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    I got my portfolio at the neo project.
    Bullets from The Lunch Box.
    Counter base from Bedazzled.

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    About Me

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    2/23: Rebuilding

    Site Agenda

    HF Adoptions La Casa Unique


    Studio is a goal-oriented guild that is home to a group of mature, semi-literate site-makers of the Neopian site community. Through Studio, we help each other accomplish site goals and create and maintain sites that benefit users across Neopia. By working together as a family, we hope to promote the spread of high-quality services through creativity, innovation, integrity, and professionalism.



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    Vehnii Roenath Lacrimedes


    Lafyia Luke Ambi Tani



    You've wandered onto Jenny's little corner of the internet. This is my portfolio, a page where I can record my goals, short and long term, track their progress, and keep the big and small picture in mind. It's a playbook of sorts for me, an organized, massive, pop-up, pull-out, colored, scribbled all over, playbook of my desires, goals, accomplishments, thoughts, and inspirations. It has my schemes, plans, and ideas with a touch of organization, whim, and verbal diarrhea (sorry for that mental image). All in all, it is my portfolio, so welcome!


    To navigate around this page, please use the text links at the top of the page. Some of the links are divided into sub-sections, in which case, a sub-menu will then pop up on the left-hand side of the screen, where the updates are.


    WHO are you? Jenny (1, 2, 3, 5, 5)

    WHERE are you? College

    WHEN are you?(NST+1)

    are you interested in?
    writing, eating, sleeping, reading, laughing
    do you like? movies, jeans, knitting
    do you dislike? vegetables (especially green beans...)
    do you do wonderfully in? quoting obscure quotes from popular movies
    do you do oh so terribly in? eating healthy (if you couldn't quite tell)

    Visited Often

    Neo and I,
    just two pals.

    Wow. Neo and I go way back.

    I first starting playing around elementary school, and sometime before I got to middle school, neo got a little lost in the land of "things that used to amuse me but now don't". Later in middle school, I started neo again and played right up to a couple years ago. I quit because real life was getting a tad jealous. (I know, right? Geez.) So I self-froze all my accounts, packed up my time and said goodbye.

    Now I'm in college and we're reunited again. I couldn't get my old accounts back, so I moved on. Most people like to say that they are rebuilding, but I don't feel like it's the correct term for me. It actually feels really nice to just start all over and not deal with the baggage my old account came with--half completed goals, a to do list a mile long, a SBD with enough clutter to avalanche me to death. I can start fresh now, with new goals and a clean slate. Sure, I may have lost accomplishments and pets (*shudders*), but I'd rather not dwell on the past.

    So I'm here. I'm enough of a neo veteran now to know what I want from neo and I'm wise enough now (hopefully) to know what I can and can't commit to online_ I'm here to relieve stress, I'm here to be a part of the community, I'm here to spend a little time away from real life and go about doing some things that just aren't possible in real life. Where else can I adopt a flying woolly mammoth?

    tyrannian elephante = flying woolly mammoth.
    you know you see the resemblance.

    It also seems a little ironic to me that one of the first things I did when I started playing neo again in the name of "stress relieving" is to create a list of goals. Ah well. It's good to be back.

    asked the caterpillar.

    Just who am I?

    I have been called
    Which of these am I really? Well, most of these are yours to judge. I can't tell you what to think about me, after all. But I can attest that I identify as quirky (it's the attractive form of "weird" apparently) and friendly (I promise I won't bite). I am a bit of a homebody, I'll admit (else, I'd be out instead of here, pouring my life into neo), but the term I like to use is selectively social C:

    I'd like to call myself a writer. Enough said. For me, that's one of the most rewarding things on neo is obtaining my "dreamies" or permies, as I would really like to call them. As a writer, creating characters is a huge part of the process, and giving my pets characters, back stories, hobbies, all that jazz is such an exciting part of the creative process. Do I want their paint job to be fitting? Ironic? Ill suited? Uncomfortable or just right? How do I want to interpret their species, paint job, gender?

    I like to consider the bigger community, in real life as well as neo. I'm not afraid to give; money and points are earned to be spent. Whether or not I do it wisely or foolishly is up to me.


    Naomi Nye
    The river is famous to the fish.

    The loud voice is famous to silence,
    which knew it would inherit the earth
    before anybody said so.

