/> /> /> /> /> />

Started 1.12.08

6.7.10 +1 listing. +1 affiliate. +3 guild layouts: Taelia, Taylor Swift, and Zooey Deschanel.

6.6.10 +12 icons (Doctor Who). +1 guild layout: Night Life.

6.4.10 +2 affiliates.

5.24.10 +1 userlookup: Hippie Chick.

5.23.10 +2 userlookups: Doctor Who and Star Trek: Pavel Chekov.

5.18.10 +5 icons (Coeur de pirate - 1, Sayings -1, Twilight - 1, Doctor Who - 2). +1 guild layout: Twilight. +2 page layouts: Alice in Wonderland and Victorian Black and White. +13 affies. +2 directories.

5.13.10 +6 affies.

8.22.09 +1 affie.

8.8.09 +1 page layout: Victorian.

8.7.09 +2 affies. +5 fanmail. +1 directory. +1 userlookup: Doctor Who.

7.17.09 +2 affies.

7.11.09 +10 icons. (Demi Lovato - 2, Demi and Selena -5, Misc - 3)
+1 blend: Demi Lovato.

7.8.09 +3 new affies.

7.7.09 +1 userlookup: The Beach.

6.27.09 +1 userlookup: The Clique.

6.23.09 +1 guild layout: Twilight.

6.20.09 +3 link-back buttons, all by me. +10 blank buttons.

6.19.09 +1 userlookup: Ugly Betty.
+1 award. +2 affies.

6.12.09 +2 pet pages: Selena Gomez and Jonas Brothers.

6.10.09 +1 userlookup:
Demi and Selena.
+1 blend: Taylor Swift.
+1 sign: Taylor Swift Revamp.

6.9.09 +1 icon: Demi Lovato. Deleted old reviews. Applied for tons of new reviews, directories, and affiliates.

5.31.09 +6 icons: Emma Watson - 3, Misc - 3

5.30.09 +2 full-page guild layouts: Demi Lovato and Twilight.
+6 icons: Misc - 1, Fashion - 2, Music/Dance - 1, Sayings - 1, Love - 1

5.29.09 +7 icons. (Fashion - 2, Emma Watson - 1, Isla Fisher - 2, Miley Cyrus - 2)

5.27.09 + 15 icons. (Demi Lovato - 2, Zooey Deschanel - 1, Misc - 5, Music - 1, Nature - 3, Sayings - 2)

5.23.09 So my internet has been down for a couple weeks. Sorry I haven't been able to update. Anyways, 2 new affies, 2 new fanmail, and now, you can drag the full page guild layouts to the address bar to get a better idea of what you're getting yourself into.
Also, new Lily Allen blend, 7 new blank buttons (30x40), and 4 new PNG's!
More PNG's to come soon. I just don't have the attention span to put them all up at once :]

5.10.09 1 new splat base.

5.2.09 2 new affies. More soon!

4.19.09 New Demi && Selena, Nature, and Wolf full page guild layouts.

4.18.09 Slowly working my way through requests. 2 new affies. Sorry for being unactive. I'll get back into the swing of things soon.

4.4.09 No, I have not dropped off the face of the earth. I've just been busy. Anyways, I scored 95/ 100 at Unspoken Words. Apparently my site takes a long time to load...

3.31.09 Thanks for voting me Site of the Month at Irrelevant Rainbows!!!!!

3.24.09 Requests are closed for a while. I finally have enough to keep me going.

3.23.09 New full page guild layouts: Air Faerie, H2O: Just Add Water, and Miley Cyrus.

3.22.09 New backgrounds: Green/Pink/Purple Stripe,
Pink Zebra Print, Purple Stripe, Snowflake, and Sunset Stripe.


*insert snazzy title here*

June 6, 5:55 pm
So there's really nothing to report today. Summer is pretty boring, you know?
I'm formulating a new site layout in my mind. It could be a while before it gets up and running though...
I might apply for some reviews later. We'll see how it goes. I'm ready for people to tell me how to make Bedroom Mirror better again.
Speaking of making things better, has anyone noticed the crazy things going on with my guild layouts? (In IE, that is.) Anyways, I think I fixed it. According to my friend Nikki, things are a little off in Safari, but they look okay to me.
Well.... That's about it for today. Ciao for now!

Home again, home again.

