The Life, Times, and Royality

...of Strata Cloudstar

Most pets born into royalty never lift a paw other than to wave their scepters about and to give orders. They simply are born into whatever they did with no mention of why exactly they are of royal blood. Most know nothing of the hours that were spent fighting, crushing the breath of life from others to establish something meaningful in our existences here.

Hello, guest. My name is Strata Cloudstar and I am an Eyrie. I am not from Mystery Island as most eyries today are. My Ancestors formed the very first tribe of wild eyries that came from all over Neopia when it was still one giant landmass and banded together from four major individuals. There was Zhou Rin from Shenkuu, Verexius from the Altadorian flatlands, Vrini-ma from Mystery Island's jungles, and Serandia from Faerieland. Together, they joined forces and started the largest and most powerful tribe in all of Neopia—the Cloudstars.

But Zodiac tells me this happened a very long time ago, over 10,000 years ago, and Neopia had been a very different place then. Tyrannia was still underground. Neopia central was still open, endless meadow, and the underwater cities of Maraqua were the deep, untamed trenches of the barren ocean. Cloudstar Island is an ancient Island 200 miles west of Krawk Island, secluded by the sea. It is a large Island, full of broadleaved forests and sparking white sand beaches.

This story started before there were rules to govern our peoples, to keep intruders out, and to preserve the lives of our clan. The ancients tell of a dark force poised over the land at all times, snatching those from existence who were too weak to uphold power.In those days, power was based on the prowess of your magical and physical abilities, not on who you ruled over and who your mother and father were.

I live with Zodiac in the foothills of Altador, in the same winter grounds as the Cloudstars used so many years ago. I also live with my younger sisters Prongs, Dracus, And Leovis. But even as gracious and caring as Zodiac is to me, she is not my real mother. So before I tell you that story, I have to tell you this one..

The Story start all the others
My real mother, Astrala was born into royalty and was high queen of the clan, under the high king, Sypherius. He was a smoky blue and white marbled eyrie with white wings and paws. (Marbled is a color that has since failed to show in Neopets. A lot of colors were around before paint brushes that can never be replicated because the materials used to achieve that effect are either extinct, or in states that are unusable). My mother looked a lot like I do, with rainbow feathers and white stripes under her eyes. Together, they led a group of 200 eyries, all from the same ancestors centuries ago. They all shared one basic characteristic whether they were from Altador or The Lost Desert. Each eyrie in the clan had a single white star on their chest, a mark that distinguished members of the clan from outsiders. Every spring, we would fly about 700 miles southwest to the large island of Cloudstar. Those were peaceful times, but they weren't always that way.

Neopia was an extremely unforgiving, cruel, and dangerous place then. Around that time, a lot of pets got eaten, died in battle or got very sick and died because there were no cures back then. Many pets starved because there were no food stores, no soup kitchen, or restaurants. This meant we had to catch food ourselves(something most all pets have forgotten how to do), and when prey was scarce, everyone suffered. There were no games. we had to make our own, and half the time, surviving was more than enough entertainment.

The eyrie, although mighty, had enemies, such as the Bloodtalon skeiths that patrolled the outskirts of the Altadorian territory. they were vicious, primeval, and unevolved. they relied only on their brute strength to help them survive. They were Arch enemies of the eyrie and often ate the young of some tribes and we did battle over territory frequently with them.

My grandfather Nymbryxus and my grandmother Octavius ruled before my mother and father did. Nymbryxus was shades of purple and blue, with silver tipped feathers.He had silver eyes. My grandmother was a blue fire eyrie. My mother looked A lot like I do today, but she had white feather tips and White paws.

My mother was about sixteen when this all happened. It was late September, The clan was leaving for the Altador flatlands. it was a cool day on the shores, the younger eyries played in the tide pools and the older ones lay in the sunshine, dozing the day away.

