Welcome to the tundra...

The cold winter air whips around your face as you pull your coat closer to your body. The sun has just set, and the temperature has begun to plunge below zero. As the wind blows, it stings your face like one thousand needles since it's the only part of your body exposed to the frosty air.

After a long day of hunting, you're making your way back to camp...but where is camp? Nothing around here looks family. The markers you set in the ground to find your way back are nowhere to be found.

You're going the wrong way, intruder, a voice says from behind. You turn around and find yourself face to face with a massive, bat-winged, wolf-like creature. He speaks without moving his mouth.

You've gone too far north. Turn around and go back about 2 miles, and from there you should be able to find your way back, he says. You're unable to respond, and you're frozen in your tracks. You can't move, but it's not because of the cold. With that, you feel your thoughts being invaded as you are flushed with information on this helpful stranger.

Inside his head: his statistics

Name: Suldusk
Alias: Dusk
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Species: Lupe/wolf
Pelt: Darigan
Eye color: Golden
Build: Muscular
Birthplace: Unknown
Age: 9 human years
Caretaker: Julie
Father: Duskmere (deceased)
Mother: Vallequin (deceased)
Siblings: None
Love: Vhiy
Pups: Syn, Dawn
Current Location: Wandering
Friends: Rancune, Kraver, Auramai
Pack position: none

Personality: Comes off as unfriendly, occasionally rude, sarcastic, and bitter, extremely loyal to those he trusts(although there are few), physically and mentally strong, independent, one-sided(he thinks his side of the story and his decisions are always correct, and if they're not, he manipulates the situation so they are), short-tempered.


Seeing others happy (although he'll never show this)
Snow and icy weather
His family (Vhiy, Dawn, Syn)
The pleasant glow that fireflies give off at night

Quietness (it leaves him alone in his thoughts)
Two-faced individuals
Constant misery


When Dusk was born, his alpha father had no idea that the litter was his mother's attempt of bringing the pack down...

Dusk's father, Duskmere, was the alpha of a very powerful pack of lupes. The pack lived in an unknown forest, which was becoming continually smaller because of the growth of humans in the nearby area. The pack never attacked the humans in anger of them tearing down their home; Duskmere had taught the pack patience. They always dealt with whatever came their way with peace. Violence would only make the situation worse, and interfering with human lives would only end in their demise. Duskmere knew that if the pack attacked anyway, the human hunters would come after them. Because the pack never came in contact with the humans, the hunters did not see the lupes as a threat.

Another pack shared the forest, however, and they weren't as willing to give up their home. The forest was becoming smaller and smaller. What prey was left would not be enough to feed both packs. This other pack thought of attacking the humans, but also took the hunters into consideration. The female alpha of the pack, Vallequin, decided it would be easier to take down the other pack. There was only one dilemma, she knew that they were stronger than her pack. The idea to take out the pack from the inside out was truly a risky idea, but it was the only plan she had for survival. It would take years, but it was the only way for her to ensure her pack's survival. She was that dedicated to them, and would do whatever it took so that they would be able to continue living. Vallequin posed as a stranger passing through the forest, looking for a pack, and convinced Duskmere to allow her to become part of the pack.

Duskmere did not trust her as first, but Vallequin kept up her act for months, and eventually Duskmere thought that she meant no harm. Actually, he took quite a liking to her. She was a beautiful red and black lupess. Her back, face, and tail was black, and her legs and ears dipped in dark red. Red freckles also dotted her snout, and her green eyes stood out like a black sheep. Duskmere was dark purple in color, with black legs and a silver stripe going down his side. His golden eyes deep and full of compassion and understanding. Duskmere thought Vallequin liked him too, but little did he know that she was just pretending...

A year later, Duskmere and Vallequin had a litter of puppies. There were 7 in total, 4 males and three females, and all of them had a mixture of both Duskmere and Vallequin's colors, except for one. One pup, the smallest of them all, looked exactly like Duskmere; none of Vallequin's colors were present. He even had Duskmere's exact eye color. Even though he was the smallest and weakest, Duskmere took a liking to him, and named him Suldusk.

Whenever Duskmere and the pack went on hunts, Vallequin did her best to try and train the pups for strength while feeding them lies that their dad was evil, and deserved to die. None of the pups believed her, as they felt they knew their dad would never lie to them. They couldn't deny Valle's orders during training though. She always threatened them, and no one wanted to find out what she'd do if any of them were to actually be punished. Vallequin knew her plan was failing, but she still tried her hardest, for the pack. As the pups began to grow into teens, they began to threaten her. All of them together were way stronger than Valle, and they began to tell their father on her. They would tell Duskmere that Valle was evil and that he should kick her out of the pack, they would be much better off without her. Duskmere was blinded by love, and thought that there was no way that his beloved Vallequin could ever be plotting against him.

Vallequin became fed up and angry that her plan had failed, so one night when she and Duskmere were walking alone in the forest, she turned on him. Duskmere didn't even fight back; he loved her too much to hurt her. She successfully killed him, pleasantly surprised at how much easier it had been than she thought. She howled, and the rest of her pack invaded Duskmere's pack's territory. A war broke out between the two packs. Suldusk, being much smaller than his siblings, ran away unnoticed. He thought that was his only chance of survival. He also felt like a coward because he didn't stand and fight with his pack. None of his siblings survived; Valle's pack was much too strong for them to fight against. He never found out if any of his other packmates survived; he was too young to remember their faces.

