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About Me

Why Hewwo there guest!!! *a little baby jubjub greets you in a hat that is too big for him* I guess you are wondering, who is this little jubjub and why am I here? Well let me tell you a bit about my self. You go ahead and just keep reading on guest! ^^

This is a picture of me *Sweet_Baby_94*. I am a Male, Baby Jubjub.


Name: Sweet_Baby_94
Owner: cherrypie177
Color: Baby
Species: Jubjub

Age: 114691
Level: 15
Strength: 23
Speed: 19
Defence: 14
HP: 51
Current HP: 48
Intelligence: 31 *I need some more books =3*

BD Info.

Played: #BD_PLAYED
Won: #BD_WON
Lost: #BD_LOST
Drawn: #BD_DRAWN

I will be fancying a fight with you sometime ;) I am not some weak baby pet.

My Petpet & her Petpetpet

Sweet_Baby_94 has a Petpet!!

Jaimee the Plushie Miamouse & her ladyblurg!



My Poses

I don't know why my mum wanted me to do all these poo poses but, ah well, here they are. -.-

Poo, someone beat me :(

ARGGGGGG, I will get you!

*growls* Even wittle babies like meh get mad.

I can and will defend my self!

Owwy, that hurt! Mummy!!!


Hehe, I'm happy! If you're happy and you know it, clap your feet...



My Family

Dree~ Dreetia*Dree* Is the drama queen of the family. She is the ice princess also, and is made of crystals! She is very sensible but can be a real dare devil. She is a Ice Bori, and don't forget it!

Oli~ This is Olicka*Oli* she is a Orange Meerca and she loves her petpet Ona, Bella! She loves to dress up and put on lots of jewlery, along with Bella. She is the 3rd oldest in the family, and loves to make new friends!!! She is one of the cutest, smallest, sweetest neopets you will ever meet!

Pepi~ Peppitiia*Pepi* is currently a lab pet. It dosn't have a personality or a color yet till it stops, which may be never.

Wri~ Sweet_Baby_94*Wri* is the sweetest neopet you will ever meet! He loves everything and everyone in the world, and would never harm a thing... Or so people think. This little Baby Jubjub is a mastermine, lets just hope he uses it for good.

Mari~ Cherrypie177*Mari* is really nice and friendly! She loves: to make new friends, tennis, cats, animals, computers, neopets, drawing, *marikat.deviantart.com*=DA, taking photos, HTML, and much more! Stop by and give her a neomail sometime!



My Friends

I would WUV to meet some more friends! :) If you would like to be my friend neomail my mum! And we love to roleplay so make sure you do! ;)

Janymay~ Jany ish my secret wuv! I have the biggest crush on her, maybe it weally is wuv! She is a fun caring wittle usul, and she and her owner wuv cookies! Cookie her owner, is very sweet also and is one of meh mum's bestest neofriends! =3

Shirx~ Shirx is meh bestest buddeh!!! :D She ish so sweet and I wuv to roleplay with her! Her owner is Michal and she is a good fwend on meh mum's and a very nice person! Go visit them sometime, pweas :)

_LilAndre_~ Andre is the coolest cybunny you will ever meet! :D She is so nice! Along with her owner Nichole, who my mum is fwends with! :) HEY lil andre! *waves, then starts to ride on her* WEEE, ehehhe :*

VanillaPuppy70 ~ Vanilla is one cute puppy! :D I wuv to play with her, and her wittle faerie doglefox Skip! They are so nice, but kinda big ^^; That's why I wike to ride on her! :) Her owner Meli is a great fwend of my mum's and is very nice and a great drawer :) Please neomail them sometime!

tigerness_65 ~ Tiger is a great RPer and a fun friend! :) We wuv to play together, and we might be starting a band soon? O.O Her owner Neon is a very friendly person, and a good friend of my cherrypie177 ;) *hugs neon and tiger*

PoofBall347 ~ Poofball and I really just met, he kinda spooks me out, but he that's what ghosts are for right? ^^ He seems really nice so far along with his owner Sarah! :D Yay, and he also RP's :) We shall have some fun RPing together!!! ^__^

Floobz ~ Floobz is meh fwend!!! He was shy at first but now we seem to be becoming good friends! :) I hear his mum Rachel is starting a comic with all of his friends in it, it should be awsome!!! :D You should check it when it's done! ^^ And they LOVE fuzzle and jubjub stuff, so donate anything you have :) hehe.