Suddenly, a huge uproar started when a deafening roar emerging from the water. Desert skieths, seven of them, approaching quickly in a rare daylight frontal assault. They had come to sate their enormous appetites, and the summer sun had destroyed any hope of them eating elsewhere, and so they left for a better opportunity. The second they made the shore, eyries scrambled to fly away, and those that could not, held on for dear life to the backs off the ones that could. The murderous roar and the screeching screams could be heard from miles away as all fled, rather than attacking the invading horde of ravenous skieths.

the clan landed on Krawk island, about an hour away, when Octavia noticed Nymbryxus missing. In a panic, she, my mother, and a few other eyries rushed back to Cloudstar Island in hopes of saving Nymbryxus.

But as they flew through the settling dust, they found the body of Nymbryxus laying on the shore, the waves lapping up against his bloodied fur, beckoning him to the sky, where all eyries must go when they are defeated in battle.

And so, with a heavy heart, my mother assumed Nymbryxus's role as leader with Octavia.

The clan headed back to the foothills and prairie of Altador, the autumn sun barely shining as they arrived. Somehow, life had to go on. Eyries were sometimes beaten by other predators, but it was very rare for one of the lead eyries to be taken down. The cold snow began to fall that night, materializing the cold immobilization we felt as a clan.

The next morning, nobody would be prepared for what would happen. Two sentries frantically rushed to Astrala claiming they saw a fallen eyrie in the snow, gray as the gloomy sky. They suspected that the newcomer was either a rogue or a scout lost from the nearby Icepaw clan of the nearby Redridge mountains that separated Altador and Shenkuu. Even though the clan leader had just been defeated, our clan had mercy and the healers took him in.

The prospect didn't look good. it would really take a miracle to keep the Grey eyrie alive, but the clan's hope as well. The only thing for the clan to do was to wait and hope that everything would survive until the morning. Initially, there was shock and confusion the next morning. The fallen eyrie was missing with no footprint left, or feather shed. It was like he was never there. Immediately, the clan's warriors were ready and on the defensive. the gray eyrie was no match for the warriors.

They fervently awaited the eyrie to attack or make some sort of gesture, but his eyes were kind and not full of the rage of battle. "I have been given new life, for the fire of my soul shall not be done burning as of yet." The Grey eyrie's body began to flash in a purple light, and a purple and white stormy eyrie stood there, in front of the whole of the clan. I am Sypherius. I have come to restore the balance of this clan. He bowed to Astrala, and though the young queen was started, she bowed back. They frolicked along the frozen shore for some time, as they were sure love had returned.


...It really started
About seven months later, in the warm shores of Cloudstar Island, in the year 5 BN, A baby eyrie was born, from the prismatic light and hope of the newfound King and queen. That was the day I was born... It was a balmy, Late July Afternoon, and the tops of the palm trees swayed slightly in the cool breezes. A throng of eyries, big and small, young and old, and of noble and commoner blood alike waited to greet the newborn Eyrie in the stone palace under the High queen's wing. She led me out, still weak from being born into this new world.. My blue feathers dried in the wind, and i was dressed in the short cloak that all the royal children wear. Everyone cheered. A new age had begun, of hope, and prosperity..

I began to learn the ways of the clan, the protocol, and the airs of royality- being fair, wise, and powerful, with humility. That included the mastering of magic. there is a deep and powerful magic in the Cloudstar clan, and that is real magic, from before the dawn of Neopia - not the faerie one we have today. It is primal magic of the elements, and those who wielded it were seen as powerful and deadly, and were revered with at least grudging respect, even from other clans. It was true that some clan did not use such magics, like the Brokenstars of the southeast seas, who, like the Bloodtalon skeiths, had only their immense physical strength to aid them in survival.

I spent my first years studying these magics and growing strong under the watchful eyes of my mother and father, and grandmother. i grew from a tiny gryphlet into a 4 foot tall, 160 pound animal in 2 years time.

I was happy in this life... every summer was a tropical paradise and every winter, the Altador prairies beckoned us home. it was a sweet, Beautiful time... full of innocence and love.

....It all ended so fast..