June 4, 11:52 am
Well, I'm back. Thank you, everyone who wished me a safe trip, and to answer your questions No, I did not end up sitting between Hurley (from Lost) and Monk (from Monk) like I thought I was going to. Thank the Lord. Instead, I sat buy this very nice grampa named Stephen. Stephen was both a psychiatrist and a minister. So he liked to talk. Alot.
Stephen was heading out to Colorado to see his grandson's graduation. "Here's a picture. That's Liam. He's graduating, got a full-ride scholarship to play lacrosse, and oh! He's single!
Thanks, Stephen. Thanks.
Do I look like I desperately need a guy? No, don't answer that. Because I don't. I have a great one, thank you very much.
I'm thinking about re-organizing the site. One of my reviews a while ago said that I probably shouldn't have my homepage be (and I quote) a shrine to Bedroom Mirror. While I disagree, I think it might be easier for people to navigate if I simplified it a bit.
What do you think? Drop a blog comment to give me your opinion. I really want to know.
But anyway, I'm home now. And I'll get right back to work on those requests.

blog comments

xxxangel101xxx: Okay. First of all I'm very happy you sat beside someone nice and not a Monk like I had to sit beside. Him reciting from his book every few minutes .
Stephen seems sweet. It seems like he became fond of you ;D.
I Don't Think you should change Bedroom Mirror I like it the way it is. It is easy to find your way around it and its unique that way.!
Love yah Gem.!!

I'm off!

May 24, 6:04 pm
Yes, I miss David Tennant very much, thanks for asking.
In other news, I'm off to visit the grandparents. They don't have a computer with super-great internet (it's dial-up) so I won't be able to get on. So long, everyone here, I'll be back in a week. Requests are closed until I get back, please. I have plenty of stuff to do. If you send a request while I'm gone, it might be ignored. Depending on how interesting it is to me. It might get done. Care to take a chance?

Requests are open!

May 19, 10:48 am
The title says it all.

Allow me to take 5 minutes of your time

May 15, 11:41 am
This shall be a much shorter blog today. Probably because I just woke up, and there's really nothing to report
Except... I won the Site of the Day at Neo-Nice! You can see my very lovely medal over on the right. Thank you, Neicyl!
Bedroom Mirror is definitely back.
In other news, the new layout seems to have some fans.
I'm really worried that no one is reading my blogs because I've been gone for so long, but I suppose that's what I get for disappearing, eh?
We'll get there again.
Hmmm.... What else was I going to say? Oh yeah! There's a new Doctor Who tonight. It's the second part of the new weeping angels episode. Yeah, I know I'm obsessed. Please don't think less of me because of it. I'm still really upset over David Tennant and Russell T. Davies leaving. And Julie. We mustn't forget Julie.
But Katie's coming over tonight, and we're going to watch a ton of stuff. It will be amazing. Doctor Who and friendship socks. What more could you need?

Happy happy happy

May 14, 6:31 pm
Why am I so happy? Let me tell you.
1) I have one day left in school. I am exempt from all my exams, so even though I still have to go to school on Monday, I'm not doing anything at all. 2) I finished my new site layout. Isn't it pretty? I've really just been messing around the past couple days, but while applying for some more affies after I lost all mine in the Hiatus, someone commented on how, your layout is really pretty, but it's been up for forever. When will you change it? Right now, mysterious affiliate (I forgot who exactly it was.) Right now. Anyways, it's kind of retro-y, featuring the lovely and talented Zooey Deschanel. Oh, how I love Zooey. She's completely amazing. (Listen to her music. Her band is called She & Him. Go. Now. You'll agree with me.) The layout is bright. It's happy. It's summer-y. I'm really happy with it. (Please let me know what you think of it too!) 3) Oh. My. God. I just right this second found out something amazing. You, my lovely fans, are the first people to know that Sam can graduate! Oh. I forgot. Ya'll don't know about the newest development in my life. Sam is my friend. Who is a boy. If I say anymore, Neopets will kill me because all the other girls will be jealous. Pretty sure lots of girls already are jealous. Anyways, he's in Alaska and I'm in Alabama, so you can see where the problem is. No, I did not meet some creeper over the internet. His dad's a chaplain in the air force. They moved this summer. I've known him for around four years. The more-than-friends angle of it all developed around six months ago. Anyways, the point is that he is a sophmore (him mom homeschools him) and I'm a junior (I actually go to a school). Which in itself is a little strange (the age difference, not the school thing). But when you're homeschooed, there's this test you can take that tells you when you can graduate. And he can! Words cannot describe how proud I am of him. Plus the fact that there's a college literally three minutes away from my house. I'm so excited and proud of him!
I'm sure there was another reason why I was happy, but that just completely blows everything else out of the water. Like I said. Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy!
P.S. Happy blog, not alot of smiley faces. Weird for me, I know. But I was so excited, I didn't feel like wasting my time trying to find the codes for the smilies. I hope you all forgive me...

can it be over yet?

May 13, 4:20 pm
So as you can probably tell from the title of this lovely blog, I am soooooo tired of school. Seriously. I only have 2 more days, but I am literally asleep in every single class, or texting my bf, or reading The Catcher in the Rye. I know it's supposedly a "classic" book, one that either gets banned from public schools, or your crazy English teacher makes you read it for school. I am absolutely loving it.
So anyways, I am sitting here, still in my school uniform, with my cat on my lap, my iPod in one ear (I think it's playing.... Yep. Follow Me Down by 3OH!3. Off the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack? You know you're jealous ). You know, it's quite hard to type with Lacey in my lap. She gets in the way just a smidge. But we love her anyways

Oh. I remember what I was going to talk about. So, I have a question for all of my fellow Doctor Who fans out there. What do you think of Matt Smith? I know he isn't anywhere near as amazing as David Tennant (but let's face it, who is?) Still, I think he's doing a very good job. As is Stephen. (But in the very very very unlikely case that Russell reads this, he should know that I absolutely adore him. He completely blows my mind.) However, when Stephen brings back the weeping angels AND River Song in the same episode, something amazing is bound to happen. The second installment airs here on Saturday. I can't wait!


