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Here is a compilation of my screenies. Once I get better at coding, I'll recode it so it all looks much neater! My screenies are categorized, and within those categories are placed in chronological order from oldest to newest ^.^ ALSO PLEASE NOTE: The drawing above was done by me. PLEASE do not steal it! It is my first photoshop draw, and it took me a long time.
My neopets like to talk to me, so here is a color legend for you!

SaFyre (Me!) speaks in RED.
Sylvanra (Sylv) speaks in DARK BLUE
Ishtariia (Ishtar) speaks in ORANGE and
Dohminoes (Dohmi) speaks in LIGHT BLUE

Previous pets:
Tykeesha spoke in PINK

!!!!Please Note!!!!
All names left in were left with permission. If you see your name on here and it's not supposed to be, neomail me as soon as possible and I will fix it! Also, as a rule, I DO NOT include links that are in Siggies or in posts. The only exception is if it is a screenie page and you are one of my screenie friends. (Or affiliates)
March 4 2011: I gave away the bunny Tykeesha to someone who really wanted a cybunny. His replacement is Dohminoes, who will speak in light blue.
March 12 2011: Got first button, +2 Affiliates
March 13 2011: Got another button, Listed in Soroptimist!
March 14 20011: Listed at EHG, +1 Affie, Organized screenies into scrollable boxes, added drawing, +9 Screenies! (Busy Day XD)
March 15 2011: Added Counter!
March 16 2011: +1 Button!
March 17 2011: +9 Screenies!
January 17 2012: RETURNED from hiatus :)
January 23 2012: +10 Screenies!
January 31 2012: +1 Affie, +14 Screenies!!!!!
March 28 2012: Listed at Find a Laugh!!
If you have any comments, or suggestions, please feel free to neomail me ^.^ _safyre_phoenix_


My first ever painted AND first LE pet! Great stats too, nice name... And I found the poor darling in the pound!


Two dream pets and Tarla all in one day? :O

O...M...G!!! FIRST EVER MORPHING POTION! I don't care if its one of the "cheap" ones, 16k is a lot to me!

First ever scratchcard win!

First quest done by the snow faerie!

I haven't ever won before, and FINALLY!

I am so confused about the logic behind Stone Jelly XD XD Isn't jelly supposed to wiggle?

Two days in a row of 50 nps and a Ummagine, then this one, and another like this only I got a Warf (That was on another computer or I would have screenied it)

Easily one of my FAVORITE dailies.

This was only a couple minutes after I created her. AND she seems to get hungry a lot faster than the others. Thank goddess for Omelette and Jelly!

I blame that on you three for choosing garbage... except you Sylv, since you loved yours so much.

I loved the Faerie Quest weeks *big shiny googly eyes*
Dohmi: ... is she always like this?
Sylv and Ishtar: Yup.

*twitch* Avies..... more avies..... *twitch* NOTE: I am aware that this is an Avie screenie. But since it was the beginning of my avie hunting, I put it here so nobody would get confused.

I'M fine, I swear... *fights off the men in white coats*

Seriously though... where's my avi.

This and the next one happened on the SAME DAY! And I've NEVER gotten anything out of either until now.

I know, I know. Masochistic.

Why do the avi's run away from me? It's really not fair you know.

After a few months of trying, I don't have to do this daily anymore! And I got an avi *twitch* NOTE: Because this happened during a daily, and I won the daily, it counts as an event.

O.O OMG! I went to the Trades board to get what pices I needed, and I only needed two more. The person who sold me one of the pieces gave me these as a gift!



WOO! Another one! *sells*

This was pure luck. I got a plushie from the Snowager (FORGOT TO SCREENIE *cries*) And went to see what it was worth. My mouth dropped when I saw this! And I got it too ^.^

More Plushies! Plum is one of my friends!

My first PB :D I now officially LOVE KQ!

I don't have ADHD... Ohh look a dubloon!

They're plotting against me.... v.v

Yeah... after spending thousands on this game, I finally got something half decent. Gr.

