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No one ever chooses when they die...

We die when it's our time and we should except that...


I wasn't ready and I want to come back...

-Identification Card-
[x]Name:: Threnz
[x]Nickname:: Who is that?! What do you want from me?! etc.
[x]Gender:: Male
[x]D.O.B.:: N/A
[x]Age of Death:: 30
[x]Looks:: 23
[x]Dead Type:: Phantom
[x]Dead Time:: 3 months
[x]Family:: Morning my death
[x]Partner:: None
[x]Pups:: None
[x]Eye Color:: Stolen
[x]Pelt Color:: Dark red pelt, pale haunches and tan fur collar
[x]Role-play:: Open [Quads for now]

Reference Sheet

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Thieves will be found and eaten

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X: Other soul eaters
X: Reapers
X: Being reminded of his death
X: Being walked through

X: Soul Eating
X: Tragedies
X: Living
X: Hunting Reapers

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Six siblings and two parents




The eldest ...
Martin is a successful lawyer who takes any case that pays well. His only priorities are his financial gain and reputation. He's ruthless and cunning and always two steps ahead of his competition. Martin's figure is very impressive and he likes to keep a professional exterior. While most taller people walk hunched, Martin holds himself with perfect posture (due to strict raising). Impressive as he is, Martin has been known to carry an air of intimidation. The biggest source of his intimidation is his face. His "stone" set face, blank with a pressuring/intense gaze, often unnerves people. He's the pride of his family and excels well under pressure.


The second child ...
Maylin is a strong and confident head chief at an elite gourmet restaurant. She has a tough personality and likes to get straight to the point. If something tastes bad or done wrong, she'll tell you bluntly without "sugar coating." She favors hard work and effort and trains her employees to be quick, efficient and successful. However, she has a temper and will only give employees one more chance if they mess up (unless the mistake would be fatal). If there's one thing she can't tolerate, it's idiocy in her kitchen. She is ruthless like her brother and if angered enough, will fire an employee without a moment's hesitation. To her customers, she's cheery and warming, but to her staff, she's merciless and frightening.


The third child ...


The fourth child ...


The Fifth child ...


The sixth child ...


The seventh child ...

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-My Addiction-
My ghost hunger

Blah blah blah...

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-World of the Dead-

When we are born, our parents push on us a belief of an after life. To some, it's something wonderful and glorious for only the good and righteous. To others, it's a regeneration into a new life, a clean slate. Whether it be hell, heaven or regeneration, we all want to believe in an afterlife. Yet, the world is never as we expect. It has it's own surprises and we may get something unexpected or more importantly, unwanted.

Souls don't always go where they're supposing to. Some end up remaining on earth as spirits or ghosts. Ghost are the wandering children of earth also known as the lost. They are called the lost because they didn't find their way to heaven or their afterlife. For an adult and a child the reasons of staying behind are different. The most common case is when a ghost still has human attachment to family or unfinished business, like revenge.

Ghost pay a price for staying behind. They can become tormented or obsessed with past memories and a feeling of ever searching for something they can't find. Yet some fall victim to a ghost eating spirit called a phantom. Phantoms have incredible speed and can smell a ghost a mile away. Almost all ghosts who are being tracked meet a terrible end. Ghosts however are not totally helpless as a ghost has three ways to defend himself/herself. One: A ghost has an ability to make him invisible to a phantom. They could walk right by a phantom and it wouldn't even notice. Two: a ghost can always see another ghost whether it's invisible or not. With this sight they have been known to create tight knit communities to warn of phantom sightings. Finally, the third way is to get a hold of a ghost protecting organization known as reapers. There is a forth way but it involves passing on and only a ghost can decided when that happens.

Ghosts can't talk or touch anything that exists in the living world. However, ghosts can always talk to a reaper. Touching anything involves inhabiting a reaper's body (With permission of course). Ghosts rarely are allowed to inhabit a reaper because there is a fear a ghost may be too strong for a reaper to push them out or a ghost may get a taste for the living and become a phantom. Other than the horrors of a phantom, a ghost lives a pretty care-free life.