May 4, 4:03 pm
Well... long time no see, eh?
Obviously, it took a little longer than expected to get my life in order again. No matter. I'm here now, and that's what counts. Right?
Anyshoes, I'm getting some of the girls from the guild to help me go through all my affies again. (For your information, Nessa volunteered. I'm not a taskmaster. She really is one of my best friends here. )
On a lighter note, I have a very lovely French song stuck in my head. No idea what it says, but it's really catchy and might just be my new favorite tune. Comme des enfants by Coeur de pirate anyone?
P.S. Coeur de pirate is a French Canadian singer/ songwriter. So her stuff's in French, but it is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it.... to anyone who cares.


January 24, 1:53 pm
(Nessa, this blog is for you. You wanted one. )
Wow. That's all I can say. I know I planned on being back by Thanksgiving, but obviously that didn't happen...
I've been gone forever, but there's really not that much to say. I mean, I could give you a day-by-day account from August to now, but you really don't want that.
I'm planning on putting some more stuff up soon. Let me re-organize my life again, and I'll open requests again. Promise.
But for now, I love you all! Thanks for sticking with me.


August 7, 7:25 am
P.S. Requests are closed while the site is on Hiatus. xxGEM


July 17, 10:31 am
by Dretta at splatteredcanvas.com Yes, I realize I have been on an unexplained absence for a week. I can't say how sorry I am. Colorguard is taking over my life! But I love it, despite the gigantic bruise on my arm and several smaller ones on my legs. And my entire body is sore. Chad works us to death! But I love it.
Now, for some dreadful news. I'm afraid that when I go back to school in the middle of August (we go back really early. I don't know why), I don't think I'll be able to get on the computer until after marching season. My band director wants us to get practice every day after school, and I'm taking four AP classes. Yikes!
I'll work on stuff over the weekends, so Bedroom Mirror won't be totally and completely gone. Things will just slow down for a while. And the site will be left up for everyone to enjoy.

Now, I hate to have to do this, but I will remind everyone once again that requests are closed! So stop sending me requests! Geeze, I came back after a week, my inbox was full, and half of those neomails were requests! Read the site people! It clearly says that requests are closed, and tells you not to bother me with requests when they're closed. They're closed!
(Do you think I've said that enough yet? )
Anyways, that's about it for now. If I disappear again, you will now know that I am out in the heat of Alabama dancing my *** off.
The show's going to be really great this year. I can't wait.
Love you all!
P.S. I haven't seen the Harry Potter movie yet. But I can't wait! It's gonna rock!

New Layout, New Album

July 10, 10:04 am
by Pip at Peroxide After several awful hours of coding, and many glorious days of graphic-making, I'm proud to present Bedroom Mirror's newest site layout! I happen to totally love it! I hope you all do too.
I split the site onto 3 pages this time. Hopefully it will load faster still. I also took off the easy link to the layouts. Hopefully the links are easier to find on this layout. They should be. (Look under "Bedroom Mirror.")
So about the layout. It comes from one of my absolute favorite movies ever, Penelope. Actually, all the pictures used in the layout were screenshots that I took. That's a first for me. Anyways, I think the layout is fabulous and perfectly embodies everything the site is about. I hope ya'll love it as much as I do.

Now, for even more exciting news. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova have a new album coming out! 9.29.09! I love them! They're so sweet together (does anyone know if they're still together?) And I love they're music! For those who don't know, they did the movie Once and their song Falling Slowly won an Oscar a couple years ago. If you don't know about them, go look them up on iTunes or something. They're the best ever!
He's Irish, and she's Czech, and it was a really small movie (and low-budget, and most of it was not scripted), so I wouldn't be surprised if you don't know it. But please, please, please go look it up! That's about all I have to say on that.
*Starts humming Falling Slowly*

blog comments

**starts humming**

Nothing much to say

July 8, 6:08 pm
Thanks for the awesome icon Pip! You're the best! So... There's nothing much to report. Band camp starts on Monday so it goes without saying that
requests are still closed.
Now that that's out of the way, I really haven't been up to much. Just fooling around making a new site layout that you guys are sure to love. I love it.
I added a couple new affies (and old ones I hadn't gotten around to putting up before. Shame on me.)
Really, it surprises me how impatient people today are. One of my affies (no names will be mentioned), let's call her Carol, has had some trouble with a certain impatient someone. Normally I wouldn't bother to mention this at all, except that certain impatient someone took the time to neomail me and my friend Jill being quite underhanded and trying to get Jill and I to un-affiliate Carol. Now that's just not nice.
Note: all names in the above story were changed to protect the identity of the victims.
Well, now that that's off my chest, I think it's time for me to sign off. Hasta la pasta, folks!
P.S. Don't forget to vote!