We were back on Cloudstar Island when it happened... the same as always, we were almost ready to leave for the winter, as the island had grown colder again. We were beginning to leave, when the horrifying sound of the claws of the desert Bloodtalons came crashing through the shore. They were in to finish what they had started so many years ago, and rip the territory out from under our paws by any force needed. And that included wiping out the rest of the clan. My mother pushed all the other eyries out, but in the din of flapping wings and screeching howls of terror, My mother stayed by my side. Unsure of my fate off the Island since I was the heir, My mother entrapped me within a thick shell of crystal, faceted by the terror she felt for me and the clan. The last thing i saw before i was fully bound by the egg was my mothers tears to bid me well thorough the rest of my days here.

The mist swirled over the shores of Cloudstar Island, years after the incident, when the bones of the long dead Bloodtalons glinted in the pale moonlight on the long lost Isles, as no map recorded its position after the major maps were made in year 0. The once proud castle walls were covered in barnacles, and years of sea spray had washed away its shiny, polished walls. The whole island was deserted, except for the faceted crystal of the shell that held me, and I had fallen into a state of suspension, oblivious to the outside world that had now drastically changed around me. Little did I know that it was, too, about to come to an end.

A new


The moonlight encased a wandering maraquan draik, frolicking among the waves, tail fins billowing with thee gentle currents that carried it along.It swam gracefully past Mystery Island and through the mist that separated the known world from the worlds that time forgot. Unsure of where she was, the draik swam southeast, and unknowingly, straight to the Island of my capture. Tired from its swim, the Draik beached on the sandy shore, deserted of all life. A bit apprehensive, the creature hauled out onto the shore, but the real surprise was not the fact that there was a bit of life other than me on the Island, but the fact that the draik was changing shape from a slithering serpentine finned form to a human shape.

Clothed in robes of the richest emerald silk and adorned in golds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires, this was no draik. This was Zaries Zodiac, a powerful sage who had come from earth to find a new life in Neopia. she stood tall over the shore, the green downward stripes and upside down crescent moon signifying her power.

Her verdant eyes scanned the desolate landscape, and her golden hair looked silver in the wash over of platinum light. the shell of crystal caught her eye, the facets seemed to glow in the moonlight. She walked over slowly to the crystal entrapment, a fluid gaze set in her eye that mirrored the crystal.. It was melting. how she had managed to do this was simply astounding, as no one I knew, even my grandmother could not melt crystal.

I was badly cramped and disoriented, and when I felt her arms carry me to the shore before she changed shape again to another draik, I knew my life on the Island was over. The ground was beneath us now, and i looked up at the face of who my new mother would be. I was weak from lack of food, and tired from suspension, so I fell asleep just after we passed Krawk Island.

When I woke up, I was in a palatial Altadorian home just outside the city, decked in amber, gold and scarlet, with white marble columns and lavish furnishings. I was lying on a silk sheet, on a feather bed inside a cozy room stocked with potions, preparations and jars of teas and herbs on the wall, on shelves that matched the columns. It appeared that my rescuer was not present, so I laid there with my wings outstretched, letting them splay out to the green marble floors. I rested there for the longest time when she came in. She was in human form, tall and medium built, and wearing the same emerald robes with the adorned golden shoulder piece. Her verdant eyes were kind, and she seemed to know I was just hungry and tired. She left a plate of fried fish on the pedestal beside the bed and she sat beside me as I ate. I could not say a word, but I knew she understood my thoughts of gratitude as i ate.

In the coming weeks, I began to regain my strength and grow into a strong, powerful eyrie, under Zodiac's watchful eye. I never said anything for the first few weeks, But somehow, I had the feeling Zodiac knew what I needed even before I needed it.. And that's what gave me the courage to finally talk.

It was about a month after Zodiac found me that I inadvertently spoke to her. I was standing outside when i spoke the thought aloud. It was a cool night in the fields of northern Altador, And I was looking out to the old ruins of the city that had been destroyed a thousand years ago. I remembered Old tales told of an ancient but advanced civilization living there long ago. But a mysterious force somehow froze the city, destroying its memories and ceasing the passage of time for the city.

