My Page of Poetry

Winning Entry: Letters on the Empty Shore. (Page 879)

Mystery Island's beach so grand,
With lapping waves and golden sand.
Sea shells lying here and there,
Beauty spreading everywhere.

Except for the letters apearing there,
This fine beach is always bare.
Empty waves lapping to and fro,
Why does no one to them go?

No jubjub's playing volly boll,
Nor any single flying gull.
No Bori singing happy tunes,
No one playing in the dunes.

Gently flowing ocean breeze,
Palm leaves dancing in the trees.
So much beauty to be found,
Why is not a soul around?

I walk this beach a friend to find,
To enjoy this beach with me in kind.
I came here seeking the letter 'U,'
But now I only feel blue.

Always alone here, I wonder why?
The only letter to be found is 'I.'

Winning Entry: Symol Hole Adventures. (Page 964)

Hop up to the Symol Hole,
I jump in and away I go.
Falling farther, farther still,
I hit the bottom and take a spill.

Pick myself up and look around,
Not a thing is to be found.
I climb back up into the sun,
There now, wasn't that fun?

Come back the next day,
For a codestone I pray.
I jump in and again I fall,
I land on something not hard at all.

I'm sitting in a lump of dirt,
I look at it and feel hurt.
Suddenly I realise there's something more,
An avatar down on the floor!

Winning Entry: Style Showdown (Page 1304)

A showdown of style,
What a thrill!
Anyone can try,
And everyone will!

Put on your best,
And come on down!
Bring along your smile,
Leave behind your frown!

It's just a game,
We're all here for fun.
Doesn't really matter,
If you've lost or won.

It's all about style,
So put on a show!
Kick up your heels,
And off you go!

Winning Entry: The Eight Bit Poem (Page 1407)

Tomorrow is 8-Bit Day, so please,
Send in your 8-bit poems by 9:00 A.M. NST

I read this over and smiled,
This was an exciting offer for me.

But what, I wondered, is an 8-bit poem?
It had to mean eight verses, I concluded.

So I grabbed paper and pen,
And paced and wrote and brooded.

And now I have my eight bit poem!
I have to say I'm pretty proud.

You can imagine my surprise when the editor,
Let me know it wasn't allowed!

This isn't quite what we had in mind,
That is what I was told.

How was I to know 8-bit was a colour?
I slunk home to watch 8-bit day unfold.

Winning Entry: Krawk Island's Fishy Problem (Page 1430)

Oh, dear me! Oh, beware!
Giant tentacles here and there!

Krawk Island is under attack!
Time to leave, go run and pack!

Is this an event or is it a plot?
Is this a monster that'll have to be fought?

Could it be a hoax or a prank?
It'd be a tasteless joke, to be frank.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.
I admit... the whole thing seems fishy to me.

Winning Entry: Ode to Baby Pteris (Page 1475)

Ode to the pteri,
Who never shall fly,
Who's doomed to not once,
Catch glimpse of the sky.

All these little eggs,
Wrapped up so tight,
They lay in their nests,
And forget about flight.

For though they may learn,
And many things know,
They'll stay just the same,
They never will grow.

They come to know plenty,
Because they listen well.
What else is there to do,
When you're stuck in a shell?

So an ode to these pteris,
The smallest of them all.
For they've got large hearts,
Although they're not tall.

Take the time to listen,
Let them talk to you,
They'll tell you of their dreams,
All the things they long to do.

Then cuddle them tight,
And tell them you don't mind.
Love them as they are,
And they'll love you in kind.

Winning Entry: My Borovan Tribute (Page 1487)

How I do love Borovan,
Oh let me count the ways!
Plain and hot is the best,
Or so everybody says.

Super spicy Borovan,
Is sure to give a kick.
And if you need to cool down,
Frozen does the trick.

Vanilla is my favourite,
Apple runs close second.
Mint is good, but Sprout,
Is a flavour to be reckoned!

Orange is just heavenly,
Cranberry is supreme.
Ghostly would, admittedly,
Probably make you scream.

Baelia's Poem (A Hopeful)

People like to ask me,
Why am I so grey?
In turn I like to ask them,
How could I be fey?