Home again...

July 6, 1:15 pm
by Remy at Lost in Wonderland Yay! I'm home.
Let me tell you, I did not miss fighting with my sister. But besides that, it's great to be home! Gatlinburg was cool though. Lots better than I predicted. Now normally I'm not one for country music, theme parks, etc. It just doesn't appeal to me. But roller coasters will change my mind in a jiffy.
And Ivy's grandparents were great (she lives with her grandparents), and I felt very welcome, as corny as that sounds. We had a great time.
Anyways, I hope everyone had a fantastic Independence Day, for those who celebrate it. If not, well, hope you had a great weekend.
Sadly, I must be going. So I guess this blog will be cut short. But I will talk to ya'll laters!
Love always,
P.S. VOTE VOTE VOTE! I'm in the premades!

And we're off!

June 29, 9:51 pm
Well, not until tomorrow...
Quickie blog today, guys and dolls. No time for an icon, or much to type about. To make a long story short, I've been totally wrapped up with this whole Gatlinburg trip Ivy invited me on. (By the way, Mum said yes. Obviously.) That, plus summer reading, plus band camp coming up, plus my summer art projects for AP Art! I'm so excited. So you can see I'm super-busy. Them maybe it won't come as such a surprise when I say
reviews are closed.
I don't care what it says on the content page. No time to change it. I still have to pack and we're leaving tomorrow morning.
Sorry. If you've already neomailed me with a request, I will do my best to get that completed ASAP. But please, no more.
Love and lollipops! (My uncle says that. It kinda grew on me)
P.S. Doctor Who was wonderful. I ♥ David Tennant. I made Katie a t-shirt with the Tardis on it (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), and we ate jellybeans and ice cream till we popped.


June 27, 10:17 am
by me!Woah. I knew it had been a while since I blogged but I didn't realize it'd been this long. Sorry about that.
So anyways. I've been pretty busy. I'm really working on my school stuff (why, do they insist on giving us so much over the summer???) and hangin' out with my friends. Speaking of which, one of my friends invited me to spend several days with her in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
I've never been, but she really loves it, so I hope my mom will let me go.
Now, onto the important business, and the reason for the title of this blog.
Tonight. Will. Be. Fantastic.
Why, you ask? Because tonight, on BBCAmerica, is the best show in the universe. That's right, it's Doctor Who!!!!!
(for those of you concerned of my well being, I'm only slightly obsessed. Never fear. )
My best friend in the entire world is coming over to watch it with me. We're gonna have so much fun!
So, with that amazing news out of the way, I best be off. We need ice cream and friendship socks to make this a perfectly marvelous sleepover.

blog comments

jessieluff: Friendship socks? lol. Have a good time. Never seen Doctor Who. ;P

Blueberries and Bowling

June 24, 9:51 am
by Maryam at craveprivacy.escapedartist.net No blog yesterday. I went bowling! Totally fun. Out of the 8 of us, only 1 *ahem* used the bumpers (no, it wasn't me), and I didn't come in last! More cause to celebrate! And a 73 is very not bad.
Anyshoes, no really big blog today. Just kinda hanging out. I'm actually really tired. Me madre got me up at about six this morning to go pick blueberries. Fun, but I can only stand Mother Nature for so long. Surprisingly, it's not the heat that gets me. It's the noseeums (which, for the record, you can see, thank you John Green) that do me in. That and one particular bee seemed to really like my shampoo...
So I'm pretty tired, to say the least.
I added several new affies. Working on a new site layout. It's still in the mental phase, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna rock!
That's all for now, folks!

Read it! Now!

June 22, 9:27 am
by Adelaide at Initial Remark. Productions Another blog at an un-Godly hour of the morning. Filled with random awesome-ness as usual! (Or was it awesome random-ness?)
Anyways, I did lots yesterday, so there was no time to blog. Sorry about that.
I went to see The Proposal. It was good. Kinda predictable, but I liked it alot. Of course, Ryan Reynolds is amazing, so it couldn't be bad, right?
My three friends and I crowded into the photobooth afterwards. I now have an awesome photostrip taped on the wall above my bed. This is also where I have all my Doctor Who drawings (Yes, when I get bored, I draw David Tennant) and doodles my friends give me. That kind of stuff. So the pictures of me, Jessica, Emily, and Maggie are surrounded by awesome goodness. Also, as hard as it is to believe, I'd never been in one of those things before. So double the fun!
Let's see... Yesterday, I also bought, read, and finished the newest Sarah Dessen, Along for the Ride. It was that amazing! Absolutely brilliant. If you like Ms. Dessen's stuff, go out and buy it right now! You'll love it as much as I do.
And even if you've never read her stuff, you'll still love it!

