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.....As you aimlessly venture down an eerie path in the forest of the Haunted Woods, you hear a sound. Frightened, you look around you, all is surrounded by a thick fog, you cannot calm yourself. In a haste to escape what made that noise you start to sprint in one direction. Sure you don't know where you are headed, but it has got to lead somewhere right...?

..... Regrettably something snags your foot and you tumble to the cool, damp earth. As you attempt to recover from the fall you see thousands of tiny little spyder's crawling up your arm. You shriek, a cry that is not heard by any. Terror-stricken by the little menaces you wail your arms attempting for the foul creatures to leave your arms. One by one they descend to the ground, but for every one that falls, two more climb back up. Panicking you hear the same noise that landed you into this turmoil. Amongst the shadows it comes closer, with every step you get more terrified. However you don't seem to realize the creatures not being on you anymore. And then you saw it...

.....It wasn't as menacing as you had once thought, however it was the something you didn't expect. A creature, almost like your very own. Frightening, yet only enough to give you a shiver or two. The irritating insects were now crawling up her legs and arms. She didn't budge. Purple unkempt hair veiled the right side of her face and a purple bow seemed to replace something. She only had one visible ear and as her hair blew in the eerie wind, the right side of her face was revealed. Nothing but scars. The eye she once had was covered by one, as were her violet cheeks. Out of the messy hiar were two long black antennas it seemed. She wore a tattered dress. The upper part was a dark shade of purple covered in spiders, while the lower half had looked like it was in fact a cobweb itself. Her tail was rather ribbon like, almost shadowlike as is blew in the breeze.

What are you doing here..,She grunted seeming a little upset. And then she moved. Close enough that she could touch you.
I am lost... You studder frightened. As you stand up you realize she is much taller than you, her height is almost similar to the tree adjacent to her.

I never knew She said sarcastically. How did you get lost, and end up here crushing all my precious friends. She sounded aggravated. She then held her hand out, and there was five or six Spyders sitting down.
Well I was trying to find my way to Neovia and I got lost in the forest and fell. Then all of your "friends" started to climb on top of me, what was I supposed to do? You answer frustrated at the little Spyders.

Well it doesn't matter now whats done is done, She then turned around and started walking. I suggest you follow me if you want to get out of here. Hastily you follow beside her as you want to escape this menacing place.

Taellon The Spyderkeeper

.....If you couldn't tell from the introduction of the petpage, Taellon has a very interesting personality. She is sarcastic, Terrifying, Menacing, and Dark. Rather than running away from insects or vile creatures, she welcomes them with open arms, because everyone needs a friend right?

The Outcast
.....Well Taellon wasn't just born like this surely no pet has ever been born like this. Taellon belonged to just a regular family like many pets are. She was the youngest one of three sisters. As the older two ventured to having many many friends and being the very well known Aisha's in their community, Taellon was a social outcast. She was often made fun of by all the other pets, including her sisters. They treated her as if she was a ghost. Without care they just tossed her to the side like a used teddy bear. Her parents, to dimwitted to see what was going on were busy flaunting the older sisters to everyone else and neglected Taellon. While her older sisters had much fancier pets and clothes she had one pet. His name was Cobweb, a Spyder she had found in her room after he was spinning a very intricate web. She loved Cobweb very much and often talked to him, though he could not talk back. She spent weeks locked in her room, for if she went out she knew she would have to face the cruel "friends" of her so called sister. Taellon tried to convince herself that there wasn't anything wrong with her, that there was something wrong with everyone else. Taellon became a very angry Aisha and avoided any contact with anyone else for a very long time.

The Lost and Never Found

.....One day her eldest sister ventured into her room to see what her sister had been up to while Taellon went to get food from the kitchen. Because she knew nothing of Taellon she saw Cobweb and she threw him out the window because she didn't like bugs. Taellon returned to find Cobweb missing and she was furious. Once Taellon found out what her sister had done, she snapped. She attacked her sister giving her many injuries and had broken one of her sisters legs. She received many injuries as well as a severely infected rught eye. Her parents threw her with what little belongings she had out of the house. To her relief Cobweb we spinning a web outside her house along the drainpipe. Although it was getting hard for her to see out of her right eye she had nowhere to go so she ventured into the forest, she had never seen what was on the other side. With no money what could she do? She found an abandoned house in the forest. The doors boarded off, shutters falling off and dusty. As she entered it was full of cobwebs and spyders but she didn't mind. As she made her way to the third floor she went into what seemed like the master bedroom. Inching towards a larger treasure chest full of gold she fell through the wooden floor of the bedroom and then through the floor of the second floor and fell into a deep sleep...


.....What seemed like a few minutes for her was in reality six months. She woke up to find around her broken wood pieces and what seemed like a few spyders the first time she ventured into her house turned to millions if not billions. She stood up careful not to injure any and walked toward the cracked mirror above a fireplace. She started crying at the reflection. Her once infected eye was now missing, her beautiful soft violet skin turned to a rough dull purple. Her hair was long, unkempt and a dark shade of purple. One of her ears was missing and her antennas had become thin and fragile. Many of her scars on her arms and legs had reopened once she got up. Her clothes were tattered and she was all alone...almost. She looked at the spyders and had an idea. She went into the kitchen aching all the way and found a rusty pair of scissors and a needle from an old sewing kit. Amongst the spiders, she spotted Cobweb because of his magnificent Green eyes. She told him that she needed some thread and all of a sudden all of the spyders started threading webs for her. She took the thread of the webs and sewed all of her cuts closed with a needle. She winced at the pain but continued on. When all of her body was sewed up she touched her face. Still saddened she took the strongest thread she found, and sewed her eye shut. The pain was immense but she found a way to ignore it. She took the rusty shears and cut her hair short. She cut herself some bangs that fell over the right side of her face, so no one would see her missing eye. When she was finished she walked outside the house turned towards it and whispered


Not so happy ending

As of now Taellon wanders the Haunted Woods caring for the lonely critters that people abandon. She finally reached the gold in the master bedroom and fixed up the house with it. It still looks abandoned on the outside but the opposite on the inside. Many of the creatures she takes care of are dark, and terrifying creatures that nobody seems to love but her. On the inside Taellon hates her family. She vowed if she ever saw her sisters or parents again she would seek revenge.

Well I suppose you're wondering who I am right? Taellon said menacingly.

Well I dont really care who you are but I'll list some info about myself for you. You sigh as you listen to the curious pet talk.

Name: Taellon
Height: 6'2
Fur: Pale Violet
Eyes: no right eye, left is purple
Species: Aisha
Gender: Female
Personality: Sarcastic, Dark
PetPet: Cobweb the Spyder and its Aboogala
Mood: Calm
Location: Wandering Haunted Woods with guest

.....As you and Taellon walk for what seems like hours you see a dim light up ahead and get excited. Taellon notices and says Dont get too excited, its still about a ten minute walk from here. What was excitement turned into impatience.

Hey this is your fault you know, you're lucky I am helping you, I don't do this often you impatient fool. She replied angrily. She then took a little Spyder and placed it on your shoulder. You shuddered but kept walking; You didn't want her to leave you in the forest when you were so close to getting out of it.

.....Finally after endless walking, you arrive in Neovia. Excited you start jumping up and down.

Hey there Jumping Jack, where is my thank you. Ungrateful little menace She said annoyed as she turned around and started walking away. She then halted and turned back around.

Oh and as my reward for helping you, take this with you, maybe I'll get more people visiting me. She said smirking as she walked away.

Ego sto solus Grimm! Enter here for another gate to heaven

Cobweb, halloween brushes (c)
The Raven" By Edgar Allen Poe