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When Silent Serenity was thought up it was based off of the idea that people like to be unique and creative. Although neopets was full of creative people there was no way to really express your creative side or personality with everybody using the same premade. And since my daughter and I enjoyed coding and making new layouts we decided to share. We created a code called the big pet code, floats, super big backgrounds and we allowed the user to completely change anything they wanted to make the layout their very own style and personality. And we haven't change yet, these features are still available and we still have lots of faithful, creative friends who enjoy coming to Silent Serenity, exploring our site and getting new ideas for their next layout creation or idea.

All of our content on site is free use with credit to Silent Serenity. Editing is allowed! However, you still used our work as a template therefore you should credit us for it. You may not and never have been allowed to redistribute our content in any form including to make premades.

Our hope is to keep bringing you fun, creative, new content.

What we offer

We offer you premade layouts that you can adjust to your own personal personality big neopet backgrounds, floats in many different styles and premade graphic layouts that you simply copy and paste the code into your descriptions and your ready to go. We also have petpage layouts in many different styles that you can customize and recreate any design you choose using our base coding. All of our layouts can be used as is, so you don't have to do anything just use them. And as well, we have user shields for you to use on your neopet lookups and a handy little guide if you need an extra boast of help. And last but not least we are here to help you with your coding questions and personal needs.

Our Pages

Standard these are layouts with neopets orginial pet images or smaller.
Fancy these are layouts that have lots of color and design.
Special these are layouts that have either the big pet code or the big pet code edited.
Pet these are layouts for your pets lookup or pet description.
Vault these are layouts that we have moved from their main page to make room for newer content.
Floats these images are cut-out, cropped, resized, and sometimes edited and then coded for you to use for your pages as decorations.
Petcodes these are codes using overflow, border-radius, special border color codes, and the big pet code recreated in many ways.

Still not sure about something? mail simple or mail fly anytime.

About Simple

Yesterday is gone and today is a new day!

Right now I'm just getting back into a routine and trying to include everybody and all the important things I have to focus on in my life. Other then helping my family with thier needs and spending time with my best friends and always learning new things to use to survive this crazy world. I enjoy doing graphics and to me its art its never been about anything else. Ya know some people play sports or go shopping or have many other hobbies. When I'm done doing whats important I like to sit down and just simply create. Silent Serenity is quite a job its a litte more then what I had intended but I enjoy helping people and as I said I like to be creative so its something I will continue to do as life allows me to.
Who am I? I am who you see on here I like to laugh, I'm polite, considerate, caring, giving, and honest. And I don't agree with being rude, opinionated, bossy, controlling or manipulative. I can spot that in a person a million miles aways. In short unless we collide I will be going the exact opposite way.

About Fly

life isn't like your fairy tales

*waves* They call me Fly! Im an indecisive person who highly values creativity and morals.

I spend a lot of my time learning how to better express myself and mostly do it through coding! Its been mind blowing the amount of people that have sent Silent Serenity appreciation notes, I never realized just how valuable it was helping people express themselves and that has given me a drive to push myself further than I think I would have otherwise. Its amazing and its an honor to click on someones lookup and see their identity manifest because they were able to edit until it fit them just right! I find it highly offensive when I see someones edits taken, to me, its more than text or calculations, but its identity theft. Please dont be afraid or ashamed to stand out and be who you are, there is only one you!

I have huge appreciation to Simple who first took on the daunting task of learning HTML and teaching that to me. We've had so much fun, as well as plenty of anguish trying to make what we imagine a reality.

Thank you for your support and kindness, there is no place that such things should be considered unimportant.

Our Rules

*Note These basic rules have not changed since Silent Serenity opened.

Credit: Credit is required with a link back to Silent Serenity homemage when using any of our premade content including shields, floats, petcodes and backgrounds. You only need one link back but it should be css since all coding comes with css along with it. Its okay to use our content for gallery spotlight with Credit.

You may not:
¤ Use any of our content to make a lookup for userlookup spotlight!
¤ Use any of our content to make premades or customs for other people.
¤ Rearrange coding, rename it call it yours.
¤ Take the coding from other people who have edited something of ours to their own tastes.
¤ You must leave the credit even if you edit the code.
¤ If you have to view source to get content its not ment for you.