    The cat sleeping on the fence is famous to the birds
    watching him from the birdhouse.

    The tear is famous, briefly, to the cheek.

    The idea you carry close to your bosom
    is famous to your bosom.

    The boot is famous to the earth,
    more famous than the dress shoe,
    which is famous only to floors.

    The bent photograph is famous to the one who carries it
    and not at all famous to the one who is pictured.

    I want to be famous to shuffling men
    who smile while crossing streets,
    sticky children in grocery lines,
    famous as the one who smiled back.

    I want to be famous in the way a pulley is famous,
    or a buttonhole, not because it did anything spectacular,
    but because it never forgot what it could do.

    Food for thought, yeah?


    Rebuilding; I'm officially going to have to stop using that term now. I've gotten so far since coming back to neo and I think my account is pretty much where I left off my old accounts, if not better. It's kind of crazy to see how far I've come in these past three months (yeah, I'm still a noobishly under 4 months). January and February were especially crazy, and now I've got a to do list about a mile long, so it's back to the juggling game.

    It upsets me a little though, how easily I've come this far. Well, it wasn't easy, but it definitely wasn't as stressful and time consuming to get here than I expected. Before I went on my hiatus, I was struggling so much (though I can't remember now, with what) with achieving my neo-goals. For example, it took me forever and so much editing and writing to get a story published in the Neopian Times on my old main. This time around, I just submitted something on a whim that I has wrote for my pets, and it made it. *facepalm* (yeah, I know it won't show, but you get the point) Makes me feel like all my efforts and work on my old accounts were so futile. Especially with the random avvies. Gosh, I spent so much np on the coconut shy one back them, and the tooth faerie avoided me like the plague. THE PLAGUE. Ah well. I guess this is a part of moving on.

    I've been branching into a lot of areas I've never ventured into though. Account improvement guilds and portfolios didn't even exist when I left, but Juniper (still sad to see it go) really helped me get back on my feet with this account. Now it doesn't look nearly as noobish as it really is, haha. Habi's also very, very awesome. My babies didn't paint themselves.

    To Do (as of 2/28)

  • Fix La Casa when I get the review back
  • Redo Nelly and Des's lookups
  • Get a background for Cate, Luke, Ambi, and Tani
  • Edit Cate's first story for nt
  • Get the darn soup faerie avvie
  • Redo Farri's history series (outline)
  • Redo ch 1 of devils and ghouls
  • Write ch 2 of devils and ghouls
  • Write Nelly's march entry
  • Write a second article for Tabby
  • read ani some books x-x
  • Write ani a short story
  • Redo and add Ambi's stuff to the devils and ghouls' hoard

  • HFA {since Jan. 2013}

    Hassle Free Adoptions is an application-free adoption agency established in early January 2013. At Hassle-free Adoptions, we stick by the saying "actions speak louder than words". Applicants are only required to send in a short questionnaire and are judged by the state of their account, current pets, and other neo activities. HF Adoptions strives to provide convenient, easy, and hassle-free application processes to both owners and adopters. Come visit?

    February Goals

  • 2500 hits (2000/2500)
  • 50 pets listed (51/50)
  • 40 pets adopted (37/40)
  • PC board: here
  • 60 pets listed

  • Goals

  • 1000 hits
  • 2500 hits
  • 5000 hits
  • Guide on choosing an owner
  • 50 pets listed
  • 60 pets listed
  • 50 pets adopted
  • 100 pets adopted

  • Responses&etc.

    Listed a pet
    Board ad 1
    Board ad 2 (pt 1)
    Board ad 2 (pt 2)


    Hm... I currently don't know how I feel about hfa. Definitely not closing it, but I don't know how far I want to expand it. I'm thinking about lessening the adopter side of the appeal and focusing more on the owner side of the story; aka letting hfa be a service for owners to get the word out and not deal with petpage apps. Thoughts?


  • Applicant ranking/reviewing services? (take a survey on pc/ac)
  • guild?

  • La Casa {since Feb. 2013}

    La Casa is a review site established on February 2, 2013. It offers unbiased, thoughtful and in-depth reviews that encourage improvement, and help increase professionalism, accessibility, and usefulness. There are currently 10 different types of rubrics offered, including a few rubrics that are uncommon or unique to La Casa: improvement only rubrics and interview-based reviews. Right now, La Casa is under construction, but opening date is set for March! Come visit?