.:Dead ID:.
[x]Abilities:: Invisibility, floating or flying, mood influence(only works on the living) and passing through walls.
[x]Status Invisible{Seen by}:: Reapers and ghosts
[x]Birth:: When the living die
[x]Death:: They pass on or eaten by phantoms
[x]Danger Level:: Low

Phantoms, or the forsaken, are the ghosts who will do anything to be alive again. Phantoms spend their days searching for souls with a deep uncontrollable craving like a vampire. Once they've had one ghost, it's hard for them to stop. With each new soul absorbed a phantom gains new life. Eventually if a phantom eats enough, he can walk among the living again. As payment they lose their eyes and their chance at heaven.

Every time a ghost shows himself to a human, a phantom can sense them a mile away. Sort of like a shark with blood. In a hunt a ghost must run until they are out of the three mile range. Once a ghost is out of range, the phantom is blind and can't see any traces of the soul. Unlike a phantom who can sense a ghost, a ghost can never be sure if he's being hunted and not many of them get away in time.

There are only three ways to destroy a phantom. One: A phantom can go back to a ghost state if they stop eating ghosts for a week (Which is hard to do) two: A phantom is killed by a reaper or three: They are eaten by another phantom when the phantom is solid.

.:Dead ID:.
[x]Abilities::Slight Invisablity, Soul and reaper sensing and passing through walls.
[x]Status Invisible{Seen by}:: Reapers, Phantoms and ghosts when they near
[x]Birth:: When a ghost eats their first soul
[x]Death:: They stop eating souls for a week, killed by a phantom(When solid) or reaper
[x]Danger Level:: High

Reapers are a randomly selected group of deceased people who are in a state of being neither alive nor dead. A reaper's life is hard and they must start from scratch with a new face, no background or family. Most live with minimum wage jobs or in poverty. Some Reapers even become tormented by past memories. Yet a Reaper's life does have its perks. They can't become sick or die and they can see ghosts. A Reaper's job is to help and protect souls on their way to the after life.

A Reaper comes into being as soon as a human dies. The chosen are random with no sign of being a reaper. Other reapers however, can always tell. The reason for this is reapers are always surrounded by a golden light that only the supernatural can see. The light around a new reaper is much brighter and stronger than that of an older one. The glow is so strong it can faintly be sensed by a Phantom. Phantoms go berserk when a new reaper can be sensed and will do everything in it's power to kill and eat one. Not many fledglings die by a phantom's hand because where there's a fledgling an elder reaper is close by. A reaper has a similar ability like a phantom that not only senses ghosts but new reapers as well.

A newbies glow is a powerful warm light that can give away the supernatural world. A reaper not only has to worry about a phantom finding them but the living too can faintly see it if they are not careful. With training, a reaper's glow can be dimmed. This light is not only a way for reapers to sense each other but also a helpful tool. A reaper's greatest weapon is his hands. They help them lead souls to the after life and slice through a phantom like butter. Yet like a ghost, when they use their light, a phantom can sense them and a phantom has the advantage of surprise because a reaper can't sense them until it's too late.

.:Dead ID:.
[x]Abilities:: Regeneration(Heals own limbs and life organs), soul sight(can see ghosts), light hands{slices ghosts and phantoms}
Solid:: Seen by everyone
[x]Birth:: Randomly selected when a person dies
[x]Death:: Killed by a phantom or they pass on
[x]Danger level:: Low

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Friends and enemies


I will speak little of Innomous since I know little of him to begin with. The only thing I do know about him is his tendancy to show up to almost every ghost senseing I've had since my discovering of his birthing. It's almost as if he's been placed on this earth to bother me with that smuge smile of his. The next time I see this youth will be all too soon.

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-The Missing Files-
The story

All the chapters are summerized as writing a story takes a ton of work and I really don't want to do a ton of work if I don't end up being Threnz's owner. I'd just be left with a creative story with no where to put it. It would be hard work down the drain. I hope you won't be too upset about the short scraps.

