Seems you've stumbled upon my portfolio! This is a little corner of Neopia where I can organize current goals and projects, and track my progress. So feel free to look around, I hope you enjoy your stay! My wish is to inspire others to work towards achieving their own site goals and improving their accounts. Navigate the page by using the sidebar below. The links will let you browse different aspects of my portfolio.


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To-do List
  • Pets section: add petpets, p3 and trophies
  • Code screenies page - WIP
  • Code new art page
  • Edit page
General Updates
04·23·18 - Traded for Purebbe! ♥
02·22·18 - Portfolio mini makeover!
02·11·18 - Adopted Lou!
02·09·18 - Added a wishlist section. +1 avatar.
02·03·18 - Traded for Kelyska! ♥

About Me

Links Fonts - Lookbook - Artwork
Name Mellie
Time Zone Central US (+2 NST)

About me I'm a mid/late-20s girl from the US, currently attending medical school. My interests include reading, playing video games, watching shows/movies, hiking, camping, and weight lifting! I love to travel any chance I get, and love meeting new people. Admittedly, I don't spend as much time on neopets as I used to, but I'm sticking around for all the lovely friends I've made over the years!

My Wishlist Just some of my goals and random knick knacks that I like! Hover over the image to see the name.

My Pets

Coding under construction! Add petpet + p3s, trophy cabinet, and thumbnail artwork for each pet. Get themes for accounts sorted out.


Ultimate Goals
Complete Sea Shells Album
Completed on July 30th, 2017!
UC Faerie Draik
Completed on February 3rd, 2018!
Complete Faerieland Album
Completed on April 3rd, 2018!
UC Royal Girl Cybunny
Completed on April 23rd, 2018!
Complete Shenkuu Album Honorary Member Gourmet Trophy
Dream Pets
I certainly don't expect to achieve all of these (some are definitely considered impossible in my eyes and I surely don't have the space), but these are pets I would love to own one day! They are listed in in alphabetical order by species, however my ultimate dream pet would be an UC Faerie Yurble! ↠ visit my projects!
Monthly Goals
☑ One New Avatar
☐ Earn 5 Mil
☑ Train 100 stats - Tappan
☐ 500 Words for 2 Petpages
☐ Art for one pet
☑ Enter Petpet Spotlight
☑ Enter Art Gallery
☑ Enter Poetry Contest
2018 goals
☑ Jhudoras Cloud Stamp
☑ Wheel of Excitement Stamp
☑ Complete Sea Shells Stamp Page
☑ Wheel of Knowledge Avatar
☑ Lottery Avatar
☐ Snowroller Avatar
☑ UC Faerie Draik
☑ Faerieland Stamp Avatar
General goals
☑ Be Featured in the Art Gallery (x3!)
☐ Win Customization Spotlight
☑ Win Petpet Spotlight
☐ Honorary Member Gourmet Trophy
☑ 365 Avatars
☑ Faerie Caverns Stamp
☑ Get BGC on all my sides (4/4)
☑ Get MSPP on all my sides (4/4)


Art Gallery Submissions
Submit - Calendar
Upcoming Days
  • May 25th - Koi Day
  • May 28th - Yurble Day
  • June 2nd - Fyora Day
  • June 6th- JubJub Day
  • June 8th- Petpet Appreciation Day
13 Full Rows of Game Trophies
Easy Trophies - Trophy Tracker
Progress: 3/8 of row 13

  • Eye of the Storm × Faerie Bubbles ×
  • Hot Dog Hero Barf Boat ×
  • Assignment 53 × Carnival of Terror ×
  • Extreme Herder 2 × Defender Trainer ×
Honorary Member Gourmet Trophy
Feed Tappan gourmet foods to get on the top 200 list.
  • Currently 732/896 foods needed.
  • Tappan has scored 164 Gourmet Club points!
Train Tappan to 2,100 HSD
Training School - Faerie Quests
Kitchen Quests
08·11·17 → 1,500 (04·05·18)
Current: 1,783 HSD
  • Lvl: 139 → 287 → 299
  • Hp: 260 → 500 → 592
  • Str: 256 → 500 → 594
  • Def: 256 → 500 → 597
UC Faerie Yurble
Project page (work in progress)

