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- ׺°"˜'"°º× ¦[ Tangeriiine ]¦×º°"˜'"°º× -

Hi! Welcome to my page. My name is Tangeriiine, and I'm a faerie aisha! Here on my page you can learn all about me, and my most favourite thing in neopia, Novas! I've also got some cool adoptables, and I love cooking, so I've added a recipe for some delicious cookies!

- ׺°"˜'"°º× ¦[ Statistics ]¦×º°"˜'"°º× -

Name: Tangeriiine (Tan-jer-een)
Species: Aisha
Gender: Female
Age: Well, she looks like a little girl. About Ten-ish.
Color/fur: Light blue, with Ivory/Cream hair
Clothes: A Purpley dress with golden yellow socks and .. pantaloons? White gloves with a turquoise choker. Star accessories.
Traits: She has a white tuft of fur on her tail. And white feathered wings.
Owner: She doesn't have an owner. She wanders around Neopia by herself, but she does have a bedroom in the estate where Mystyqee lives. It's her home when she's not traveling.
Friends: Fractalz, Milanini
Personality: Cheerful, a bit absent-minded, and very inquisitive.

Watching People
Wandering by herself
Doesn't like as much:
Large bodies of water
Big cities
Losing her stuff
(which happens often)

The deal with her wings

So, you may be wondering -why- Tangeriiine has those cute little wings yet she doesn't fly instead of walk. For starters, her wings are out of proportion to her body, so they couldn't hold her weight if she tried to use them.
I've changed the story! Tangeriiine's wings are a gift from Alliandra. Because Tangeriiine was created to destroy the Dark Faeries' monster, she would have no purpose to exist after she destroyed it. And it would seem to be interfering if she stayed in Neopia, because there would be no dark-creature to equal out her light-creature power. (If that makes sense? I'm writing this at 2am.) So! If/When Tangeriiine succeeds at destroying the dark creature, her wings will grow to a more proportionate size, and she will be able to fly up to Faerieland and live with the Light faeries again c: But since she hasn't defeated the dark creature yet, her wings don't work! They're just cute accessories for now.

- ׺°"˜'"°º× ¦[ People ]¦×º°"˜'"°º× -

Lady Mystyqee

Oh dear. I share a house with this lady. I don't think she likes me very much, though, because she keeps telling me to stop touching furniture and she acts like it's -her- house. We're supposed to be sharing! At least I can cook better than her ;D
Nevertheless, she does respect my privacy most of the time. It would be nicer if we were friends, but I don't think we are.

Hee hee! This boy is so strange. He's always so quiet! At least he's nice to me. Its weird, but everytime I go outdoors, we seem to run into each other. But that's okay, because I like talking to him. He doesn't say much, either, but he's very polite and he likes to listen ;)
I'm a bit afraid to meet his friends. There was a cybunny boy who looked kinda mean, and a Poogle Girl who likes to hang around Lady Mystyqee. I hope she's not as mean as Lady My!

Milanini is awesome! Milanini is really friendly and I like hanging around with her. Sometimes I see her delivering letters, and sometimes she's working at some really weird places, but sometimes she lets me come on deliveries with her. Me and Milanini like to hang out and eat nova cookies. She's like an awesome big sister!

Alliandra is a light faerie who lives in faerieland. I used to live with her before I met Mystyqee! Alliandra is really friendly and nice, and totally opposite to Mystyqee. Alliandra taught me to bake and she taught me all about novas! I really miss her, but I can write her letters and Milanini delivers them to her for me (:

- ׺°"˜'"°º× ¦[ Figaro ]¦×º°"˜'"°º× -

My Biyako? Well... he's not really my petpet, I found him in Altador. A little girl had bought him from a petpet shop and named him 'Figaro', but he was clearly not happy living in Altador. So she asked me to return him to Shenkuu, where he was found, so that he could live happily there. Unfortunately I don't think Figaro understands what I'm trying to do.. he keeps attacking me or running away whenever I try to help him! Hmph, Sometimes I wonder if he's worth helping!

- ׺°"˜'"°º× ¦[ Customisation ]¦×º°"˜'"°º× -

Wow wow! I was a notable neopet! Thanks for the screenie, Pikey!

- ׺°"˜'"°º× ¦[ Stories ]¦×º°"˜'"°º× -

Hopefully more stories to come! eventually.

Upcoming sections/categories:
The Light Faerie Council
Tangeriiine as a Child
Her Descend into Neopia (Altador, Shenkuu, Haunted Woods, Manor)
Misc adventures, including;
-Demon Lupess in Shenkuu
-Getting Figaro
-Meeting Oaeq, Mystyqee, Milanini
-Ghost Gelert/Lupe Knight
Fractalz (LONG section)

The Council Meeting

The great Light Faerie hall was abuzz with shouts of anger and commotion. Behind the sea of thousands of yellow wings and outfits sat an elongated table, seating seven Light Faeires of great nobility and respect. In the middle of this table was a pedestal, and behind it stood Persipha, who was in no way the leader of all the light faeries, but instead acted as a voice of reason. The more powerful Light faeries, such as Siyana, were always off exploring the lower world, or were always too busy with their own business to attend to organisations such as this. Persipha flipped through her booklet of notes and furrowed her brow, trying to ignore the yelling and shouts of the crowd and remain calm. Scanning over the crowd, which seemed to show no signs of dissipation, she gave another heaving sigh and stood tall, straightening herself up and retained her serious position. She ran her fingers through her wispy blonde hair, which was tucked neatly up into a bun.

All Right." she said loudly. Her voice echoed around the hall as each faerie stopped to turn and face her. With a sharp glare to her audience, the other faeries hastily sat down and remained silent, intent on hearing instruction. Persipha smiled. She still had an authority about her, even though she had never seen herself as anything but an equal. She was just a tad more organised with business like this, and because of that the other faeries saw her as the boss. It did come in handy.
Now then." she said, keeping her loud tone. "I beleive our next step is to have a vote on the matter. We will then decide on whether or not to create a..

How can you even consider such a thing?!" cried one faerie from the audience. "To create a being, to bring something into existence by our own hand, it isn't right!

Isn't right!?" cried another, larger faerie from the other side of the room. "But that's exactly what the Dark Faeries have done!

Exactly!" exclaimed another faerie, standing up not too far from the first. "So by following their lead, does that not make us any better than they?

I don't see what choice we have!" cried another. "Either we do something about the situation or we leave Neopia in the clutches of the Dark Faeries and their creation!

Are you blinded by guilt and rage?!" argued another. "You beleive it is our fault that this event has unfurled, and now you're throwing this quick solution at the problem to make it go away!

Slowly the room began to erupt in bickering and shouts as it had been before. Persipha thought of letting it continue but her thoughts turned to impatience. She frowned.

Quiet!" she shouted. The room fell silent once again. "I thought we would be able to work through tonight like sensible equals but it seems I am going to have to lead you like a bunch of children." she said angrily. "Now, if you'll all remain silent, We will now vote on whether or not we shall create a creature of Light to counter-attack the monster created by the Dark Faeries.

One Light faerie stood up and opened her mouth to argue, but Persipha gave her an icy glare. The faerie sat back down.

Now then." Persipha continued. "All those opposed to the idea please raise your hand.

There were murmurs and shuffling as a large group raised their hand. One of the faeries sitting beside Persipha began to scan the crowd with her finger, counting softly. Scribbling down some figures, she gave a quick nod to Persipha, who motioned for the faeries to lower their hands.

Thankyou." she said. "Now, all those who support the idea of creating a creature, please raise your hand.

Another swarm of hands were raised, and the council faerie again began to count them. Writing down a figure, she frowned, and walked up over to Persipha.

Jenara." Persipha said softly. "Which vote has won?

The other Light faerie frowned again. "The votes.." she said. "They're equal. I counted them twice! I'm.. I'm sorry, Persipha." She rubbed her brow and scanned over the pages. Below them, anxious whispers and comments began to arise at the lack of decision.

Equal?" whispered Persipha. "How can they be equal? How many Light Faeries were invited tonight?

Jenara flipped through her booklet. "Well, there was supposed to be an odd number of Faeries attending, but we never received an RSVP from..

The doors at the back of the hall suddenly swung open. Behind them stood a lone Light faerie, who began to slowly walk down the centre aisle towards the stage. The whispers turned their focus to her.

That's Alliandra!" said one faerie, pointing. "I didn't know she was still in Faerieland!

Isn't she one of the most powerful Light faeries left in the city?!

I hear she's even more powerful than Persipha!
I thought she left, no-one's seen her for years!
I heard they made her leave!

The Light faerie ignored their comments and walked slowly up to the stage. Looking up at Persipha, who seemed to share the confused look that Jenara had, she knelt down on one knee. "Persipha." she spoke, looking down. "I am sorry that I am late.

Persipha straightened herself up and shooed Jenara away from the centre pedestal. "Alliandra." she stated. "Please give your vote.

Alliandra stood gracefully, and looked up at Persipha. Raising her hand, she calmly said, "I support.

The room began to flood with shouts and comments once again. Alliandra gave another glance back to Persipha, and then turned and started walking back to the doors, at the same pace as before. There was an elegant grace about her, as her dress one more began to glide with her movements. She almost seemed like she was moving in slow motion, but of course no-one was watching her anymore. They had begun to argue again. Persipha tried to calm the crowd down.

Enough! That's enough." she said. "The council has given it's vote. In accordance with the action of the Dark faeries," she said, nodding to one of the faeries on the council, "We, the society of Light Faeries held responsible and concerned for those dwelling below, in the world of Neopia..." she said, "Will counter said actions with the creation of being infused with insurmountable Light magic, in the means that said creation will rid the world below of the Dark faerie's plague." she said, pausing. "May the world of Neopia be rid of it's darknesses and the influence of the Dark faeries.

The crowd applauded, though some bickering could still be heard. Persipha nodded and looked back out towards the doors, which had been closed once more. Alliandra had vanished just as she had appeared. Persipha turned back to the crowd.

Council dismissed."

the warm morning sun peeked through the clouds and shone down through the beautiful pink and blue coloured silks. Three light faeries sat around the crib, watching Tangeriiine as she would move slightly in her sleep. The three would smile and coo every time the Aisha made noises.

She's so adorable!" whispered one. "I've never seen a baby neopet so close before!

I know!" said the shorter one. "She's so quiet and peaceful, I just want to.." she said, outstretching her hand to stroke the babies' face.

No!" hissed the tallest of the three, batting her hand away. "She'll wake up! We have to let her sleep!

The shortest Light faerie pouted. "But I want to hold her!" she said, raising her whispering voice. "And who made you in charge of her, anyway?

The taller one gave her a stern eye. "Well, no-one made me in charge, but you two obviously don't know how to take care of a baby neopet, so I guess I'll have to!

Hey, that's not fair!" said the middle faerie. "You've never taken care of a baby neopet either! why should you get all the responsibility?

That's right!" said the shorter one. "I think I could take care of her much better than either of you could!

Oh please!" said the tallest faerie. "You couldn't even keep a petpet, let alone look after-

Tangeriiine woke up. She started gurgling and frowned, before bursting into tears.

See? look what you've done!" shouted the tallest faerie. "Now how do we stop her crying?!"

Don't look at me!" said the middle faerie. "You said you were going to take all the responsibility!

The middle faerie picked the baby up and held it up to examine it. "Maybe if we start making funny faces at it, she'll cheer up!" she said, looking worreidly.

No, that can't be it!" said the tallest faerie, taking the baby. "Maybe she needs her diaper changed or something!

The two faeries gazed in horror. "Well, you can do that then!" said the shorter faerie. The middle one nodded and stood back. The tallest one, still holding onto Tangeriine, gave the baby a quick glance and put her back in the cot.

Um, well maybe that's not it then!" said the tallest. "What could it be?

I don't know!" said the middle faerie. "Just get her to stop crying!

Ladies, please." came a voice from behind them. It was Alliandra, one of the older faeries. It was rumoured she was quite powerful, but no-one had ever seen her use magic, or even seen her much at all. She had attended the council meeting and supported the creation of a missionary.

She gracefull walked over to the crib, and sweeped Tangeriiine up into her hands. She held the baby to her chest, and began stroking it's back, humming gently while walking into a patch of sunlight. Tangeriiine gradually began to quieten down.

Alliandra turned to the three faeries, standing in awe of her ability to stop the baby from crying. "What has happened here." she said firmly. "Is that you have brought a baby into this world, and you have no idea how to care for it." she said. "If you don't mind, I shall take care of this child." she said, turning to face Tangeriiine. The Aisha smiled.

