The shine in her eyes matches that in her heart,
the love that was sculpted like a delicate art.
She was royal, a lady, with a dainty touch,
Her friends were the people she loved so much.

Juliette always imagined herself as a princess. She is the youngest in a family of seven, meaning she had no hopes of ever sitting on a throne unless she married a first royal son. However that was never her plans or intentions, and so she became another sort of leader. Juliette became a voice of the people. At every chance she had she would help them, and carry them, and bring their ideas, thoughts, and opinions to the attention of the royal family. Juliette was often referred to as a Jewel because of this, and it quickly became her name. She became more popular then the King and Queen themselves. The did not despise this relationship Jewel had with the people, in fact, they were extremely proud to have her in their kingdom.

Pan is divided in to 4 states and has a central no-man's land that has no ruler.
There is a special sort of life force that resides in this place. A magic that allows animals to have the same level of consciousness and intelligence as their more "evolved" counterparts. But that isn't all it allows them, it also gives them the ability to morph their form. They could even appear to resemble the humans of Pan, carrying their own features of course, but you cannot miss their tell-tale ears, tails, and other unmissable traits!

To the north of Pan it gets very cold, and snows most months of the year. The people and animals who live here are smart, and so they explore their talents in art, writing, entertainment and crafts. They sell this to other lands in exchange for food, and other products. The Kingdom here has a strong workforce of motivated and inspired individuals who thrive with low taxes and adequate care from their superiors. The population is small, and most citizens are in their armed forces. Most commodities are shared, and the people are respectful and just take what they need. Punishments are harsh, and if you step out of line you get one warning before banishment. You usually don't survive in the cold conditions past the kingdom's perimeter.

The King and Queen bore seven children, four sons and three daughters. The Queen was a rabbit, and the King was a human. Of course the Queen spent all her life in her human form. Three of the four sons were born human, one a rabbit. Two of the daughters were human, and the youngest Jewel, was also a rabbit.

Of course Jewel loves her home, and the people who live there, but she thrives to learn, to travel, explore and experience a life she has never known. For now she only dreams.

about Jewel

You may be wondering how the Kingdom itself stays so warm while the rest of the land is icey cold and gloomy. That is because a witch a long time ago lit lanterns all around the Kingdom, in people's homes, and on farms. These gave off a magical glow that delivered more than light, it gave everyone warmth, and melted the snow to make room for crops, and flowers seen no where else before! Jewel can be shy and sometimes quick to judge. She tries not to jump to conclusions but she is skittish and timid if she feels threatened. Her friends know she has a bright sense of humour, and she is easy to fright! Not to mention, extremely ticklish.

The magic that allows the animals the ability to transform, obtain intelligence and a high level of self awareness is called Paradisa. It was enchanted for the first time by a lonely witch who wished to be closer to her pet cat. However it had a horrible side-effect, it also gave her furry friend immortality. The cat then went on to outlive her former master, this broke her heart and hurt her immensely. The cat then went on and tried to conjure another spell to bring her witch friend back in exchange for her own life. This back-fired again and it made her "condition" contagious. It spread widely as an airborne virus. It made animals sick, that had the genetics to be susceptible to it, and then they became aware of themselves and cured their own sickness in exchange for this long life and new found gifts. The creatures who from then on reproduced, also had offspring with the traits granted from paradisa.

Name: Juliette
Nicknames: Jewel, Julie
Gender: Female
Anatomy: Quad/Anthro/Human
Roleplay: No
Age: 18 years - aging ceased
Occupation: Princess, voice of the people
Dreams: Explore the world, learn things, bring peace.
Hobbies: Traveling, learning, spending time with friends, cooking.

Love and hate

» Pumpkin pies and chicken soup, both made fresh and eaten while warm.
» The winter season. It's when Kona feels most numb to his feelings, and he likes it that way.
» Fable, his companion and helpful courier. He is always there for a cuddle and is a helpful hand.
» Serene and easy listening music. Loves the piano and classical music.
» Sleepless nights and not waking up tired. Leaves him lots of time to think.
» Swimming, and any contact with water other than washing.
» Early mornings, and humid weather. Humidity makes his plants wilt! Also dislikes insects that harm them, Kona prefers not to use pesticide.
» Surprises and jump-scares. Don't try to throw a party for Konahamaru.
» Long awkward silences that provokes nervousness and tension.
» Those who are high maintenance and require constant conversation to be happy.