  • Project page
  • Character
  • Art
  • Customizations


Workin' on those goals! These are some of my proudest achievements on the site throughout the years! I've done my best to remember the dates for some of these, but sadly most were lost with my old portfolio coding before my hiatus.
UC Royal Girl Cybunny Welcomed sweet Purebbe home on April 23rd, 2018! Been dreaming of owning one for years, but never quite had an offer for one until a lucky trade got me into the same tier as this beautiful gal. Safe to say she'll never be leaving!
Train Tappan to 1,500 HSD It was a long road but she finally reached 1,500 HSD (or 500 evens) on April 5th, 2018! This project was started when Tappan was at 772 HSD, on August 11th, 2017. Making it to the ninja school definitely expedited things, as well as cookie training. Next stop is 2,100 HSD (or 700 evens), then max boosts!
Stamp Collector - Faerieland Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Stamp Collector - Faerieland' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Very happy to finally have this avatar, and as #365 to top it all off! I had been hoping to utilize the Charity Corner to make buying the last few UBs a bit cheaper, but when that didn't happen.. just had to bite the bullet and go for it! Ended up getting really lucky and sniping 2 Aethia stamps, and selling one for double, essentially getting that one for free!
Maraquan Draik Since returning from my hiatus, I'd been meaning to reform my aquatic side account. A Maraquan Draik is one part of this, along with a RG/RB Peophin pair and Maraquan Aisha. Lou was welcomed home on February 11th, 2018 thanks to the very lovely Ann!
UC Faerie Draik After months of trading, and dealing with a heartbreaking reversal, Kelyska was finally welcomed home on February 3rd, 2018! Huge thanks to Kahlan for making this possible. Kelyska is already popular with her fellow faeries: Lagartho, Lefiday, Efuife, and Lorintha! Booktastic badge achieved on February 4th, 2018 with 146 books.
Specialty Shop Spectacles I had foolishly traded these guys away after returning from my hiatus, and for much less than they were worth. Finally found a lovely NC trader and replaced these on January 28th, 2018! You have added Specialty Shop Spectacles into your closet!
360 Avatars Earning avatars happens so seldomly now for me that I certainly didn't expect #360 to get here so quickly, much less with my last needed random avatar Brightvale! This grand achievement happened unexpectedly on January 16th, 2018.
Brightvale Avatar This darned avatar has given me so much grief over the years *LOL*. The wheel finally deemed me worthy, after 15+ years, and awarded my last random avatar on January 16, 2018. I couldn't believe my eyes and left the tab with the wheel open for hours!
UC Faerie Peophin An UC Faerie Peophin had been a long time dream pet of mine since I was a teen. I had owned one once before, but had adopted her out to a dear friend when I went on hiatus. I missed owning one of these beautiful faeries, and so after trading my BD pet I welcomed Jackau home on January 12, 2018 with the help of Michelle. On February 16th, 2018 I swapped for my favorite UC Faerie Peophin, Serdyn - thanks to Carrot!
Petpet Spotlight Tappan has a very special place in my heart, and so it is a goal of mine to earn her as many trophies as possible. I had been trying for this particular trophy for years, and Tappan's petpet Fluffkins finally earned the petpet spotlight on January 12th, 2018! This trophy has yet to be awarded, but TNT is aware of the glitch. I hope its soon added to Tappan's nice collection already of: Honorary Booktastic, PPL, and BC trophies! You can read her story in week 687.
1,000 HSD I've been training Tappan every single day ever since Sym has returned her to me and on January 2, 2018 she finally hit 1,000 HSD. Thank you red codestones, faerie quest cookies and training cookies!! Now that she is at the ninja school, I hope to quickly reach 1,500 HSD!
175 Kadoaties I'm an overfeeder, and I have my certain spot so watch out! :D On January 2, 2018 I reached feeding 175 kadoaties, which is well on its way to my goal of 200! I can't get enough of these yowling little kitties.
12 full rows of game trophies Collecting game trophies is something I got into after joining Aethia *stares longingly at Claire's collection*. It has since been a long goal of mine to complete as many full rows as I can. I finally completed my 12th full row on January 1, 2018 with earning Aaa's Revenge, Sorcerers' Skirmish, Spinacles, and Magma Blaster! Now just to upgrade the bronze ones I have to make them look all pretty!
UC Faerie Ixi An UC Faerie Ixi was the very first UC I ever had on this site, and Hylliah was welcomed home in homage to my dear old "Crystal" on September 17, 2017. Her name also reminds me of the Goddess Hylia from LoZ, one of my all time favorite games! She will never be up for trade or up for adoption.
Lottery Avatar I thought this avatar was going to be an impossible goal, especially after having won in December 2016 and being the second person (of two winners) listed. However, after some amazing tips from the Charter Lottery board on how to be listed first, I won the lottery avatar on August ‎11, ‎2017 (along with over 75 others) with a share of 13,786 NPs and this avatar for #358!
Stamp Collector - Sea Shells I was very excited to come back from my hiatus to find there was an avatar for this album! On July 30, 2017 I completed my Sea Shells album by adding the last one, Golden Shell for avatar #357. It's the first album I've ever completed, but certainly not the last.
20 NT Publications Submitting comics to the Neopian Times became another fun hobby of mine on the site, even after earning the Neopian Times Star avatar. I reached 20 total publications with my comic 'Plot Paranoia' in issue 579, which was a collaboration between myself and Elise. At the time of this update I currently have 28 publications, with my eye on reaching 30!
NeoBoard Avatar Collector CHAMPION I have since lost the date of achieving this trophy, but having been collecting avatars for so long I had to include one of my proudest achievements on the site! Many thanks to those who waited to reset, making this trophy possible!
Neopian Times Star Another one of my favorite avatars, and probably the one I've put the most time into, was earned with 9 comics and 1 article. It was awarded after my comic 'Momma Knows Best' published in issue 479.
MSPP on All Four Sides On September 11, 2013 I was lent MSPP on my three remaining side accounts by a very generous lender. Thank you so much for trusting me with your MSPP, I won't forget your kindness :) Another one of the big 3 avatars on all accounts, which was a huge goal for me this year. 2 down, 1 to go! Hooray!
BGC on All Four Sides On August 11th, 2013 a very kind Bony Grarrl Club lender lent all my four side accounts BGC. This was the first step towards my big goal of having the Big Three on all my four side account. Thanks so much to my lovely lender!
Gallery Spotlight Chosen for spotlight #487, my gallery 'Scrub a Dub Dub' was dedicated to my real-life Border Collie puppy. He would play so much when he was younger that he'd get dirty very often, and was such a good pup about baths that he'd let me wash him regularly. My gallery showcased anything bath related, with a little over 245 items, including tubs, shampoo, conditioner, bubbles, and sponges.
All Star ALTADOR CUP VIII For the second year in a row, I reached the highest possible rank in the Altador Cup. It was especially fun reaching this rank with my best friend, and her first time reaching All Star.
All Star ALTADOR CUP VII For the first time ever I reached All Star Rank in AC VII. It was a lot of hard work but super rewarding to earn the top rank of the cup!
Neopian Times Writer My very first NT comic 'Weewon't!' was accepted into issue 450, earning one of my all-time favorite and most used avatars! The prize for this issue was the Neopian Times Writing Quill, which I sold long ago.
Avatar Collector Avatar I have since lost the date of achieving this avatar, and with how many avatars were needed, but avatar collecting is one of my main hobbies on the site. Getting this avatar would not have been possible without the kind collectors who waited to reset. As such, I wait to reset until later in the month as well!
UC Plushie Directory UC Plushies are some of my favorite pets, and so naturally I made a directory of them! "The Toy Box" was launched on July 16, 2013 and grew to over 100 plushies listed before I left for my hiatus. While I don't have the time to maintain it anymore, the site is still being hosted by my dear friend Sym on this page.
Neoboard Pens I'm simply addicted to neoboard pens. At the time of this update I have 49 pens on my main account, for a total of 50 fonts! I love having the opportunity to change my pets and pens around and having it all match nicely, especially matching with my best friends!
Premade CSS Site Neopets is what really got me into coding, and I was the proud owner of 'Mellie's CSS' for a number of years. While I don't have the time to maintain it anymore, the site is still being hosted by my dear friend Sym on this page.
Star Gazing Background This background had been one of my most-wanted NP wearables for the longest time. It's firmly fixed to my closet!
Joined Aethia I joined Aethia initially in February 2013, a month after its grand opening. After returning from my hiatus and trying out a few other guilds, I missed the encouraging community and challenges that Aethia offered and so rejoined on August 19, 2017!