I wonder what froze Altador..?" I uttered in awe at the silent city. I got an answer to my question that day, and Zodiac seemed to know.

Do you see those dark purple clouds over the city, Strata?" I looked above the city and saw that there were, indeed, dark, swirling clouds hanging over the still city. "Those clouds are what is freezing Altador up like that. How they were created, I have no idea of at the moment, But tomorrow, If you're up to it, we should check it out.." She proposed. I nodded. This would be a new experience and maybe I could even help Zodiac. "We could be its last hope, Strata... that cloud mass is growing, and if we don't do something soon, the nearby areas will be frozen as well..." She continued, a grave tone in her voice. I knew it may be dangerous, but I decided that this was too good of an opportunity to let go. We went inside and ate, talking of old tales and legends that we were told. I could hardly sleep that night. Tomorrow, we were solving the mystery of why Altador was frozen in time.

A New Twist the plot
We woke at the first light of dawn, determined to find out just who caused the city of Altador to become stagnant. For the first time, Zodiac rode me into town and we began searching for clues to the city's horrible plight. It was roughly noon when we discovered the first clue. It was within the inner confines of the city, an old library, where I found an old, dusty book. It was the only book there, which was odd for a library. "Sweet, Strata, This old book has to hold something if there are no others here.." We opened the old book, the dusty pages showing just how much time had passed since the city was struck by the clouds.

Look at this symbol, Strata.. The Restive tomb southwest of here seems to hold a system of dots on one of the old doors...." She read on and pointed at some words on the next page. These are no ordinary dots.." Zodiac marveled. "They're stars... the dots represent Stars! the symbol is a constellation!" I exclaimed. "Right.... But the rest of these pages are blank. Maybe this constellation has something to do with helping us in freeing Altador..."

We went back to the old library after going over the information and discovered there was, in fact,an old passageway leading up to an abandoned observatory. The air was thick with the smell of old parchment and staled inks. It didn't take Zodiac very long to find the constellation that corresponded with the marks, but she let me know she'd found it with an accomplished grin.

For the next few days, we scrounged around the old ruins of Altador, and with each constellation we found, it seemed the city beckoned us to move onward in our pursuit. By the fifth day, even the clouds above Altador that had once brought the fate of the quiet city now lessened and began to clear up.

On the Seventh day, though, things began to get a little strange... It seemed that someone or something was also in the city, but when we went to look in the direction the steps came from, only an odd purple mist was visible. We dismissed it at first, but when the last constellation was found on the 14th day, The mist thickened and a tall, slender figure with batlike wings approached us. The tension in the air was now so thick, it was nearly choking us. At the time, we were sitting in the courtyard by the Hall of heroes, but that didn't last long at all..

A major Conflict the works
Zodiac Sprang to her feet and I tensed up, hoping whoever this was, she was there to help. But the evil laugh she threw out as she emerged told us that this probably wasn't the case, And something told me that she was probably the one that trashed the whole of Altador in the first place.

So....." she sneered at us as her voice seemed to strangle the city once again. "This is what's come to save poor King Altador's domain after alll this time.... Hahaha!" She surveyed us unsatisfactorily as she laughed. He was a desperate fool! They all were... And now, Your fate shall be the same!!!" She said as she advanced toward us with fire beginning to materialize from her fingertips. I was frightened, scared to death. Unless Zodiac had something special up her sleeve, I was convinced that this was going to be the end of us..

The Disgruntled Faerie laughed a bit more. "Since humans have entered the realm of Neopia, I couldn't be happier.. So easy to manipulate to do bidding with..." As she said these words, a wayward Alabriss flew just within her reach. Suddenly, she entrapped the poor creature in a ball of glaring crimson light. Though it tried to escape, kicking and bucking in the forcefield, but the faerie's force kept it captured. It neighed in pain, and With a blink of her eye, the creature was gone after it was caught. "...And to destroy..." She moved closer.. By this time, I was totally mortified. I closed my eyes and hid my face.

