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Link To Me!

Neomail me if you have any questions or suggestions on how I could improve CRAzED-Graphics. Feel free to add my link onto your page as well!

Button by: Lovely's Button Request.
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Request Forms:

If you would like to neomail me a request form fill out the applying form below and neomail it to me. When neomailing, please put (Whichever your requesting for) Request as the subject. Thanks.


Request Pick-Ups:



15 Affies [x]
5 Listed In's [x]
Finish 3 blinkies []
Move graphics [x]
100 viewers [x]
30 Affies []
250 viewers [x]
15 Listed In's []
500 viewers []


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Fan Mail

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Welcome to CRAzED-Graphics guest! I, faerie_queen_5581 make banners, buttons, and blinkies for your lookups, shops, petpages and everything else! I am not taking requests at the moment so please don't neomail a request! I am finally done with school so I should be able to get on a little bit everyday to check my messages and to do my dailies. Please respect all of my graphics and if you're using any of my graphics please keep the credit on! I worked very hard on my graphics, and if I find you with no credit on one of my graphics, I will consider it stealing. Before we used to have all the graphics on this page but it began to get crowded so I made separate mini pages. Below are the listed graphics we have up right now.

1.You must leave the credit on no matter what.
2.Do not steal any of the coding or the graphics.
3.I don't make alot of cleb. graphics, but I will make some so don't get angry with me if I reject the request.
4.If you are not happy with the outcome of the graphic don't send me nasty neomails, send me one and I will fix or redo the graphic for you.



Started 5-13-09


If you would like to be Affies with CRAzED-Graphics please fill out the form below and neomail it to faerie_queen_5581. I will not add you as an affie until my button is on your site.

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Thanks mylanithil2 for the awesome layout!
Thanks to Chomper's Adoptables for the Neomail Pixel.
Thanks to the Goodie Box for the wonderful open and closed pixels.