A gentle breeze wafts in through the open window, ruffling the lacy, patterned, curtains and bringing with it the sweet scent of spring blossoms.
The room itself is in a word, bizarre. Your first though upon entering was "...how could you get a pond inside a little hut? Is that really water?"
You kneel at the doorstop, reaching out a hand and brushing it across the surface.
Yep. Very wet
It's really water. You stand back up, impressed, and wonder where to go from here.

Well don't just stand there. If you're already here, you might as well come in now.

You step back, startled. You notice a young man within the room, lounging lazily on an enormous lily pad. You raise an eyebrow at his bright purple hair piled all around him. What, am I supposed to walk on water? you ask.

Don't be ridiculous, there are stepping stones. He seems to be pointing before your feet.

Looking down, there are light grey stones barely larger than your foot peeking out of the water. You could swear they weren't there moments ago. Well why not, with a shrug you take the first step.

Name: Taylor
Nickname: Tay generally.Or anything really.
Age: 17 years
Species: Usul
Color: Usuki
Height: 5' 4"
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Obscenely-shiny-purple
Appearance (Human): Though he is 17, in reality Tay looks a bit younger. Rather short and slight, he is often mistaken for a girl (which he genuinely hates). His hair is almost always drawn back into two big ponytails, reaching all the way down to the floor. When at work in the shrine, Taylor wears his robe. If he's not working though, he prefers to change into his "casual" clothes. When randomly running around he can be seen wearing a t-shirt that hangs slightly off one shoulder, in the same floral pattern as his robe, and a pair of short denim shorts for easier movement in the forest.
Appearance (Quad): Taylor's quad form is a rather small almost normal looking usul. The fur is a light lavender, while the neck ruff thing is the same color and pattern as his robe would be in human form. On his left thigh, there is a small pink marking of a flower, which basically corresponds to his tattoo in human form. He has no tail bow since it often used to get caught on tree branches, but does have headbands in the same patterns as his human robe on his fluffy ear things (lul I don't know usul anatomy ;-; ). The most distinguishing feature however is still his hair. Though significantly shorter as his quad form is smaller itself, his hair still spans his full quad height. Yes, it reaches the floor.
He is rarely seen in his quad form.

  • Spring
  • Flowers
  • Sparkly things
  • The shrine
  • Healing
  • Silliness
  • Soo
  • Being mistaken for a girl :c
  • Lazy People
  • Rudeness
  • Allergies
  • Cold
  • Fail Magic
  • The city

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The shrine is tucked away in a quiet corner of the forest. It's a place of peace and serenity. Though the trees surrounding it look dark and forbidding, it is actually the safest area of the forest. No monsters lurk out of sight.
The shrine is open to all who come there, whether they seek healing or simply a place to rest their weary feet. No one is turned away. The gravest of injuries are tended to, and the shiftiest of characters welcomed. As long as they keep the peace, that is.
Though rather secluded, the shrine is actually a relatively short distance away from a small village. Those villagers are often seen coming and going with supplies and small presents for the inhabitants of the shrine that are always so dependable in their aid.
The main building of the shrine is rather impressive in it's size, with a modest yet comfortable interior. No matter how many turn up in need of housing for the night, there never seems to be a lack of space.
Behind the shrine itself are three small huts, one with a garden of awe inspiring beauty attached, winding and stretching deep into the forest. No outsiders ever see inside these huts, or the gardens, for that is where the caretakers of the shrine reside.

Sir is the kindly old man that found Tay wandering around the woods in a panic all those years ago. An offer of shelter at his shrine for the night somehow turned into an offer of a permanent home, and now Tay lives and helps out at the shrine.
Sir is obviously not his real name, though Tay refuses to call him anything else, claiming any other title or name would be showing a lack of respect.
While Sir always has the best intentions towards everyone, sometimes Tay find him a bit exasperating. For example, the healing of the injured who come seeking help at the shrine has fallen completely to Tay as Sir has a fondness for ridiculous folk remedies (that don't actually work) and his so called "healing scrolls." On top of that he enjoys ridding people that come to his temple in need of the evil spirits that haunt them. And by that we mean using completely ineffective scrolls and chants to do absolutely nothing while Tay and Oaeq humor his oddities and do the real work behind the scenes.
The necessity for a well stocked herbal garden (for making real medicine that's actually more effective than Sir's strange remedies) is what got Tay interested in gardening in the first place. Since starting his medicinal garden, Tay has long since expanded the Shrine's gardens into a work of art rather than a practical patch of dirt.

