well, here's suhrenuh's portfolio
well, here's suhrenuh's portfolio

all about suhrenuh

I see you've stumbled upon my portfolio :3 I know it's dark, & I apologize for that because I don't usually do black, but I absolutely adore the nice, & vibrant colors.

Hi there, my name is Suhrenuh, but you can call me Suh -- I live in the US, I am young, but not 13 or under (of course x3). My favorite color is blue, my favorite animal would either be a dog (because of it's activeness) or a bunny (because of their cuteness). I could honestly list one good quality about every single animal, but those two are my top favorites. I play volleyball, & basketball, but my favorite has always been basketball because I've played it since I was in Kindergarten; I started volleyball in Middle School.
My favorite drink is Coke/Coca Cola, but I don't drink it everyday, sadly. The drink I have the most is water because it's good for you. I love to save the planet, so I drink tap, & filter it :3 My favorite food would have to be pizza, & I eat that the most. My favorite healthy snack is apples with Nutella, & my favorite snack snack is Hot Cheetos -- I'm part Guatemalan & Mexican so I love spicy foods, but I rarely eat their types of foods anyway :/
Now, onto my graphic & HTML/CSS life, I suppose~!

my story: Graphics & HTML/CSS

I started to take an interest in graphic making around two years ago, in 2009. I had just discovered TFC & Soroptimist, & there were not many sites listed there, but all the sites listed were HQ back then, so it was nice ;3 They all had amazing graphics, but at the time, I was on my home laptop which needed a fan underneath it, & didn't last 5 minutes without it's charger. Plus, the only program I had on there was Paint. I had that dinosaur for 7 years (now 9 :3), & I had no idea there were such things as Tinypic, Picnik, or Photobucket. I made terrible quality graphics I thought were masterpieces just because they were my first. I'd show you some, but I'd be too embarrassed.. *blushes* But anyway, in 2010, about a year later, for my birthday, I asked everyone for money to buy myself a decent laptop with lots of free memory, etc. I ended up coming up with over $600~! I went to BestBuy to look for some laptops with my parents & my cousin, & we found my beautiful one.
As soon as I got it, I started downloading all the basics such as anti-viruses, aim, msn, & then.. it hit me... I told myself, "Well, why don't I download all those fancy-shmancy image editing programs?" :O But then I opened up Paint, & it was already beautiful enough, but couldn't do anything like GIMP x3 I remember sitting on top of my bunk bed on a Saturday night, in the dark, just thinking to myself with my new laptop on my lap. I went to famous graphic sites, & looked under their "extra" sections 7 found their FAQ, & other people have always asked them what programs they use for their layouts, banners, buttons, etc. and I've heard a lot of GIMP & Photoshop, so I decided to take a look. Since I had no money for Photoshop, I decided to go with GIMP. I went on their website, & asked my dad if I could download it, & surprisingly, he actually said no. I sat down devastated in my bed. The whole reason I bought my laptop was to make graphics & learn how to code, and now I finally spent $600-$700+, I couldn't. I went back up in my bed, frustrated, but.. daringly... I hit the download button anyway :O (I know, I'm dangerous!)
I had no idea how to use it, so I just went to sleep. On Sunday, I woke up to my dad calling my name. I hopped out of my bed, finding my laptop on the end of it, & climbed down the ladder. I found my dad on his laptop, & he was on GIMP's website.. and I stared at him with a dead look on my face X_X He told me I could download it on my laptop, except he asked me to give him my laptop so he could download it. It took forever to convince him to let medownload" it, but I finally succeeded. After all that havoc, I jumped onto my bed, went to my bookmark manager, & went on TFC, looked at all the guides the site possibly had on GIMP, graphic making, & coding. They all seemed so hard, but I found one perfect fit. It was amazing to understand, & it was Aurora Tutorials. The steps were so easy for my simple-minded brain, & it got me familiar with every single tool.
Currently in 2011, I'm definitely not the best graphic maker in the world, but I'd say that I'm up there ;3 I hate to brag, & I always feel terrible, but I have been in the site making career before, & I always asked for feedback. I am also the graphic coordinator for my guild, Veux & I love every second of it. I have so many dreams in life. I want to become a singer, definitely, but if that doesn't work out, I will no doubt become a graphic designer. Maybe even for video games because I'm always open to new ideas, and bring them into my creative mind :3 I have improved so much more in the past two years, & I know I can only get better. I have many more years left in my life & hope to become the greatest I can be. Graphic making is part of my life now, & I'm excited to see what journeys & opportunities come my way (:


Alright, so since I make all types of graphics, I will be separating them :3 Just to let you know, for future reference (and I'm not saying I can't make them), but I have never made the following:
blinkies, userlookups, shop layouts, gallery layouts, blogs, pixels, or shields.
So, anyway, I hope you love my examples~!
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Yes, it's true, I do take requests, but rarely. If you see my requests open, feel free to request any time~! But there will only be certain types of requests open, so be careful ;3

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