But then, Something strange happened. Zodiac, who had been quiet the whole time the faerie spoke, snickered. "Man, its funny that you were right this whole time, but missed a vital detail." Her voice was confident, and haughtily sarcastic. Now I was sure.. Zodiac DID have something in the works. I agree. "People are pretty dumb.. But man, A faerie? you guys are supposed to be the most knowledgeable with the most powerful magic." She got up, dusted herself off, and looked the faerie straight in the eye. "A thousand years wasn't enough to tell you when a being with power rivaling your own entered your dominion, eh?" For a second, the faerie was speechless.

What was Zodiac talking about? Who had entered her dominion but...... us..... one of us was of magics strong enough to rival hers.. Then I remembered an old tale of the being that guarded earth with her life, the thirteenth moon of the Zodiac.... No wonder she was so calm in this situation. There was only one explanation. Zodiac was the Sage of The Zodiac. I was dumbfounded but smiled. The Darkest One obviously hadn't read the old legends of the being now standing before me, Protecting me from the evil faerie. "Darkest? maybe dumbest." Zodiac said before she produced a rainbow aura that surrounded her, and grew into a giant red Cosmic dragon. It must have stood 40 feet tall or better and had glowing green eyes with a strange prismatic light shining about them.

I grew many years in this form, Darkest one.." Zodiac had changed into this giant, grand beast.. At the drop of the hat. "Strata, get out of here, it may get ugly." She called to me. I took flight and made my way to a high rooftop. A part of me didn't want to miss this. Zodiac Now moved toward the faerie, Dwarfed now by Zodiac's massive, scale bound body. A moment of fear seemed to flicker in her eyes, but the faerie quickly regained her devilish snarl. "Fool! Your draconic form may be impressive, but I have all I need to destroy a puny fool like you.." She laughed evilly once again before she unleashed all the power she could upon Zodiac in a massive fiery torrent. The billowing mass of flames was so strong, I thought I even felt the tips of my wings in the tremendous heat. I then looked over the old rooftop in horror.

At first, there was nothing but the thick smoke that resulted from the wave of flames. But after a minute or two, I began to see the huge outline of Zodiac - Still standing. I could even hear the low, earth shaking rumble of her laughing. The Darkest Faerie snarled at her. "That was not even a portion of the power I can command, Puny Dragon! Through the smoke, I heard her evil cackle. "You sure put on a big show, Dumbest one." Zodiac took to the air, fanning the thick smoke away with her giant leathery wings.

The faerie was still smiling. She flew up into the air a ways away from Zodiac and produced another huge ball of crimson light and proceeded to trap Zodiac within it. The ball shone brilliant scarlet for a second, but there was something different about the ball this time. It grew opaque and faded to orange, and then yellow. Suddenly, a huge cracking sound tore through the courtyard and the force field fell into a million pieces, falling to the ground like new snow. Without warning, she launched a giant, multicolored fireball from her needle sharp jaws. The faerie shrieked as she dodged the comet like projectile. "Your primal methods have no way to defeat me!!" she regained her composure. "Primal?" Zodiac laughed again. She landed and began to chase the Darkest one round the courtyard. "THIS is Primal!" I looked on. It was a pathetic sight. Zodiac laughing and screaming to the Faerie as she tried to fly out of the way. Eventually, Zodiac grew tired of this game and pounced on the faerie, trapping her with a giant claw, and pinning her to the old, broken down cobblestone beneath her.

Zodiac was laughing again. licks of rainbow flame escaping her massive jaws. "Heh.. heh heh.." She looked the now frightened faerie straight in the eyes. "So...." Zodiac began casually. "What happened the last time you were defeated?" She waited for a reply. I looked down at the scene. She really wasn't kidding. I had never seen anything like that before. "Well......" For the first time, the Faerie had a look of pure terror on her face as fear squeezed her evil shell of a heart. "I.. was banished in a statue, and trapped at the bottom of the sea for a thousand years...." she explained, voice small. "oh, really? well...." Zodiac snapped her jaws in the faeries face. "You really should have stayed." I heard a terrified scream that shook the foundation to its roots. It was a bit too awful to watch, so I hid my face. When I looked again, Zodiac stood alone, sitting cross legged on the old cobblestone, looking satisfied. I heard a loud burp.. apparently, fighting evil faeries in magical combat was hard work.