    Waiting List

    None yet


  • Complete 10 reviews
  • Complete 20 reviews
  • Complete 50 reviews by 2014
  • Offer 15 rubrics
  • Change to story narration
  • Open staff positions
  • Win a sotm contest
  • Be recommended by 5 sites (1/5)
  • 10 affiliates (5/10)

  • Responses&etc.

    Accepting a request
    Receiving follow-up
    Finished review
    Rejecting (rules)
    Follow-up needed
    Rejecting (closed)


    I'm so excited about La Casa! I spend way too much time working on it, haha. The official opening date is set for March, but I'm entertaining ideas about opening it later, when spring break starts and I can really do some reviewing. I've got a lot of plans for the future that can't be implemented right now because of time restrictions, but I'm eagerly waiting for the summer, when I won't have all this pesky homework.

    I've been getting so much lovely help from Tiffany, my review mentor. Every time I think I've got something right, she always points me in a better direction. Ah well, nothing's perfect, right? Thoughts?

    To Do

  • Get a button made for Raya rubric
  • Get a button made for Katch rubric
  • Get a button made for Lafyia rubric
  • Get a button made for Des rubric
  • Get a button made for Ani rubric
  • Create Jenny rubric
  • Create Cindee rubric
  • Run final read through before opening
  • Open La Casa (March 4)
  • Edit rules (shorten)
  • Edit based on Imperfect Perfection review

  • Review Mentor/Student Activity


    The first thing that I'm struck by when I enter this site is that the layout is a bit blinding. The overall effect of the white content area and the very light blue background is too bright. I suggest you change the background to a darker color, perhaps to a red, organge, or teal, to match the color scheme of the layout. You can find some great background resources at The Lunch Box, Bedazzled, Foomanshu, and 49 Days. Below, I've provided a screenshot of the layout with a different background so you can see what a difference it can make. It's much easier to see and read the context box, and brightens up your layout by bringing in more color.

    The header background color and the strip above the navigation is also too bright. You may want to try a more subtle or darker color like #ddf1f4 or #f0f4fa so that viewers will have an easier time reading the headers.

    Your header and underline font colors are good, but the italics are too light. It will be hard to viewers to read anything you've italicized, so I suggest changing it to a darker color like #f1a78e. Likewise, your navigation links and bold font colors are leaning toward the brighter side. Visitors can read and see it, but you might want to change it to a darker color like #5ddbc1.

    The best part of the layout is, in my opinion, the banner. It has a lot of potential (will explain more later), and it is well cropped. However, I have a difficult time determing the focal image--it doesn't seem to have one. The most probable guess is the cake, but it doesn't seem certain because the cake is cut off at the bottom. I suggest you either choose a focal point and re-position the banner or move the text to the center to be your focal point.

    The text border on the banner is very appealing because it uses a gradient between two different colors (rather than going from just a dark blue to a light blue), and the font is well suited for the banner. Good job! The one issue is that the text on the banner is also a little hard to read because of the opacity. I suggest that you decrease the opacity of the letters, so that the text stands out more against the vibrant colors of the banner.

    Despite the text visibility and focal point issues, I say that the banner has a lot of potential because of the vibrant range of colors it contains. It contains both warm and cool hues and creates an even and diverse ranged color scheme. I highly suggest that you take advantage of this using more warm colors (pink, orange, yellow, red) in your layout to complement the colors in the banner. This will create a more well rounded and appealing color scheme. See how the red-orange line below your navigation brings a lot of color to your layout? Using more colors like it will really brighten up your site.


    The page is well organized, and I had no issues trying to access any of your pages. My only suggestion is to move the credits on the home page down to the bottom of site, where That Kills Me and Neopets are credited, or move it to its own page.

    Unique {brainstorming}

    I'm currently brainstorming for a character request site, possibly called Unique. An idea of what it would offer: a "standard" request may include a customized premade lookup (haha sorry, I can't make a graphic to save my life) including three to four character traits and a short blurb or story. Most of the requests would be largely customs though, because there's so much freedom with this; I would have to work with each requester for each character.

