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DCM Members // Goals

Here are the members of the DC minions. We hope that you all achieve your rank and encourage you to continue playing even after you hit that rank. Stay true to your loyal words of being a dedicated player. Remember, the more you play, the more you help out DC as a whole and the better chance you have of being on the high score table.

Neomail me (vanilla_paw) with your name and the rank that you wish to achieve by the end of the cup, and I will add you to the list.

Member Count: 235
Last Updated: 9:11 pm NST on June 22, 2012

Name Username Target Rank
Leaf leafblade0 All-Star x3
Ryan kopakasheild5 All-Star x3
Metal fullmetal_ed_lover05 All-Star x3
Leah vanilla_paw All-Star x2
Chelle singer_302 All-Star x2
Spider purple_spidergirl All-Star x2
Pedro Thiago sky_own_your_family All-Star x2
Allison rich_man321 All-Star x2
Draggar mogrim All-Star x2
Xanar sthxanar All-Star x2
Shawna enigmatic_26 All-Star x2
Birdboy birdboy2000 All-Star x2
Marcus real_as_life_gets2 All-Star x2
Laura goodybird All-Star x2
Erik ihangwithvampires All-Star x1.5
Leah lraskie All-Star x1.5
Carolyn parody_ham All-Star x1.5
Stacey stac93 All-Star
Jelly jellywolffy All-Star
Hammer quit_bugin_the_cows All-Star
Neq kellyclarksonfan234 All-Star
Tiara vladimir67 All-Star
Thomas caspa_ All-Star
Lacey cybunny_fanatic_ All-Star
Jess ohheyreplay All-Star
Squirrel squirrelfury All-Star
Gregory pokemon_rules222 All-Star
Kelbs kelbie23 All-Star
Andrei cutienandz2 All-Star
Shara sharamoon All-Star
Mama movienut33 All-Star
Space petpet21_7 All-Star
Nicolas njt9497 All-Star
Max vx_redshift_vx All-Star
Zoey chippypink87 All-Star
Abigail bhie_0314 All-Star
Richard neorency All-Star
Candi xrealityfadesx All-Star
Zizzle halosphere All-Star
Bones bonesofsteel All-Star
Zach xcrevendo All-Star
Lindsey alone_inthe_darkness All-Star
Tammy twixipie All-Star
Jessica grunnyj All-Star
Hermes Bird 20birdofhermes13 All-Star
Trey treyvianm All-Star
Dragon dragonbreath742 All-Star
Brit xxxdiamondxox All-Star
Kristoffer lillebenn All-Star
Kat spudss All-Star
Robbie robbiestilettos All-Star
Aqua vincentraven All-Star
Raven ravendarkmoon114 All-Star
Cathy misshelga_b All-Star
Brynn raptorial All-Star
Shaun shaunbealoser69 All-Star
Requiem requiem_for_a_devil All-Star
Lexi the Head Cheerleader church_punk_122 All-Star
Kit kit_angel8497 All-Star
Rayna xxraynaxmariexx All-Star
Mittens dura900 All-Star
Zoey chippypink87 All-Star
Ari purplequ2 All-Star
Pieter rinto_tinto All-Star
Mel shefampyr All-Star
Matthew xblade356_9_9 All-Star
Olivia iceintheocean All-Star
Will black_willows All-Star
Lyssie emo_kid_rocker_chick All-Star
Shiro s5kura All-Star
Hillary chunky12316 All-Star
Absol abshadow All-Star
Nick platinumsephiroth All-Star
Firefly niopetss All-Star
Usman usman_jatt All-Star
Eva eva_is_awesome All-Star
Dallas evilbluemunkeyz All-Star
Jackiee walkerfire345 All-Star
Melai bheibee_mei All-Star
Michelle psychadela123 All-Star
Poogle the_poogle_toy All-Star
Mariana ltlbabeangel All-Star
Tiff shobe277 All-Star
Sillyplippy sillyplippy All-Star
Sloan darigan_sloane All-Star
Sheena sheena109 All-Star
Rebecca powerpuffgirl127146 All-Star
Kat 9kas All-Star
Loana angel44_44 All-Star
Goldie goldstreaked_blob All-Star
Sicksitch sicksitch All-Star
Mike thescorpionboss All-Star
Ian precioustheracoon All-Star
Moose iosonomilanista All-Star
Bluekittye bluekittye2 All-Star
Ahmed 48066 All-Star
Blazing blazing_coolz All-Star
Mike oakhewer8 All-Star
natsumikan93 natsumikan93 All-Star
Tsu tsubadoo All-Star
Chris anklohr All-Star