Suldusk had traveled up a hill to watch the war from above, and little did he know, Vallequin had followed him. Suldusk knew that she had killed his father, and he hated her for it. He cursed her under his breathe, and when Valle heard his mutters, she ran up and pushed him off the cliff. As Suldusk fell, he looked up to see who had pushed him off; he wasn't surprised to see it was his own mother, laughing. He knew he would die before he hit the ground.

Death was different than he thought. He had unfinished business on earth that, for some reason, would not let him pass on to the afterlife. The two small dragons who were the gatekeepers, one red and the other blue, reviewed his case silently and both agreed that his time on earth was not over just quite yet. Suldusk stared at them confused. The red one explained that he would be returning to life, and the blue said to never take his existence for granted. He was cursed with a pair of bat-like wings to forever remind him of where he had been, and that his situation was very real.

When he awoke at the bottom of the cliff, it was obvious that a few days had passed. He thought that being in limbo had simply been a bad dream; that's when he noticed the wings. It hadn't been a dream at all. Suldusk knew that he had been brought back to earth to take care of unfinished business, and he was going to do just that. He wanted to take out Vallequin so she could never hurt anyone else like she had hurt Suldusk's father and his pack.

Searching for her was not going to be an easy task. Apparently after the battle, everyone had fled. The humans had heard the lupes fighting, and had gone to chase them out of the forest. The humans couldn't have danger that close to their growing families. Vallequin was on the move. She could be anywhere. Suldusk would have to search everywhere because he knew Valle, and he knew that she would definitely try her schemes somewhere else. Over the years, he traveled to hundreds of places: forests, deserts, beaches, cities, the country. Everywhere he went, either the humans or other creatures would stare at him in horror. They had never seen such an evil looking lupe. Many tried to shoot at him with guns, others tried to attack him. Suldusk was only a young adult, and all of that was too overwhelming on him. Something in him snapped after so long, and he began to kill. If they thought he was evil, he would show them evil. He must have killed hundreds of people and creatures in the course of just a few weeks before the guilt of it all hit him like a wall of bricks. This is not why he had been brought to life, and it wasn't what his father would have wanted him to become.

He fell into a depression, and retreated north, to the tundra. The cold weather was intense. He had never seen snow before, and because of that his coat was thin. The cold weather was so painful, but that's why he began to like it. He felt like he deserved the physical pain, and it helped him get his mind off the physical pain. He stayed in the tundra for at least a year before he felt like he was strong enough to resume his search for Vallequin. Even though he had hit a bump in the road, even though there were things he regretted deeply, he knew why he was still here. He knew there was one last life he needed to take.

As he left the tundra, he felt the aura of another. This aura felt evil, but it also felt weak. He knew it had to be his mother. Valle had aged quite a bit. When she fled the old forest, she found a new pack in a valley near a beach that accepted her as one of their own, but not before she manipulated every single pack member. They lived in fear of her, and because of this she had resumed alpha position once again. She was now nearing death, and was living out the rest of her life peacefully; the other pack members brought her food, kept her comfortable. It was not because they respected her, but because they still lived in fear. Although she was now weak, the didn't know what kind of powers she might have.

When Suldusk stumbled upon the pack sometime during the middle of the very night he left the tundra, he couldn't believe how comfortable Valle was living. He cursed her for what she did to him. When the pack members overheard his yelling, they were not surprised at all. Fearful, they ran away, leaving Valle to her fate. Valle closed her eyes and whispered "I'd do it again" before Suldusk took her out for good. Valle never saw the sunrise again.

With Vallequin finally gone, he knew that he could finally begin his own life. He knew he had to push everything in his past behind him; he knew he had taken innocent lives during a lapse in judgment, but he couldn't keep dwelling on what he did. He knew it was wrong, and knew fate would punish him eventually. Valle got what she deserved; he would get his one day too. Age-wise, Dusk's life was already half over at this point, but for him, his life was just beginning.


These are Dusk's innermost thoughts about those who are the closest to him.

Vhiy She is my heart and soul, and I love her with every ounce of my being.

Jhastir I doubt that Asti and I will ever be friends again. This is just the way it is. End of story.

Rancune This little rascal has grown up significantly. Now she has a family of her own. She's the living daughter of my good friend Yannaja, who no longer walks this earth, and she will always be a good friend.

Auramai I've known this girl since I can remember. She's always been a good friend to me, and she has a very special gift. It may take a toll on her every time she uses it, but she will never know how much those around her appreciate her.

Kraver I can't believe he's leading his own pack now alongside Rancune. I wish him only the best.



Someone special lies in my heart...


Maybe you came to Dusk's page to get an adoptable? You're in luck! Just please follow the rules~! n_~

1. Please do not remove my name.
2. Don't steal 'em and claim them as your own. This also includes not entering them into the beauty contest.
3. Don't take an adoptable that isn't your's. If you want one, neomail me if requests/trades are open. If they aren't, sorry. I'm quite busy with my life outside neo, I don't always have time to make adoptables.
4. When requesting an adoptable, make sure you have a reference picture. I'm not going to go by just a description to guess what your lupe's design is. No reference, no adoptable. Sorry. D:

Things I will do:
An extra tail or 2
Wings, bat-like and feathery
Accessories like scarves, earrings, jewelry, etc

Things I will not do:
Extra heads
Too much clothing

I think that's about it. ;o
Here's a sample:

Requests: CLOSED!
Trades: CLOSED!

UPDATE JUNE 22, 2011: I got rid of my old laptop because it was no longer working, and unfortunately my art program doesn't run on my current laptop. I've lost the template to these adoptables as well as any art program I could edit them on. Sorry! :P I'll make new adoptables later, perhaps.



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A piece of his mind...

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