V e r r i a n Q u e e n

It was a name that I had not chosen. They did not choose it for me either - they claim. They told me that the name of the thing that conceived me was the Samsara. That it had chosen me for the awakening and reawakening; that it chose when I lived. When I died. All mortals wonder about the idea of control and predetermination. I know that my life is predetermined; and I know that a long-told future is my reality.

I am the resurrection, the salvation of their paradise. And when the time has come, I will be the conduit to their freedom. So they deemed me pivotal to their survival, the preservation of an entire genomic pool, the unborn children of the Verrian race. There was something vacant and eerie about their gaze; and later I had come to realize, in a sense, that they were me. Or perhaps I was them.

So this is my story.

But it's one that many have heard before, in legends of the old fallen. In stories told by elders, and elders before them. Those who know about Samsara tell me that it is not difficult to discern the old from the new. As all champions, they dream old dreams, love old lovers, and speak of the same ideals over and over and over again. And that is how they knew me, they say. From old stories of brave hearts, the glory they made and brought. And because, somehow, I was recreated under purpose. And with that posession came peril, which lead to war, which once, long ago, had lead to the fall of our race.

From the beginning is where every story has started, since the early fringes of self-awareness. We begin with nothingness. The vast, empty stretches of space, an untamed, unpioneered horizon, stretching from sea to gaping sea. We don't know why this farplane existed, or why it existed where it did. But we knew it held vitality. And vitality induced life. So here was the continent of my homeland. Those who existed toiled to find themselves here all of their lives. Verre is like an infinity, existing from beginning to end, where beginning is an end and the end is the beginning.

This is the world of my, our, existence - somewhere between the chasms of earth and heaven, from the world to the skies, a place that was simply designated for a species, where the land was as pale as its snow-frosted inhabitants. For all of those who knew of it, whether near or far from the terrain, knew that its mountains, its waters, its landscapes, were paradise. But because of this reason, and this reason only, there could only be one way to exist in it - by protection, isolation, and if all else fails: war. As it goes, we are only tranquil beings, yet tranquility can not, and will not, ever sustain survival. And our cause to only survive in this world has been perennially threatened, since our beginnings, by a counterbalance - as in the long-ago sayings of a teacher who spoke that Light must not live without Dark.

Therefore, as all history goes, to each kind a Chosen One. To each world a Maker and Destroyer. To each lives a Follower and a Leader.

Here, I am the Chosen One. The predetermined Guardian of the Verrian kind, the ashen creatures, the alabasters, and those of the Holy Land. In time, my Chosen world became my Chosen kingdom. And what could not be resolved in the balance of Mondain was laid upon me, entrusted upon me, by the very champions of Verre themselves. What history could not undo - I must undo.

Though in the end, there will be no road to eternal life. And in this time, my time, strife will always meet strife. The burden that I bear is mine alone. But on the stage of the final battle, it will be all who must fight, and all who must perish - if we perish in vain.

G u a r d i a n

Name: Tahn Arabie
Gender: Female
Title: Queen of Verre
Alias: Guardian
Fate: Leader, Protector
Age: 22
Species: Verrian
Build: Light-framed
Eyes: Sapphire blue
Fur: Faded tan
Height: 5'7
Personality: Taciturn, sublime, peaceful
Residence: Mountain peak at the heart of Verre
Family: Unknown
Love: Unmentioned
Friends: Fondest adoration
and Deepest memories
Home: Mondain Voros - Verre
Visiting: Shukumei

Tahn Arabie, captive queen, was born the Guardian of Verre at the peak of an era of turbulence brought about by the imbalance of powers in the struggle, between the Verrian and Enferros packs, to reign supreme on the continent of Mondain Voros. She is regarded to as the Snow Queen - appropriate for the terrestrial landscape which she's entitled to rule - as well as "The Chosen One." Like other Verrians, she generally prefers, out of practicality, to roam the snow-encrusted land in the wolven form. However, along with those of the sacrosanct Verrian court, she has also walked, by tradition, as a human; though, of course, forms are only guises. At the highest peak of Verre there does exist a palace which serves a headquarters of sorts for the ruling hierarchy, though for Tahn and her people it is not a place of residence as much as it is a temple and a meeting home. Therefore, for the most part, she makes her own home inside the cavern of a lower peak. Having been raised with only the Champions and Warriors of Verre for company, and vice versa, she is comfortable in her solitude, and occasionally the presence of the sparse few of those with whom she's had the pleasure to meet growing up. While starkly taciturn and seemingly aloof in general, she remains epitomical in her representation of the beauty and sublimation that are characteristically Verrian in nature. She is stately, as she must be, and in familiar presence is both docile and pleasant. Tahn rarely ever wanders outside of Verre except to cross into the landbridge Nirvana, where she seeks out the Nirvanan sage or speaks to Verre's entrance guardian. The longer part of her days is spent roaming about the snow country, watching over her home and people.

Tahn has a more clear cut character reference which is distinctly different from the realistic depiction given to her in the image header. Why so different? Her character design, shown below, is the artistic representation of who she is as a Verrian Queen. Copy paste the link in the textbox below in order to see the full-view image.