The Beginning
Text here
Threnz used to be a nice guy who was killed because he became too sucessful. Threnz worked hard all his life in an office on minimum wage day in and day out. He had a mom, dad and seven siblings who were more sucessful than he was. His siblings all looked down on Threnz and secretly said things about him behind his back. His parents were no better as they would always compare Threnz to his siblings and were also secretly ashamed of Threnz. Threnz never had a good relationship with his family and he lothed the though of ever asking for help from any of them. He never hated them, he loved them in fact, but he wanted nothing more than to show them that he could become successful on his own.

The Job Offer
Threnz began to fall into a rut of unemployment when his boss decided to down size. Threnz lived in poverty for a bit and times were hard. News of his miss fortune reached the youngest of Threnz's siblings and he offered Threnz a high paying job, which Threnz rejected the first time. Threnz began the work under his brother's wing and soon Threnz rose through the ranks. Threnz had everything he ever wanted. Threnz was getting really good at his job, a little too good. In fact, Threnz was head to head with his little brother and was compeating for a very important promotion. Threnz's little brother won fair and square but it was way too close for comfort. Fearing that Threnz would rise again, he decided to have Threnz murdered.

Death Comes a Knocking
Threnz was invited to his little brother's congrats party but he never made it there. On his way to the party, a gray sack was placed over his head and he was abducted by the paid killers. Threnz was taken to an old mill and burned alive. His muderers were then hunted down by Threnz's little brother and killed to burry any evidence.

Week 1
Threnz woke up in the mill a few days later. There he went through the five stages of death until he finally realized he was trully dead.

Threnz visited his family to see how they were fareing and they all were missing him. His parents seemed to miss him the most and they were filled with guilt. Threnz wanted to tell them not feel to guilt and take away their pain but he found that like all ghosts, he couldn't be seen nor could he touch anyone. Threnz hovered around his parent's house for a few days and then one day, his mother could see him. She panicked of course, and ran from the house screaming. His mother was hospitalized and never was the same again.

After his mother, Threnz visited his little brother. He feared that who ever had killed him would come after his dear little brother. Threnz then found out about the murder and was enraged. Threnz decided to scare the pants off of his dear brother and showed himself. Threnz was tracked by a phantom who caught the little show. Amused, the phantom told Threnz of a way to come back to life and seek real revenge. The phantom of corse never told Threnz about the consequences and before he knew it, Threnz was cursed. Hunger drove him carzy and the elder phantom was never seen again. Threnz never figured out the phantom's aim but he later guessed it was boredom.

The Reaper
At first, his soul eating was to get back to life and seek revenge but then it became an addiction. He began to forget everything he ever knew. Threnz was having an easier time catching and eating ghosts. He became animal like and his mood and soul were becoming dark. Threnz soon discovered the curse of immortality and boredom, regret and angery were begining to set in.

During Threnz's forth week as a Phantom, he faintly sensed something that sent his mouth watering. Interested, he followed the alluring scent to find a young reaper, Innomous. Unable to control himself he ran straight for Innomous, big mistake. A slightly older reaper had been following the boy's trail and was nearby when he saw Threnz lunge. Quickly, the elder took a slice at Threnz with the glow hands severing Threnz in half. Not knowing to strike Threnz where his heart would be, the reaper left Threnz and carried Innomous away. Threnz spent the next couple of days regenerating. His limbs came back but his back fur never returned.

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  • Ref picture of any sorts is a must!
  • These I'll be slightly picky to who I accept. If I request to you, then you're open to these adopts.
  • Do not use these off the neopet website!
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    You all know the rules.

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    -Split Personality-
    collected from others



    I know it's not a wocky but it was just so darn cute!

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    Art from the fans

    Artwork by Ginacat12319(Silver)

    Artwork by Whitevalentine

    Artwork by Mr.Zak/Deathpants

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    -Travel Back-
    Threnz's Link


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    Pages by Gray
    Lovin life The way to Neverland Now with more Heroism

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     *Sigh* You're such a embarassment . . .

    Livin' Loud

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    Kühl Music Codes


    Have a nice day!

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