Now, here's site updates. I messed with the placement of the home/ content links. Hopefully they're easier to find. Someone suggested that I put them up there ^^ above where it says Bedroom Mirror. So we'll try it out. I also made the headers a bit fancier. Again, a reviewer suggested it. We'll see how it goes!

I also signed up for a SOTM. It's been a while since I have. So vote for me when voting starts! (I'll let you know when that is.) I'm in with the Premades.


blog comments

___horselover___88__: Hey,I'm Skylar. Love the layout. But seriously,you get up wayy to early XD I agree with amanda or whatever her name was,lol. Maybe you should go to sleep earlier? Hahaha. *coolface* Well,hope you make many more awesome graphics!! Oh,before I forget,I didn't see a application to become affilites with you. I have two diffrent pages. One here (/~MistyNightsinNeopia) and one here (/~Sali_44) Hah,chow!!
-x-~x~ Skylar!!

*Insert snazzy title here*

June 19, 1:19 pm
by Haley at Carnival Ride I'm getting really lazy with these blog titles. I just can't think of anything!
Anyways (no stealing your word today, Hayley), there's a short blog today. Just thought I'd let you know that I finished 5 requests! That'd be uno site layout, trois guild layouts, and one userlookup! (I ran out of different languages there.) Luckily for you, the userlookup is for everyone to use! Yay! Although I might ask the guild owners if I can use the guild layouts as premades after they're done with them. I really like how they turned out.
Oh, before I forget, Bedroom Mirror got 108/108 and 78/78 at Vampire With Fangs (I was reviewed by both Taylor and Renee). Yay!
Now, I'm off to the mall with my bestie.
Talk to you all later!


June 18, 8:27 am
by Bubbles at Hidden Identity Why do I always blog in the mornings? That is a very good question. I'm always half asleep anyways. You'd think that I wouldn't be able to blog like that. But then again, maybe that's why they're so filled with random awesome-ness!
Onto the first order of business.
Ohmigosh, I haven't blogged in five days! My bad. I opened my requests on Friday and got kind of overwhelmed.
Yeah. Like that. *points at the emoticon over that-a-ways*
And since lots of people who request stuff want it to only be for them, there's not a lot of updating to do. Oops.

On a lighter note, my best friend came back from camp yesterday! Yay! I haven't seen her since... actually... since school got out at the end of May! That a long time to be without your bestie.

Anyshoes (still stealing that, Hayley), time for news this side of neo. I got a 92.5 (out of 100) from Twisted Dreams. Not a fantastic score for a spelling-gene-deprived perfectionist like me, but Ni really loved my site. There's just a few picky things I can change around. Like a few typoes (that one was on purpose ) and spelling mis-haps and some picky stuff.
Never fear, though. My next layout will have the home/content links much easier to find.
Well, that's about it for today. I'll try to blog more often, but once band camp starts, who knows.
My life is extremely uninteresting, I don't know why you're still reading. But kudos.
Going now.
P.S. Check out the icon for this blog. And while you're at it, go ahead and clicky. I'm not always a big Disney celeb fan, but I love Demi and Selena.My friend Bubbles just got her new site up, so go check it out! She's awesome. Love you, Bubbles! ♥

blog comments

xxxangel101xxx: Okay Girl i love your blog's.....but serously why are you doing them at a un-natural hour of the morning im serously getting worried for your health!!! lol Im usually still in bed at that time of the morning.... anyways love the blogs!! ly...nessa/chloe xx


June 12, 9:33 am
by Megan at Stratosphere Please disregard the randomness of the title of this blog. I'm extremely uncaring at the moment.
My friend Ben just left to go on a cruise to Alaska and Hawaii (yes, I'm jealous), and then he's moving back to Australia! Oh, did I forget to mention he's Ben the Australian Kid? Yeah, that's what we call him.
And my best friend (the one who totaled her mom's van) is at camp, and I haven't seen her since school got out.
And I've done nothing but stupid coding the past couple days. And to top it off, no one seems to be able to find the content page, because apparently they're all like my sister and don't know how to look!
Hence the new blib above that says Layouts etc. have been moved here. At least people decided to tell me that they couldn't find them. Otherwise I'd have no idea, and BM's popularity would go kerplunk down the loo.
But it still makes me mad. I worked hard on those image rollover links and no one even sees them. Whatever.

So enough venting. (By the way, if you're one of those people who couldn't find the content, please don't take any of that personally. I love you all, and was just venting. I really want you to be able to find my content. And since most of you neomailed me about the problem, all is now good. I'm sorry if I hurt any feelings. I don't think you're stupid at all.)

Anyshoes, onto the bright side of the morning. I scored well at Blacklight Reviews (94.5/ 100) and Toxic Reviews (86/ 100 which is 5/ 5 stars. So it's actually a really good score).
And I just realized that I haven't blogged in a while. Sorry about that. But I was busy with content stuff.
And I have a whole bunch of page layouts sitting around waiting to be coded. I hate coding. But for you guys, I'll suffer through it.

blog comments

katyanne1: I totaly get you. i hope you will find a new friend that you will feel the same about and reminds u of the australian kid.

mingli2: Lucky u. my holidays are over, i'm from Malaysia btw. can i link u at my blog?