I could be more positive,
This I do confess.
But it's hard to see the bright side,
When you're a hoary mess.

Shredded wings simply can't,
Lift you very high.
So I sit dismally here,
While you all grace the sky.

Don't try to say I'm pretty,
I know I'm really not.
I'm drab and plain and dull,
That's why you stare at me a lot.

I don't want your pity,
Please don't feel bad.
I'm already quite skilled,
In the art of being sad.

Think of me as overcast;
A rainy, gloomy day.
Just hurry right on by,
And hope I'll fade away.

The Fire Faerie's Gift (A Hopeful)

It was a lingering,
Wishful sort of dream;
To join the world above,
The water's shimmering gleam.

The allure of azure waters,
Had begun to pale.
However wings she had not;
Only fins and tail.

She set out on a quest,
For wings to call her own.
This despondent dreamer,
Soon found herself alone.

Wings could not be granted,
To one so poor as her.
Such a change, she was told,
Would simply not occur.

One day as she floated,
Atop the waves, adrift,
A fiery glimmer appeared,
Bearing a glorious gift.

A fairy brush she offered,
And asked for no return.
Peophin trembled with joy,
Her heart began to burn.

Daughter of the sea,
Spreads her wings to fly.
Born anew, now she is,
A child of the sky.

Lutari Wishes (A Hopeful)

I decided to send a pet,
Away to a new home.
My lutari got so frightened,
That she wrote me a poem:

I am a very special pet,
And I am attached to you.
I love you with all my heart,
And I hope you feel that too.

I am so very happy here,
I never wish to go.
Should I be sent elsewhere,
I would be filled with woe.

If you try to make me leave,
I'll never be seen again.
I will find someplace to be alone,
And there I will remain.

I implore you with all my heart,
Say that you still want me.
To be loved is my greatest wish,
To stay is my only plea.

~Your Lutari

Well after reading all of that,
What else could I say?
I pulled her close and held her tight,
And promised she could stay.

Baby Koi At Play

Baby koi swims around,
Little fins aflap.
He's busy here and there,
No time for rest or nap.

Mother calls but off he goes,
Her words he does ignore.
Up towards the golden light,
To play now near the shore.

Up a wave and down again,
He rides them to and fro.
Tries to dive but up he goes,
The wave just won't let go.

Tired now, poor little thing,
Tiny fins worn out.
Desperately he calls to mom,
With a pleading shout.

There she is, she pulls him near,
Holds him good and tight.
He cuddles close and hugs her back,
Knows everything will be alright.

Baby's First Sand Castle

Baby gelert skips along,
Down to the sandy shore.
He watches waves lapping up,
And seagulls as they soar.

He jumps forward, paws the sea,
Yelps and pulls away.
With a grin he's in again,
The water's cold today.

Bored at last he moves along,
Leaving footprints in the sand.
He glances over, sees them there,
And thinks them very grand.

He sits and digs his paws,
Into the sand quite deep.
A sudden thought comes to mind,
He pushes it into a heap.

He eyes the mound with careful thought,
Deciding what to do.
To make it bigger, he pushed up more,
And so his pile grew.

He fashioned walls and doors,
Sculpted wings and towers.
Little paws stayed hard at work,
Passing by the hours.

A happy bark, a tail wag,
He hopped about his castle.
He'd done it even though,
The waves had proved a hassle.

But here they came, bigger still,
Reaching for his toil.
Seeing it get washed away,
Set his blood to boil.

He glared at the waves but then,
Was suddenly quite thrilled.
He skipped off down the shore,
Planning to rebuild.

The Trouble With Ears (A Hopeful)

Baby zafara is upset,
Thinks something must be wrong,
Is very sure his ears,
Aren't supposed to be so long!

They're always in his way,
They dangle every place.
And when he tries to crawl around,
He trips onto his face.

He tries to tie them up,
But they always fall back down.
What an irksome thing they are,
Thinks baby with a frown.

Mother always says he'll grow,
If only he just waits.
But what if they grow too,
These awful ears he hates?