April Monthly Challenge
Current Tier: Gold
Total Tasks: 19
Total Points: 137
Gold: 15 Categories
Silver: 10 Categories
Bronze: 5 Categories

Avatars Earned


Property Points Task Done?
Scratch Card Kiosk (10 points) Work on a pet's art, story, lookup, or customization for 1 hour Y
Hidden Tower (10 points) RS/snipe a UB N
Water Faerie (5 points) RS in any Faerieland shop for 30 minutes Y
The Giant Omelette (2 points) Update your portfolio Y
Coltzan's Shrine (5 points) Submit a PC or STC entry Y
The Pound (0 points) Add 10 stamps or spend 100k Y
The Wishing Well (5 points) Create or update a wishlist Y
Ugga Dome (10 points) Submit an NT article or spotlight entry N
Neopian Lottery (50 points) -
The Arcanium (2 points) Post (meaningfully) on the guild board Y
Magma Pool (10 points) Win 10 codestones/nerkmids from the BD Y
Air Faerie (5 points) Take the Faerie Personality Quiz and post your result on the EN board Y
Osiris Pottery (2 points) Feed a kad Y
Brightvale Castle (2 points) Send a game score 5x (can be multiple games) Y
Wheel of Knowledge (10 points) Feed 5 kads N
Games Graveyard (5 points) Increase your HS in any game Y
Fire Faerie (10 points) Make a profit from the Wheel of Excitement Y
Scratch Card Kiosk (0 points) Work on a pet's art, story, lookup, or customization for 1 hour Y
The Neggery (2 points) Stock and price 25 items in your shop Y
Employment Agency (2 points) Play NQ for 20 minutes Y
Random Event (0 points) Go to the Money Tree -
The Money Tree (5 points) Give a gift to a fellow Aethian Y
The Motery (5 points) Place your own FC bets Y
Random Event (0 points) Proceed clockwise to the nearest Faerie -
Earth Faerie (10 points) Complete 5 EA jobs Y
Fishing Vortex 5 points) +5k xp in NQ I or II N
Castle Nox (2 points) RS/snipe 10 items worth 1k+ profit each N


Overview Newest Wanted Favorites

Total 367
Needed 016
Needed Avatars


Portfolio concept by The Neo Project
Layout design, coding, and content by Mellie
Bullet image by The Lunch Box
Button placeholders by Euphoric
Word font by Ara

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