Mireille~ Mireille is the most awsomeest uni eber! She is so nice and maybe sometime she will give meh a ride on her back! She can also fly! Her mum Ann ish so nice, that she lets us do anyfing we would like. Maybe sometime we can go exploring in Faerie Land.

Potter ~ Potter you ish so cute and nice! I wub to go and play with you. Your mum Findingnemo is also so nice!




As you might not know, my mum LOVES to draw and loves art that she recieves of her pet's. So if you have any fan art or anything, please send it to her. She will love it!
Go over the images to see what I have to say, and copy the link to see it in full view! :)
Also if you want to see more of my mum's art go to her DA account: marikat.deviantart.com!

Art by* Meli

Art by* Kittie




Scroll over the images to see what I have to say!

  • Fuzzles!! :D They look like meh!
  • Faeries, they make me stronger, and are very pretty!
  • Brownies and Cookies!!! OH my, YUM!

  • Anything Dung!!!
  • Evil things, including Evil Scammers, Hackers, Stealers, Copiers, and so on...
  • Omelette's!! Bleck :p
  • Spiders!!! They are bigger then meh!
:) :(



My Story

You are alone at night sitting under a little tree gazing up at the shimmering sapphire sky. Suddenly you see a shooting start zoom across the sky.
"Whoa, beautiful!" you say
"Yes they are aren't they?" says a little baby jubjub suddenly sitting besides you
"Who are you?" you ask surprised
"Why I am the little baby jubjub Wri, and I am the gazer of stars. Who might you be?" he says
You reply, "Well, I am guest. I was just sitting down gazing at this marvelous scenery!"
"Ah, yes. Might I tell you my story about the stars?" he says
You nod, and start listening to his story.
"Well as you probably know there is a Virtupets Space Station in Neopia, that's where everything began for me. I was all alone, traveling space by myself, just gazing up at the beautiful night. I was just about to fly to Kreludor the Neopia Moon, but then suddenly I heard a big BOOM, CRASH, and SIZZLE… In addition, I knew something wrong had happened back at the Space Station. I was floating around trying to see what happened, when suddenly out of the darkness Dr. Frank Sloth's head appeared! He was enslaving the poor old grundo's and jubjub's. As people do not know, jubjub's were also in the Space Station when he attacked. He was getting bigger and bigger as he was approaching. He soon was not very far away, so I hid inside a hallway that still looked safe from his now, evil slaves. That is when I saw his evil ray gun that would turn these entire poor innocent pet's evil, forever. I had to think fast, what could I do? I remember the other day how I was collecting Kreludor moon rocks, and soon I had a plan. Since as you know jubjub's do not have hands, so it is quite hard to throw anything, and if I got help from the other who were with sloth, he would beam us with his destroying beam ray. That is when I had the idea to call for Jaimee my Miamouse. She was not too far by, as she had heard the crash also, and was trying to get a good view of it all. Therefore, I called her over, and told her about the plan. We started walking closer and closer to the yet to be evil slaves and Sloth, when suddenly, he blew the roof right off! The pets were not cooperating very well, and he was getting very angry with them. Suddenly I gazed up at the stars, they seemed to be whispering something… but no one could quite here it but me. They told me what to do, the only way to defeat Sloth. I had just finished telling Jaimee the plan, when I heard the beam ray zap. One pet had already turned evil! We had to hurry, and fast! We went down the hallway more to the supplies room, and found some good weapons that Jaimee and I could use. To my surprise, there was a space ship! We quickly gathered in it, with Jaimee steering and I getting the weapons ready… We heard the beam ray go off a couple more times. We zoomed up in the air, to a point where we were in the star, and then I whispered something to them, they understood, and started falling from the sky! It was a very beautiful sight, but I know soon I would have to help them out with defeating Sloth. There were stars all around him. He could not move a muscle and either could the pets that he had turned evil. They suddenly started to drop, along with sloth, and their powers had turned the evil pets good again. We got out of the space ship and suddenly I could hear a song, a beautiful light melody that they were singing, saying, 'Thank You'." He concludes, "I still remember that day… I will never forget it and the stars" He looks up at them peacefully, and then looks at you. "I hope I didn't bore you with my story guest, as I tend to do." "No, not at all. Thank you for telling me that. I shall now go off though, as I am due to my pets. So long." You say starting to walk off.
"Farwell my friend, and just remember the story…" Then he fades away.