Baby goes to mother,
Tells her his ears are just no fun.
He doesn't want them anymore,
Something must be done!

But mother just laughs,
She wouldn't go that far.
I wouldn't take them in an inch,
You're fine just as you are.

Your ears are a little different,
But they are what makes you, you.
And baby zafara understands,
Knows what she says is true.

So though he trips and sometimes falls,
Over those big ears on his head.
Baby really doesn't mind,
He laughs at them instead!

The Gift (A Hopeful)

Baby korbat is aglow,
Her face full of delight.
For on this very special day,
She's found her gift of flight.

Little wings, up and down,
As fast as she can bear.
Then up she goes, all at once,
She's hovering in the air!

A breathless gasp,
Her eyes go wide.
Glances at the floor below,
Is suddenly filled with pride.

So caught up is she,
In dreams of soaring skies,
That she falls back to the floor;
And immediately she cries.

Mother picks her up,
Says: Sweetie, don't be blue,
See that sky way up there?
It's waiting just for you.

And little korbat smiles,
Knows mother is always right.
Closes her eyes, content to rest,
And dream of future flight.

Sunrise's Poem

Took my aim in inky dark,
Freed the arrow, missed it's mark.

Did my best and now it's done,
Half a heart is all I've won.

This cherished prize, a treasure fine,
At least a half of him is mine.

The other half a mystery be,
Shrouded, cloaked, a fantasy.

To guard that half there be a lock,
To keep it safe, intruders block.

The key I'll find, this I swear,
The lock will open, I'll be there.

Tears and time I pay as toll,
I need both halves to make a whole.

Brought together, given wings,
Listen now as this heart sings.

Seasons pass like pages turn,
I read it once and let it burn.

This heart stays mine, rightly so,
No other my pain or joy shall know.

Through The Eyes of a Dreamer

Step out on the stormy sea,
The waves and wind I call,
I order lightening strike,
And bid the rain to fall.

I see the land draw near,
Waves carry me to shore,
Ravens wait to greet me,
I am master of their lore.

I give the birds their song,
Butterflies their flight,
Change the leaves to golden red,
Grant the stars their height.

Ice upon my finger tips,
I bring frost upon the ground,
Touch the water, make it freeze,
Dance and make the snow abound.

Finally I smile, warm the air,
Sing flowers from their sleep,
I bring life to those on Earth,
Dry the tears that they weep.

Though I claim no strength or might,
These pleasures are unique to me,
For in my heart I live a dreamer,
So these things I do, you cannot see.

The Real Battle

All mankind is on a journey,
Many things they seek as one,
Yet the pressing quest for peace,
Is somehow far from won.

What health is found in battle?
What happiness in strife?
How do you think to find love,
While you ruin another's life?

No peace is there to reap,
When war is all you sow,
No joy can thus be gathered,
When hate is all you know.

If peace is what is sought,
Then why is it not found?
Does it show a lack of judgment?
Perhaps many minds unsound?

Can we blame vanity or greed?
Maybe our hate and spite?
Were we all completely honest,
We'd admit that isn't right.

Perhaps I've found the answer,
Stumbled upon the key,
The one thing we seem to lack,
Is open honesty.

We cannot solve all problems,
By means of a loose tongue.
But how many wars would never start,
If lies were never spun?

Imagine deceitful ways forgotten,
Suspicion a thing of the past,
Lies banished from our lips,
Peace is found at last.

Of all our imperfections,
Our deceitful lips rein king.
The battle must be to train them,
Truthful words to sing.


The turning leaves;
Summer's gone and winter's calling.

A weaving breeze;
The chill air is what it's bringing.

The burning sun;
No more are we warmth receiving.

First coming snow;
Brings joy to those who are willing.

The Fire Garden

A garden of life,
Ablaze with glory.
A hundred plants,
All tell a story.

A quivering leaf,
A flickering flame,
Speak of a spirit,
That no one can tame.


Going round in circles,
Never taking it slow.
There is much beauty here,
That you shall never know.

You are racing through life,
Running mile after mile.
Missing the little things,
That make the trip worthwhile.

It's time to slow your pace,
Don't let your life go by.
Or you will reach the end,
While never knowing why.