How Delightful

June 8, 11:02 am
by Jess at Magnavox I return to you delightfully tanned and in a very bad need of a shower. Actually, I got back late last night. I only had time to watch an episode of the second-best show in the world, Pushing Daisies () before heading off to bed. And let me tell you, sleeping in my own bed last night was delightful. Seriously. I don't know how some people can go off for weeks without their own pillow. I sure as heck can't go away for more than 2 weeks.
So what all happened during my week at the beach? Well, life in the real world wasn't so lovely. My best friend totaled her mom's van when some idiot ran a red light. She's okay, thank God. But she really got me worried when she told me.
But that's enough depressing stuff.

Site-wise, I scored 99/ 100 at Rachel's Reviews! Hence the new award I mentioned in the updates.

Hey! My mom just returned with the groceries, and I'm going to make lemon bars. YUMMY! Ciao!

P.S.. You know those books I got last week? I finished them. Yeah. Told you they weren't gonna last long!

It's Party Time!

June 1, 10:47 am
by Zoe at Innocense.org In about an hour, I will be gone. Bye-Bye! I'm goin' to teh beach!!!!
I'm so ready for some surf, sand, and sun. Not that there will be much surf-ing. I'm going to the Gulf Coast, for gosh sakes. But it will still be completely awesome!
So, now that we've established that I will not be here...
I think something needs to be said.

I will not be updating the site. I will not be on the computer. I will be gone, having fun, at the beach.
Now, with that said, I will be back in one week. I will answer any neomails you send once I get back.
So so long, farewell, etc.
See you in a week!
Look out beach,
here comes Gem!

Music Notes

May 30, 1:14 pm
by Elise at Sarcastic Sunshine So, no blog yesterday, but 7 new icons. And today, as a special treat to you, I actually went out and coded 2 new guild layouts! I swear, the worst thing about this job is coding. Hate coding.

Anyshoes (Hayley, hope you don't mind me stealing your word) . So my grandparents came in yesterday. I'm so excited! We're going to the beach next week. YAY!
But by now, you're probably wondering how the title relates to this, right? Well, this afternoon is my piano recital. Normally, I'm just pretty bored with this, and this time's basically no different . I'm playing Lighthouse by the Hush Sound, and Fountain in the Rain by some old person who's probably dead now. But I play it really fast, and it's one of those where your hands cross over, and it's really impressive. I'm excited. And if you know me, The Hush Sound is one of my favorite bands, and Lighthouse is one of my favorite songs, so it all works out well.
My only problem is my sister. She usually gets on my nerves, but today something is different. Not only the fact that both her songs are longer than long, but she has to go before me. Which means I have to sit there waiting. Better than last year, I suppose, when I had to sit on the stage and wait for her to get through. But still. At least I get to close the show. Fantastically. What's that? Humble? Me?
You obviously don't know me at all .
But she's also bugging me about her new song. It happens to be Falling Slowly from the musical Once. I absolutely love that song. So yeah, I'm a bit peeved that she's playing it and I'm not. But I have The Hill (from Once as well), so I can't really complain...


May 28, 3:43 pm
by Mel at ultraviolet.so-pink.org Yeah, you could say I'm psyched.
Why, you ask? Because I just got back from the bookstore. That's why. I mean, there are only so many times a girl can read Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns, no matter how fantastic they are. And trust me, they are fantastic.
(love john green!)
But as I've read both of them at least twice this summer, and pretty much gone through the rest of my collection as well, I needed to go to the store. Badly. So I ended up with about 8 books. Those should last me through my trip to the beach next week. I won't list them all out, but I will tell you about the two I'm most excited about.
Wintergirls and Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson. Ever heard of her? She wrote Speak, and Twisted. Great stuff. Anyways I'm really excited.
A little bummed that they didn't have the new Meg Cabot, and almost burst a blood vessle over all the ridiculous vampire stuff they had in there.
As if Twilight wasn't enough, now everyone is trying to play off it's success. *rolls eyes* It really gets old.

On a ligter note, (and more site-related), I scored 97% in Precious Reviews! It's run by my friend Chloe, and she just set it up today. If you're looking for a good review that will get back to you fast, Chloe's your girl!
I wish her luck in her review site. Heavens knows it didn't work out so great for me. I personally would rather not have people waiting for me to work around my hectic schedule.
Anyshoes, that's about all for today.
Be back tomorrow for some more excitement! Ciao!

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dance1235_4: Thanks so much! Getting pout the word, for Precious Reviews! Youd did very good with BM! :) Yeah! Also i have a question: Do read the Alex Rider book series?

delusional_hayley: oh my goodness! speak is so fantastic :) really great read. i hope it's alright if i suggest a few books. Deadline by Chris Crutcher, Hoops of Steel by John Foley(he taught at my school, really great author!), and Sarah Dessen has multiple fabulous books.

ladysparklepuff: You're very right about all the vampyre/vampire books out there, it IS ridiculous. I only like the first two Twilight books and find the other two...whats the word...unnecessary. The only other good vampyre/vampire book series out there is Sookie Stackhouse novels, and they're hardly vampyre/vampire. -sigh- what has our world come to?

