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With cinema ticket prices soaring past your budget and bullying your younger siblings quickly losing entertainment value, what's left to do in this world? I introduce to you a new sport: nub scouting, also commonly referred to as n00b stalking. The best part? You don't even need to scout for these nubs. Most of the time, they'll just come to you.

And you know they do. Sometimes more often than you'd like.

Here at the Nub Collections, we'd like to take all your most hilarious (and aggravating) nub encounters and store them in one giant database full of groans, omg's, gaping disbelief, and headdesk-ing.

Help us enlarge our collection of "you've got to be kidding me" nub scenarios by taking a couple screenshots of your favorite nub moments and sending them in.

Now commence with the facepalming with our snazzy navigation bar to your left, and continue to wonder if you're really the same species as these nubs.

nub deals

Fact of life: Nubs make the best businessmen. Why? Because they bid low and are freaking persistant. Here is a compiled resume for aspiring nub dealers.

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Remind me what a driak is?
Quick, someone get me a nub/english dictionary!
nub moments

For oversized images, drag and drop into the address bar for a more detailed view.

A PC Spelling Bee:

It's "Pititon," thanks very much.1
1. According to rumor, it's actually spelled "petition," but what kind of nonsense is that?
Scene: Neoboards
Nub's Crime: Embarrassing posts & false/immature reporting
Public Reaction: Leaving the thread after a lecture
Nub Reaction: SHOWDOWN.

By the way, it's you're a sad little girl, not your. Thanks.
How to write a Résumé:
1. List your objective
2. Explain your qualifications
3. Say you're better than everyone else
4. Lots and lots of modesty!

Yes, I might know of someone you'd like to fight.

(the same person)

I know a good place to get your multiple personality disorder treated.

And this is not a mocking comment, exclamation mark exclamation mark exclamation mark...

To quote --
Subtlety is this kid's middle name.
(And her first and last, in case you didn't get it.)
He likes candlelit dinners, long romantic walks on the beach...

And Neopets?
This guy's a keeper.
The Nub Escape Route --

When things don't go the way you thought it would, blame an invisible friend.
(Please note that this tactic does not guarantee a preserved spotless reputation.)
(Actually, it kind of guarantees the opposite.)

Following this announcement, abandonment increased 24.5%.

^ I like this kid.


Note: Only those who acquiesced to publishing their names are listed. Those who wish to remain anonymous are... well, unless you're a nub, you'd know they're unlisted.

Cae @ aurorapearl
Jacie @ memoshian
Gen @ g_mmmonster
Nyanko @ febria
Jen @ caramelfun
Kristin @ yeahh_sonnn

submit a screenshot

You know you want to submit a nub screenie. Help us become Neopia's #1 Nub Database in a few simple steps!

Important note: All usernames/petnames must be sufficiently blurred, blotted out, or otherwise removed from submitted screenies. Thank you.

What constitutes a nub encounter? Anything that happens in Neopia involving a nub that makes you want to gag and is (in some kind of masochistic manner) somewhat funny.

What should I screenshot? You should screenshot exactly what the nub did, as well as anything and everything needed to understand this nub's action, ie, the background information. Note that in most cases, just what the nub did will suffice, unless there's some long winded background story.

Can I include a caption? If you'd like, but not on the screenie. Include the caption in the neomail.

How do I take a screenie? Go away nub.
Hit the "Prnt Scrn" button on your keyboard, paste into an image editing program (such as MS Paint), save, and upload onto an image server such as photobucket or tinypic.

Sending it in --
  1. Upload the screenie(s) onto an image server such as photobucket or tinypic
  2. Paste said screenies onto a petpage, including any captions you'd like to accompany the screenies in text
  3. Send the link of the petpage to skgurlzguild
  4. Note in your neomail if you'd like to submit your screenie anonymously or not. If you'd like to receive recognition, you will be credited accordingly. If you neglect to state whether you'd like to be credited or not, I will assume that you'd prefer anonymity.

Thanks =3



Currently accepting aff requests. Send all requests to skgurlzguild.

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