It had been a few minutes after the faerie had been destroyed that The hum of the waking city sounded. We walked through town square, and people smiled at us. "This is pleasant.." I jokingly said. "Do you know how long a thousand years frozen is?" I shook my head as we walked through the lavish marketplaces, full of people scrambling to rebuild and remembering just what happened a millenia ago. We came to an old newsstand, old, tattered pages crusted over with dust. A disoriented yellow Tonu that ran the stand eyed us curiously. "You aren't from around here, are you?" we shook our heads in unison. "Wait..... Where's the Darkest one??" the Tonu's eyes widened in fear. I smiled and pointed to Zodiac's full stomach and laughed a little. He looked like he had just found out the shop was selling neggs for a neopoint apeice. "Hey everyone! The Darkest one has been eate-- I mean, defeated!" The crowds went quiet initially with the news, but a flurry of activity and cheering.

We got a heroes' escort to the edge of town where It was said the King's palace lay, on top of a high hill. The palace itself was huge, white marble glinting in the now full sunlight. After passing a two burly lutari guards who let us in, we came to a richly decorated throne room, and on the high, oaken throne sat a tall, white lupe. "So.." He began. "It's you two that have been causing all this commotion in my city.." He laughed. You could tell he hadn't laughed in a very long time. "you have my deepest thanks for defeating the Darkest One, though, I must say your methods were a bit unorthodox." He smiled as he greeted us. "I am Altador, King of this City, and this is what The city was like before the Darkest One stole our history and threatened to wipe us off the map forever." He explained. With that, it dawned on me how important this really was. From being helpless to getting it all back.. And how I had been saved the same way, only weeks before.

After inviting us to dinner, we attended a court of honor that declared us Town Heroes, hence August 30th is always known as the Day of Heroes in Altador. Zodiac got a job as head of Magical Defences and likes to attend high tea in Altador's Court on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Shortly after the city was saved, I was finally painted a more regal shade, and Zodiac, who wanted to preserve my heritage as a Cloudstar, got me painted rainbow shortly afterward.

Life was just about perfect... but our big house in the secluded fields was lonely.. So eventually, we established a family, and one by one, things got to be as they are today.

How the group

...Got together..

Things were a bit boring after Zodiac had consumed the Darkest Faerie and things slowed down. So Zodiac and I went Vacationing in Faerieland to look for a good Winter home. We had been there for a few days when fate paid us another visit.

We had just gone shopping and were touring the city and local cuisine when we saw a strange flash glinting in the sky. Instinct gripped us, And Zodiac got on and we flew toward the strange, and now falling comet-like object. As it came int view, surprisingly, it looked somewhat like an ixi, green in color. Now realizing what was happening, we sped as fast as we could toward the falling neopet to try and save it before it was too late.

I flew as as as my wings could carry me, springing forth to try and get close enough to the falling creature before an awful end arrived. "Just a little further!!"I heard Zodiac say with a strain in her voice, trying desperately to reach for her, when all of a sudden, the creature, like a falling raindrop, fell on her lap. A huge wave of relief rushed over us as we flew back down to the ground, slowly, to an open field, shaded by some tall oak trees, and full of soft grass and periwinkle flowers. I let my wings splay out as I rested, and Zodiac checked the small animal we had just saved.

Though it was obviously exhausted from this surge of excitement, It covered its large, beautiful blue and green eyes with its Grey cloven hooves, hoping that whoever had it now, that it wouldn't hurt her. "Oh.... man.... It's ok... I'm not gonna hurt you. You can open your eyes." The small deer-like animal peeked behind one of its hooves and stared up at Zodiac and I. "You look dizzy.." Zodiac noticed as she gazed down at the green bundle of fur that lay in her lap. "Strata, I think this is what they call an Ixi. I think we need to take care of her now.." Zodiac said softly as she remounted,and held the tired Ixi close. We both could have never expected that this Ixi, who Zodiac later named Prongs, would be my first sister, and invaluable in our family.