The three faeries exchanged quick glances. "Alliandra." Said the tallest. "Are you sure you know how to take care of a neopet?

Alliandra smiled back. "Yes, I think I should be alright." she said. "You will be welcome to visit her anytime you wish.

The faeries nodded. "I'll tell Persipha." said the middle faerie, turning around and walking back into the shrine. Alliandra nodded, and with one quick glance back to the other faeries, set Tangeriiine down into the crib.

Now, if you don't mind." she said. "The baby needs her sleep. Please leave her alone.

The two faeries nodded obediently and follwed the middle faerie outside the room.

I still think I would have been an excellent owner for the baby." quipped the smaller one. "You'd get stuck trying to change it's clothes!

Hmph!" snorted the taller one. "Babies don't have owners, they have parents!" she said. "Shows what you know about raising them!

Hey!" said the shortest. "At least I didn't wake the baby!

You're blaming me? You're the one who wanted to touch it while it was sleeping!

Well I wouldn't have woken it up! I would have been gentle!

The middle faerie stopped, about five metres or so in front of the two. "Will you two give it a rest?" she said. "Come on, we have to go see Persipha." she said, turning back around and continuing down the corridor.

And besides, you're both wrong. I'd be better at taking care of that baby than the both of you put together!

A Mother
(Tangeriiine is about five or six in this story)

excuse me, sir?

The Skeith shopkeeper looked up from behind his newspaper to find two small Aisha ears poking out from behind the counter. He leaned over to examine them. They belonged to a little girl. Her face brightened at the sight of the shopkeeper and she gave a happy smile. She then reached up onto the tip of her toes and placed two carrots and a leek on the counter, followed by a handful of sweets and some money.

Just these items, thanks. she said, still smiling.

The Skeith put down his newspaper and started adding up the items on the cash register. then, he dragged the coins across to the register one by one, sliding them along with his finger so as to count them. He raised an eyebrow and loocked back at the Aisha, who's smile turned from happy to inocent.

You don't have enough neopoints here for all of them. he said, checking the prices on the register again. You need an extra 250np.

The Aisha frowned, rummaged through her bag and thought for a moment. She looked longingly at the wrapped lollies she had places on the counter.

Do I have enough for the vegetables? she asked.


But not the sweets?

No. The skeith said, with a quick smirk.

Tangeriiine stood there thinking for another moment longer, in deep thought. The Skeith decided to help her out of this troublesome dilemma.

What items were you told to buy here? he said, with a smile.

Tangeriiine looked up, out of her deep thought. Oh! she said. How did you..

You've got exactly enough money for just the vegetables. The skeith said. But I'll bet you weren't told to buy that candy.

Tangeriiine smiled, a tad embarassed. I thought maybe if i ate them before I got home, she wouldn't notice..

Well, here. The Skeith said, taking the coins and placing them into the register. Take those vegetables.. he said, placing them in a basket and handing them to Tangeriiine. He scooped up the lollies and picked out the largest one. .. And I'll let you have this one for free.

Tangeriiine's face lit up, and she took the lolly happily. Thank you so much, sir! she said grinning. Oh! but I'd better get home soon.. she said, running to the door. she said I can't be late home again!

Take care. the skeith said, chuckling to himself. And don't tell your mother I let you have one!

Tangeriiine stopped for a moment before closing the door on her way out. She thought she ought to correct the skeith, but it was a minor detail anyway. She closed the door, the bell above it jingling. she walked down the streets of the busy Faerieland market. Everywhere, people were walking about, talking, bustling, haggling over prices. Tangeriiine didn't like the market because of the big crowds, but she did go there when she had to. And the possibility of chocolate and sweets always made the journey a little more tempting.

Tangeriiine unwrapped the candy and popped it in her mouth. It tasted delicious. She placed the wrapper in a nearby bin and noticed a small apple lying near her feet. Was this apple supposed to be in the bin? Tangeriiine looked at it. It hadn't been bitten, and apart from a small dent, the apple was otherwise fine. She picked the apple up and turned it over, in case it was bitten on the other side. It wasn't. She turned the apple back to the other side, and the dent in it was gone. Tangeriiine smiled. She was used to that.

Suddenly a small tug came from Tangeriiine's dress. She turned around, and a small blumaroo girl with red pigtails looked at her. She was smaller than Tangeriiine, and was only about three or four years old.

E-Excuse me... the little girl stuttered. But that's my apple. Can.. can I have it back please?

Tangeriiine smiled. Sure! she said, handing it to the little girl. The blumaroo smiled, and took the apple. She walked a few feet away, and stopped, looking up at the crowds of people.

Tangeriiine frowned and walked back up to her. Are you alright? she asked the blumaroo.

I just.. I need to find my family. she said, looking at the faces of people passing by. We were walking when I dropped my apple, and I went to go pick it up, and..

Margaret! Came a voice from behind them. The blumaroo girl turned around and was delighted to see a large, purple blumaroo, running towards her. She outstretched her hands.

Mommy! she said, and in one sweeping motion the purple blumaroo had taken the child into her arms, and gave her a big hug.

Margaret, honey, why did you run off like that? she asked, carrying her daughter back into the crowd. Tangeriiine watched as the blumaroo girl started explaining the situation, and pointed to Tangeriiine and waved. Tangeriiine waved back, and turned to walk back home to the Light Faerie Shrine.


After dinner, Tangeriiine found herself sitting out on the edge of the garden, watching the stars, while far, far below her, the waves moved gently, reflecting the moon in the waters.

Tangeriiine, is everything okay? came a gentle voice. She turned around to see Alliandra, the light faerie. "You seemed a bit distant during dinner, and it seemed like something was on your mind." The Light Faerie came and sat beside her. Tangeriiine sighed.

I don't have a mother. she said.

Alliandra looked a bit surprised, but gave a gentle smile and put her arm around Tangeriiine. What has brought this matter up, Tangeriiine? she asked soothingly.

Tangeriiine looked away. When I went to the market today, there was a little girl with her mother. They looked so happy together. she said. And everyone at that marketplace would have had a mother. Someone that always loved them, and was kind to them, and got worried about them, and made them lunches .. she said sadly, looking down. But I don't have a mother, do I?

The light faerie smiled. No, Tangeriiine. she said. You do not have a mother.

Tangeriiine looked back up at the light faerie, with sad eyes. But before she could say anything, the faerie continued.

But Tangeriiine, who makes your lunches? she asked with a smile.

Tangeriiine thought for a moment. You do. Oh, but I help lots of the time.. she added.

And what happened the last time you were late coming home from the market? Alliandra asked.

Tangeriiine smiled. You got worried about me.

Exactly the faerie said. And am I kind to you?

Tangeriiine paused. Sometimes Alliandra did raise her voice, but that was when Tangeriiine hadn't done something she was supposed to do. And she did let Tangeriiine live in her house, and she cooked food with her. And she threw Tangeriiine a big birthday party last year; she couldn't wait until her birthday this year. Yes, she said, smiling. you are very kind to me.

Well. Alliandra said. I suppose that settles it then.

Tangeriiine frowned. Wait! she said. But do you love me? A mother is supposed to love me...

The Light faerie scooped Tangeriiine up in her arms and gave her a big hug. Of course I love you! she said, smiling. You love me, don't you?

Yes, of course, silly. Tangeriiine giggled, as the faerie turned around and gave her a piggyback back home. I guess I just forget sometimes".


Tangeriiine brushed her ivory hair as she stood before her window, watching the stars twinkle in the dark sky. Tomorrow she would be travelling down to the lower world, and she knew that she wouldn't be able to have such a spectacular view of the sky until she returned. Stars littered the sky and stretched as far as the horizon, as though someone has spilt glitter over the top of neopia. Tangeriiine began to drift into thought, and she slowly stopped brushing her hair.

Alliandra sat in the lounge room, attempting the faerie crossword featured in yesterdays' Light Faerie News. She lifted her head at the sound of footsteps and smiled to greet Tangeriiine. She lay the newspaper down and sat up, looking at Tangeriiine, who was now standing awkwardly in the doorway. She motioned for the Aisha to sit down.

Is everything alright, Tangeriiine?" she asked. The aisha responded by shuffling uncomfortably.

Tangeriiine looked up at the Faerie. "Do you think I will make any friends when I go down to Neopia?" she asked.

Alliandra had come to expect odd questions like that from her. After thinking for a minute, she said calmly, "You know, that is not really a priority..

Tangeriiine gave her a glum look, and Alliandra was reminded again that the Aisha was looking for a mother's sympathy, and not the blunt truth.

.. but Tangeriiine, I know that you are a kind soul and I should imagine that you would have no difficulty in making friends." she said with a smile. Tangeriiine's face brightened but Alliandra's turned to seriousness.

But something you must remember, Tangeriiine, is that the lower world is something neither of us have experienced or understand fully" she said. "From what I have learned, there are indeed kind neopians, but there are also others that you must try to avoid.

Tangeriiine frowned. "What do you mean, Alliandra?" she asked.

Alliandra stood up and walked over to the window, glancing down at the patches of cloud that revealed the ocean below. "Some people are scared, Tangeriiine, and they may not understand things as we do. The may not understand how you came to be, or where you are from, nor would they accept you as their equal. Others have their hearts so full of hatred that they may try to do unwelcome things to hurt you." she said, crossing her arms. "While Neopia is told to be a place of peace and happiness, there is unrest, and in reality it is a very dangerous world." she said, sighing. "I am very afraid to let you go there.

She turned back to Tangeriiine, who was still seated on the couch, whose face now showed growing concern.

But, Alliandra.." she said slowly, ".. surely you and the council would not send me down there unless you were sure I was ready?

Alliandra smiled. "Of course." she said. "Of course, you are ready. And you should be able to handle things by yourself. I just want you to be safe." she said. "And be careful. I won't be able to help you once you leave for the lower world, and I'm just afraid that..

Tangeriiine got up off the couch. "Don't be afraid." she said. "You've always told me that we shouldn't be afraid." she said, walking up to Alliandra and hugging her. "Everything will be alright. You know I'll be fine.

Alliandra smiled, and hugged her back, but Tangeriiine's face only grew more concerned as she wondered whether she beleived her own words.

Aboard the Deception

Before Tangeriiine even woke up, she knew something was amiss. The ground beneath her was lunging back and forth, and she could hear voices shouting.

Tangeriiine opened her eyes. It was warm, perhaps the middle of the day. she looked up towards the sky. The sun was blinding and hot. And her wings were in the greatest pain she had ever felt.

Tangeriiine sat up. As she tried to move around, she found herself trapped by metal bars. In the horizon, she could see the ocean and smelt the salty sea air. She was in a cage, on a boat.

Good to see you're alive. came a smug voice. How'r you feeling?

Tangeriiine groaned as she tried to sit up properly, but her wings felt heavy and numb. Where.. where am I? she asked, rubbing her eyes. what happened?

She turned to face the voice, who revealed themself to be a green wocky in a maroon jacket. Her large hat sported a poofy cream feather, and her eyes were a bright green.

Now, see, I was hoping you'd be able to tell me. she said with a sinister smile. What a girl like you was doing out in the ocean in the middle of nowhere.

Tangeriiine looked concerned. The ocean? she asked, rubbing her eyes. I've never been to the ocean.

The wocky looked surprised. What, a kid like you never been to the beach before? Now that is rare. She said, walking around the cage. But I do suppose it might have something to do with those wings of yours.

Tangeriiine tried to back away, but the cage itself wasn't very large. I.. she stopped. Please, can you take me to the healing springs? My wings hurt so much..

The wocky stopped smiling. So you are from Faerieland, then. she said. Sorry to disappoint, but there aren't many alive today who know how to get back up there. she said, motioning to the clouds. Unless you can fly, or have some powerful magic, it's not an easy task.

Oh. Tangeriiine said, frowning. But... but then how will I get home?

Beats me. the wocky said. You should have thought of that before you decided to come down here to Neopia.

Tangeriiine stopped. My.. My mother.. she stuttered, tears welling up in her eyes. I'll never see her again..

Oh, pipe down. The wocky said, getting impatient. It's not like it's the end of the world.

Tangeriiine opened her mouth to say something, but the wocky interrupted her.

Hey, you never know. she said. If you're lucky, your family will be looking for you when we reach the mainland. They'll pay a handsome price if they really want you back.

What? Tangeriiine said. Why would they pay for me?

The wocky rolled her eyes. You don't catch on very fast, do you? she said. You're in a cage. We found you, so you've become our property. And everything we find, we sell. There's gotta be someone out there who's going to want a cute little girl like you.

Tangeriiine was shocked. But..! I don't want to be sold!

I'm afraid that's not your choice.


