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This is the actual application part of Aluhio's application. I'd like to just let it be known again that I was in no way forced to make this application, I decided that this would best express my dedication for Aluhio.

Now a special note to Diane: Hello! :) This is the more personal part of the app where I really try and let you in to see what I'm all about and what Aluhio means to me. I hope you enjoy it!

About Me

Ouside Neo my name is Brittany. I'm pretty much your average 18 year old girl. I'm currently going to community college and going through a transition of majors. Originally I had my heart set on the Fine Arts, probably since before highschool. (This was after bouncing around ideas of zoology, tiger tamer, traveling the country in an RV working odd jobs from state to state..) When I finally got to college and started taking art classes, I realized that that really wasn't what I wanted in life. That I wanted something bigger and more important to society. Plus, art classes were boring to me, to be honest with you. Why be required to do something that I love? So I changed my major to Biology, hoping to transfer into an Animal Behavior degree after next year. After that, I'm going to see where I'm at in life, and then make the decision on whether or not I'd like to apply to actual Veterinary School or take the 2yr route and be certified as a Veterinary Technician. This way, I can work in zoos with my Bio degree, as well as help out with some of the medical stuff. Don't get me wrong, art is still my passion in life, but I'm much happier creating it on my own accord. I hope to transfer to University after next year, illustrate a children's book, get a Beetle (the car) and paint it like a ladybug, and be a mom.

These may be pretty far out goals that seem completely unrelated, but they are all things I can totally see myself doing in life, and all things that would make me incredibly happy. And I believe that I can do them all :)

I love cats, of all sort. Domestics, exotics, big ones, small ones. They're just my absolute favorite. They're so graceful, and powerful. Something about cats is very spiritual to me. Plus! (fun fact) Did you know? That some scientists are doing research on how the specific frequency that a cat's purr gives off has the ablity to heal bones faster? Crazy, I know. I currently share my home with one cat, Salem. He's a fat Siamese cat with cross eyes, buck teeth, and a kinked tail, but he is the world to me :)

I have been on and off Neo for a good 7 years now. I'd join for a number of years, but the the pressure of school and after-school activites would stray me away a little bit. However, I always seem to come back, don't I? :P Cause here I am again, back into the swing of Neopets and going strong! None of my accounts have ever been frozen, although some are (regretably) still around out there rotting because simply, I made them a long time ago and I just cannot remember the words I used to let me in them! Or the fake birhdays. Once in a while I still find myself checking up on those old accounts, even though I know there's no new activity on them.

My currents accounts are as follows:

brinaun: My main account and the account Aluhio would be staying on should I adopt her! :) I spend most of my time on this account playing games, surfing petpages, and posting on the boards.

bugdrool: My most active side account.

cacophonous: Another fairly active side account

mangledsky: An older account of mine. I really don't go on it too much, as I hope to adopt out the Lupes on there and disable the account.

bsknees: A VERY new account. No pets are on it yet, but one day I hope for it to be an account where I keep the pets that have to do with this 1920's murder mystery plot I have floating around in my head.

Aluhio's Future

The first thing that Aluhio woud recieve, should I adopt her, would be customization! When I came back to Neopets, customization was completely new to me, and I thought it was kind of dumb, I really didn't like the idea at all. And I was especially perturbed at the conversion (pffft). But as I got into it, I really started to like customization. It's like you can give your pet a personality, a story, without anyone having to read one word. So! The customization that I had in mind for Aluhio is:

The Lost Desert Oasis background and the Chirping Music Track. I feel like Aluhio doesn't need crazy customization, like clothes and all that to bring out her character. I feel like the Lost Desert background is the closest I'm going to get to 'African-like' right now, but if TNT decides to come up with something more awesome, I'm sure to buy it for her :) Plus, the chirping music track is just a nice little add-on.

Aluhio will also be getting a Faellie named Dogo, which means small or little in Swahili.

When I look at a pet's lookup, I really like everything to be tied in, or at least look nicely next to each other, and I think Dogo's design, which is based off of a Fennec Fox would just go really well with Aluhio's! Dogo also appears in Aluio's story as her faithful companion and mentor.