    Now, I don't think I'm mistaken in saying (please correct me if I'm wrong!) that there aren't any other requests sites like this out there, but I don't know how much of an interest there would be; it would be great fun for me, since I absolutely love creating characters, but a request site with no requests would be a little... useless. Anyway, Unique is still in the process of being brainstormed. If you are interested and want to see Unique happen, please let me know!


  • customized lookup
  • customized petpage?
  • customized (haha) customization?
  • parts: traits, hobby, occupation, family
  • offering: narrative blurbs, flash fictions, long narratives, series?

  • Stats

  • Total: 75
  • Mystery Island: 44%
  • Virtupets: 12%
  • Tyrannia: 20%
  • Haunted Woods: 16%
  • Neopia Central: 28%
  • NeoQuest: 28%
  • Snowy Valley: 20%
  • Meridell vs. Darigan: 4%
  • Lost Desert: 24%
  • The Battledome: 20%
  • Coins: 0%
  • Battle For Meridell: 8%
  • NeoQuest II: 0%
  • Other: 12%
  • Space Station Coins: 0%
  • Evil Coconuts: 0%
  • Sea Shells: 0%
  • Maraquan: 12%
  • Altador: 8%
  • Shenkuu: 36%
  • Charms: 0%
  • Other Too: 4%
  • Faerieland: 4%
  • Scarabs: 0%
  • Moltara: 0%
  • Maractite Coins: 0%
  • Qasala: 0%
  • Treasures of the Deep: 0%
  • Krawk Island: 0%
  • Neovia: 0%
  • Goals

  • Collect 100 stamps
  • Collect 150 stamps
  • Collect 200 stamps

  • Wishlist


    Specific Goals

    General Goals

  • 175 avatars (160/175)
  • 200 avatars
  • 215 avatars

  • Recently Conquered

    Cheeseroller Strategies

    Brick Cheese - dive right: 0/3
    Alkenore Cheese - dive left: 1/6
    Brick Cheese - dive left: 0/1
    Quadruple Fudge Cheese - dive left:9/26 **
    Tyrannian Dung Cheese - dive left: 21/49
    Quadruple Fudge Cheese - dive right: 0/6

    ** current method of use

    Currently working on

  • Farri's history series
  • Devils and Ghouls's series
  • Extend A Suprising Moment

  • To Do

  • Extend devils and ghouls ch 1
  • Write Tabby's second article
  • Write the ch 2 of devils and ghouls series
  • Rewrite and plan Farri's history series
  • Goals

  • Publish 5 articles/stories
  • Publish 1 series

  • Adopted out


  • Adopt out 5 fosters (1/5)
  • Adopt out 10 fosters
  • Adopt out 15 fosters
  • Adopt out 20 fosters
  • Adopt out 30 fosters
  • Adopt out 50 fosters
  • Nelly

    lookup | journal | cupcakes | socks

    Nelly is sweet, a little spoiled, shy, and loves being at home--the type who never says anything to strangers but can't shut up around her friends. She grows on you; she'll win you over with her smiles and probably half a cupcake that she always seems to be eating.


  • Birthday: December 10, 2010
  • Adopted: December 5, 2012 (pound)
  • Painted: January 6, 2013

  • Goals

  • update journal for mar
  • Get all cupcakes on her wishlist (1/18)
  • Get all socks on her wishlist (0/9)
  • buy snowbunny
  • buy faerie petpet pb
  • Redo lookup
  • Des

    lookup | journal | playshed

    Des is definitely an outdoorsy type, but won't go far from home, which isn't just the house for him. It's the neighborhood, the parks, the fields he so frequently runs overs and plays in. He's comfortable where he is. He's cheerful, eager and excitable--the type to win your affections in an instant with a few happy smiles, ask you to play catch or tag with him, loves seeing the blue sky overhead.


  • Birthday: September 20, 2012
  • Adopted: December 5, 2012 (pound)
  • Painted: January 6, 2013
  • Goals

  • update journal in march
  • 10 toys for playshed
  • 20 toys for playshed
  • Redo lookup
  • Katch

    lookup | letters

    A young neopet finally realizing his passions and goals, Katcher is a foster converted homebody. He admits to being spoiled and stubborn in his previous days, and though he has turned many new leaves after his period of rebellion, he is still at time irritable and not the easiest pet to get along with. He has a heart for the pets on the streets, especially pound pets, and looks to the faeries for inspiration and hope. He aspires to become a Defender of Neopia one day and currently spend his time training for the battledome and studying in neoschool. He will be going to a boarding school in Shenkuu soon, to train more seriously for the battledome.