Captain, there be a problem downstairs with the cook said a crewmate, walking up from below deck. Says he needs to talk to you about that batch of Puntec fruits we's taken from the last raid.

The wocky crossed her arms. Probably rotten or something. she muttered, walking away. She turned to a mynci, who was looking through a spyglass out to sea. The girls' awake, but she's more valuable alive. Give her some food.

The Mynci lowered his spyglass, revealing a scar running along his face. Nodding, he got up and followed the captain downstairs, returning moments later with a tray of food. Setting it down before her, the mynci reached in through the cage to give Tangeriiine a cup of water. Here he said. It's the only drink you'll get today, so you'd better take it.

Tangeriiine paused for a minute, before taking the cup and sipping from it. The Mynci proceeded to hand her a Flotato, but as she went to reach for it, he grabbed her hand.

Y'know, Those are some mighty pretty gloves you have there. he said with a devious smile, looking her hands up and down. I think I'll send them home to my girl.

No, please..! Tangeriiine said, struggling to get her hand away. They're mine, I need to wear them!

Ignoring her, the mynci reached his other hand through the cage and pryed the glove off her left hand. Still holding onto Tangeriiine's hand, he took the glove out of the cage with a triumphant smile.

He leaned in to grab the other glove, but stopped. Running his hand over his face, he paused for a moment, before releasing Tangeriiine's hand and running to one of the other crewmates.

Oy, McGarfen. He said to a rather portly skeith. Is my scar still on my face?

The skeith looked confused, and gave the Mynci a sideways glance. What did you do with it?

The Mynci's eyes widened. Running back to the cage, he shouted Oy lads! This here girl can heal ya battlescars! Come take a look!

A crowd soon gathered around Tangeriiine. Again, she tried to back up into a corner, but the cage was too small. She crouched down and tried to move away from the pirates as much as she could.

Right, so how does it work? asked one of the crewmates.

Well, you just gotta let her hand touch you, I think said the Mynci. C'mon lass, reach out, won't you?

Tangeriiine shook her head. No! I don't want to!

If you won't do it y'self, said a rather large Tonu, Then I'll do it for you.

Stepping up to the cage, the Tonu pushed his arm through the bars. Grabbing Tangeriiine's arm rather forcefully, he pulled her to the front of the cage to the line of eager pirates. One by one, the pirates stood up, and the Tonu pulled Tangeriiine's hand onto them. And every time, the crowd watched in amazement as scars were healed, limbs became unbroken and fingers and teeth returned. Though she squirmed, there was no way she could overpower the Tonu.

Please! she cried. Stop it! let me go!

The pirates laughed. Tangeriiine could feel herself getting weaker every time she healed them, but still they continued. The crowd would cheer after one of the crewmates was healed.

Please... she said wearily. I..

she closed her eyes and began to swagger. If she continued much further, she would probably collapse.

The next pirate stood up to the cage, revealing an eyepatch and a toothless grin. The Tonu leant in to pull Tangeriiine's hand out.

That's quite enough, mister Slint. said the Wocky calmly, returning from below deck. The crewmates all stood aside as she walked up to Tangeriiine's cage.

Captain! said the Mynci, emerging from the crowd. This girl, she can heal!

The Wocky seemed curious, but she looked over at Tangeriiine and frowned. And have you noticed, Wyatt, that she is about to lose consciousness?

The Mynci looked over at Tangeriiine. Yeah, but I figure we's just wait until she woke up again.

The wocky was unimpressed. Better she awake so she can recover a lot quicker, wouldn't you agree?

The Mynci looked past the wocky, over at Tangeriiine, and nodded with a devious smile.

Right lads, back to work. she said sternly, flicking her tail about. The crowd sported groans and glum faces as the group disbanded and they all turned to get back to work.

She needn't long. The wocky called to the crew, as they turned to listen. What say she heal the rest of us after supper?

The crew resounded in a cheerful 'aye captain', and as they all went back to their chores, the wocky was once again alone with Tangeriiine. She leant her face in close to the cage bars to see tha aisha, who was huddled back at the far corner.

You just seem to be full of surprises, don't you. she said with a quick smile. Better eat that Flotato. Some of my crew need a lotta healing.

Aboard the Deception 2

Tangeriiine sat up at the sound of a clunk. She hadn't been able to sleep much that evening, as she was not at all used to the constant back and forth heaving of the ship. She had quickly gotten used to the smell, but she couldn't get comfortable on the hard, steel floor. She had never slept out of her comfy bed up in faerieland. She was beginning to miss her old room, and the comfort and welcome feeling it always had.

A Kyrii had been walking about the top deck, keeping guard. Apart from he and Tangeriiine, no-one had been above deck after they all headed down for dinner. Now, as she looked around, even the Kyrii himself has disappeared.

You got a family, kid?

Like a phantom, the pirate wocky silently emerged from the shadows. She walked past Tangeriiine's cage and rested her arms out on the side of the ship, looking out at the moon. Tangeriiine hesitated, but decided after several moments that no real harm could result from answering.

It's a small family. she said. It's just me and my mother up in faerieland. I've never had any brothers or sisters.

The wocky smiled and kept her eyes on the horizon. I got a sister myself. An aisha, just like you. she said, running her fingers through her white hair. Haven't seen her in a few years now.

Do you miss her? Tangeriiine asked.

Thw wocky smirked. We don't really get along anyway.

The wocky stood up and stretched her back. Walking back over to Tangeriiine's cage, she rifled around in her coat pocket and produced a key. Tangeriiine watched intently as the wocky proceeded to unlock her cage, and outstretch her hand to the aisha.

Tangeriiine looked at the wocky's hand cautiuously, and then back up to her face, unsure as to whether to accept it. The wocky smiled.

Crews all asleep. she said. And they wouldn't dare try anything with me here.

Tangeriiine still hesitated, looking out around the ship.

Way I see it, I know every inch of this ship. The wocky said. You've shown us that you can't swim, and the way you go on about your wings, I'd say you can't fly either.

So by my watch, in a cage or not, you aint going anywhere.

Tangeriiine thought for a moment, took a quick breath, and grabbed the Wocky's hand. Stepping out of her cage, Tangeriiine happily stood up and stretched her legs. She looked around to find that the wocky had returned to watching the ocean. Walking over, she joined the wocky.

So you got a place up in the clouds, then? The wocky asked.

Tangeriiine nodded. It's just a little cottage a few minutes away from Faerie City. she said. But when I think of it, it feels so warm and inviting. I had my own room, and a nice warm, comfy bed, and I had so much fun with Alliandra.

Tangeriiine smiled at the memory, but it faded and she looked back at the wocky. Do you live on your ship, then?

course. she said. We travel around a lot so there's no real reason for me to have a house or anything.

So you don't have a home?

I used to. she said. I used to have a house with my own room and family.

Why did you leave?

I wanted to live my own life. the wocky said seriously. And I couldn't be free where I was.

Tangeriiine looked back at her. I.. They had plans for me. she said, looking up at the clouds. I was supposed to be some great hero but I didn't want to be. she said, shaking her head.

The wocky smirked. What, a little girl like you?

I didn't want to let them all down. Tangeriiine said. They were going to send me to neopia and I would have been by myself an-

Take a look around, kid. the wocky said. You're down in neopia and you're by yourself. Looks like your plans are unfurling already.

But I don't even know where to start. Tangeriiine said.

You've already started. The wocky said. From now on, only your actions will decide where life takes you.

But I thought I was your prisoner? Tangeriiine asked, looking morosely back at the iron cage.

The way I see it, the wocky said, You've healed my entire crew. Aint no amount of healing potions could have done that. You've earned your freedom in my books, though if my crew find out, I'll deny it.

Tangeriiine looked back at the wocky. But I didn't heal you..

The wocky smiled. Wouldn't be a very fearsome captain if I didn't have a scratch on me, would I?

Tangeriiine looked away. I'm still on this boat..

Ship. The wocky corrected. And there are ways of changing that.

The wocky leaned over and looked down at the water, and Tangeriiine did the same. She could see a glowing light somewhere beneath the water, and a few moments later a maraquan eyrie bobbed her head above the waves. Her hair was a beautiful azure blue, and her scales were bright orange. Around her neck was a lei of seashells.

Who is she? Tangeriiine asked.

Your ticket out of here.

Aboard the Deception 3

The ocean was silent apart from two figures standing on the top decck of a ship. Below them, a maraquan eyrie folded her arms and waited impatiently.

Did you need me? the eyrie asked.

You from the Narami group? Didn't think they swam in these waters.

I was exiled. she said. Do you need me or not?

The wocky looked her up and down. Yep, you'll do. she said, motioning towards Tangeriiine. This one needs your help.

Tangeriiine took a step forward and curtseyed to the eyrie. Please, if you could help me I'd be very grateful.

The eyrie frowned. What do you need?

The aisha frowned. Um, at the moment I seem to need to get off this boat.

The eyrie looked at the wocky for assistance, so the wocky interrupted.

Girl needs to get to land before we do. Think you can escort her to Altador?

Shouldn't be too difficult.

She can't swim.

The eyrie frowned. That'll be extra.

Tangeriiine looked confused. Extra?

Oh, this ride aint for free. The wocky said, looking at Tangeriiine. If you want help you gotta pay for it.

But, I don't have anything to pay with! Tangeriiine said. I only have my Novas, but I need them!

She doesn't have money? The eyrie said. Then you're wasting my time.

Tangeriine looked at the wocky. Do you have anything you can offer her?

This aint my ride. The wocky said, slightly irritated. Your freedom means you can do whatever you like. But I aint responsible for you any more. My crew, however, won't agree to this arrangement. the wocky said. As soon as they see you out of that cage they're going to put you straight back in there. You don't want to be here when they wake up.

But.. Tangeriine said. I don't have anything to pay!

The wocky looked down at the eyrie. Banished, eh? You a sorceress?

The Eyrie pouted. They don't allow use of magic in my clan.

The wocky grabbed Tangeriine's gloved hand. She can heal.

The eyrie's eyes widened. That'd be more than enough payment.

Tangeriiine stood back. wait! she said. I can't just give away my powers!

The Eyrie sighed. What else does she have, then?

The wocky looked around at Tangeriiine, spying a bottle of Novas concealed in one of her dress ribbons. She pulled it out. Looks like a bottle of something.

They're Novas! Tangeriiine protested, grabbing them from her.

Did you say Novas? The eyrie said curiously. Those are worth a great deal, I can take them too.

No! Stop! Tangeriiine said, stepping away from the railing. She grabbed her bottle of Novas and tucked it back into her dress. I don't want to give away either of those!

The wocky put her hands on her hips. Well, you want to get out of here, don't you?


Do you have anything else to offer that eyrie?

I.. I don't know. I don't have anything else apart from my clothes.

The eyrie below had been listening. I don't have any use for clothes and material. If you don't have anything to pay with, I'm leaving.

The wocky turned back to Tangeriiine. Do you really need those Novas?

Tangeriiine put her hand gently over the bottle. Yes. They are very important to me.

Then do you really need that healing power of yours?

Tangeriiine held her hand up an examined it. She had been able to heal as long as she could remember. It was a gift from the light faeries.

Need I remind you. The wocky said. If the wrong people find out about this power of yours, you might find yourself in a similar situation as you did today. And I won't be there to call them off.

Tangeriiine frowned. Would people really do that?

You found out today that they will. the wocky said. She looked over at the horizon, which had begun to glow with the new day's light. You need to make your decision fast.

Tangeriine paused for another moment, her mind racing at all these questions. Would she be able to get her powers back? were they really necessary to her? If her power could be taken away, surely it could be gotten back somehow..?

Alright! she called down to the eyrie, who was almost swimming off. You can have my healing ability.

Finally. said the Eyrie. You know I don't appreciate being kept waiting like this.

The wocky walked over to some ropes and barrels and returned with a rope ladder. tossing it overboard, she tied one end to part of the ship and motioned for Tangeriiine to climb down.

Course, if my crew find you when we port next. she said. I can't be held responsible for their actions.

I.. I understand Tangeriine said, grabbing the rope and starting down. Where is the nearest port?

Altador, I reckon. The wocky said. Best bet is to head there and get further inland.

But.. Tangeriine said. How will I know what to do? where to go?

Use your gut and your common sense. the wocky said. It shouldn't be too hard.

My gut? Tangeriiine asked, frowning.

It that feeling you get deep inside you.

Oh, you mean like from my heart? she said with a smile.

The wocky smiled. Yeah, something like that.

As Tangeriiine continued down the rope ladder, there was a breif moment when the wocky seemed to have a content look about her face. Her eyes were almost kind, and a sincere smile was poking out of the corner of her mouth. Though it only lasted a split second, Tangeriine caught a glimpse of it and was filled with hope.