Jewel can be drawn in any outfit. She must always have her ears and a bunny tail in human form. Her eyes are always purple.

reference image

human design by mochiaa @ da
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By Jackal

By Others


The light twinkled in the grand spacious bedroom. Luscious curtains covered the windows, sealed shut, and the interior was filled with beautiful plush decor with gold trimmings in carefully crafted ornate fashions. A harsh hoarse cough echoed upon the walls, it was relentless. The sound bounced back in to her ears, perked on top of her head. This room was fit for a Prince, which as you may have guessed, is exactly the person who lives here. "Big brother," a soft young lady's voice whispered, "If you force the coughs they will only get worse.
Then what do you suggest, young and wise Juliette?" he chuckled between gasping for air, "When you go out in the cold unprotected, you tend to get sick.
If only that witch was still around.
What witch?" He sat up in his bed, maids quickly put silk, feather filled pillows behind him to support the Prince's back.
You know," Juliette spoke, "The one that everyone talks about, the one with the lanterns, the paradisa...
Stop," the Prince interrupted, "Don't put her in a bright light, that which is just as bad as she is good, if not worse.
So, you agree could could still be around?" Juliette asked,
And what would you do if she where?" the Prince retorted.
I don't know." Juliette shrugged it off, crossed her arms and legs in her stool that sat facing the bed, and looked towards the shut windows. "Sometimes I wonder what could be out there.
I don't." The Prince broke in to another coughing fit. It didn't let up for minutes. He wasn't deathly ill, the Princess knew he would get better, everyone did. It was just a cold, from the harsh cold beyond the Kingdom walls.
Ezra," Juliette asked the Prince, "Will you ever be a king?
Ezra paused and thought for a moment before responding, he let out a faint smile, "No, little sister," he replied, "I have never seen an animal on the throne.
What about mother?
She married father.
Juliette sighed, she knew she could be a ruler too, if only she wasn't the youngest. "But we're not like those animals.
The feral ones? Not all people think like that, even if a rabbit is their Queen." Ezra reached out his hand towards Juliette, and she took it. "Be careful with people, especially humans," Ezra held her hand firmly, "You're the youngest and I feel responsible for you, I wouldn't want anything to hap-
You aren't responsible for me," Juliette pulled her hand away, "I'm an adult, and soon I'll find a suitor who will then look after me. Maybe an old rich duke!" They both laughed briefly before Ezra's coughing continued. Juliette spoke no more, just gave him a hug and left his room. he feels responsible for me? she thought, he can't even look after himself, THAT is why he'll never be a king. It isn't about discrimination.

If you think that the youngest prince Ezra may seem reckless, yet sweet and caring, you are wrong. He is extremely arrogant, deceptive and malicious. His kind younger sister Juliette is his weakness, and he is almost another person entirely around her. Siblings band together when they have something in common, in this case it was the fact they are both affected by paradisa.

I will continue this when I feel the inspiration

jewel as a neopet

Adopted Jewel (?) 00/00/00 ♥

I own four rabbits in real life so it's not difficult to guess why I love cybunnies. A uc royal girl cybunny has always been my biggest goal. My friends know well I have never aimed for one as I thought I was dreaming too big. Blah blah, I'll put more stuff here about Jewel if I was chosen to adopt her.

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Sir.Cuddles the Kadoatie + Shine the Bumbluz

Sir.Cuddles is enchanted too, but in another way. There was quite an age gap between Jewel and her other siblings, and she was strictly kept from associating with children her age, until she was old enough to be safe outside the castle walls. Cuddles was a toy, brought to life, and so he is ageless. Shine found them soon after, and emits a glow much like the lanterns.

Jewel loves to visit her friends, why don't you go see them too?

Please include a clickable link back to this page or to my userlookup, fayfia. If you use without a credit you will be reported for theft. Drag an drop an image for it's url!

Want a cute chibi drawn of your character? mail Jackal for an art trade, unique quad designs only, species doesn't matter.


content and concept by Jackal unless mentioned otherwise
Art also by Jackal unless given hover credit
Juliette's visual human design by mochiaa @ da
Text coding from Sakura Express
Layout made by Awk, thank you!
Bullets from ver pets
Jewel says, good bye!

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