L e g e n d


T a p e s t r i e s

The final court, which had merged all species that existed on Mondain Voros, was erected not long after the decisive and appropriately named War of the Masses. Centuries later, two famous tapestries still grace the opposing walls of the gilded court entrance. These were given as a gift to the new monarchy in the prospects that peace, albeit unsettling in some ways, would be maintained.

by Saranyi

Tahn Arabie, once and future Queen of Verre

by Saranyi

Fei von Tuzkar, once and future King of Enfer

V e r r e


    Alpha Female: Guardian Tahn
    Alpha Male: Defender Einko
    Beta Male: None
    Beta Female: None
    Champions: Sens
    Warriors: None
    Elders: None
    Omegas: None

Verre is among the eastern parts of the Mondain Voros continent. Verre displays a grandeur of mountains and high peaks, from the coast to further inland. The majestic skies are surrounded by the gray, snow-capped towers of rocky points and jagged promontories. From its high elevations flow fresh water in creeks and river reservoirs. The fog from below rises up like rolling clouds into the skies. Verre encaptures its very name with great accuracy, a land of paradise in the glimmers of frozen structures and snowy woodlands. Balanced eternally in the freeze and the staticity of perennial youth, all that exists in Verre are ageless, all things of ice are preserved in ice. Glass-like icicles hang from every treetop; the land glimmers like spangles of starlight. A mirage of the galaxy's fantasies on earth. Of course, beauty comes with a price. Verre keeps its paradise by extreme cold temperatures, maintaining Verre's soft, pristine glow. Those who venture out to Verre brave the lonely elements, though they are free to roam. And those who are impatient or unfamiliar with the silence of enlightenment... will never survive.

To make the arduous trek across the length of Verre, it would behoove you to have a good map of Verre's geography for memory. Once lost, the frozen lands are very difficult to navigate-- as all hills and valleys can soon become terrifyingly... identical. Beauty is beauty, but beauty without course can be horrifying to the un-informed. Among the more notable features of the land include Paradise Crest, home and frozen sanctuary of the guardian Tahn Arabie, Snow Valley, an extraordinary miles' stretch of flat, snowy plain, and Glass Lake, a crystalline half-frozen pond, which is the reservoir of sweet Verrian fish.

Verre is always cold. Although it is considered a desert, its land is extremely fertile, with accessible frozen waters and a plethora of plant growths and woods. Yearlong, Verre experiences very unchanging weather. However, from season to season, those who are attentive will notice very subtle differences. During the first season, Vive, Verre will experience days of clear blue skies and sunshine that will partly thaw some of the lakes and rivers. nearing Mort, Verre's skies will begin to cloud and fog will be more persistent in the middle elevations. Icicles start to form at the foothills. The temperatures fall slightly as there is less sunshine. At the end of Mort, while beginning Revive, Verre will have violent snowstorms that engulf the higher regions, including Paradise Crest. During this time, most creatures must take shelter or coverage in dense holes or mountain-face caverns. As the third season, Revive, ends, snowstorms and other related dangers will dissipate and eventually die. All biospheres in the terrain will begin to rejuvenate and recover from the past season's disasters and new life will bloom into the resurrected land. During this time, Verre is at its greenest. When the season of Vive returns, this cycle will process again.

The legend goes, with Verre, that Verre was the creation that resulted from Enfer. Ardent believers of the Verrian faith claim that Verre was the light of hope when Mondain Voros (the kingdom of darkness) established Enfer. Those who were subjugated underneath the oppression of Enfer had left and moved eastwards towards the sun. There, their exodus found them at the continent's edge until the spirit of a martyred leader had returned and the first snow of Verre had fallen. But this is only legend, of course. What is known from history is that once Verre had formed into a terrain of snow, a wall had been erected to separate the holy lands from the darkness. It was unfortunate that the few refugees from Enfer had no subsequent descendents; several decades afterwards, a mysterious seraph emerged from Verre's crest and descended into the valleys with a declaration of peace. This was Tahn Arabie, who became reigning protector over Verre. Subjects of Verre do not question her origin, however her appearance still stems controversy and questions of who she is... Champions and defenders of Verre have remarked that she is the resurrection of Verre's martyred leader, returned to face an ominous danger. The Verrian masses concur in part due to Tahn Arabie's strange lack of age, and her solicitous nature.

The nature of Verrian beings model after the supremacy of Tolkien's elves. In a reflection of their wintry domicile, they are intensely intelligent and are taught to be externally tempered. Reputable as heightened in the paramount of beauty, Verrians appear to be the perfection of seraphic regale, an aristocracy of the virgin appeal. Due to their surroudings, the majority of them are pale and pastel in color. Verrians are among the most emotive, sentient beings. Because many of them advocate freedom from strife, they are defenders; however, a few from the empire are chosen per decade to be fighters and pre-emptive warriors of the terrain. Regardless, the greatest fighters amongst them are still precautious and thoughtfully wary--strategic. A good number of Verrians choose to live solitarily, as the land is one that affects and inspires a life of enlightenment and divine insight. The life of the Verrian is sanctimonious; males are virtuous vanguards of the royal four and the Verrian natives, establishing and defending their locations as well as positions. Females usually act as counsellors and advisors to omegas, leaders, etc, and give prophetic warnings as faithful watchers and heightened observers of the auras and undercurrents. Fundamentally, all in Verre are guardians of Verre, although the headstone of peace-keeping rests on the alpha guardians. Relationships are encouraged among males and females to incite lives of fulfillment, but all lives are free and unlimited.

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B r e t h e r e n

Fei von Tuzkar

Pale-male Sen


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