About a year after Prongs Joined the family, Things changed again. It was just after 12:30 when Zodiac awoke that day (Zodiac is absolutely notorious for sleeping late. In fact, she is the last to rise, and the last to go to bed at night. She hates mornings with hate rivaling none. She often sings the "I really really REALLY Hate Mornings, and they are not Metal" Song with Sylpheron and Zai any chance she gets). And decided we should all go out for a nice breakfast at the Local Fish fry shack. Of course, it was lunchtime already for Prongs and I, but we didn't argue. The Fish Fry Shack is epic. We all got ready to go and left the house. Zodiac was still lazy from sleep, so she rode me the whole way there, singing the "Gummy Worm Blues" and Prongs giggled the whole way there. After we had our fill of fish, expertly cooked potato products dipped in tasty sauces, and all manner of fizzy drinks, we set off back home, full, and ready for a nap and possibly another random song from Zodiac.

This was not the case. We happened upon a teen aged desert scorchio who seemed to be relaxing on the patio under an umbrella, feet sprawled out on one of our ottomans. She was sleeping. Prongs whispered, "Who in Brightvale is that...?" She stared over at the stranger. "I have no idea..." Zodiac started. "But they're totally not supposed to be here... or are they...?... Anyway.. uhh...We should wake whoever this is up, so we know who they are." Zodiac went over to the sleeping scorchio and poked her with her long, jewel -tipped staff that she always carries with her, and the stranger's eyes flew open. "OMG... uhh....Hi....Is this like... your place?" She awakened, startled, of course. "Yeah.... How did you get here? Man, I don't even know who you are..." Zodiac replied.

So she Invited the stranger in for a cup of tea, and she told us her story: That she was a runaway princess from the faraway land of Sakhmet, the famous city in the sands,and that she was betrothed to a not-very-nice sounding suitor, and her successful mission of getting outta there. She told us she traveled for a week just to get here, and that no matter what, she would be staying in Altador.

Zodiac seemed a bit impressed by the rebellious scorchio's story. "You can stay here if you'd like, I have room, and sometimes we get a bit lonely." And that's how Dracus came to stay with us. In the years to come, she has been a bit of a nuisance, but always fun. I think she's a bit bratty sometimes, but then again, Who am I to judge? xD


Zodiac is the reason I'm here right now. I would still be stuck in that crystal shield if she hadn't came to the Island that night. I'm sure glad she did, though! We have had some crazy adventures over the years, and she's a tad off-the-wall, But I wouldn't have it any other way.(Ok, while she isn't listening, she's WAY crazy xD) Zodiac has taught me everything she knows about Magic and practicing, but I'll never be as good as she is. Come on, I just can't compete with Magic Spit..


Prongs is my first youngest sister, not biologically of course, but we are all a family. Prongs is studious, wise, and shy. Prongs has always been a faerie ixi, to us at least, but the fountain faerie saw fit to give her the wings she already kind of had. Prongs is a cleric of Zodiac, and she is training to become a full fledged healer. She is already quite good, no one goes around sick at our house for long.


Dracus is my second youngest sister. She wasn't actually rescued or anything, she just showed up one day. She is the Heiress of the Sakhmetian throne, but hated the idea of being betrothed to an undesirable suitor, so she left to pursue a life of leisure and bratty outbursts. Shes not bratty all the time, but she has major attitude. Most of the time, she has a major attitude, but sometimes she really is nice and we actually do get along. just don't jinx it. Leovis and Dracus are always arguing and Leovis usually had the upper hand, which annoys her immensely.


Leovis is my youngest sister. Leovis was born in Meridell, but was chased for years on end by a crazy lutari sorcerer, a henchman of the remnants of Kass's Army for the power she held called the Darkfire Aurora. Leovis ran until the sorcerer chased her into Altador, where he met the same fate as the Darkest Faerie. With that part of her life over, Leovis joined a metal band called Tainted Solstice,and now plays bass guitar. Leovis is cuddly and sweet most of the time, but she has a HORRIBLE temper. She was painted fire a very long time ago, and it reacted with the power she held, so she sports a pair of faerie wings as well.