*Sad Face*

May 27, 11:09 am
by Zoe at Innocense.orgHola! I'm still not sure if anyone's listening to me, but we'll go with it for a while. So anywho...
I think I'm pretty much done messing with the site. What you see is pretty much what you get. But who knows. I'm not entirely sure how it all looks. Like the awards down there *points below the blogs*. Yeah, they might get moved to the other column, but nothing's for sure yet.
In other news, (haha I feel like a news reporter) you may have noticed that oh-so-lovely icon over to the left. I decided the blogs needed a little something to spice them up, so I will be searching for one or two icons to match my mood every day that I blog. You can hover over the icon to see who made it.
Now. Onto business.
by Zoe at Innocense.org I was very disappointed when I went through my affies last night. VERY sad. The number of people who closed their sites without telling me! I mean, it's understandable that you might not want to bother, but it seems like it would be the right thing to do, right? Well, apparently not.
The one bright spot of my night was finding that Niki @ Fission was open again. I love her stuff. Can't wait to see what you roll out this summer, Nikki!
Well, that's about all for now. This has been quite a long blog. I didn't actually think that I had that much to say. Guess I did.

The Start of Something New!

May 26, 7:46 pm
So... I've never actually had a blog before. We'll see how it goes...
So anyshoes (as my friend Hayley says), you've probably noticed by now that there's a new layout up. Before we get into any FAQ's you people who actually care about reading about my oh-so-marvelous life might ask, I'll just go ahead and say it. Yes, I did draw the picture up in that corner. That one, right there =]. And it took me the better half of 2 days to make and code this layout. So ya'll better like it C:
Well, coding really tires me out.
I hate coding. I really do.
So I'm gonna be finishing this up soon, then it's off to bed.

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Award from the JuxtaposerThis is my entry for the picture perfect caption contest at Toxique Outburst! It won 1st place!!!!!!!This is my entry for a contest at Toxique Outburst! It won 3rd place!

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mousecarton: I just wanted to say how much I truly adore your current 'Penolope' layout, it is beautiful! xxx

emilyjuly13: Your Amazing Graphics! They are soo awesome! It'salso good to see that there's another Doctor Who fan out there! I'm going to use every single icon! lol!

xxxmystiquexxx: I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your graphics. Your art is completely fantastic and some of the best I've ever seen. I saw on your lookup that you are 15, I wanted to tell you that you BETTER be going to college for graphic design or something related to that because you are amazing! My name is Chelsea, I'm 18, and have been trying to learn css and html forever but have finally decided to just take a class at my college to learn bc I just can't teach myself. If u taught yourself than that is even more remarkable to me. XD. Also, wanted to tell you that I am using one of your guild layouts for my guild and was hoping that you might be able to do a custom for me. I love the layout, but would be extremely happy if you could put my guild name on it for me. If not, I completely understand and I wish you the best with your art. I'll be stopping by your site regularly to snag some more fantastic work!
Thanx, Chelsea

katisflyyy: just wanted to let you know that i think your site is pretty much FANTASTIC! ;D

twilightcharm: Hey, Gem! I just wanted to say that I absolutely admire your graphics! (: You have another person that loves your work to the list! I have used your graphics-and of course kept credit-and I appreciate for you to take the time to make them!
-Sincerely, Elena Dawn

doubelivinfarys: i just was wanting to say i love your graphics page on Tinker_Bell214's petpage!! i wasn't sure if you were aware of this but it's against the rules to have pictures of yourself on neopets.. on Tinker_Bell214's page you have an icon that has your picture and says gem on it. just didn't want you to get frozen!! :( that'd be horrible to have your awesome graphics gone!!

dreamingwithin: Just to say your site is really pretty and your layouts are really nice. Sorry to bother you but I just had to tell you this, thank you for your time.
Renn xx

petholder4ever: i luuuuuuv ur graphics. they're sooo coool! i'm sorry about those peeps that bothered the heck outta ya! Keep doin cool graphics! ;)

lovecoco1223: your stuff is awsome! i love it all and i hate what some of these ppl do 2 your work. but its funny how they try :]

thunder_doggy: I LOVE your graphics! I wish I could make stuff like you. You really have talent!! I can't believe its possible to make graphics that look so great!

lovelytimes303: Heyy! i ABSOLUTLY LOVE your premade....stuff!!! its all so cool!

lifelovetwilight: Lol, I just wanted to say: YOU SITE ROCKS!!!!!! Its amazing! ^^ My sister was really excited when I showed her it too! No one ever makes warrior layouts and she's a fan so she LOVES your site! I love your Twilight guild layout but you need a few more! Keep making great layouts!