Also, upon arriving on my account, Aluhio would be getting a pet lookup! I like have my pet's lookups have the same general layout (just cause I'm silly and I like when things match), but with their own added quirks, like the song lyrics, font style, and backgrounds. You can view Aluhio's future layout by heading back to the portal and clicking on 'lookup'.

I do occasionally enter my pets in the BC. Im not a crazy BCer, but every once in a while I'll add a pet and see what happens! You can see Snbel's shiny trophy on her lookup :) So what I'm getting at, is Aluhio will be entered into the BC, just not every single week, advertising just takes up too much time during the school semester!

One thing I can assure you is that Aluhio will not ever be traded. I do, and have traded for some of my pets, but it's always in hopes of finding the perfect permie pet. The main reason I trade the pets I do is because I can't get into their character. And I LOVE Aluhio's character, so there's no worries there! :P If worse comes to worst, and I decide to leave Neo or something like that, I will definately contact you first, and together we'll decide the best fate for her (whether it be returning her back to you, or adopting her out again, or whatever). But I don't imagine any of that happening any time soon.


Snbel: is a very special species of Xweetok called a Wendrill. The wendrills live in Koa trees in this one grove, and they both depend on each other for absolutely everything. One day, the Koa trees start dying and the clan notices thick black vines choking the trees. So Snbel is given this task to take 3 remaining Koa trees and find a safe place to plant them, as to not extinguish both races forever.

Sudanna: is a once-jackalope plushie toy, who was swung around too hard by his antlers. This resulted in his antlers breaking off and him being shot all the way to the moon! So now that's where he lives and creates beautiful pieces of art on the surface of the moon that we can see from earth.

Unkink: is a figment of the imagination, created by a young girl named Chloe. When she stopped believing in him, Unkink was 'set loose'. Now he spends his nights wreaking havoc on unsuspecting households, because he can, and no one who could really do anything about it believes in imaginary friends anymore so they can't see him!

Jumbei: was born on the petals of an African flower. However, his mother died in childbirth. Because of this simultaneous life and death, Jumbei is granted a great gift. And this is to talk to butterflies! When the war breaks out in Africa (related to Aluhio's story) all the butterflies leave, causing a chain reaction of flowers and other animals to being dying. So Jumbei goes out to try and find the land of the butterflies and plead for them to come back home.

Tadry: is your average teenage girl, except she and her whole family is dead. They live happily in the world of the dead, until one day, on the Day of the Dead Festival, her mother forces her to go back to the world of the living with them, which she is less than pleased about. Caught up in all the festivities of the day, her family and all the dead leave her in the world of the living. So now she has to go through the trials of being a teenager, and trying to adjust to real 'life' again until the next Day of the Dead Festival. Oh yeah, and did I mention, she's stuck there with her family's pet dog that has about -2 braincells.

Ninove: is a flapper! She lives in the 1920s and does everything you're not 'supposed' to do for the time, like spend time in saloons, and vote, and speak her mind. I haven't really worked out TOO much with her yet, but I do have the workings of a plot swimming around in my head where she works for this crazy bayou monster in disguise, rounding up men for her to eat!

Aluhio: is someone you already know quite a bit about :) However, if I were to adopt her, this is what her little picture and place in the family would look like! As you can see, I like basing my pets off of different cultures and things like that. Aluhio is no different. I think that's part of why she's so special to me, because she embraces a culture that is particular fond in my heart.

Other Pets: I do have a few other pets floating around on my accounts. They're not listed specifically on here because either: I'm working on their character/design, I'm in the process of adopting them out/giving them away, or I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing with them yet!

Why Aluhio?

Why did I choose Aluhio out of all the pets up for adoption? For a number of reasons! Firstly, and most obviously she is a Draik. I've admired Draiks and their ability to believably portray a number a different designs. Aluhio draik looks nothing like some other draiks, and you can really let your imagination run wild with the design. Plus, I'll admit that I'm pretty terrible at saving Neopoints and adoption would be the best route for me! I'm in no way looking to have Aluhio as a trophy pet, however.

