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Character Profile

Name: Symtical Hale
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: September 16
Species: Lupe
Level: 16
Occupation: Student

Build: Dainty, fit
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 127 lbs
Eyes: Amethyst; round, large
Hair: Blue; coarse, wavy, thick
Special Markings: She has pink stripes along her torso and legs - she is extremely self conscious about them and tries to hide them.


Clairaudience: Clairaudience is the ability to hear ghosts. This power enables Symtical to speak to the dead putting many people under the impression that she talks to herself.
Clairvoyance: Being clairvoyant enables Symtical to see the future. She doesn't like letting others know about this power because they often use her to know their futures.
Vitakinesis: This enables Symtical the power to heal. While it cannot revive the dead, she can heal the wounded. She enjoys using this power the most as it helps others even though it makes her incredibly weak.
Time travel: Sym cannot control her ability to travel through time. While Sym's body stays in present time, her mind travels to a different time; making her extremely vulnerable. Because of this, she is extremely careful with where she goes as the ghosts normally force her into different times.

About Symtical

Symtical comes from a long line of gifted lupes. Her brothers, Aezarie and Kervivor are both overprotective of Symtical because she was often bullied by her classmates. When she used to live in with her family, the other neopets would alienate her for because of her special abilities. Symtical did not have any friends growing up, so she turned to befriend the ghosts that would seek her out.
She has grown quite accustomed to the feeling of being alone, and does not know how to react when people approach her.. Despite being alone for most of her life, she is concerned for the well being of others above her own, always concerned for others even though they do not return the sentiment.
Symtical moved to the city to continue her studies, in hopes that she would be able to start anew. Things did not work out as planned and is still bullied by her fellow classmates. She dreams of being a novelist but is content with teaching as well.
She is extremely self conscious when she speaks because she has a tendency to stutter. She prefers to listen to other as opposed to talking and enjoys being told stories because she feels as if the person trusts her. She does not talk often, but when she does, it is usually to stand up for others or to comfort others. She does not stand up for herself when she gets bullied because Symtical is a pacifist at heart and tries to avoid conflict at all costs.
Symtical believes that everyone is intrinsically good and tries to find the good in everyone. Due to this belief, she is often considered a pushover.




sidenote: Symtical literally doesn't have any friends! Please neomail me if you're interested in roleplaying. ; A ;


I found Aez during one of my excursions. He was kind enough to take me in during the short period of time I was there. I was sad to hear he had no family, but welcomed him into mine! I love you, big brother. Even if you can be a bit over bearing sometimes. Aez,your sons are adorable! Firahni would've been proud.

Kervivor is special. I found him during one of my late night walks with Aez and brought him into our family. Kervivor, please don't let them win. You're stronger than this! Aez and I are here for you always.


Symtical: O-oh! *blushes* I'm sorry if you were expecting small blurbs of my friends. I... I'm afraid I don't have any. Unless you count... Anyways, please move on! I am so sorry for wasting your time.


Appearance - What does your character look like?
Symtical is a dainty lupe with wavy blue hair that reaches the middle of her back. She is a plain girl and does not care much for fashion; she prefers to wear comfortable clothing, not skin tight clothing. Due to an incident, she has pink stripes that run from her torso to her legs; she is very self conscious about them so she tries to hide them. She will only wear shorts when she is home. Symtical enjoys toying with her hair and tries to come up with different hairstyles everyday. Symtical wants to get a tattoo but has yet to find the perfect design. Symtical has low self esteem, but she loves her eyes.

Bloodlines - What family does your character have?
Symtical is a family girl. She enjoys spending time with her family and she is not ashamed of it. She has two older brothers, Aezarie and Kervivor. They are both extremely protective of her because she was often bullied as a child. She considers them her best friends even if they can be overbearing sometimes. She is extremely close to her family and visits them when she has the chance.

Career - What does your character do for a living?
Symtical is a student. She left her town in hopes of gaining new friends and studies in the city. She has a part time job at the book store. She hopes one day she can become a novelist, but is also considering teaching. At night, she goes to a school for gifted neopets. This school is completely hidden from the rest of society as not everyone is aware of such powers. She is still bullied at the gifted school. In her free time, she likes to travel.

Death - How does your character feel about death?
She is not afraid of death as she has literally met death and finds he is a friendly person. However, she has a love-hate relationship with death. When the person is suffering, she accepts their death with open arms; she is glad they will not have to suffer. But when a loved one is taken from her suddenly, she mourns for their loss. She is intrigued with how some ghosts stay in the world and yet others cross over; none of her ghostly friends can help explain this phenomenon because they do not know themselves. She hopes she can improve her healing skills to further help people so that they do not have to suffer.

Entertainment - What does your character do for entertainment?
It would be rare to find Sym without a book. She thoroughly enjoys to read and spends most of her time doing so. She also spends her time writing in her journal. She also spends her time listening to the ghosts as they tell her stories about their past life. When she has free time, she will explore around the city.