vanillatoffee714: I just want to say LOVE your lookups!!

help_ur_animals: OMG I LOVE YOUR LAYOUTS!!!! they are so awesome!!! im using one right now!!!!!!

lauraer100: hey i looove your graphics site =). i've been looking all over for some Doctor Who icons and i finally found some! thanks!

rainbowlillies: Okay im your B.I.G.G.E.S.T F.A.N, no matter what anyone says you rock SOCKS and i love your petpage layouts they really helped my guild out and by the way "YOUR SO AWESOME" i give all your graphics a 900000000000/900000000000! No mind me im just weird and love all your graphics!!!
P.S."Keep this Fanmail Tresured because you rock my socks.

angelbaby1498: Omg, you are so talented. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have this cool lookup =)

xxxangel101xxx: Gem, Well What can I say you are a complete and utter Gem! I remember that day that I came across your site bedroom mirror and requested a Rainbow guild layout and fell in love with your graphics and the talent you have of making them now half of that site I have requested and have been driving you daft every since! Dont ask why Im writing this at 1.30am!!!! anyways your the best friend any girl could have and your my best friend for life!
Luv yeah lots
Chloe xox ♥

vanessa11_1_1_a67: i luv ur graphics thx for puttting all ur work into them!! ;)

diamonds_daisies: You ROCK Gem! I have to say, you totally rock! I love ALL your layouts and EVERYTHING! I am starting a graphics site of my own, so if you have any tips PLEASE tell me!

alice_cullen3: omg, i just wanted to say that ur graphics r amazing! they r by far the best ive seen and i will continue using them! i have to ask, r u still accepting requests? plz get back to me!♥

katieiskatrina: hey! I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making a joe jonas layout!! i've been looking for one forever, and i LOVE the one you made!! thank you!!
oh by the way, i was looking at your wall of shame and all those jerks in the world is pretty sad...anywayz i was just wondering if they ever got frozen for being so rude? anyway, keep up the great work!!

selena_heart: Just wanted to tell you I love your graphics. They're great! And, other than you, I have yet to find someone who has more than one of things I want graphics for: Twilight and Warriors.

ellis_island_29: Hello. I LOVE you graphics site. My favorite thing of your is actually your fantasy fairytale layout in your PAST stuff. I was wondering, do you take requests? Anyway, I just wanted you to know that your site is amazing! Good job.

i_hate_the_jo_bros: You rock and so does twilight.
(♥ bella ♥ + ♥ Edward ♥)

_blue_paperclip_: Hey i love your graphix!

honestypolicy: I love your site! I absolutely love the Two Princesses of Bamare lookup. I didn't know anyone else that actually read that book! I love the Princess Bride, and Linkin Park! Anyways I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!! You have the best graphics I have found yet. I hope you have fun reading my letter,
Your fan, Chloe

pinacoladababy: I love your graphics and use them on everything. They are the best ones I have found yet. I recommmended them to all of my friends and they love them too. Keep up the great work.

sanalm_13: Your site the Bedroom Mirror is AWESOME! I love the icons and layouts! Everything there rox!!!!

heybay_got_hacked: okay, so here's the dealio. no matter what anyone in the world says. i AM your biggest fan :] you're layouts are just the best, and your personality, one of a kind!! i totally adore your effort and amazing johnny depp and princess bride work. congratulations on being such an inspiring person!
xo hayley

kitty_cat1209: i love ur layouts i had been going to all different back ground places looking for linkin park and i finally found it i was sooo happy GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

miss_colypso: Hey i love your lookups there so AWSOME i love your you know cool nice and totally CUTE!!!! You know i give your graphics an 100,000/100,000 You know did anyone tell you this YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry im weird sometimes but i love your graphics!!

_mici_: Omg! I L O V E your site. I am your BIGGEST fan. You are amazin'!!!!!!! I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN. Oh wait I already said that. Sorry. But it's so true!

miley1fan921: OMG!!! I love your two Miley layouts! I've been looking for layouts of Miley that had newer pics of her on it and I finally found some! I love your website! Its great!

kvncats: Just wanted to say I love your 'So Emo' premade lookup. Yea... Keep up the awesomeness.

queenofhearts16: Hi, I dont have a request or anything. I just wanted to tell you that I love your site. The sleeping beauty (blend) is really cool. I also wondered if I could be one of your neofriends.

lala_13_v44: I love your Twilight icons! They are amazing! I just read the books and never thought I could find icons for them online_ Your so cool! Keep on rockin!

xxxangel101xxx: Loads of people are joing my guild because of your layout!!!!!!!! I've had so many neomails telling me to tell the person who made it that it's SOOOOOO good!!!!

selenafan4ever: I really love your graphics!! They are really awesome! I used your Demi and Selena one on my lookie!!!


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I don't have the time to deal with people like this. I really don't. I had never spoken to this girl before, and all of a sudden she neomails me saying my graphics make her want to puke. Well doesn't that make me feel all warm and fuzzy. *rolls eyes* Like I care. So here she is.
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