As she took several steps down the ladder, Tangeriine smiled and looked back as the wocky began to disappear from view.


Arrival in Altador 1

The warm morning sun peeked it's way through the mountains and shed a warm light on the town below. The air was moist as the last of the night's fog dissipated into the sunlight. Around the harbour sounds of shouts and machinery could be heard as the wharf began to wake with the new day. Tangeriiine sat on the jetty, twisting the last bits of salt water out of her hair. Ugh. She smelled like salt water. She sighed as her mind longily wandered to the thoughts of a nice, hot bath full to the brim with Faerie Bubbles. But she wasn't in a bath. she was cold and wet, standing on the docks.

Fixing up her hair, Tangeriiine stretched her arms out and gave a big yawn. She hadn't slept much that night, but where would she sleep now? Home was miles away. She didn't know anyone in town. She didn't even know what town she was in. Standing up, she gave one last glance to the ocean and headed down the jetty towards town.

As she walked down the streets, Tangeriiine watched as the shops began to open, and the marketplace began to spring to life. Shopkeepers began to put up signage and open their doors for the day, and the people began to wander the stalls in search of an early morning bargain. Every now and then, Tangeriiine would step into a nice patch of sunlight, and she would stop every now and then to embrace the warmth. She didn't really know what she was supposed to be doing, anyway.

Hungry, little girl? enquired an elderly Kyrii from a nearby stall. Coaxing her across, she held out a Tchea to Tangeriiine. My Tchea fruit are the juiciest of all the market! A well dressed girl like you must be used to the best!

Oh! Tangeriiine said, happily, placing her hand on her stomach, who was eagerly growling. They.. they do look delicious!

The Kyrii brought her hand back in. 200np each, but for you, I'll lower the price down to 150np.

Oh. Tangeriiine frowned.

The Kyrii woman stopped, aware she was about to lose a customer.

For you, pretty girl, today, I make a deal. 130np. This is the finest fruit from the Lost Desert! It has travelled miles!

Tangeriiine could feel her stomach rumbling even more, and her mouth began to salivate at the sight of the plump, juicy fruit. She could just imagine taking a bite and have the delicious juices running down her mouth. She could almost taste it.

She leant in, eager to grab it, but restrained herself. No, you see, I don't.. I don't have any money.

You what? The Kyrii woman said angrily, snatching the Tchea fruit back and throwing it into the pile of others. Why didn't you say so, you little brat? Stop wasting my time.

Tangeriiine, a little intimidated, hurried back into the busier part of the marketplace. More of the shops were open and the stray shoppers had begun to form small crowds. Tangeriiine noticed a stall selling jewellery and walked over to it, admiring all of the necklaces and earrings. The large elephante looked up from behind his 'Altador at a Glance' and walked over to Tangeriiine.

Ah, you like this one, do you? He said, poining to a necklace adorned with moons and stars. It matches your dress.

Thankyou. Tangeriiine said with a smile. The colours are really pretty.

Ah, it is pretty but it is expensive too. Maybe you should ask your mother to buy it for you? Bring her over here and I will make a deal.

Oh, I'm here by myself. Tangeriiine said with a troubled look.

The elephante was not amused. With a snort he turned back to the counter and picked up his paper again. Come back when you have money, girl. This jewellery is expensive.

A bit disheartened, Tangeriiine turned and walked further down the bustling alley. Catching a whiff of something delicious, she followed her nose over to a stall several shops down. A purple poogle lady was uncovering some baked pies. She smiled as Tangeriiine approached.

She opened her mouth to speak but Tangeriiine cut in first.

I don't have any money! she blurted. And I don't have someone to buy things for me!

The Poogle lady looked a bit startled, but smiled. That's alright. Could you help me lift this tray?

With a sigh of releif, Tangeriiine smiled and nodded. Walking behind the counter, she found a cart full of trays of baked goods, and one by one she brought them to the Poogle behind the counter. After all the trays had been arranged on the stall tables, Tangeriiine walked back behind the counter. Looking at all the delicious pies and cakes just made Tangeriiine's stomach grumble even more.

Thankyou very much for helping me. The Poogle Lady said with a smile. Is your mum or dad around?

No.. I'm here by myself. Tangeriiine said.

Oh, well do you live near here? I haven't seen you around before.. ?

No, I've never been to this town.. Tangeriiine said.

Oh my.. said the Poogle lady. Do you have a place to stay?

Tangeriiine motioned to answer, but her stomach cut in growling. Clutching her stomach, Tangeriiine gave the Poogle an embarassed smile.

Have you had anything to eat today? The Poogle woman said, growing a bit concerned. Tangeriiine shook her head, and the Poogle paused for a moment, before smiling and giving herself a quick nod.

Well here, you can have one of these pies, if you like. she said. You can consider it my thanks for helping me set up for today!

Tangeriiine's eyes lit up. A-are you sure?

The Poogle nodded. Tangeriiine wanted to object, but the pies smelt so delicious. She looked at the tray. All of the pies looked perfect.

The Poogle lady smiled, and noticed a Tonu approaching the stall. Take your time choosing. You can even pick the biggest one if you want! she said smiling. I'm just going to help this customer, but after that maybe we could talk about finding you a place to stay.

Tangeriiine nodded, and turned her attention back to the pies. They smelled of delicious flavours like blueberry and Flatfruit and Flotato. She couldn't wait anymore. Spying a nice, big pie, she took it in her hands. She looked at the Poogle woman, but she was busy talking to the Tonu about cakes. Looking around, Tangeriiine took a quick breath and then leant forward and took a big bite into the pastry.

It tasted glorious.

Hey! Hey you there!

Tangeriiine spun around looked back into the busy crowd. A purple Lutari was weaving her way through the crowd and heading towards her. Startled, Tangeriiine took a few steps back, unsure of what to do. Had the Lutari seen her take the pie without paying?

Hey! wait, stay right there! The Lutari shouted. She quickened her pace, but bumped into a Ruki carrying several baskets of pears and fell to the floor. Green pears and the purple Lutari spilled out onto the cobblestone pavement.

Tangeriiine began to worry. She took more steps back, and bumped into the table. She panicked. dropping the pie, she turned and fled down the nearest alleyway.

Oh! Wait! The Poogle lady called to her, ignoring the Tonu, who was in mid-conversation. Please, come back!

The Lutari meanwhile had picked herself up and gotten to her feet. Running over to the stall, she rested her hands on the table and took a few deep breaths. Looking up at the Poogle lady, she gave her a playful salute.

Where did that Aisha girl go? she said, eagerly.

Why? The Poogle lady said worreidly. Is she in trouble?

What? No.. The Lutari responded. She-

Their conversation was cut short with sounds of a scream a few streets away. The Lutari's eyes widened, and with a quick glance to the Poogle, she hurried down the street.

Arrival in Altador 2

Tangeriiine was quite out of breath. After running from the pie stall, she had turned several streets and alleyways, until she had found a backstreet that was deserted by all, spare a few garbage cans and boxes. Leaning against a wall, she stopped to rest. She hadn't gotten any sleep and her only breakfast was a mouthful of pie. As she stopped to collect her thoughts, she looked back to the marketplace. Who was that purple Lutari? How did she know Tangeriine?

Hey! A voice called behind her.

Tangeriiine let out a scream and covered her face, but spun around to find an old Lupe woman. She was very wrinkly and wore a maroon shawl. Sighing in releif, the Lupe smiled at her.

Lost, child? the Lupe woman crooned. Tangeriiine stood up straight, and smiled politely.

You poor dear, your hair is all tangled.. The lupe woman said, looking her over. And you look so tired and out of breath! You need a place to rest for a minute.

Oh, that's okay.. Tangeriiine said with a quick smile. I'm sure I can find a place..

Oh... oh.. but you must let me help you. the Lupe woman said smiling. I can make you something nice to eat..

Tangeriiine clutched her stomach. She was still very hungry. And the Lupe woman seemed nice...

Would.. would it inconvenience you? she said. I am.. very hungry.

Oh, not at all! The old Lupe woman said. You just come with me, and I'll help you.. she said, outstretching her wrinkly hand.

Taking a quick look around, Tangeriiine paused, but looked back at the smiling old Lupe and was soothed. Taking her hand, they began to walk down the alleyway.

So where do you live? Tangeriiine said with a smile.

Oh, it's not too far from here.. she said.

They walked further down the road in silence. As Tangeriiine watched the passing piles of rubbish, broken items and tattered fences, a seed of doubt began to grow in her mind. As she looked further down the street, the road seemed to deteriorate with the housing. There was still no-one around and she began to get worried. She looked back at the street she had came from. They were walking further and further away from the marketplace.

A-actually, you know, I might just head back to the marketplace.. Tangeriine said, stopping. Thankyou for your offer, though..

What? Oh, you can't go yet! we're almost there! The Lupe said. It's just a bit further, come on.

The lupe gripped Tangeriiine's hand and attempted to continue walking, but Tangeriiine did not.

No, I'm sorry.. Tangeriine said. I just want to get back to the marketplace..

The Lupe frowned and grabbed Tangeriiine's wrist. Her tone of a sweet old lady had disappeared.

You're coming with me, girl.

Tangeriiine took a step back, trying to release her wrist. No, I'm sorry, please, let me go..!

Shutup! The Lupe woman said, pulling her wrist. You're coming with me!

Very worried, Tangeriine tried to pull her wrist free, but could not. Her breath quickening, she looked for help, but no-one was around. As she started to panic, she tried to think of what to do, but there was no-one around to hear her call for help.

Hey! another voice called from behind them. Tangeriiine and the Lupe both turned to find none other than the puprle Lutari, who had appeared out of nowhere. Her heart racing, Tangeriiine took a step back, unsure of what to do. Everything was happening so fast.

There you are! The Lutari said, walking over to Tangeriiine and putting her hands on her shoulders. Mum and I were so worried about you, we stopped to look at some jewellery and then we couldn't find you.

Tangeriiine looked clueless. W-what?

The Lutari turned to the Lupe woman, taking her hand and releasing Tangeriiine's wrist. Thankyou for finding my sister. You're such a kind woman for helping her.

The Lupe woman gave her a stern look. You.. know this Aisha girl?

The Lutari gave Tangeriiine a smile. Tangeriiine didn't quite understand what was going on, but she looked at the two ladies and weighed her options. It did only take her about a second to realise the safer path.

Oh, t-thankyou sister. she said, walking over to the Lutari's side and holding onto her side. I was.. so worried that I had gotten lost.

The Lutari looked down at Tangeriiine and gave her another smile, resting her arm on her shoulder. Tangeriiine smiled back.

The Lutari turned back to the Lupe. Of course, how could I ever thank you..

The Lupe woman shuffled uncomfortably. It.. was nothing. she muttered. She gave Tangeriiine a scowl and turned away, hobbling rather speedily down the alleyway.

Tangeriiine sighed in releif, resting her head in her hands, trying to stop herself from trembling. When she looked back up, the Lutari had squatted down to her level, her hand still resting gently on her shoulder.

Hey, you gotta be careful around here! The Lutari said. There's dangerous people around, and they don't always look like bad guys.

I-I'm sorry.. Tangeriiine said, tears swelling up in her eyes. I just-

Hey, Hey, no worries, right? the Lutari said with a smile. Tangeriiine looked back up at her and smiled, wiping her eyes. The Lutari stood up and dusted her pants, looking around at the derelict street. Lets head back to the marketplace, yeah? We probably shouldn't stick around too much. You can lead the way if you like.

O-okay! Tangeriiine said, taking a few steps. She turned back to the street behind her. The old lady had dissapeared from view. Looking back at The Lutari, Tangeriiine smiled. She had definitely chosen the right path.

Arrival in Altador 3

An aisha and a Lutari walked briskly along one of the many backstreets of altador. The sun had risen high into the sky and the day was well underway. The two had only been walking a few moments when the Aisha decided to speak first.

The Aisha turned to the Lutari. Thankyou again for finding me. I thought that lupe woman was a nice person, but ..

Hey, no worries. The Lutari said, tipping her newsboy hat. I had to find you anyway.

Oh, that's right..! Tangeriiine said, reflecting back on the morning events. You were chasing me in the marketplace.. !

I wasn't chasing you! The Lutari protested. Okay, well, maybe I was.. but that was because you were running away! Why were you running away from me?

Well, because you were shouting at me and running towards me! Tangeriiine said. I thought I was in trouble or something!