Kailan yesiamnot All-Star
Tanis kari_cool_rox All-Star
Hunter wave_queen44 All-Star
Andy anderneop All-Star
Watermelon yungwatermelon All-Star
Candy candyselena All-Star
Alice elfere All-Star
Ruatha ruathatorrent All-Star
Prescott prescottasy All-Star
Becky fraunummanay All-Star
Skye skyebadoodle All-Star
Shadow dragonsrneat All-Star
Jack thedarigandude All-Star
Shixun kagirinaix3 All-Star
Angel angellovescake All-Star
whsnobs whsnobs All-Star
Corina lucky_cory All-Star
Alex moonlightsg All-Star
Winnie withypol All-Star
Luc c_luck_c Rank 19
Bob bodacious_bob Rank 18
Hayley jaxon17906 Rank 17
Tracy puppygal177 Rank 17
Georgia zombiepoogle Rank 16
Daisy daisyymaiisyy Rank 15
Holly battlingqueen Rank 15
Valerie forevernat Rank 15
Robbe deblubberman Rank 15
Belinda silenttears_88 Rank 15
Amie moonlight798 Rank 15
Tony king_neo100 Rank 15
Jeremy jeremyboy95 Rank 15
Rob hobbesskyhunter Rank 15
Harrison itechsniper Rank 15
Autumn wasted_sky Rank 15
Camila sombra_29 Rank 15
Casey buzzmoe Rank 15
Ashlee its_8cats Rank 15
Alex lexanator5 Rank 15
Aimee midnight_sun Rank 15
Jared jaredyeo06 Rank 15
Peter marlfox_warax Rank 15
Zephy crystal_jade Rank 15
Michael amnosdei Rank 15
Knitted knittedcharacter Rank 14
Maddie elmoplaning2takovr Rank 13
Sam sama12345678910 Rank 12
Joey nascar9918 Rank 12
Mizu mizuno_aqua_mermaid Rank 12
Doom mutant_arceus Rank 12
Nicolas lightnick_5 Rank 11
Angel angelssoul992 Rank 10
Red redjubjub96 Rank 10
Josie delays Rank 10
Pri 1_pri_1 Rank 10
Slayer slayergal666 Rank 10
Trixie drake_1488 Rank 10
Charlotte poisonedmisfit Rank 10
Kaitlyn mysterio_luver94 Rank 10
Misty mistwalker15 Rank 10
Emily empolee123 Rank 10
Jessica gkjessicafae Rank 10
Hikari hikariamane Rank 10
Samara poppet130 Rank 10
KandiKatze kandikatze Rank 10
Lisa freaky_darkstuff Rank 10
Sarah yetiaz Rank 10
Hannah deidara_nightprowler Rank 10
Yen kawaiiyen534 Rank 10
Ydan ydan653 Rank 10
AJ angie1148425615948 Rank 10
Josh druids_valour2 Rank 10
Kaitlyn kaitlyn7119714 Rank 10
Rob twisty9135 Rank 10
Atli demiatli Rank 10
Emily mariella529 Rank 10
Jesica princess_j15 Rank 10
Arthur vitols54 Rank 10
Gaby _lessthan3_ Rank 10
Roark buppity Rank 10
Lucky weird_collector Rank 10
Silver silverskystrike Rank 10
Terron terronbp1990 Rank 10
Zippy dixie_immortal_chao Rank 9
Daphne daf_wes Rank 9
Jarred masterroka Rank 9
Emily amphodite_11 Rank 15
Lauren madames_monster Rank 8
Yuki yuki_daviji Rank 8
Dixie dixie_night Rank 8
Priscilla my_chemical_life Rank 8
Beth bbirondo Rank 8
Courtney shortpaleand Rank 8
Zeki ben_fraiser Rank 7
Matt mr_logic Rank 7
Eri eriouslack Rank 7
Lighty mystical_magic__42 Rank 6
Willy xmooink Rank 6
Stray crystal_wolf_lover Rank 6
Jack of Blades nomercynosurrender Rank 6
Eric diavalo Rank 5
Phoenix pbear_ Rank 5
Sokol golddragon98 Rank 5
Jessica cheetah_spots123 Rank 5
Zanna poio12344 Rank 5
Ress dubstepping Rank 5
David undeadserpent Rank 5
Moose mooseski Rank 5
Kyle xx__inuyasha__xx_2 Rank 5
Sara USxxnotperfect08 RNAME Rank 5
Sima sima232005 Rank 5
Wendy ckgknyangel Rank 5
Ravz aquarium22 Rank 5
Rolend rolerol Rank 5
Allison allison3390 Rank 5
Kevin white2white Rank 5
Snow magelover Rank 5
Connor snowstorm8210 Rank 5
Stephanie damagedglory Rank 5
Near nearsauce Rank 4
Marcos gudrod Rank 4
Mich midget61595 Rank 4
Chiriko catqueen579243 Rank 3
Michelle crystalbird16 Rank 3
Leland luvdwayulie Rank 3
Zack zack_tiger Rank 3
Alisha wolfy_mistress06 Rank 3
Taylor shadowpuppy3 Rank 2
Cara ninjacated Rank 2
Kevin instantregret Rank 2
Tarly ztarlyknightz Rank 1
Hydro hydro_thunder001 Rank 1
Missy hellokitty0616 Rank 1
Kendyl km2008 Rank 1
Kit kitnova Rank 1