Food - What sort of diet does your character have?
Symtical tries to live a rather healthy lifestyle; she prefers fresh, organic food over processed, packaged foods. She is an omnivore, but chooses to eat more vegetables then meat. She does not count calories but she does take into consideration the nutritional value of the foods she buys. She has a weak spot for fries, especially cheesy fries. She cannot stand the taste of chocolate and avoids it at all costs. Symtical once ate dirt. A few children had tricked her into thinking that if she ate the dirt, they would become her friends. She was naive and followed agreed to it. She did not seek revenge, but she did not stop the ghosts from having their fun with the little bullies.

Groups - How does your character act in group situations?
She does not like being the center of attention and will try to avoid being in groups. She is incapable of interacting with others in social situations. She doesn't like talking and cannot talk to more than one person at a time. She is talkative with her family and with the ghosts. She does not have any friends.

Home - Where does your character live?
Symtical lives in a minimalist house located in the richer part of the city. The interior design goes with the minimalist design of her house. It is close to her school.

Injuries - What injuries has your character had in the past?
Symtical has had several minor injuries due to bullies but nothing life threatening. The pink stripes along her torso and legs are injuries she obtained while traveling back in time. She was once in a coma due to a ghost forcing her to travel to a different time while she was in a weakened state.

Jokes - What sort of sense of humor does your character have?
She giggles a lot and finds funny people extremely attractive. She does not consider herself funny but she does enjoy listening to jokes. She does not like corny jokes.

Kids - What is your character's opinion on kids?
Symtical thoroughly enjoys the company of children. She finds their innocence endearing. She especially loves the scent of newborn babies. She hopes one day she can have children of her own, and if allowed, she would also want to adopt a child.

Love - How does your character view love?
Symtical likes to believe that true love is unconditional and believes in the idea of soul mates. The bullies have made her believe that she will never be able to find such love, but that doesn't stop her from dreaming. She can only wish that someone will accept her no matter how 'weird' her powers are.

Music - What kind of music does your character enjoy?
Symtical was brought up listening to classical music. Her parents made her learn how to play the piano ever since she was a pup. Her parent also forced her into singing lessons. She doesn't believe she can sing very well, despite her parents constantly telling her that she does. As she grew older she began to try out different instruments. She knows how to play the piano, flute, and violin. She is currently teaching herself how to play the acoustic guitar. During her teenage years she discovered rock music and has been listening to it ever since. She also enjoys listening to punk rock. Classical music is still very much part of her life.

Night - How does your character feel about the night?
Symtical enjoys the serenity night brings. She enjoys star gazing. She considers herself a nocturnal person and enjoys going out for late night walks. She stays up talking to the spirits around her and enjoys listening to their stories. She does not like night in the city as it is still so loud and bright and because she cannot see the stars. Depending on how much she has done during the day, Symtical typically goes to sleep around midnight; it is when she feels the safest. As a child, Symtical was afraid of the ghosts as she and her parents were unaware of her powers. The ghosts would come visit her at night and the voices would scare her. She would spend her nights either sleeping in her parents room or one of her brother's room. She slept with music playing to block out the ghosts. Her parents didn't believe her when she told them about the ghosts and only began to believe her when she asked the ghosts to prove their presence. Eventually she got use to the ghosts and found their presence comforting.

Opportunity - How does your character respond to new opportunities?
Any opportunity that will help her achieve her dreams, she will take. She isn't afraid to be greedy when it comes to her career. She tries very hard to expand her network so that it may help her in the future, but her social skills aren't the best. She makes sure to think over the situation thoroughly as she doesn't want to be put into a dangerous situation.

Pets - How does your character feel about pets? Symtical loves pets but doesn't own any. She doesn't think she would have time to take care of them. She is also unsure of how the ghosts would react if she got a pet. She hates loud pets. She finds the pet-owner relationship endearing. Sym

  1. I am 19 years old.
  2. I have powers that enable me to hear ghosts, time travel, heal wounds, and see the future.
  3. I am pretty normal! I-If you get past the whole clairvoyant, time traveling, ghost hearing, wound healing thing. u__u
  4. I just finished eating dinner. Yum, pasta!
  5. I was reading before I started this questionnaire.
  6. Aez and his sons came for a visit. His twins are so fun to hug!
  7. I went on an adventure last night! I got lost but it was fun.
  8. I will probably go back to reading once this questionnaire is done.
  9. I don't really have anyone that I talk to on a daily basis so. Uhm. No one?
  10. I am wearing a loose t-shirt and shorts. Comfy! :D
  11. *giggles* Isn't it obvious? Blue!
  12. I wish I could sleep! ;w;
  13. *giggles* What a weird question! Yes, pie is good. :)

Robots - What's your character's opinion on robots?
Sym finds all robots fascinating and admires whoever can create them. The science behind them is ingenious.

Scared - What scares your character?
Sym has been able to overcome almost all her fears. Her biggest fear is being alone forever.

Temptation - What is it that your character desires?
Symtical's conscience is far too strong to let her do anything against her moral code. Sometimes the ghost will take over her and will do things she does not approve of; she is powerless when that happens.

Utopia - What is your character's idea of a perfect society?
In Sym's perfect society, there is no such thing as poverty, suffering, and evil. Everyone is intrinsically good, respect each other, care for each other. This would never happen because of how greedy people can be. Because of how everyone takes care of themselves instead of trying to help each other. There is only give and take in this world, there is not such thing as "paying it forward".

Art by Jin

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