The Lutari thought for a moment. Well, y'know, I was having a hard time finding you. The marketplace is pretty big, and when all you have is a description of the person you're looking for, it's a bit hard. When I saw you, you fit my description, and I didn't want you to run away before I could get to you. She said with a goofy grin. I guess shouting at you and running towards you would scare anyone away. Sorry.

T-that's okay.. Tangeriiine said. Why did you need to find me?

Ah! right. The Lutari said, rummaging around in her messenger bag. After a few minutes of fumbling, she produced a pink envelope and handed it over to Tangeriiine. I have a letter for you. Tangeriiine, right?

Y-yes. she said. My name is Tangeriiine.

I'm Milanini. The Lutari said, tipping her hat and winking. Pleased to meet you.

The Lutari handed the pink envelope over to the aisha, who looked it up and down, before tearing it open and taking out the letter inside.

Do you know who the letter is from? she said, squinting in an attempt to read. I don't know anyone from neopia.

I've got a hunch, but the only way to be sure is by reading it. the Lutari said. Tangeriiine paused, and then went back to looking at the peice of paper. after a few moments, she handed it over to the Lutari.

Could.. could you read it for me? she said, frowning. I'm not very good at reading. And I'm sure you can read it faster than I can.

The Lutari looked at the letter and then back to Tangeriiine. Are you sure?

The aisha nodded. Looking back to the letter, the lutari began to read. Alright, lets see what we got here.

Dear Tangeriiine,
My congratulations and welcome regarding your arrival to Neopia. As it seems you have no means of lodging, please allow Milanini to escort you to a temporary living situation. You will be allowed to leave whenever you wish.
Also included in this letter is a gift for you.
- - lady misty

A gift? Tangeriiine said. What kind of a gift?

The lutari fliped the letter over. Hm, nothing here. she said. Is there anything in the envelope?

Tangeriiine held the pink evelope up and peeked inside. noticing something, she turned it upside down, and a small key fell into her hand.

Is that a key?

I think so.. she said, holding it up to look at it. What's it for?

Beats me. Milanini said, resting her hands behind her head. Maybe you gotta find out.

How strange.. Tangeriiine said, slipping the key into one of her pockets. And did that letter say you were taking me somewhere?

Huh? Milanini said, reading the letter again. Oh! Guess I am. she said. Rummaging through her bag again, she pulled out a peice of pink paper, similar to Tangeriiine's letter. That must be what this address is for.

Tangeriiine looked over at the scrap of paper, but her thoughts were interrupted by the increasingly loud hustle and bustle of the marketplace. They had reached the end of the street.

Oh! we're back in the markets! Tangeriiine said happily.

So we are. The Lutari said, looking up at the sky. Looks like it's lunchtime, want to grab a bite to eat?

Oh, I.. I don't have any money.. Tangeriiine said, frowning.

Not to worry, lunch is on me today. The Lutari said with a smile. Let's go find a nice place to eat.

After a few moments of travelling, Tangeriiine picked out a food shop in what seemed like a foodcourt. Not wanting to impose, she picked a small meal, an Altadorian Cobb Salad, while the Lutari picked out a noodle box containing three different kinds of fish. As the two ate in the shade, Tangeriiine learnt that Milanini travelled all over neopia due to her messenger duties. Milanini was equally interested in Tangeriiine's story of living in faerieland, but was a little skeptical when Tangeriiine started explaining her mission about destroying a creature of evil, but said nothing of her doubts. After lunch, they continued towards the address. As the two continued down the cobblestone streets, the sun had turned the sky a magnificent orange, and it had begun to set in the ocean.

Alright, Tanj, looks like the house we're after is just a few streets thatta way. The Lutari said, pointing her arm in front of her. We ought to be there in just a few minutes.

Oh, I'm glad. Tangeriiine said with a smile. Do you know who lives in the house?

Can't say I do. The Lutari said. But this lady misty character, she's pretty on the level, so I'd say the people are probably nice folks.

That's good. Tangeriiine said. Will.. you come and visit me?

What? Oh, 'Course! The Lutari said. If I'm ever in the neighbourhood, I'll drop by, yeah?

I'd like that. Tangeriiine said. You're about the only nice person I've met since I came here. Well, there was a nice lady in the marketplace, but I kindof ran away..

The Lutari smiled, and looked up ahead. Ah, that house there. she said, pointing to the brown house a few steps ahead. That's the one.

Walking up the steps, Tangeriiine turned to the Lutari. How long will you stay in Altador for, Milanini?

The Lutari knocked on the door. Oh, I was going to head back tonight. I gotta be someplace in Brightvale tomorrow. But I'll just make sure someone's home for you.

Well, thankyou. Tangeriiine said with a smile. And thankyou for your help earlier today as well. I'd be.. in trouble, I think. Without you.

Ha, anytime, Tanj. The Lutari said with a wink.

There were sounds as the door was approached from the other side. As the locks clicked, the door opened to reveal none other than the purple poogle lady from the marketplace.

Oh! Hello there! she said, looking over at Tangeriiine. What happened to you earlier today?

I.. well. Tangeriiine said with a smile, I'm sorry I ran away, but Milanini gave me a bit fo a fright. she said, bowing. It's good to see you again!

Oh, you poor girl the poogle said, putting her hands on her shoulders. Looking over at the Lutari, the Poogle paused for a minute. You wouldn't happen to be the guest we're waiting for, would you?

Tangeriiine looked at Milanini, and back to her. Well, yes. she said with a smile. Is that okay?

Of course, come in! the Poogle lady said, guiding her. We're just about to have tea.

As she led the Aisha inside, she looked over at The Lutari. Would you like to join us? We're having Smoked Tut Trout.

The Lutari's eyes widened as she started to smell the deliciously fishy aroma coming from within.

Tangeriiine outstretched her hand. Come on, Milanini!

The Lutari smiled, and took Tangeriiine's hand. As she walked inside, Tangeriiine sighed a breath of releif. Her first day on land in Neopia was over.

But her adventure had only just began.

NEW!! Arrival in Altador 4

Tangeriiine sat on the steps in the backyard, looking down at the majestic city below, the creamy brick buildings standing tall with cobblestone paths weaving in amongst them. The clouds had turned a brilliant peach colour as the sun began to slip beneath the horizon, rays of light streaming through the clouds. It was a perfect scene to end a warm, summery day.

Tangeriiine. came a voice from the door. The aisha girl turned to greet a small green Poogle. May I join you?

Oh, of course, Ehseira! the Aisha said happily, shuffling over. The Poogle took a few steps and then sat down next to the aisha.

This is the second sunset I've ever seen on land. Tangeriiine said. It's really quite beautiful.

Yeah the poogle said, smiling. Our house may not be in the richest part of town, but it does have a great view of everything. Oh, Does my dress fit you okay?

What? Oh, yes! Tangeriiine said, showing off her new black dress and cape. Your mom really did a great job of adjusting it for me. I hope you don't mind too much, but my other dress did kindof need to be washed...

Yeah, it kinda smelt like sea water. The Poogle said. Did you go swimming at the beach?

Ah, something like that I suppose. Tangeriiine said. I.. I sortof ran away from home.

Oh..! The Poogle exclaimed. She shuffled uncomfortably as her mind began to fill with curiousity, but she resisted asking because she had been taught it was impolite.

There was a bit of an awkward silence, but Tangeriiine turned to face the sunset. I was supposed to do something really important, but I was afraid, so I ran away.

Oh! the poogle said, slightly surprised. Was.. was it a bad thing?

Oh, no no, nothing like that. Tangeriiine said. Actually, I guess you'd call it more of a good thing.

So why were you afraid?

Well, Everyone always said I was so important, and I was supposed to go and save a whole world, but I was so scared I would let everyone down.

I don't feel like an important person at all. I'm just a little girl. How can I save the world?

Tangeriiine's eyes became misty. So I was scared and ran away. And now I'm so far away and don't know if I'll ever see my mom again. I just want to hug her one more time and see her smile.

The Poogle put her arm around Tangeriiine sympathetically. Don't worry, I'm sure you will. Tangeriiine wiped her nose and responded with a weak smile.

I shouldn't have ran away. she said.

Well, my mum always said that you can't fix the past, so you gotta focus on the future. she said, nodding. So what will you do now?

I.. I don't know. Tangeriiine said, wiping her eyes. I want to go home, but everyone will just be mad at me.

What about all the people you were supposed to save?

I don't know what will happen to them..

The poogle stopped and rested her head in her hands. Maybe you could go out and try to save the world anyway. she said quietly.

I guess.. Tangeriiine said. What if I can't do it?

Well, if you try your best, that's all you can do. The Poogle said, happily. I mean, what's the worst that could happen if you failed?

Oh, well the worst things is that people could get really hurt! Tangeriiine said, a little alarmed. And I suppose they will anyway, if I just go back home.

Tangeriiine hung her head. I'm just scared that I'll let everyone down.

The poogle girl rested her arm on Tangeriiine's shoulder. Well, you never know, you might find that you're even stronger than you thought. She said. And if you fail, when you go home, you can say that you tried your best, and if these people really care for you, then it won't matter to them at all. she said smiling. That's what happened to me at the sports carnival last month.

There was a moment's pause as Tangeriiine got lost in her thoughts. It was as though she was battling with her conscience. After about a minute, she opened them, and focussed on the horizon.

You're right. she said, nodding. This feels like the right thing to do. If I go back home now, I'll just be running away from my problems again.

Well, good. The Poogle said, nodding in agreement. How can you get started?

Ah.. I'm.. I'm not sure. She said, smiling uneasily.

Tangeriiine! Ehseira! Dinner is ready! came a voice from inside. We're having lasagna!

The poogle stood up. Leaning over, she extended her hand to Tangeriiine, and pulled her up.

Well, c'mon." The Poogle said. We can figure that out after dinner!

NEW!!Leaving Altador

The next morning, Tangeriiine stood at the front of the house, her purple dress tucked neatly in a bag around her shoulder, which was also full to the brim of food and lunches. Ehseiras family had also been kind enough to give Tangeriiine some neopoints to help her along the way.

Where will you go, Tangeriiine? Ehseira said, giving her a quick hug.

Well, my mother always said that if I was unsure on anthing, I should listen to my heart, and it will guide me. Tangeriiine said.

How can you do that?

Well, as long as you listen very carefully, you can feel it. she said. The aisha walked out into the middle of the street, And closed her eyes, holding her hand above her heart. She began to drown out all of the noise around her, and it began to feel like she was alone. She listened, silently.

There was emptiness.

She took a deep breath, and focussed harder.

Still there was nothing.

Perhaps she was not listening prope- !

For a breif moment, she could feel something.. it was far away, but it felt like it was calling to her. Was this what she was listening for? As soon as she had felt it, it had disappeared again. She outreached her arm and held it out in the direction it had come from. She opened her eyes and turned back to Ehseira and her family.

That way. Tangeriiine said. What's out that way?

Ehseiras father took a step forward. Beyond the forest, and past some Mountains, you'll find Shenkuu.

Tangeriiine smiled. That's where I'm going then!

Ehseiras mother bent down and hugged Tangeriiine tightly. Remember, you will always have a home here, so if you get lost, or if you need anything, you'll come back, okay?

I will. Tangeriiine said.

Be safe. And don't do anything silly! she said.

Tangeriiine smiled, and hugged her back. Okay. she said. The Poogle released her and stood up back next to Ehseiras' father.

Picking up her shoulder bag, Tangeriiine dusted off her dress and headed down the street. Looking back at the Poogle family, she gave them a big wave and then set off down the road to Shenkuu.

The Manor

It was a warm, summery afternoon. The sky was a magnificent blend of pinks and oranges as the sun had begun to set. The grass was a lovely green, and the meadows seemed to stretch on forever, littered with beautiful flowers. They were just common flowers, of course, but they made the paddocks seem so picturesque.

Tangeriiine walked slowly along the footpath, carrying a single bag of her possessions. Beside her, A very modern purple Lutari, holding her messenger bag in one hand, and a letter in the other. Her purple curly hair bounces as she walked. The two of them looked very out of place in such a provincial area. Tangeriiine peered out into the distance, seeing a small blob of what might be a house in the distance. It seemed like they had been walking forever, but the main town wasn't too far away. She turned to the Lutari.

Milanini, is that the house? the one over there in the distance? she asked hopefully. She then took a quick glance to the Lutari's bag, hoping it's contents were some nova cookies or something delicious. Milanini looked up at the house and read something in the letter she was holding.

Yup, I'd say this'd be the place. she said, smiling. She noticed Tangeriiine was staring intensely at her bag, and smiled. She pulled out some cookies shaped like Novas, and to Tangeriiines' delight, handed them to her. Tangeriiine started eating them right away. Milanini smirked, and then pulled one out for herself. We've been walking for a fair bit she said. Wanna stop and eat these cookies for a bit?