DCM Message Board

Just some noteworthy messages that a few DCM members have left us with.

Zelda's Speech:

Minions is not something that you join, so to speak. We're all here for a common goal, and that is to win the AC for the 2nd time. We strive to be the best, and we want the best. We're not saying either, that just because you can't reach All-Star, you're not the best. Every little bit counts. We're just looking for SUPER dedicated players this year.We want people to play with us, of course! We want to win!! Regardless, we don't want freeloaders. Nobody does. I think it'll become tradition, that when the AC starts, everyone picks their goal, and then work as hard as they can to obtain that goal. We want people to play, we want to win. That's the main focus.

- Zelda (princess_zelda_22)

Counter started on June 5, 2011

Internal Links: Welcome | Rules | Message to Members | Scorekeeping | Goodies

Shield by kirjing

We're a team! :)

The DC Minions is a board that supports Darigan Citadel in all the game categories. We are a devoted group of people that are dedicated to win! We strive to play all those mini-games as best as we can, and we also step up in YYB when the time calls for it. We work very hard to maintain a good atmosphere amongst all players and are not so lenient on disturbances. We want this to be a place where everyone can join so we can all have a good time working to our common goal, which is the second win for Darigan!


25-31 May, signups
1-6 June, First Round
7-12 June, Second Round
13-18 June, Third Round
19-24 June, Fourth Round

The sixth day in each round is being used as a tie-breaker round. Those teams that are tied will face each other. Other teams who are not tied will face the practice team for that day.

Randomly during the Cup, one of the four games will go into Bonus Mode. During that, the game will award more points for your team. Neopoint rewards from the game will remain the same.

Listen up, all! This actually is important!

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Rules of the DC Minions Board

  • The DC Minions Board is a free environment for everyone to come in and play what they want.

  • Every DC Minion board is made using the same title format:
    :K DC Minions #---: insert slogan/witty phrase here :K

  • Everyone can have a chance to make a new board. At around Pg. 24, please claim dibs or respond as a group to who will make the next one. If you made the current board, let another have a chance to make it. If you're the only one, please make it.

  • Be respectful to team mates! We win together, not apart.

  • Be respectful to other teams! They are our competition, not lifelong enemies. We don't want to anger them to make them play harder.

  • Sometimes we formulate plans which get passed on to our players. Please do not discuss them with different teams.

  • Last but not least, just have fun! These boards are a fun, free environment for DC players to play whatever they want, yet at the same time helping the team smash goals. Hopefully you enjoy the company of others as well.

We rule because we have rules... and because we have DC swag. ;)

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To All Members, Both Old and New

So come in and play your hearts out! We would love to know more about you, so if you happen to be new this year, please tell us a bit about yourself. Veterans! Feel free to re-introduce yourself to our newer members.

Being a member of DC Minions doesn't just mean posting your scores on our boards once in a while and pasting a pretty DCM shield on your lookup. We expect dedication, diligence, and a positive attitude. Be a good role model for everyone else out there and people follow suit.

We have a lot of pride in all of our Minions. We look for quality, not quantity. There could be 5 of us on this board, but if we all strived to be All-Stars, it would be better than 100 people only at Rank 2.

A Word on Freeloading...

Definition: A freeloader is someone who joins a team during the Altador Cup but only plays a few games throughout the entire cup. Too many freeloaders can pull down the team as a whole (hence why sometimes small teams trump the power houses).

