Summer June, July, August.
bermuda triangle w ren jess and lain
summertime sadness
sunset picnic
golden days
we mermaid to be
pandora's box
the end of the world
treasure hunting
treasure island
pretty sweet
summer dream
jungle fever
balmy picnic
a thousand arabian nights
a quaint path to take
the calm before the storm
altadorian spring beach
red vines
i feel the heat, i see the light
come whatever may
laguna beach
even the light fades
glow of the evening
sunflower girl
Spring March, April, May.
water lily pond
under a pink moon
fyora's balcony
after the storm
garden of eden
enter the garden
polaroid of cherry blossoms
confessions of a shopaholic
charming french patio
colours of the wind
gummy bears
blue moon motel
sugary marvels
charming summer
the girl in the pink wig
japanese bridge
pink lemonade
lakewood beauty
charming french patio
magical kingdom
stay with me
we met at the bridge
trapped fairy
stayin' cool
only just a dream
when in spring
birthday girl
cute babaas
nostalgic picnic
all hail lavender
today was a fairytale
silver lining
second nature
what's mine is yours
grecian roses
verdant castle
air bender
the art of flight
a regular maiden
stories & strawberries
green thumb
night of the orchids
seeing stars
where the wildflowers grow
fading slowly
good intentions
heavily inspired by amureux
artsy chick
garden in paris
french garden
peony fields
land of the free
shenkuu garden
slumber party
anne of green gables
spring on the farm
shenkuu garden
fantasy cloud
may flowers
lavender breeze
Non-seasonal misc. Magical, fairytale-related, and everything else.
heavily inspired by jessicaazhao
secrets & spells
is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?
magical faerie glade
war of the roses
golden days
it's rose gold baby
Easter April.
the negg fairy
the negg fairy
easter decorations
painting neggs
pastel pink
garden tea party
pastel path
St. Patrick's Day March.
hidden garden fairy
magical twilit garden
magical twilit garden
the little leprechaun
king hagan's balcony
colourful hearts
colourful hearts
forest nymph
forest nymph
shamrock punch
the blue castle
the blue castle
earth faerie
a green fairytale
green kiko lake
the hidden gardener
your rainbow girl
walled garden
margaret march
josephine march
welcome to the green
by the lakeshore
green meadow background

Valentine's Day February.
chinese new year
sweetheart's kitchen
dress-up doll
pop-up card
kitchen date
japanese breakfast
valentine delivery
the flower girl
the flower girl
a shot in the night
a winter valentine
white rose arch
falling slowly
the little mouse
arrows of love
your artsy gf
musical bedroom
valentine swing
light your way
valentine cafe
serving love
v-day tea party
peaceful roses
spyder web doll
tearing love apart
Winter January, February.
yellow theatrical silk

All I ever did to that apartment was hang fifty yards of yellow theatrical silk across the bedroom windows, because I had some idea that the gold light would make me feel better.

Joan Didion.
the same place we used to wander
a warm winter's night
inspired by flaries/anna
A Midwinter Night's Dream
the lake we were looking for

I stepped back and all I saw was rain through windowpanes that looked like melting silver.

Khaled Hosseini.
Reminders from sunset

No, I don't miss you... not in a way that one is missed.
But I think of you.
In the way that one might think of the summer sunshine on a winter night...

Sreesha Divakaran.
Edge of the world

The sky is already purple; the first few stars have appeared, suddenly, as if someone had thrown a handful of silver across the edge of the world.

Alice Hoffman. Customization *heavily* inspired by (like, nearly identical to) aesare's.
edge of the world
catch me when you can
stranded between the earth and stars
snowy faerie glade
Christmas December.
christmas treats
santa's little helper
christmas carols
like a kid at the toy shop
like a kid at the toy shop
a festive path
sugar cookies fairy
sugar cookies fairy
every town has an angel
sugar plum bakery
sugar plum bakery
the little caroller
the christmas parlour fairy
glitter in your eyes
poinsettia is everything
thnks fr th mmrs
from your secret santa
sugar cookies
welcome to winter
yule angel
sparkling town
abide the night
abide the night
holiday shopping
a fireside evening
shopping at the snowy tree lot
holiday fireplace
the night before christmas
the night before christmas
tales of christmas' past
Autumn September. October. November.
American Eag- Aisha
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
a walk by the stream
angel costume
musician on the streets
autumn mail delivery
any autumn day
Feels like November
butterfly costume
when in november
The twin scarecrows
touch of gold
dripping like a saturated sunrise
easy breezy beautiful coverg- pet
casual autumn
faerie costume
festival of gold
hippie in the mountains
welcome to halloween
autumn pastels
charming pastels
the hidden bike path
if it's not orange
pumpkin patch
autumn serenade

Time can be slowed if you live deliberately. If you stop and watch sunsets. If you spend time sitting on porches listening to the woods. If you give in to the reality of the seasons.

Thomas Christopher Greene.
bohemian picnic