Tangeriiine looked up at her again, her mouth bulging from scoffing down both cookies. She smiled and nodded. They both walked off the pathway and onto the grass. Tangeriiine placed her bag on the ground and sat down, eyeing Milanini's bag once again. Milanini laughed, and pulled out several more cookies.

Thankyou! Tangeriiine exclaimed happily, about to devour them all again.

Milanini looked at her with a slightly pathetic look. Maybe you should eat those a bit slower, y'know? They'll last longer.

Tangeriiine looked at her as though she were joking. Oh.. well, I suppose I should, shouldn't I? she said, taking a small bite out of one instead. But I can't help it if they're so delicious!

Milanini smiled. She ate the rest of her cookies, and read over the letter again. .. must be relocated to this address posthaste. Please chauffeur her and ensure she arrives safely, and is greeted by Mystyqee, at which point you are to hand her a letter adressed to her. After which you are then to travel back to town and..

Milanini. Tangerine asked, who had now eaten her cookies and was looking out towards the house. Do you know who lives there?

Milanini put the rest of the letter down. Sure do. she said. It's another Aisha, like you. She's a nice enough lady, but she's really uptight, thinks she's a smartypants. And she can be bossy sometimes. But just don't let her get to you, alright? she said, smiling.

Tangeriine turned to Milanini, her face full of crumbs. She looked at tad disappointed. Oh. But.. why can't I live with you instead? I won't eat much and..

Milanini gave a sympathetic smile. This is just the way things are at the moment, Tanj. This lady has a big house and has lots of food and books and everything a kid like you needs. You'll be fine here. And I'll get to see you twice as much. I deliver letters to this lady as well!

Tangeriiines' face brightened a little. Oh, well, okay. she said. But you have to visit me a lot more often. And bring Nova Cookies as well! she said, giggling. Milanini laughed and nodded. She stood, staightening her shirt and hat.

Milanini outstretched a hand to pull Tangeriiine up. Well, shall we continue? she said. Tangeriine took her hand. Grabbing her bag, they continued along the path. The house gradually grew bigger and bigger as they walked towards it, and the once small cottage in the distance became a two-story mansion. The two walked up the steps to the door. Milanini knocked, while Tangeriiine looked around to the garden. There were flowers and plants of every colour and shape. Some she hadn't seen before. Draphlys and Buzzers flew amongst the flowers, bringing the garden to life. Tangeriiine smiled. Maybe she would like living here.

The sound of footsteps could be heard from behind the door. By the sharp, hollow sounds they made it was a woman. The locks clicked and the rustic wooden door opened. And behind it stood an Aisha. Her orange hair was swept back into a bun, but her fringe lay by her face. Her brown eyes almost seemed confused, fixating on Tangeriiine, and occasionally glancing to Milanini. She was wearing the most beautiful dress Tangeriiine had ever seen.

The Aisha woman turned her head to Milanini. Can I help you..? she asked slowly, raising her eyebrow.

Next it was Milanini's turn to look confused. Oh. she said, frowning. Didn't you know we were coming?

The lady put her hands on her hips. Well, she said. If I had known why you were here, why would I have asked? she said. Do you have another letter for me, then?

Milanini gave a slight nod, and rummaged through her shoulder bag. She pulled out a half-folded envelope with the words 'Mystyqee' written on them. She outstretched the letter. The Aisha woman snatched it from her hands and frowned.

I should not like my letters to be kept in such a tattered manner. she said crossly. What does it say?

Milanini tilted her head. I don't know. she said. I don't read other peoples' letters.

The Aisha rolled her eyes. Oh, whatever. she said. Well, thankyou for the letter. she said quickly, turning away and closing the door behind her. The locks clicked back into place.

Tangeriiine turned to Milanini. They stood there awkwardly.

A few moments later, the door swung open again. It was the Aisha woman again, and in her hand was the opened letter. She showed it to Milanini.

And just what is this letter supposed to mean? she asked crossly. Is this some sort of joke?

Milanini shrugged. Look lady, I just deliver the letters. But chances are, whatever they say, it ain't a joke.

The Aisha woman frowned at Milanini, though it might have been because of her grammar. But what am I supposed to do then? This is my house. I don't have time to be looking after babies and having them run amok around my--

Excuse me. Tangeriine said, interrupting. The Aisha woman stopped and stared at her. But I am not a baby.

The Aisha woman glared at her. She turned to Milanini. Is this the child, then? she asked. Milanini nodded. The Aisha lady then turned to Tangeriiine. Children should never interrupt their elders when speaking, you know.

Tangeriiine frowned. Oh, I am sorry. she said politely. I didn't realise you were so old.

Milanini giggled. The Aisha woman shot her a nasty glare. Milanini stopped and straightened herself up, putting her hands on her hips. Look, lady, I've been given my orders. Milanini said. And you know who gives 'em. And that same person owns this house, not you, so I suggest you go and do what that letter says.

Tangeriiine smiled and looked up to Milanini. The Aisha woman frowned. I suppose I don't have any choice then. she sighed. And it's Lady My, by the way. she said, with another quick glare at Milanini. The lutari shrugged. The Aisha woman turned back to Tangeriiine. Well, come on then, get your stuff inside. Dinner is almost ready and I want you to be unpacked and clean before you come to the dinner table.

Tangeriiine nodded. The Aisha woman took her back and walked inside the house, dismissing Milanini as though she was never there to start with. Milanini stuck out her tongue and pulled a face at the aisha behind her back. She turned to Tangeriiine and squatted down so she was at her level.

Okay, now I know you don't want to live here that much. she said to Tangeriiine. But this is just a place to call your own. You can go out during the day and do whatever you want. You don't have to put up with that nasty old lady during the day if you don't want to. she said, putting her hand on Tangeriiine's shoulders. Now, as I said, I'll be around to keep an eye on things every now and then, but if something bad happens, you just let me know, okay? she said. Tangeriiine nodded, and gave the Lutari a big hug.

You promise you'll come visit me? she asked.

I promise.

Footsteps echoed inside the house. Girl. the Aisha woman called out. Come inside before it gets dark.

Milanini stood up, and rummaged through her bag. She smiled, and gave two more Nova Cookies to Tangeriiine. Here. she said, smiling. You'll need it. That lady's cooking is disastrous.

Tangeriiine took the cookies, and smiled. She watched as Milanini walked back down the path to town, waving as she ate the cookies. Then, with one last glance, she turned and walked inside.

The Aisha woman was waiting for her, and closed the door behind Tangeriiine as she walked in. She walked around Tangeriiine, inspecting her clothes. Tell me, what is your name? she asked.


I am Mystyqee, though you may call me Lady My. she said, stopping in front of Tangeriiine and frowning at the crumbs on her face. I'd prefer it if you don't eat before dinner next time. she said crossly. Now, I don't have a room prepared for you yet, but thiere is a guest bedroom, just upstairs, so if you will follow me.. she said, as she picked the bag up again and walked into the next room. Tangeriiine stopped and looked around the room. The ceiling was high, and a chandeleir hung above. The walls were decorated with a beautiful lacy wallpaper, and paintings hung on the walls. It was such a lovely room, but it was only the front entrance. Still looking around, she proceeded to the next room. Following Mystyqee, she walked up the stairs and along a hallway of rooms. Mystyqee stopped in front of one door in particular, and opened it. She disappeared as she stepped inside with Tangeriiine's bag. Tangeriiine didn't follow, instead, continuing along the hallway. She noticed one door in particular, at the end of the hallway, that was locked. The keyhole almost looked like..

Mystyqee popped her head out of the guest room. Tangeriiine. she called out. It's over here. When no answer came, she frowned, and walked along the hallway. Noticing Tangeriine, she walked up to the door. Now look. she said. You are a guest in my house, and as such I expect you to--

What's in here? Tangeriiine asked.

Mystyqee stopped. After a long pause, she crossed her arms. I don't know. she said. I have never been in that room. And it's quite silly anyway, because I have keys to nearly all of the rooms in this house, but this is one of the rooms that-- she stopped. Tangeriiine had pulled out a key. It was shaped like the rest of the keys Mystyqee had.

Where.. Mystyqee said. Where did you get that key?

Tangeriine kept looking at the door. A long time ago. she said. It came in a letter Milanini gave me. It was from someone called lady misty.

She slowly lifted the key and placed it gently in the lock. She turned it, and with a soft click, the door opened. Tangeriiine pushed the door open and turned the lightswitch on.

And what lay before her was an elegant room, with a four poster bed, several wardrobes, couches, rugs, a vanity, and even several toy chests. And each item was a beautiful turquoise, adorned with novas. The bedspread had novas on it, the couch, the wallpaper.. even the ceiling had novas arranged in constellations. And in the centre of the ceiling, hung the most amazing chandeleir Tangeriiine had ever seen, with glistening beads, and novas dancing around it like a carousel. She smiled. Mystyqee was speechless. She had been living in the house for many years, and she had never known what lay behind that door.

I think this is my room. Tangeriiine said, taking the bag and walking into the room. Before Mystyqee had a chance to react, Tangeriine stood in front of her. I'll be down in a few minutes for dinner. she said, closing the door behind her. Tangeriiine turned back to the room and smiled. She had a room of her own.

Meeting Fractalz

Taangeriiine watched as the wind blew autumn leaves up, making them dance in the air. Poetic and flowing, moving gracefully, like one would find in a feather. And as the leeaves turned and twisted in the air, they would gently float down to the ground, only to be blown about again. Winter was coming early this year.

Tangeriiine walked along the grassy trail, stopping every moment or so to watch the leaves as the wind picked up again. And when she came to a fork in the road, she would simply stand still, eyes closed, and listen to her heart. something deep inside her, whether it were intuition or simply a lucky guess, would tell her which direction to continue on. But the more she walked, the more she became sure of her surroundings, and she was sure she was getting closer to where she needed to be. She just didn't know exactly where or why she was going.

A few minutes more, and Tangeriiine had gotten herself deeper into the woods. A great feeling came over her, almost like a heavy sensation in her heart, and she became quite unable to choose which directions she needed to go. A tad frustrated, and not wanting to get lost, she looked around. Trees were everywhere, some bare from the cold touch of winter. One tree in particular seemed very out of sorts, standing in amongst the others, it's branches bursting with vibrant green leaves. Urchulls chittered and played in amongst it's branches. Beekadoodles chirped and fluttered about. It was almost as though someone had ripped the tree from a summer painting and placed it in the bleak, dying woodlands around her. Tangeriiine walked up to it. A tattered baseball lay by it's trunk.

Of course, the tree wasn't supposed to be in bloom. When winter would rear it's head, the tree would struggle to stay alive in the harsh cold. And the petpets! The Beekadoodles should have flied south for the winter already. The other Urchulls had already started hibernating. They couldn't survive the cold any more than the tree. Tangeriiine outstretched an arm and gently touched the bark.

Instantly, vibrations began pulsing from her fingers. Like soundwaves, they travelled up the tree's trunk and spread all throughout it. And as it gradually spread, the leaves began to turn to golden autumn, before falling, and the tree began to change from it's inviting amber hues to the dull, grey tones of the rest of the forest. The Beekadoodles flew off, and the Urchulls, who didn't quite know what had happened, started darting about among the burrows. Tangeriiine stood back and closed her eyes again. The heavy sensation in her heart was still there. Was the tree the reason she needed to be here?

Tangeriiine looked around. The sun had almost begun to set, and she still didn't quite know where she was. She put her hands on her hips. Whatever she was here for, it could wait until tomorrow. She didn't want to be left alone in the woods after dark.

She looked around again. The trees covered her view, and she couldn't see the horizon very well. She looked back at the tree. It had low branches. She grabbed the nearest one and started climbing to get a better view.

She was about four branches up when she heard a rustling coming from some bushes below. She couldn't see anything, but she crouched and hid herself away from view, craning her neck out in curiousity. She could her two voices. One was far away.

Suddenly an Aisha boy stumbled through the thicket and stopped right under her tree. He was quite young, about the same age as Tangeriine, but he presented himself very poorly. A tattered grey t-shirt with blue pants, covered in grass stains and scratches. His brown hair was all tangled with twigs and leaves, probably from falling through the bushes. His Aisha ears were spiky. And around his fluffy tail were three spiked tails. His fur was a mottled combination of dark grey and white, spun together in the most elaborate spirals stretching across his skin.

The boy picked himself up off the ground and dusted his shirt. He ruffled his fingers through his hair, and began picking out the twigs and leaves.