We look down upon freeloaders. And I want to clear that up now. We will not shun you if you play poorly. We know that things get in the way. Life, school, work, etc. It happens, we deal with it. But if you are coming onto our boards, simply to chat with our members, and not play a single game of YYB the whole tournament, that's a problem. That's where we get irritated slightly. I don't mean to sound harsh, and I hope I don't come off that way. We want people to have fun playing, we want people to talk and have a good time. It is, after all, a game. But when we have our mind set on winning, and people are distracted from playing by little trolls, that's an issue. And we tend to resolve those quickly.

So please, be serious about this. We are not going to say, "Go away, we're not chatting today, we're playing." Most definitely not. It's a chat board, it's the internet, you are free to do whatever you wish and whatever you please. It does, however, get to be a bit much at times. Especially when we are playing the stronger teams. We need each and every member to bring their A game--focus, dedication, and the DC spirit.

For the sake of many of our sanities, if you are a freeloader, go join another team. Or even better, don't come to our board. If you want that shiny gold DC trophy sitting on your user lookup, you have to EARN it, just like everyone else.

No one likes a freeloader
The remains of the last smart–aleck freeloader who tried to troll DCM boards...

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Scorekeepers of the DC Minions

How To Post Your Scores:

Everyone will post their score in a format as such:

+#### -insert game played here-


+14 YYB
+600 SlSl
+5854 MSN
+1200 ShSh

  • Yooyuball: # of goals you scored subtract # of goals scored against you. (minimum score: every winning game)
  • Slushie Slinger: your score (minimum score: 285)
  • Make Some Noise: your score (minimum score: 3000)
  • Shootout Showdown: your score (minimum score: 1 goal)

To save the scorekeeper time, you can also hoard your points and post all at once!

How To Scorekeep:

Why keep score when the other teams can just peek and try and beat them?

Honestly, it doesn't matter if they see our totals. The team with the most points isn't necessarily the winning team. The algorithm used to determine which team wins is much more complicated than that. The reason we keep score is to keep us all motivated. With a common goal to reach, we will find the endless yooyuball games much more bearable.

The basic rundown:

Score keeping is pretty simple. It does, however, require a ton of patience, as well as a calculator (or if you're a math genius your head). Anyone can scorekeep, especially if no one is playing at the moment. More than likely if you're score keeping, you don't have much time to play. We try and round up all the multi-taskers that are able to do this. It is advised that if you are newer to the board, to hold off on score keeping until you think you're ready.

Alright, so our score board generally looks like this

YYB: ###/xxx
SlSl: ###/xxx
MSN: ###/xxx
SHSH: ###/xxx
@username ##:##am/pm

  • ### is the current number of points we have accumulated in that game.
  • xxx represents our current goal.
  • @username is user we stopped calculating the totals at.
  • The time, obviously, is when that user last posted.

When we reach our goal, it is nice to inform the members that the goal has been attained and to write a new goal beside it (Eg: MSN: 51,749/50,000 GOAL SMASHED! New goal: 100,000).

I understand that this could be quite confusing, just reading an explanation of how it works. But once you see it in action, I promise you'll be able to understand everything.

Here is an example of how to collect and add up scores:

So let's say these are the new scores at the beginning of the day:

User 1 12:17pm: +15 YYB
User 2 12:17pm: +5749 MSN
User 3 12:18pm: +455 SlSl
User 4: 12:20pm: +3600 ShSh
User 1: 12:21pm: +12 YYB

All you have to do is take the scores and add them together:

YYB: 27/1,000
SlSl: 455/5,000
MSN: 5,749/50,000
ShSh: 3,600/40,000
@User 1 12:21pm

Simple as that! If you are adding up scores during the middle of the day, start from the post noted in the last score update and add the new scores to the existing scores.

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DC Minion Goodies


Custom made shields for the exclusive use of the DC Minions board members. Please do not remove the credit and/or link back.

Shield by astrogrilledveggie. Members feel free to enjoy this graphic but others, please do ask for permission before use.

Shield by Kristen (lennargirl). This shield replaces the age shield on your user lookup.

Link Back Buttons

Feel free to spread the word and link back to the DCM board webbie on your lookups and petpages. :)

Button by dragons_rock_493.

Button by Leah (vanilla_paw).

User Lookups

For the exclusive use of the DC Minions board members. Please do not remove the credit and/or link back.

User lookup by vanilla_paw.

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