  • Created: October 28, 2012

  • Goals

  • get custom layout for petpage
  • update page twice in march
  • 100 HSD
  • 120 HSD
  • 150 HSD
  • morph into eyrie
  • paint faerie
  • Buy 'Misty Shenkuu Background
  • Cindee



  • Birthday: February 7, 2012
  • Adopted: coming home in Mar (traded)

  • Goals

  • brainstorm for petpage
  • create lookup
  • 10 petpets
  • 15 petpets
  • 20 petpets
  • Cate


    Patient, kind, and loving, Cate seems the type to stay home and love baking cookies, but she is far from that. She loves traveling, visiting foreign places and feeling the adrenaline of the beginning of another adventure. She has her fair share of exciting stories to tell around the dinner table. She is her family's source or morale ans cheer; she is always trusting and believing--believing that her friends can achieve and do all that they set to do, believing others to be the best that they are, believing that all will turn out for the best, and everything will truly be okay. She is currently travel-weary, and will be resting at home for a bit before resuming her travels.


  • Birthday: November 3, 2012
  • Adopted on: February 28, 2013 (thanks Sky!)
  • Goals

  • create lookup
  • Add to her provisions
  • Buy 'Neopia Central Background' background
  • Tabby

    lookup | articles | her desk

    An independent, clever spirit who spends like time writing and researching. She's got a million different bones to pick, and her articles and letters to the editor are full of her loud, honest, and strong opinions, protests, and complaints. Sometimes she can rub the wrong way, but she's not an angry or spiteful pet, and at the end of the day, her saucy sense of humor and friendly manner will win you over.


  • Birthday: October 25, 2008
  • Adopted: coming home in April (thanks Cindy!)
  • Goals

  • update article for Feb
  • edit article to submit to NT
  • Customize
  • Py

    lookup | her box

    Py is an absolute mystery. She's quiet, quirky, and surprising, knows a little bit about everything and is all the time random. But she's as loyal as can be, and won't leave you behind for anything--if you've won her heart, as difficult as it may be, she'll never forget you ever again.


  • Birthday: December 11, 2010
  • Adopted: coming home May (thanks Borealis!)

  • Goals

  • brainstorm ideas for petpage
  • 10 meepit items (5/10)
  • 20 meepit items
  • 30 meepit items
  • Customize
  • Raya


    Always cheerful and a tad forgetful, Raya is the typical happy, energetic blumaroo. She's spontaneous--she's not restricted by time, neopoints, or location. The slightest mention of chocolate will have her hopping out the door to get to the chocolate factory, reading about Kind Altador will have her planning a weekend excursion to Altador. Life is never boring around her.


  • Birthday: September 17, 2007
  • Adopted: coming home March (thanks Courtney!)

  • Goals

  • Add 1 item to collection every month
  • Create lookup
  • Create petpage

  • Farri

    lookup | history | provisions

    Farri is older than most of the pets he knows and has spent most of this time wandering the seas around Maraqua. He fights and travels not for glory or honor but to search for something he does not know, to fulfill a longing that he cannot describe. From all his years of wandering, he has grown wise, but is still susceptible to what Audrey Hepburn once referred to as the "mean reds"--he is suddenly afraid of something, but doesn't know what it is.


  • Birthday: January 30, 2010
  • Adopted: coming home in March (pound)
  • Goals

  • complete history series
  • customize

  • Ani


    Ani, a foster for most of her life, has spent her days dreaming of Maraqua, of studying the maps, histories, and tales of foreign lands and wishing for wishes. She was recently rescued from the pound and morphed into a maraquan Ixi, that she can discover the beauties of Maraqua in person. Curious, intelligent, young and steady, she hopes to travel far and wide, to see the world and discover in reality the places that have fed her dreams for so long.