Search to find your purpose,
In what is here and now.
Take time to do the things,
That you don't yet know how.

Then bring it to a halt,
Doing nothing at all.
And if you have to run,
Don't be afraid to fall.


Polished window,
In a gilded case.
Set carefully,
On wooden base.

Pendulum within,
First tick then tock.
This is the way,
Of grandfather clock.

A single swing,
A stroke of time.
Close your eyes,
And hear it chime.

Loud and lonely,
Midnight calls.
Haunting sounds,
Echoing halls.

The moment is come,
Your path is clear.
Steal away now,
Before dawn draws near.

My Friend

See my dreams with willing eyes.
Feel my words, see through my lies.
Cry with me, share my tears.
Hold my hand and know my fears.
Laugh with me when I rejoice.
Sing with me and hear my voice.
Walk with me wherever I go.
And as you do, I hope you know.
You're everything I need come true.
Now let me be this friend to you.

My Teddy Bear

I'd brushed my teeth and washed my face,
I'd changed and said good night.
Just as I climbed into my bed,
I realized something wasn't right.

I searched my bed and searched my room,
I looked just everywhere.
But no matter how hard I tried,
I could not find my teddy bear.

Mommy, mommy! I ran to her room.
What is it dear? she asked.
You have to help me find my bear,
We have to find him fast!

I'd never gone without him before,
And I didn't want to try.
Where could I have possibly left him?
I began to cry.

Let's trace our steps, mommy said,
Where did you have him last?
Perhaps in the park but I don't recall,
The day went by so fast!

We went to the park, flashlights in hand,
And searched it all around.
In a patch of wild flowers,
My teddy bear was found.

I held him tight and he hugged back,
Mommy took us home to bed.
I'll never forget you again, I promised
As I lay him next to my head.

Ray Of Sunshine

I see one every morning,
Peeking down from above.
A little ray of sunshine,
Looking to spread the love.

There are people like that as well,
Always with a smile to share.
A kind thought or friendly word,
They give with honest care.

These people are priceless,
They simply have no match.
To have one as a friend,
Is really quite a catch.

You are such a person,
You beam with brilliant light.
I hope you know as a friend,
You are truly a delight.

Broken Wings

I once knew a fairy,
Who faced a terrible trial.
Her lovely gossamer wings,
Were broken for a while.

To helping those in need,
The fairy had given her life.
They in turn came together,
To help her through her strife.

Although she could not fly,
Nor soar as she once had.
The fairy had so many friends,
That she could not be sad.

They stayed with her always,
To laugh and talk and play.
Her wings healed slowly,
But she enjoyed each day.

As her wings finally mended,
Their importance began to fade.
For her beauty lay not in flight,
But rather in friends she'd made.

It was from her that I learned,
What troubles are all about.
They show us what we have,
And what we can live without.

Wish Upon a Star

Star light, star bright,
The first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.

I wish for fame.
I wish for glory.
I wish the world,
To know my story.

I wish for love.
I wish for health.
I wish a way,
To easy wealth.

Star light, star bright,
The first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.

I wish for joy.
I wish for peace.
I wish for all,
Trouble to cease.

I wish for faith.
I wish for light.
I wish for guidance,
To do what's right.

Star light, star bright,
The first star you see tonight,
Stop and think, is it right,
This wish that you would wish tonight?

Sharing Poetry

I wrote a little poem,
With heart and soul and thought.
But though I try, it is in vain,
An ending cannot be wrought.

I would like to add a finish,
If I could think of it I would.
However it evades me,
This poem is not so good.

To write a poem is, simply put;
A way for feelings to be had.
And feelings merely are,
They can be neither good nor bad.

This speaks of life and meaning,
Of which the end is nigh.
To bring it to a close,
Would make the meaning die.

My Best Friend

How I love the simple things,
These little ways of ours.
Laying by the fire,
Staring at the stars.

How much fun we have,
With these playful things we do.
Splashing by the water,
Soaking each other through.

How time seems to fly,
When we take it slow.
Singing to the flowers,
Helping them to grow.