Tangeriiine shuffled about. "Excuse me..?" she called from her branch.

The boy flinched and spun around, alarmed. Looking left and right, he paused for a minute, perhaps unsure of whether he had actually heard something. he frowned and called back "H-Hello...?

Oh, yes, up here!" she called, smiling. The boy looked up at her. His eyes widened at the sight. I suppose it was strange for a girl to be up in a tree in the middle of the woods. She giggled. "What are you doing out here?" she asked.

The boy straightened himself up. "I'm.. I mean, we were playing baseball." he said. "And then Dartenne hit the ball really far and.. you haven't seen it, have you?

Oh!" Tangeriiine said happily. "Yes, it's right over there." she said, pointing. The boy followed her finger and scrambled to pick it up. Tangeriine looked out to the horizon, scanning the area for any noticable landmarks. She looked back down at the Aisha boy.

Excuse me!" she called. "But do you perhaps know how I can get out of these woods?

The boy looked back at her, and at her wings. He frowned. He opened his mouth to speak, probably to ask about flying, but decided against it, shaking his head slightly. "Um, there's a river a couple of metres that way" he said, pointing, looking a bit confused. "i-if you follow it, it heads out to the main road..

Ah, thankyou!" Tangeriiine said, smiling sweetly. "It's getting pretty dark and I didn't want to be lost out here." she said. "Why are you out here so late?

The Aisha boy looked up at the sky. "You're right." he said. "Dartenne just really wanted to hit the baseball, and then he told me to go fetch it.. and the forest is kinda a big place." he murmured. He looked back up at Tangeriiine. She smiled sweetly. There was quite an awkward silence as he had no idea what to say.

A voice far in the distance called out. "Is that your friend?" Tangeriiine asked. She looked quickly out to the distance, but she couldn't see anything. The treetops covered most of the ground.

The Aisha boy turned to the direction of the voice. "Oh! yeah, that's him.. " he said, and then paused.

Tangeriiine looked back at the boy. "You should go find him. It's getting dark.

Ah! right." He said, slowly walking away. He stopped again, and quickly turned back to her. "Oh, and thanks." he said, lifting up the baseball.

Tangeriiine smiled again, watching him walk past some trees until he was out of view. She stood up on the tree branch, and looked down at the ground. How did the ground manage to get so far away? She sighed, lowering herself to reach the next branch. Climbing down was never as fun.

Your rest your eyes on a small bottle the girl has hanging off her shoulder. She notices, and lifts it up, showing you what lies inside - what appear to be tiny little stars..

She smiles. 'Cute, aren't they? Sometimes when I watch meteor showers.. or when I see shooting stars, I like to catch them. They're Novas, you know!' she said, unscrewing the cork and pouring some out. Curiously, they float out and hover around her, moving gently around as a small breeze blows by.

She turns her attention to one Nova in particular, and holds her hand just below it, motioning it towards you. 'Novas are made of very powerful Light Faerie magic. They have the ability to destroy evil and darkness.' she says happily, putting several back away in the bottle. 'I like to use them as night-lights sometimes, too!

- ׺°"˜'"°º× ¦[ Novas ]¦×º°"˜'"°º× -

So just what is a Nova, you ask?

A Nova is, technically, a one-use battledome item. They were first introduced January 16th, 2001 and you can buy them at Kauvaras Magic Shop for ~ 900np!

When used in the battledome, Novas can heal your pet (around 10hp) and attack with light magic, so while I don't like to use them for fighting, I think they're a great item for self-defense, don't you think? :)

Tnt hasn't confirmed their pronounciation, but I say it Nova: No-vah, like clover.

As well as just the regular yellow type, Novas also come as Supernovas, Ultranovas and Dark Novas! Be careful of the dark novas, though, because as their name suggests, they use dark and evil magic!

There are also Grey Novas and Christmas Novas!


Here are a few Nova items that I think are really neat! Currently there are 98 searchable items with the name 'Nova' in them! And five are wearable!

This is a list of all the Nova Items!
Bean Bag of Nova
Bed of Nova
Blade of Supernova
Blade of Ultranova
Blueberry Nova Pop
Caramel Birthday Nova
Chair of Nova
Cheap Imitation Rod of Ultranova
Chocolate Swirl Nova
Christmas Nova
Crunchy Chocolate Rod of Supernova
Dark Nova
Dark Nova (TCG)
Dark Nova Christmas Tree
Dark Nova Fruit
Dark Nova Lamp
Dark Nova Lights
Dark Nova Ornament
Dark Nova Pop
Dark Nova Rug
Dark Nova Sofa
Dark Nova Sponge Cake
Dark Nova Table
Fake Plastic Rod of Ultranova
Fake Rod of Dark Nova
Fruity Nova Assortment
Grey Nova
Holiday Mecha Nova Plushie
Jelly Nova
Jelly Ultranova
Lemon Nova Pop
Lime Nova Pop
Milk Chocolate Birthday Nova
Milk Chocolate Nova
Mint Chocolate Birthday Nova
Mint Chocolate Nova
Mirror of Nova
Nova (TCG)
Nova Blade
Nova Breath Mints
Nova Chandelier
Nova Cookie
Nova Defender Cereal
Nova Fruit
Nova Fruit (TCG)
Nova Gems Garland
Nova Lamp
Nova Lights
Nova Rug
Nova Sofa
Nova Sponge Cake
Nova Storm (TCG)
Nova Storm Stamp
Nova Table
Nova Toilet
Nova Token Trinket
Orange Chocolate Nova
Origami Nova
Pencil of Nova
Raspberry and Vanilla Nova
Raspberry Chocolate Nova
Rod of Dark Nova
Rod Of Dark Nova Stamp
Rod of Nova
Rod of Supernova
Scroll of Dark Nova
Shiny Nova Mobile
Shooting Novas
Sparkling Nova Pool
Staff of Dark Nova
Staff of Nova
Staff of Supernova
Staff of Ultranova
Strawberry Nova Waffle
Super Nova Coin
Supernova Candy
Toy Rod of Supernova
Twinkling Nova String Lights
Ultra Nova Pop
Ultranova Balloon
Ultranova Lamp
Ultranova Rug
Ultranova Sofa
Ultranova Sponge Cake
Ultranova Table
Ultranova Wardrobe
Wand of Dark Nova
Wand of Nova
Wand of Nova (TCG)
Wand of Supernova
Wand of Ultranova
Wand of Ultranova (TCG)
White Chocolate Birthday Nova
White Chocolate Nova

There are novas of every type! weapons, food, furniture, stamps, wearables, you name it!

Bean Bag of Nova

Jelly Nova

Nova Storm Stamp

Nova Lights

...And you can even find Nova items in the NC Mall!

Nova Chandelier

Sparkling Nova Pool

Tangeriiine's Collection

Oh! I also wrote a wishlist that I sent to a very important lady. Maybe if I'm lucky, she'll send me some of these items! I heard she does that sometimes.

You can see how my collection is going here!

NOTE: Guys, this isn't a wishlist of items that I want to be given for free. I made this list with the full intention that I myself was going to buy these items. (except the UBs, that was just for funzies). Please don't buy me anything on this list.


- ׺°"˜'"°º× ¦[ Nova Wearables ]¦×º°"˜'"°º× -

Nova Gems Garland

Type: Toy
Weight: 1 lbs
Rarity Index: 101
Est. Value: 0 NP
Zones Affected: 1 (Higher Foreground Item)

Descripton: Beautiful space gems adorn this simple Nova garland. This prize was awarded by AAA for beating his Daily Dare score in Y13.

Well, like the name suggests, this prize was given out to people who could beat AAA's Daily Dare score of 800,000 points in the Game Nova Defender. Since it was for a site event, this item is retired, and you can't win them from AAA anymore. To get one now, I suggest looking in user shops, the Trading Post or Auctions. (:
Nova Token Trinket

Type: Gift
Weight: 1 lbs
Rarity Index: 101
Est. Value: 3,500 NP
Zones Affected: 1 (Lower Foreground Item)

Descripton: Show off your Key Quest token collection with this Nova Token Trinket!

This item was obtained by redeeming a Key Quest token during July, 2009, and is not available any more! To get one now, I suggest looking in user shops, the Trading Post or Auctions. (:

Shiny Nova Mobile

Type: Toy
Weight: 1 lbs
Rarity Index: 101
Est. Value: 1,347 NP
Zones Affected: 1 (Foreground)

Descripton: Wheee! Look at the pretty novas!

This was a prize awarded for beating AAA at the Nova Defenders New Game Challenge. Like with the Nova Trinket, you can't get it anymore, so the best way to obtain one is through user shops, the Trading Post, or Auctions (:

Shooting Novas

Type: Gift
Weight: 1 lbs
Zones Affected: 1 (Higher Foreground Item)
This is a Neocash item!

Descripton: Ohhh... Ahhh... what pretty shooting novas!

This was a prize awarded for beating Lulu at the Nova Defenders New Game Challenge. You needed to purchase a New Games Challenge Ticket at the NC Mall, activate it, and then best Lulu's score. Since this is a Neocash item, you can't buy it in the shops or Trading Post, but if you have some NC Mall gift boxes and some spare NeoCash items, you might find someone willing to trade NC Items at the NC Mall Chat board c:

Twinkling Nova String Lights

Type: Toy
Weight: 1 lbs
Zones Affected: 1 (Background Item)
This is a Neocash item!

Descripton: These twinkling Nova String Lights provide a soothing glow.

This was a prize for besting Lulus score at a game called Nova Battle. The game has been changed and is now known as Nova Defender c:

Since this is a Neocash item, you cannot purchase it in shops, auctions or the Trading Post, but if you have some NC Mall gift boxes and some NeoCash items, you might find someone willing to trade over at the NC Mall chat board.

- ׺°"˜'"°º× ¦[ Novas in the 'real' world; ]¦×º°"˜'"°º× -

A few years ago, a fast food restaraunt used to give away neopets plushies with their childrens' meals! If you were really lucky and lived in the US, you could receive a Magical Nova toy instead of a neopet! c:
- ׺°"˜'"°º× ¦[ Novas KeyQuest Tokens ]¦×º°"˜'"°º× -

If you like playing Keyquest, there are also some Nova tokens you can use to play with! To get them, you need to purchase some of the Neopets' collectible plush that used to be sold in department stores. The plush series has been discontinued, but if you're as lucky as my owner, you might be able to still find one or two in some unexpected places (:
The Neopets plushies were sold in the US, Canada, England and Australia.

To get this token, you need to collect all series one neopets plush (:

Collect all 14 series two plush tokens to receive the Supernova token as a bonus.

You need to have all 14 series three plush tokens to get the Ultranova token as a bonus.
Dark Nova

Oh ): a Dark Nova. To get this token, collect and activate all 14 series four plush tokens.
Grey Nova

Collect and activate all 14 series five plush tokens.

Unfortunately my owner doesn't have any of these tokens, but I'm not complaining because she has an even better one!

It's me! Sortof n_____n

There are also a few TCG Cards that feature Novas as well, but like the Magical Nova Plush Toy, are pretty hard to find nowadays :/

Nova (TCG)

Nova Fruit (TCG)

Wand of Nova (TCG)

Nova Storm (TCG)

Dark Nova (TCG)

Wand of Ultranova (TCG)

- ׺°"˜'"°º× ¦[ Nova-Avatars ]¦×º°"˜'"°º× -

Plushie Nova: Oh! This avatar is retired now, so you can't get it anymore. You needed to visit the McDonalds Daily Giveaway promotion, and collect a prize on the 31st of May, 2004, or the 29th of September, 2005.

Dark Nova: Oh my, a Dark Nova avatar :( To receive this avatar, equip your pet with any battledome item with the words 'Dark Nova' in it. (The cheapest item is a Scroll of Dark Nova)

- ׺°"˜'"°º× ¦[ Novas Games ]¦×º°"˜'"°º× -

Nova Defender
Release: April 9th, 2010

Nova Defender: An epic battle is being played out in the skies above Neopia! The evil Mechanova is busy releasing dangerous mechanical Novas into the night sky, and you must destroy them before they rampage across Neopia. Help the Light Nova shoot those menacing mechanical Novas out of the sky and make Mechanova see stars!
Play Game | High Scores

- ׺°"˜'"°º× ¦[ Tangeriiine's Room ]¦×º°"˜'"°º× -

Ooh, I'm so lucky. Our new house is still being refurnished, but my room is finished already! It's full to the brim with Nova furniture, and there's even a rainbow slide and a big pile of plushies! I love my room (:

If you would like to visit my room, click here! But please don't visit when I'm trying to sleep!

