Hey there!

My name is Tagrano the Hissi and this is my little space on the web.

Many people are scared of me and my people just because we look a little different. I may not look as cute as a Cybunny or Usul, but Hissies are by no means spiteful or nasty. Just ask my owner 1bahamas1 :)

You may wonder how I manage to get around Neopia as slithering around or hopping on my tail is a bit slow. As you may have noticed I have two remarkable wings with which I can soar in the open skies. Hissies can fly just as well as any Pteri you know!
So, what do I like doing eh? Well I really like to fly over new areas. Things look so wonderful from up there that its quite breath-taking. If ever you get the chance to fly over Terror Mountain or the Lost Desert, I would thoroughly recommend it!

Aside from flying I quite like to read the odd book (which pleases my owner greatly) and I love making up my own stories to tell my friends. My favourites are adventures starring brave Hissies and spooky stories set in the Haunted Woods.

Anyway I had better be going. I think I hear 1bahamas1 calling me. If you want to challenge me in the Battledome, or just want to listen to some of my spooky stories, why not drop them a Neomail?

See you around!