  • Birthday: August 8, 2012
  • Adopted: February 4, 2013 (pound)
  • Morphed: February 5, 2013

  • Goals

  • Write short story
  • Read 10 relevant books
  • Read 20 relevant books
  • Read 30 relevant books
  • Read 40 relevant books
  • Read 50 relevant books
  • Create provisions
  • create lookup
  • Buy background
  • Qale



  • Birthday: December 30, 2012
  • Adopted: January 12, 2013 (thanks Cindy!)
  • Goals

  • morph into xwee
  • paint pirate
  • brainstorm for petpet
  • Vehnii


    Vehnii is the queen of the forests. She is the patron of the flora, the keeper of sanctuaries, protector of wild creatures. Her home is among the secret and quiet glades, under willow trees and midst fields of flowers. She is wise and gentle, looked to by many for hope, inspiration and advice. With her eternal patience and calm personality, she seems almost ethereal, and few lucky pets, when meeting her, cannot help but be struck with awe and reverie. She serves on the council of the Lords, and represents the those who cannot speak for themselves.


  • Birthday: May 3, 2010
  • Adopted: coming home March (thanks Sylvia!)
  • Goals

  • Create lookup
  • brainstorm for hobby/collection

  • Roenath



  • Birthday: April 27, 2010
  • Adopted: coming home soon (thanks Cindy!)
  • Goals

  • morph into peo
  • paint royal

  • Lacrimedes



  • Birthday: July 12, 2012
  • Adopted: January 13, 2013 (thanks Lisa!)
  • Goals

  • morph into krawk
  • paint royal

  • Lafyia

    lookup | story | her purse

    Lafyia is the leader of the gang, intelligent and ambitious, a dangerous combination for someone of her character. She is quite the schemer (that's where her brains go, naturally), and she's determined to get what she wants, no matter the price.


  • Birthday: February 7, 2012
  • Adopted: coming home in Mar (thanks Mae!)
  • Goals

  • update story with next chapter
  • redo her purse
  • Buy 'Games Graveyard Silhouette Background
  • Luke

    lookup | story | his pockets

    The moment you look at him, you can tell that this is one pet you do not want to cross. His a hard heart and incredible strength, Luke is intimidating to just about anyone. He keeps his mouth shut most times and even among his best friends, won't be tempted to speak frequently. A dangerous enemy and a superb ally.


  • Birthday: January 18, 2010
  • Adopted: Feburary 12, 2013 (thanks Maddie!)
  • Goals

  • update story with next chapter
  • redo his pockets
  • Buy 'Spooky Forest Path Background
  • Ambilina

    lookup | story

    She's all but invisible, speaking from shadowy corners, lurking in dark holes, sometimes just a pair of large, bright blue eyes. She's a difficult person to like, get along with, or beat, so most neopians stay a safe distance from her. At first glance, she doesn't look very dangerous at all, but if you give her a chance, she'll show you just can quickly she can disarm you, and how very dangerous she can be. She doesn't want your friendship--your affection, your help or your love. But she is beyond all, trustworthy and dependable, no matter the cost.


  • Birthday: February 4, 2010
  • Adopted: February 15, 2013 (thanks Lisa!)
  • Goals

  • update story with next chapter
  • Add things to her sleeves
  • Buy 'Neovia Shop Silhouette Background
  • Tani

    lookup | story

    Tani is a dark sorcerer. She is a practicer of magic, a friend to the things unseen by most Neopians, a seer of hidden powers and creatures. She lives in caves, buried deep in the mountain sides, or in forests so thick that the blue sky is a myth. If you need a potion, a glimpse of the future, anything that cannot be done within the natural realm, Tani can probably help you, for a price.


  • Birthday: December 1, 2012
  • Adopted: March 2, 2013 (thanks Overlord Pony!)
  • Goals

  • update story with next chapter
  • add things to her things
  • Buy 'Dark Cave Background

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    It is a journey
    I must face...alone.
    *dramatic music*
    I want to stay on Neopets,
    where the dangers of
    Meepit invasion
    are taken seriously.
    Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

    You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
    Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
    so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
    different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

    It is a journey
    I must face...alone.
    *dramatic music*
    I want to stay on Neopets,
    where the dangers of
    Meepit invasion
    are taken seriously.
    Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

    You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
    Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
    so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
    different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

    It is a journey
    I must face...alone.
    *dramatic music*
    I want to stay on Neopets,
    where the dangers of
    Meepit invasion
    are taken seriously.

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