All About Stars

Well I didn't get to tell the Story about the Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars, but that is one about us Jubjub's and how we came to be now. Stars are not the 5 point yellow things that you think. Each star in the sky is a huge glowing ball of gas. The Sun is just a medium sized star. The largest stars have the shortest life span, yet still millions of years. Big star's like the sun, burn faster, and stronger then little ones. Star's twinkle, because we see them from the Earth's surface, and we view them threw thick layers of moving air. There are millions of stars in our universe, some you can see some you can't, but you will always know they will be there, and with you to help you along the way.
There are many star items on neopets! I don't have them all listed here, but here are my most favorites! Scroll over them to view the item's names:




Here are all of my mum's adoptibles. If you would like a custom, neomail my cherrypie177 and see if they are open! :D *which they usually are* And please, if you have any jubjub adoptibles, neomail her also, she would love some :)

Red Jubjub~☆~ Blue Jubjub~☆~ Green Jubjub~☆~ Yellow Jubjub~☆~
Brown Jubjub~☆~ Christmas Jubjub~☆~ Disco Jubjub~☆~ Electric Jubjub~☆~
Ghost Jubjub~☆~ Glowing Jubjub~☆~ Gold Jubjub~☆~ Island Jubjub~☆~
Pink Jubjub~☆~ Shadow Jubjub~☆~ Skunk Jubjub~☆~ Spotted Jubjub~☆~
Starry Jubjub~☆~ Strawberry Jubjub~☆~ Striped Jubjub~☆~ Orange Jubjub~☆~
Purple Jubjub~☆~ Plushie Jubjub~☆~ Faerie Jubjub~☆~ Mutant Jubjub~☆~
Halloween Jubjub~☆~ Rainbow Jubjub~☆~ Coconut Jubjub~☆~ Baby Jubjub~☆~

Red Jubjub

Blue Jubjub

Green Jubjub

Yellow Jubjub

Brown Jubjub

Christmas Jubjub

Disco Jubjub

Electric Jubjub

Ghost Jubjub

Glowing Jubjub

Gold Jubjub

Island Jubjub

Pink Jubjub

Shadow Jubjub

Skunk Jubjub

Spotted Jubjub

Starry Jubjub

Strawberry Jubjub

Striped Jubjub

Orange Jubjub

Purple Jubjub

Plushie Jubjub

Faerie Jubjub

Mutant Jubjub

Halloween Jubjub

Rainbow Jubjub

Coconut Jubjub

Baby Jubjub


If you would like a custom neomail my mum!
Custom's are currently: OPEN

Please only take these if my mum made them for you, but really why would you want someone else's pet? xD




Adopted/Customs of Meh


THANK YOU SO MUCH... for any one who did a custom of meh!*huggles*

Got jubjub adoptibles? Neomail my cherrypie177 and she will put one of me up! :D Also if you do customs neomail her! ;)



Free Trophy

Want your own trophy for your pet page free??? Then go ahead and take the trophy below, if you think your page deserves it, and you worked hard on it!




My Trophies

Got any Pet-Page trophies you are giving out? Then please neomail my mum! cherrypie177


Coverted I care award from crocadee! Click here to get your's



Link Back



Buh Bye meh friend! Please visit me again! :0)

Please be warned, I may look like a nice baby jubjub but when you get me mad, I will and can attack with my fang! Don't steal anything from this page. ~♥ Wri & cherrypie177


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