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Name: S
Age: 132276
Human age: 20
Level: 8
Strength: 17
Speed: 14
Defence: 14
Intelligence: genius

Other details:
Gender: Male
Attributes: are currently in progress.
Persona: thoughtful, stoic, independent, reliable.
Status: recycled.
Preference: anything goes.

.My Story.

.Family and Friends.

I have three siblings:

Rein, a purple kougra who absolutely hates the world. She was traumatized at a young age and has secluded herself from the world since then.

Kaoru, younger sister whom I feel comfortable with, as the other two are quite irritating.

Kir, the youngest, who is pretty cool, if you like what he likes. I don't know. Don't talk with him much. He's the rhythm guitarist in Sanny's band.

and some cousins:

Sanctioned, he's awesome. He's in a band, which is named after him. How cool is that? He's the lead singer and he plays the guitar. Well, I think they have a vocalist now. Some other cousin of mine or something. Whatever. Still totally cool.

hyde, he's Sanctioned's brother. He's a little weird and out of it sometimes, but other than that, he's pretty cool. He plays the drums with Sanctioned in their band. Sweet.

insertion, he's also Sanctioned's brother. Um. He died a while ago ... or something ... So now he's a ghost who hates the world and goes around killing people? ... Or something ... Yeah. Don't talk to him.

*smacks head* I'm so boring! *sigh* I need friends.

.Zu. Ra. Ku.

yay, it's my little fireball. hee. anyway, he's less annoying now. maybe it's 'cause i gave him a good whuppin' last time. hee. he likes to float around my head a lot though. =/

.Likes † Dislikes.

nice people.
healthy food.

mean people.

.Art of Me.

is nonexistant, lol.

some of them are up. yay.



dark little firefly










Hey, where are you going? That bored already, huh? Figures. That's all I ever get anyway.