use of Eclipse and/or those she has conducted a Request/Trade. Entering these images into the Beauty Contest is against the rule and will result in your artwork being deleted and you being reported

    Credits MUST remain on the images.

    Removing of these credits will result in the image being deleted. If you have to remove the link-back for any reason, please take one of my link-back buttons with you and provide credit.
    Also, please only take your artwork.

    Neopets Related Requests/Trades Only.

    I'm sorry but I will not draw your favorite video game character. I will only accept Trades/Requests for neopets related artwork. The only acception to this rule is if I'm drawing you.

    Fill Out the Form.

    If you wish to have some of my artwork then please fill out the form. I will reject your request if you do not. Make sure to add your favorite animal somewhere in the form so I know you've read these rules.

    Please provide a reference.

    It doesn't matter if this is a DTI, artwork or your currect custom, I need something to work with. References guide me in the right direction for your design. I will not design your pet for you - must have a vision of what your pet looks like.

    I have the right to refuse.

    My time IS limited and I can't process every request/trade submissions. Also, if I feel uncomfortable at all during the art process, I have the right to reject the request/trade - even if I'm in the middle of the artwork

    So Pretty.

    Request and Collect

    FYI - If I don't reply to your request in 24 hrs (except on weekends) then please resend

    To make an art request, fill out the following form and neomail it to mom. Please read the rules before submitting a request otherwise it will be rejected. You can only make one request per opening. Also please indicate whether you wish to have an art request or an art trade.

    Waiting list

    Requests are now Closed!

    Notes: Waiting list is now full so requests are closed. I will let you know when your piece is done.

    Requests Take Time! Don't expect them to be done in a few hours. My time is limited

    Requests to complete: 0 | Trades to complete: 0

    Thank you everyone for your Requests.
    You have until the end of the month to collect your requests. After that, the images will be moved my profile.

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    To pick up your request, simply click the text box below the image and press ctrl + A (select all) and then copy and paste the code onto your page!
    Images are larger than they appear.

    Past Requests

    These are past requests I have recieved since the gallery has opened. Hover over the image to see the name of the pet that was drawn. Please only take the image connected with your request. To use without permission is against the rules and you will get reported.


    Don't take my Word for it...

    Here are some kind words from other neopians about the Gallery.
    If you wish to provide a testimony, please neomail Eclipse here

    All family relations aside, Eclipse has been an inspiration. She's been such an inspirational hard worker, especially when it comes to anything creative! I have been commissioning her for my art work for pet pages, characters, applications, and all sorts of other random inspirations I've ever had. She always hits my ideas out of the park with her artistic spin. Even if we weren't related, I'd commission her again and again. On time, honest, forward, real, and wicked talented. So, if you plan on requesting anything from her - I can 100% promise you - you will not be disappointed!

    More coming soon!

    About Toimu

    Who art thou?

    Again, my name is Toi and I'm a Pastel Draik
    Mom adopted me from a wonderful neopian who orginally was trying to trade me and then put me up for adoption. Seeing my potiential, mom immediately applied for me and I was adopted roughly two weeks later.

    Anything Artistic
    Reading a Good Book
    Hosting the Art Gallery
    Playing with Pastel
    Being in a Large Crowd
    Conversations in General
    Being Put on the Spot

    Meet Pastel
    Pastel is my wonderful companion who loves to paint and draw with me. And like me, shy around people he doesn't know. He's a fun little guy who manages to bring a smile to my face every day.


    I'm a very shy person who has trouble making eye contact when speaking. My body language is very timid and I'm one who might panic if I'm put under pressure. I am is also very awkward when making a conversation and constantly fears that people will laugh at what I say. Even with people I know, I hesitate to speak my mind however if I'm passionate about something, my voice becomes loud. Only if I knows someone well do I open up more about myself. Normally I'm kind and polite to people and try to get out of conversations quickly. You can usually find me drawing, writing or playing around on the computer. I'm interested in anything that will prevent me from talking to people.


    I have the typically coloration of a pastel draik. The Pastel green body with pastel purple eyes and pastel pink webbing between my horns. The hair on my head and tail are blonde which is my natural hair color. On my planet, we have more of a futuristic fashion style where typically people were bodysuits or fashion with a lot of line designs on them. I settle for a dark grey body suit that has spaghetti straps on my shoulders. There's also a neon green design on the suit which starts at my chest and ends around my knees.


    Photographic Memory - I can remember every little detail of anything I sees. This is helpful since I likes to draw and write stories. I also uses this when I'm working on my computer and developing the newest character or world.
    Telepathic - This ability is very limited for me as it only activates when I touches someone but this is very random. I sees images from their mind but not able to read thoughts or hear sounds. A lot of the times, the images come in flashes and not always clear at first. The closer I am with someone, the clearer the image gets.

    Fun Facts

    Quick History

    I was born on a planet called _________ several years ago. Upon the death of my father, mother moved me and my infant brother off the planet and onto one where they could have a fresh start. Mom always warned me about returning to our home planet so I made sure that my travels never lead me there. Instead, I found a position on the planet I currently live, coding and doing concept designing for a gaming company. Every once and awhile I have to travel to get new ideas for the projects I'm working on but only to places I know are safe.

    Who she knows


    Summary coming soon


    Summary coming soon

    Toimu's Brother

    My little brother is roughly 10 years younger than me and pretty much the exact opposite of me as far as personality. He's a spit-fire and loves to get into all kinds of trouble. Naturally athletic and quick on his toes, he wishes to go into security and guard duty when he's old enough to enroll. Something our mother strongly dislikes.

    Toimu's Mother

    Coming from a long line of seers, my mother has made a living telling people's fortune. She started at a young age and continues the practice to this day. Her abilities have made her skeptical of the world and constantly warns my brother and I of possible dangers especially after the death of father. Mom is definitely protective of her young.

    New Section.

    Who dis?

    Coming soon... Toimu's story

    In the development to start roleplaying Toimu.

    this is Arisu's closet.

    Take me Home!!

    Adoptables Coming Soon
    Feel free to use these adoptables for your pages. I only ask that the credit on these adoptables remain with them. Thank you.
    To collect your adoptable, copy the content in the text area below the image you want to use and then paste onto your page.


    Swamp Gas

    Thank you

    link back?

    I appreciate you taking the time to visit me and the gallery. Please submit a rating for Toimu's Art Gallery before you leave. I like to stay updated on how my page is doing and what I can do to improve my services.

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