This must be a sign... I've been wanting a puppy D:

Note: I know its a board screenie, but this was too important too put down there so you can see how I got the PB ^.^

*snuggles her little baby* :D Thank you so much Britt!

How.... exciting.

I've been getting a lot of luck with this lately!

Apparently I'm winning this a lot too!

Random Events

Not exactly a winning random event, but it still counts!

Gotta love cake ^.^

I went to the shop of offers, and what do I find! Someone must have dropped their 50 nps when they were running away from the sponsors....

First ever map found ^.^

I am mad at myself. I got TWO np RE's within an hour before this one. I just didn't screenie it because I was already busy screenieing a board. It was a 20np, 50np, then this one!

Is TNT trying to tease me!? I'm trying to get the Secret Laboratory Map, and I get these?

Sylv: Uh oh.... mom has lost her temper.... her typing is getting all n00bish.

My first site theme ^.^

I had JUST taken my money out of the bank to buy a couple lab map pieces. Even knowing it wasn't real, I freaked a little XD

And people say fishing is boring :P

This was just kind of creepy....

Wow. Big loss XD

It just touched my heart ^.^

This happened while in Stuffie's Chat where all us friends of hers go ^.^ LUCKY AFFIE! *pokes affiliates*

Must be leftovers from Christmas :P

YAYAYAYAY!!!!! (See Avi screenies for the result!)

What can I say... totally addicted to that game.

Awweee!! Ishtar is starting to loose her teeth :D


I've never had this one before!

Avvie hunting, found the tooth fairy one JUST as I was starting the hunt!

WOO! My first game Avvie! And considering how bad I am at games, probably my last v.v(NOTE: I was wrong XD)

After an hour of play, my laptop died and I had to start over. So about a day later, I finally got this and a third place trophy!

FINALLY got this avi ^.^

Got it on the first try ^.^ Good thing, I did NOT want to spend a ton of neopoints on this.

Took me FOREVER to get this plot done, but YAY new daily ^.^

This one is cool to get ^.^ *twitch*

Please note that I ALSO got the Imposter Apple avvie and had the screenie for it and everything... and totally accidentally deleted it D:




This guy was just one epic fail. But I laughed my socks off when I saw debbies post!

I wonder what would happen if you actually reported borovan... LOL

Yup. That's right. My second day of doing screenies, and I already stalk someone :P

I know, I know.. it's a troll. But the responses were just too funny!

This just worked epically XD

Okay this is just plain stupid. So I had to share it with you guys XD.


It's a hectic day in the boards when the filters change v.v

See what I mean?

I needed help for my background on my guild webbie... and this is the help I got XD

The day lurkers across neopia had to make a decision... to come out of hiding and write why they lurk, or to just lurk in silence.

No one seems to realize that she is a spammer yet.... but a good deal of my screenies are her with a different active and siggy.

My first time seeing a locked topic! *points to next screenie*

Seriously, dude. Do not mess with the Creator(s)!

You know what would be really scary? If YOU had a name TOO! :o! (Oh the humanity!)

The new HC troll, whom I like to call the Hairy Armpit Troll.

This was just too funny. And when I posted that I had screenied it, i mentioned the author could have just created this for screenie fame, and she said "You caught me." ROFL

I may have taken a long hiatus of almost a year, but this will never change... spammers and trolls in HC *facepalm*

Gotta love the HIZ crew :D

Painted Pound Pets


He is way too protective over his asparagus....

Yes, you have reason to feel special with all those HUGE numbers :3

Maybe... he's a paradox and never actually existed at all!! :O


My very first fanmail! ^.^

Funniest Fanmail EVER! XD XD

I lurv Fanmail ^.^

This was an awesome rating from someone who does amazing screenies! I feel proud that she liked mine ^.^

My first ever Drawing Screenie! I am not going to do this regularly yet, I was just practicing.

Thank you for inspiring me to continue on ^.^


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