Besides the superficial, there are other reasons why I would love to adopt her. For one, her character. As soon as I designed her, I immediately fell in love. I love the colors, the personality, the form.. everything! I don't think I'll ever get tired of drawing her in all different sorts of situations! Another reason is that I have a super special place in my heart for Africa. Everything about the country and it's culture and animals has attracted me for years. I hope to one day visit, maybe for an extended period of time. Really, Aluhio embodies Africa for me, and that's all that I could ask for in a character.

Even if I don't get chosen as the new owner for Aluhio, her design will definately stay alive for me :)

The Song

Imba wimbo
Wa upepo
Wakati unajiwa na
Imba wimbo wa upepo
Wakati ndoto tamu
Lala mpaka usiku uisheni
Upepo wa usiku
Wimbo wanko na
Wimbo wangu inaendelea milele

The Song I chose for Aluhio's petpage is called 'Windsong' by James Horner and Will Jennings. You might recognize the song from the movie 'Mighty Joe Young,' and if you haven't seen it, I suggest you do! Ever since I saw the movie, the song just captivated me, I downloaded it onto my Itunes and would listen to it on repeat for.. I couldn't tell you how long. When I say I love this song, I mean I really love this song, haha. And I thought that it would be absolutely perfect to fit in with Aluhio's character. The English translations are as follows. The first one is the more phonetic version, where you could sing it and have it actually fit into the melody, and the second one is the more correctly translated version. I liked them both too much to just pick one!

Sing a song
And for a moment
You will be visited by the wind
Sing a song and for a moment
Dream sweetly of the wind
Sleep now until the night is dawn
The wind and the night song, they are there
However the song, my child, will go on forever.

Sing the song of the night wind, the time is coming.
Sing the song of the night wind when having sweet dreams.
Sleep 'til the night wind ends, the night wind will sing for you.
Your song and my song.
It goes on forever.

Why Me?

I know that Aluhio is a high profile pet as far as adoption goes and I know there will be tons of competition. While it does intimidate me a little, I'm not at all shaken in my belief that I would be the best owner for her. She will be drawn.. a lot, and her petpage is going to have tons of more updates should I adopt her. To me, I feel like a petpage is never completely done and there's always room to add on and make it more interesting.

I'm definately going to add more elements to her story. I wanteto have a couple more chapters in the initial story, with different animals trying to help the Council, but honestly with the aount of schoolwork this semester, I just couldn't fulfill it the way I wanted to. And of course there will be a lot on what she actually did once coming to Africa! I plan on creating a whole section that's journal-like entries of Aluhio's thoughts as she goes through the process.

I feel like I would be a good owner because I would keep her idea alive by adding more things to her page and continually making art of her.

Also, I'd say I'm pretty reliable! I've never been frozen before, I've been on Neo for a number of years, and I know the ropes of Neopia. I know there is a string of totally lame freezings going on, but I can guaruntee that I won't be outright frozen for something blatantly obviously wrong. Aluhio would be safe with me.

I know you are leaving Neo, but should I ever decide to leave as well, I would definately contact you first regardless. From there we can both decide whether to adopt her out again or what!

So basically, I'm not the richest or most famous Neopian out there, but I am totally in love with my characters and I reliable player and person. I feel that I would be an awesome home for Aluhio.


I had a lot of people make adoptables/art of Aluhio's character during the application process. A couple of them are scattered through this section of the application, but if I were to adopt her, they would be going on a section on her main page. Thank you all so much!


You can contact me in a couple of places if you need to!

Neopets: brinaun
Neopound: brinaun
Deviantart: bugdrool

Please don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions at all!


Well, there it is! I really really hope you enjoyed my application for Aluhio. I put a ton of time into it, and I hope it shows. I know there will be countless applications for you to pour through for her, and many very good ones! I can only ask you to keep mine in mind as you are making the decision for her new home. Thanks so much, Diane, good luck, and I hope to hear from you soon! :)


Original Coding by superflyest edited by me.

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