How I love to see your thoughts,
When we're speaking through our eyes.
Sharing in the deepest joy,
Soaring through the skies.

How I love to have you,
As my dearest friend.
I'd never change a thing,
Nor wish for it to end.

Willow's Poem

I cannot help but to admire,
As I watch her branches sway,
The slender willow tree,
And how she likes to play.

She pulls no silly pranks,
Nor does she run about,
And though you listen hard,
You'll never hear her shout.

Instead she dances gracefully,
To the river's tune.
Invites the birds to sit with her,
Listens to them croon.

I think I hear a poem,
When the wind whispers by,
Trembling through her branches,
So she begins to cry.

She weeps so very softly,
The tears run down her leaves.
I wish that I could comfort her,
But I know not why she grieves.

Yet her strength is greater,
Than anyone I know,
In a heart such as hers,
Sorrow cannot grow.

A joyful calm takes over,
Forgotten is each care.
Such a peaceful countenance,
I know is truly rare.

As I lay under her branches,
I feel very small.
Amazed to think that you,
Also have this all.

My Escape

I started with a few seeds,
And so my garden grew.
With everyone at peace,
What else was there to do?

Watered by the rain,
Caressed by the sun.
Little was needed from me,
To get the growing done.

My lofty garden eventually,
Bloomed with great glory.
Laying among the blossoms,
I finally wrote my story.

So high above the world,
I was sheltered from the crowds.
And so I stayed up there,
In my garden upon the clouds.


Quill in my fingers,
Page under my hand.
Put dreams into words,
So you'll understand.

This is more than a feather,
And more than just ink.
These words are my heart,
They are how I think.

My soul will never rise,
In some ghostly hue.
It's already lying here,
On the page before you.

As you read these words,
Remember them with care.
For when you recall them,
I'll always be there.

Putting dreams in your heart,
The things I wish for you.
Hoping the magic of a poem,
Can make them come true.

The Ballerina

Autumn! Come dance!
The stage is set for you.
Summer's done,
She's had her bow.
The audience craves something new.

Here she comes; a twirl of skirts,
In sheer and fiery hue,
A flash of red!
A glint of gold!
From hair to ballet shoe.

How elegantly she dances,
To her allegro tune.
Lively and bright,
Yet gracefully so,
To make her audience swoon.

Too soon! Too soon! Her coda arrives,
She dances it alone.
Swaying, spinning,
Then up in the air!
She flies as if wind-blown.

Comes down with a flourish,
Arms raised in a graceful sway.
Stunned silence,
Hushed awe,
She's taken their breath away.

A final curtsy, her dance is done.
The audience begins to cry.
Tears of joy,
Thunderous applause,
For her they'd surely die.

She has no use for fortune or fame,
But she steals every heart.
Leaves the stage,
Empty and bare,
For Winter to make her start.

A Snowbunny's Treasure (A Hopeful)

Snowbunny creeps forward,
Through the snowy drifts.
A scent is blown past his nose,
As the wind dies then lifts.

For a moment he pauses,
His ears standing tall.
The scent seems very delicious,
Although it's very small.

Crouches down, sneaks along,
He's on the hunt today.
Little snowbunny stalks towards,
His unsuspecting prey.

There again! That lovely scent,
He mounts a fallen bough.
Slows his pace, he's very close,
It must be near by now.

Sniffs again and says to himself,
That's a smell I know!
Pounces forward onto his find,
It's a cookie in the snow.

Art For Sunrise

Finally, a picture of me done by Jay!

Jay's sketch of me as a fairy girl, and the coloured version. Before you ask, that's not Jay on my hand.

A little chibi me, by Jay.

Thanks for the custom adoptable, Noel! Very pretty.

My first picture of me. ^_^ Thank you so much!

*hugs Ashley* Thank you for this! It couldn't have been better.

This by a boy who doesn't usually do art. I don't know why, it's lovely! Thank you so much, Ace!
Lovely to have a little picture of Sunset as well! ^_^

Other Things of Note

My fancy brush! Isn't it pretty? ^_^ Thank you, Cathii!

All of the NN screenies that I've managed to collect so far!

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