Other than items, there is also a pretty Nova tiled background, a blog and even a shopkeeper! You can even learn how to draw a Nova! Wow!

Nova Cookies

Kids! Always have a parent or grown up help you when using the oven and electric mixer!


125g soft butter
50g caster sugar
175g plain flour
1 tablespoon milk
Mixing bowl, sieve and rolling pin
Greased Baking Tray
Blunt Knife

1. Set the oven to 350 Farenheight/180 Celcius. Sift the Flour into a bowl. Stir in the sugar.

2. Cut the butter into peices and add it to the flour. Rub the mixture through your fingers until it looks like breadcrumbs.

3. Add the milk. Mix everything together with your hands. Make the dough into a ball. If the ball is too dry, add more milk. If the mixture seems too wet, add more flour.

4. Put a little flour on the table. Roll out the dough until it is 5mm thick. Print out the nova templates and cut out lots of nova shapes using the dough.

5. Put the cookies on the baking tray. Cook on the top racks of the oven for 15 - 20 minutes. When they're cool, follow the icing recipe and ice them! c:


1/3 cup of soft butter
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup icing (powdered) sugar
Yellow food colouring
Chocolate melts/freckles you can turn upside down
Licorice logs
White chocolate buttons

1. Use an electric mixer on high speed to beat the butter and vanilla until light and fluffy. Gradually beat in the icing sugar until all combined. Continue beating for 1 minute.

2. Spoon half the mixture into another bowl and add a few drops of food colouring. Mix with the beater until the color is consistent. (you might want to add some yellow to the other bowl, but either way one bowl has to be yellow, and the other, not so yellow :'D)

3. Using a blunt knife, paint stripes down the nova points. Follow the picture xD The lighter mixture is always on the left of each point. Warning: Shortbread is very crumbly, so be careful when icing the cookies! otherwise they might break !!

4. Place the melts/freckles on the cookies so that the flat side is facing up. Two melts per cookie!

5. Slice the licorice logs to get small circles, and place them on top of the chocolates, kindof at the bottom/center.

6. Place one white chocolate melt on the top left of each licorice slice.

Done! don't forget to take photos to show me!

Cookie Templates;

- ׺°"˜'"°º× ¦[ Paper Stars Novas! ]¦×º°"˜'"°º× -

Okay, so not everyone can cook, and if you can cook, that gets boring sometimes. So now I've created a guide to show you how to make paper stars!
Warning: If Lawyerbot was here, he would make sure that children always had an adult around to supervise them while using scissors. Scissors are dangerous! You're never to old to need supervision!

You will need:

Lined paper (or any paper, really.)

1. Start off by cutting out some long strips of paper. If you're using lined paper, like I did, you can just cut along the lines to get a perfect shape! If not, just make sure the strip of paper is as straight and even as you can.
2. Tie a basic knot in the paper. The best thing to do is to try to get the knot close to one of the ends of the paper, rather than tying it right in the middle.
3. Pull the knot tight, so that the paper tightens to form a small pentagon. If your knot ends up being in the middle of the strip of paper, then cut one of the ends to make it shorter, so that one end of the paper is only around 1cm long.
Fold the small end of paper up into the knot and tuck it away. Flatten the pentagon to make sure the fold is secure.
4. This diagram is what you should have at the moment. The smaller end of paper is folded back into the pentagon, and only the long end of paper should remain visible.
5. Now we're onto the serious business! take the long strip of paper and fold it in the exact opposite direction it is facing, making sure the strip is going over the pentagon, not under it. If all goes well, the strip of paper should now line up with another side of the pentagon, and if you flip everything over, your pentagon should look like the picture for step 4. Keep folding the strip of paper over the pentagon in this fashion, and the paper should wrap around your pentagon nicely.
6. Once you fold the long strip of paper until it becomes too short to fold, tuck it away in one of the pockets. Your pentagon should look like this!
7. Using your fingers, or a pair of pliers, pinch the edges of the pentagon until they are pointy.
Gadzooks! It should be a star now! If plain paper white isn't your favourite color, feel free to colour the stars in with marker or paint them. just be sure that the ends of paper don't come un-tucked and start to unravel!

- ׺°"˜'"°º× ¦[ Adoptables ]¦×º°"˜'"°º× -

These are my coloured Aisha adoptables. You can put them on your petpages, lookups, shops, or even lookups! They come in every colour that aishas come in! These are for PAINTED COLOURS ONLY, so I won't take custom requests or trades. If you really want a custom Aisha, Lady My has some. But she's a mean old lady, so don't catch her grumpy!

Oh, and please don't alter these, enter them in any contests, or claim them as your own!
Thanks C:

ugly ugly 8-bit















































Royal Boy

Royal Girl

Royal Girl (old)




















- ׺°"˜'"°º× ¦[ Artwork ]¦×º°"˜'"°º× -

As you can see, there's not much here at the moment ^^;

- ׺°"˜'"°º× ¦[ Requests/Trades/Fanart ]¦×º°"˜'"°º× -

Hover over the title to see who drew which picture C:
(I had to resize some pictures, click n drag to the URL bar for full view!)
In 2014 I had to restore Tangeriiine's page to a backup, if your art is not here I am so sorry! please send me a reminder.

Ahhh oh my gosh! Thank you so much for the trade, Fernanda !

Woah woah woah woah woah!!
Winnie went on to make this amazing picture based on the sketch! It's incredible!
Please click and drag to the url bar for full view!

, I look fabulous! Thanks (:

Thank you so much for the Custom Aisha adoptable trade, Deanna!

, this is amazing!! You are so wonderful, thankyou °u°

Oh wow! I look so beautiful! I love the colours and everything about it.
Thank you so much, Juri !

remembered my birthday!! Thankyou so so much, you are amazing!

Oh my gosh!! Thankyou so much, Melon!!


Oh wow! I wish I could be a mermaid! And be part of their world..
Thanks so much, Anna!

Thanks, Jazz!

Oh my gosh! thankyou so much, Silver!!

Oh wow, I look great! Thanks, tomato!

For my birthday in 2011, I had some people write me some "bad poetry". Thanks to all the contributors!

First, a poem by mistyqee.

Tangeriiine, it's your birthday.
Like flower petals rolling down the winter's stream.

And now, a Haiku written by qua375!

Sparkling unicorn
Very big birthday cake
Then a dinosaur

(That is such beautiful poetry it brings a tear to my eye.)

And now, a poem, by potm. (white_tiger0226)

My name is Tangeriiine
and everyone go hahahah
they laugh and play, jump and go waaa
I'm the birthday girl today, and I go yaaa
Birthday present are all to me, I'm feeling greedy, but
everyone say it's okayyy
Everyone is my mate~
Today, yet is a happy ending

(such a beautiful poem! I love it!)

And we have an amazing poem by none other than princuu!

Tangy, Tangy,
you're so dandy.
I bet you're as sweet as candy.

Tangy, Tangy,
You're tall and fun,
and not at all dumb.

Tangy, Tangy,
you're really really skinny,
and did I mention,
cuter than lil minnie?

(dude!! three verses! D: so incredible)

This is by the very talented poet, bruninhahh !
Dear Tangeriiine, you're so pretty.
But I can't write poems, not even bad ones.
So Happy Bithday!

And this masterpeice, by pooja8393!
There once was an aisha named Tangeriine,
who had a very, very huge dream.
She awoke that night, with a terrible fright,
to see that she was now a queen.

And thankyou thankyou for your poem, fabledream!
Tangeriiine is an Aisha so pretty,
On her birthday we'll sing this little ditty,
She'll get lots of presents,
From kings, queens and peasants
And be the happiest Aisha in the city.

This masterpeice by cyndy3 ;
Tangeriiine, Tangeriiine
Lives in all our dreamies.

This marvellous poem by ilikemywafflesxd ;
Friends are treasures
Friendship measures ev'ry time you speak
Every time you talk to them you feel a lot less weak.
Tangeriiine oh Tangeriiine
On this beloved day
Will you be my friend so we
Can spend some time together to play?

(wow, that was amazing! D: this is supposed to be BAD poetry!)

And this lovely poem by lindseyaddison ;
Tangeriiine oh Tangeriiine
you are sweet, never mean
oh so nice
like sweet and spice
Tangeriiine you are devine!

A beautiful rendition of "Happy Birthday" by thebusterbell ;
Happy birthday Tangeriiine,
you smell like Aubergines,
you look like a kitty, aaand
you're pretty as a bee c:

A fantastic poem by _owlsong_
Cake in blazing fire
Novas flying up skyward
It is your Birthday!

(Oh, I really like this one!)

Wow, this is a really lovely poem! by picadillys !
To a Fairy Aisha,
one of the few,
Here's a Badly-written poem,
Specially for you~

I'll try my best,
Though my rhyming (abilities) s- (are bad),
To send you great wishes,
And the best of luck.

Friends are like novas,
You don't need to see them,
But you still know that they're there.

Happy Birthday Tangeriiine!

And now, a poem, by crystallus;
Tanj can't ride a unicorn,
And Tanj can't play the lute,
Neither can she grow a horn,
But she's still really cute.

Her novas sparkle really bright,
Like her kawaii desu eyes,
Her hair gleams like pure sunlight,
And she doesn't smell like flies.

But now she's tired and she's drained,
From our really awful rhymes,
She gives a smile, slightly strained,
And quickly backs away.

As she leaves us so very far behind,
We wave with tears of sadness.
Never did we meet anyone so kind,
Who spread such warmth and gladness.

We hope to see her once more someday,
Preferably sometime next May,
Will be here waiting with a fresh bouquet,
Of pickles.
We heard she likes pickles.

(so amazing!)

And now, another poem, by _101dragon101 ;
Birthdays are fun, no one can deny.
(INSERT NAM- Tangeriiine's is the best.
All of which no one can lie.
I hope you enjoy
I hope it is grand
For one of the best aishas across the land!!

The Awesome Awesome Brilliantly Awesome Cleverly Awesome Maggie wrote me this one!
Happy Birthday Tangeriiine!
The one day Lady My cannot be mean!
So invite your friends! your Family!
Eat bread and biscuits and warm chilly!
Hit the piñata with a bat!
Scream and yell like a wild cat!
Burn off Lady Mystyqee's hat!
Rip up and tear the fancy mat!
Eat cake and punch and crazy stuff!
Forget prissy, be rough and tough!
Do all these things for me, kay?
Because today's your awesome, brilliant Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
(I love your comics, by the way~)

And this marvellous poem by liyuuki!
Tangeriiine, Tangeriiine, you sound so edible,
like oranges so fine,
or apples, simply divine.
Tangeriiine, Tangeriiine, it's your birthday.
So enjoy the party, cakes, and wine.

I had a Mr Squiggle as well!

by mistyqee


Haha, awesome, I love the triangle of doom!! Thanks Paula!

and some art that people drew me for my birthday! omg so nice ;u;

but thankyou ;u;

(so silly, Tangeriiine ttly knew his name was greg)

Oh wow! thanks so much, natgrid1999!

Look at this sketch! I look so adorable!! Thankyou, Epi!

Aughh! Panda, you should have been studying instead! But thankyou so much!

Ohmigosh! Sara, you did so much! ;__; I look fantastic!

And look! I'm derpy hooves! =D so epic!

ovo! Thankyou, twilightluverswan !

And look, Vanessa dressed their hissi up just for Tanj's party! =D


Wow! Thankyou so much, Carla! I look great!

Augh, Hikaaa ;____; thankyouuuu



And everything else:


Adoptable/Makeable Requests and Trades

Ohmy, how super cute =D thankyou, eyepanda !

Ah ;___; such a wonderful birthday gift. You guys rock.

Thanks for the trade, Toolate!

Ah, thanks for the cute makeable,Shyxta!


Ah! Thankyou so much, Miki!

Thanks for the trade, Cheetah!

ah! so cute! thanks again, Emi! ~

Thanks a lot, Holly! :D

Wow! Thankyou so much, Maddie! n___n

This puppet looks exactly like me... o__o!
(Wow!! Thankyou so much, chak_chak! :o Awesome!~ )


Thanks, Lady Kumori the Malevolent! ;D

Thanks for the trade, Duckie! n___n

Thank you so much, Pie ;u;

Thanks, Vivi!


I look so cute! *__*
Thanks, Emichan!

Thanks, Tori! ~

Milanini gave me this balloon as well!

...z z Z Z
Wow! Thankyou for the trade, lalouk! I'm so lucky!

My second custom! *___* It's lovely!
Thanks, legend!

Hooray! My first custom! Thanks, mihneis!

Milanini gave me these. *shrugs*

Point me in the directon of some Aisha adoptables?

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