Oaeq arrived at the temple as a young girl, several years after Tay.
Like Tay, she no longer had a home she could go back to and so somehow seemed to settle right into living at the shrine.
Like Tay, she helps out at the shrine in any way she can. While she does help tend his gardens once in a while, she's nowhere nearly as fond of the plants as he is. Her true talent lies in the more supernatural ailments of the patrons of the shrine. She is able to cross into the spirit world and interact with that which normal people cannot see. Whether it's a pesky ghost haunting or a more serious problem, it's fallen to Oaeq to take care of it quickly and smoothly.
After living and growing up together for so many years, Oaeq and Tay consider each other family and are probably closer to each other than any real family they may have remaining.

Soo is Taylor's petpetpet.
She has two forms, for she is not human: one of a charming leafy insect that blends in perfectly in Tay's gardens, and one of a young girl with eyes of stunning green and hair of purple.
Her insect form is how she spends the majority of her time, sunning in the gardens or napping on the petals of a flower. She only uses her human form for talking to Taylor, never appearing before anyone else.
Soo is actually a spirit. She was originally a sort of gift from Oaeq.
Oaeq had come across her on one of her journeys through the spirit world. Soo had been caught been caught in a trap, a spirit net, set by one of the more powerful and not quite so harmless spirits that dwell in the spirit world.
Recognizing Soo as one of the benevolent guiding spirits of that world, Oaeq made a deal with her. In return for her freedom, Soo agreed to drop in on the human world once in a while and visit Tay and just be there when he needed someone to listen.
Unexpectedly, Soo began to enjoy her conversations with Tay and lazy lounging in his breathtaking gardens so much that she spent longer and longer hanging around the temple, until she had no desire to leave at all.

A bright fork of lightning split the night sky in half, quickly followed by the sharp sound of thunder. The storm was close.
The woman wrapped her cloak more tightly around her, struggling one-handedly with a small bundle wrapped awkwardly in her other arm.
Another boom, the thunder rumbled.
The bundle wailed, sharp and shrill and cutting. And pitiful.
The skies split open and the rain fell in sheets.
The woman was instantly drenched, her thin cloak doing nothing against the penetrating rain. The violent drumming sound of the rain drowned out the cries of the baby in her arms, who must have been even more miserable than she.
She stumbled as some pebbles rolled out from under her feet, down down the hill they rolled, the way she had come. Her curse was swallowed by the rain as she swiped at the hair plastered to her face. She was nearly there, not far to go now.
Finally, she reached the crest of the hill, where a small rickety hut was parched. Light shone from inside, flickering as if from a fire in the hearth. The woman raised a hand and knocked on the door that looked like it was about to give out entirely. Three solid knocks, the thudding audible even over the sounds of the storm, rattling the door on its hinges.
-laziness interrupted here-

Chapter Two

Sit still you insufferable brat! The child perched on the edge of the chair winced, not so much at the woman's words but at the sharp tugging on his hair. Her words, he was used to those.
The rickety stool rattled on its legs with the vicious tugging treatment the hair was receiving. Long and a lovely shade of pinkish purple, it reached down past the boy's bony shoulders all the way to the floor to rest in a small pile. The curious length and color were one of the results from the witch's bumbled spell on Taylor when he was just a baby. Now, at the age of ten, Taylor was used to the giggling whispers and strange looks he got for his girly appearance. And his mother's resentment.
But that didn't mean he enjoyed all of that. His knuckles white, he clutched at the edges of the stool, face set in a scowl.
Wipe that look off your face this instant, she hissed as she put down the brush and picked up a pair of scissors. Their rusty scraping seemed to echo through the otherwise silent room as she snipped off a long lock of hair. It fell limply to the floor, gleaming softly in the early morning light filtering in through the -blocked- More soon followed, piling on the floor in downy pillows of purple.
Tay sat unmoving, grip on the stool as tight as ever, eyes dull. It never did any good, these hair cuts.
-Oh look. Laziness ate the rest of this. How sad-


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