Syranthe was once a pirate, she worked for no one and hid from the law, stealing and looting for her own personal gain. That was until one day when her ship capsized on a secluded shore and a dark faerie made her see the error of her ways. She now works for me and secures the major ports around Neopia's oceans, helping search for any mentions of my lost clanmates. Syranthe is a bit rough around the edges, but she has grown very close to us.


Valiant is my field-marshal, and he takes care of the military operations our unit is responsible for. He was dismissed from King Skarl's army after he served under him as a general for over 20 years. Skarl never listened to the warning about the Darkfire Aurora, and Kass's remnant forces, but his insight and shrewd information gathering is appreciated here.


Sylpheron is the lead guitarist of the metal band I sponsor, Tainted Solstice. He is laid back, opinionated, independent, and has a good time playing gigs and the awareness events we throw. He likes Rock N' Roll french fries, writing songs that make no sense, and playing guitar. He plays extremely fast. I hired the best there was, and believe me, I looked for a shredmaster, specifically. :3 Sylpheron surprisingly gets along with Dracus.


Eavonie, or as we call him, Eavo, is the lead singer of Tainted Solstice. He plays the harmonica and comes from blues influence. He owns a tricked out motorbike he rides often. He may be a rainbow cybunny, but he has fists to back himself up. He claims rainbows are "way brutal", but who's gonna argue with a biker? :P Eavo has a twin sister named Lepiva who is the drummer in the band, too, and those two are nothing but trouble :P





Name:Strata Araqualius Cloudstar
Age:16 in human years
Species:Altadorian Eyrie- Aquillus Altadorinus
Brush:Crosspainted Royal/Rainbow
Build:large and muscular
Occupation:Queen of the Cloudstars
HP: 1396 /1396
Faults:Arrogant at times.
Height:8 feet at the shoulder
weight:872 lbs.
Petpet:Crescentwing the White Faellie

Things I enjoy

Fighting in the battledome
Practicing magics
Zodiac, of course
Flying over the ocean, Adventuring
Things I absolutely despise..

When Leovis and Dracus Argue
When Prongs is sad
People that don't realize how lucky they are
unneeded suffering

The Royal

...Art Gallery
Here are some lovely pictures and what-nots for you to sample and enjoy. No stealing though, As these were drawn for me by some of Zodiac, and my dearest friends.

Drag to the address bar for a glorious full view:3

Well, It appears I have a fan out there... *blushes* This picture was sent to me by Myst:3

here are some pics from Zodiac's Birthday 2009:3 Thanks to: Cereals, Courtney, KP, Kristin, Caseh, Philip, Mist and Lupe for this one:3

This lovely piccy is from Amber the Awesome. Thank youu:3

This piccy is from Kately the weird:3 I luffs her tho. Its so rainbowwy *_*

You guys made my birthday awesome.. *cries*

Return Again

...To my palace?
I hope you have enjoyed your stay here, Fair traveller. I would be delighted if you returned again. Please take a token of my favor.


Thank you c:

Omg, Kateley, thank you for coding this face meltingly- awesome page. Thank you for your randomness and xD that made me smile when I was all sad.:3 Other thank you's go to....

Bebe of awesome for helping me rough out the edges of Strata's character by awesomely rping with me:3 Here's to you, Mrs. Awesome muffin muncher.

What can I say of Amber? Pure Awesomesauce with awesome rainbow sprinkles on top. Thanks for the awesome piccies of doom!:3

Dragon and Fire:3 There two are nothing but trouble :o Maybe that's why we're friends.. *evil grin* Thank you Fire and Dragon for giving me Ideas of plot twists and inspiring general content on this page.

Myst.. Didn't think you'd be mentioned? ha. Who else is going to cheer me up and fill my page with random cartoonyness?

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