Reporting We are not report happy people we do however have to report when necessary. I have always notified a user privately if I find that they are purposely breaking our rules. In most cases people have simply made a mistake, the link was hidden or they just get mad at me and remove our content, lol. But what we do is collect screenshots of anyone offering our content as premades, user spotlight or harrassing mails. We turn them in and wait. Somtimes it takes awhile other times its resolved quickly it just depends on neopets and what they are currently working on or dealing with.

Reminder It is never okay to view source to get our coding. We've have been doing this for such a long time now that we use our previous coding to make new coding. I personally almost always take one of my already made layouts and add new features to it or in simple words edit it. Sometimes fly does that too, but recently she has been starting from scratch and adding popular web features like hovers, overflows, image codes and much more. If your looking for a template to get you started there are many basic templates on the web, you can either use freely or they ask for a simple credit for the base. Our site is like that we give you the base but we ask for credit. I do believe the law is called Creative Commons. Feel free to have a look at that for extra help on understanding css coding and credits. :)

Theft & Inspiration

You should absoultely never take somebodys code. You have no idea how long that code took to create.
Respect each other, speak to each other, get permission if you like a code. Take the time to be considerate, its really a lot easier that way, and makes sense more too. :)


October 19th 2014
Happy October! Neopets is starting to get better so since it is were gonna start coming online and visiting more often. Please be sure and be patient mail seems a little different normally when I mail people back it has updated to "replied" I look at that quite a bit to make sure I've not forgotten anyone. Background request will be addressed when I get the time to do so, you can send them in still but, I'm not sure when I'll get that all done. Some issues with coding is simply neopets adjusting things still such as, your collection images and your userinfo images as well. Below we've provided a few temp codes you can use to make your look-up look less messy while they work out the coding image issues.

User Collections Images User Collections Images User Info Images Collections & User Info Images

September 11th 2014
We have a new brother site Satellite.
And we also have a new page called Collaborations.

We will no longer be hosting a spotlight page, its simply too much work and we are really enjoying do other things as well as Silent Serenity but we just want that extra free time to spend offline. :) Thank you to all of you for your creativeness and we have your lookups saved to view and remember anytime. xoxo

September 1st 2014 New layout! so shiny!
shiny - reflecting light, typically because very clean or polished


Sister Site

We would like to introduce you to our brand new Sista. Jessica's work is inspiring, original, and just simply awesome. We encourage you to support Jessica's site miscreation and use her adorable, unique and quality graphics often. We are simply honored to call her Sista! xoxo

Brother Site

We'd like to give a great big welcome to our new brother site Satellite run by our very close friend Marshall. If your looking for beautiful, minimal designs that are easy to use and free to edit, please check out Satellite.


These are creative neopet designers/coders/artist and sites that we have either gotten inspiration from or have created new unique trends.

Unique floated shopkeepers, text to the left, small cute fonts, special hover codes, special menus, many unique pet codes, unique layouts.
Marshall or better known as Presets.

Half background headers, content overlapping header, special menus, circle pet hover code, special margin codes, neopets overlapping neopet background.
Jessica @Miscreation.

Simple Css, clear clean layouts, cute designs, smaller designs, adorable colorful headers, unique neopet pet codes.
Shyann @Coast.

Many unique petpage layouts, anchored, single-paged, tab/block/mini headers, colorful menus and much more.
Elena @Colorblock.

The most adorable chibis you've ever seen.
Ashe @Bisou

Sweet adoptables called Starcatchers and Dream Guardians.
Kiwi @Starlight.

Big pet code, floats, special menus, many unique pet codes, unique layouts, special pet hovers, dashboards, lookbooks, portfolios, website/petpage layouts.
Fly @Silent Serenity.

Big pet code, square pet code, special menus, special wiggle hover code, big background screenshots, lookbooks, portfolios, website/petpage layouts.
Simple @Silent Serenity.

Coding Help & Resources

Subtlepatterns, Colourlovers, cssauthor, w3schools, CSS Border Radius Generator, stripegenerator, swimchick.


Collaboration is working with others to do a task and to achieve shared goals. The Process where two or more or organizations work together to realize shared goals, (this is more than the intersection of common goals seen in co-operative ventures, but a deep, collective determination to reach an identical objective.

Collaborations Silent Serenity has teamed up with some friends to make some new layouts that feature our content and theirs together. You can freely add any extras from our website including shields, floats, petcodes or backgrounds. But you must leave credit to both parties.

Credit Credit is required to both css site owners. You cannot remove this both parties have agreed to be featured on these layouts.


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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

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It is a journey
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I want to stay on Neopets,
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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
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It is a journey
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