Hi, I'm Bookkeeper a.k.a. seahorsepond. Here's a collection of Neopets-related odds and ends I've gathered over the years.

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Atlas of the Ancients

asfafdsafsada this art is so old.

So nice of her to steal the credit.

The Faeries' Ruin

...You lurk the neoboards?


You know you're obsessed with The Faeries' Ruin when...

(I started a neoboard titled this back during the Faries' Ruin plot, these are the results)

...You've noticed mistakes in the comic (including Hanso's missing horns, missed shading, height changes, wardrobe malfunctions, etc.)

...You write a TFR fan-fic

...You made a Xandra adoptable.

...You always have a tab open to TFR when ever you're on Neopets.

...You pretend you're Hanso and Brynn's daughter.

...You refuse to believe the plot is actually over.

...You think Hanso should go into the Hall of Heroes.

...Hanging up ornaments on the tree, you humed about the plot AND repeated CERTAIN lines from the characters

...You search "Xandra" on Neopets and find abandoned accounts to sob at

...You make a list of plot prizes in your head while having dinner

...You FINALLY find someone your age in school who also plays Neopets

...You get all frustrated and agitated over Brynn not finishing her sentence

...You start having nightmares about Xandra turning your friends and family to stone

...You make up reasons why you're obsessed with it

...You're reading this list.

...You play 'battle' with your best friend, and insist that her name is 'Xandra.

...When you have heated debates with your sister at the dinner table about who actually turned the faeries to stone.

...you made a faeries ruin siggie.

...you wrapped your christmas gifts in TFR paper.

...your gifts where plushies of shadows.

...you hang TFR ornaments on the christmas tree.

...you made a gallery of TFR things.

...In Pokemon, if your rival is a boy, you name him Hanso and you pick the girl to be your character and you name her Brynn/Xandra. Or if your rival is a girl, you name her Xandra, and you name your character Brynn/Hanso, depending on who you pick.

...You choose theme songs for the characters.

...You decided to keep doing the Plain of Peace activity instead of the Games Master Challenge (while it was still up)

...You screamed at the computer at least once during the "Plain of Peace" activity.

...Or tore apart a pillow during it.

...You made an epic lookup about it

...You formed your Thanksgiving mashed potatoes in the shape of Hanso's face.

...Only they're not mashed potatoes, they're mashed potansos.

...Your messenger name is Xandra.

...You're roleplaying a plot similar to this one.

...You're basing a character story off Xandra's personality.

...Your display picture on that messenger is Xandra.

...Your firefox skin is also that picture of her before the crash one.

...You use the spell book for an eye chart

...You dressed up like Xandra for Halloween.

...You skip out on your best friend's b-day party so you could complete the next step.

...You start dreaming up new steps and try desperately to get the new achievements before its to late

...When you stay up late to try to get all of the fearless deeds.

...When you got the "Goo wisperer" deed

...When you draw the comics and insert your own characters.

...You've had nightmares about the Wraith Caverns

...You start having nightmares about Zealots

...You stay up late waiting for the news to update to see if there's a new chapter out.

...You've actually cried because you haven't gotten the Fort Nox achievement yet.

...You've actually GOTTEN the Fort Nox achievement!!!

...You wish you could turn your enemies into stone.

...You've read the comics multiple times

...You've mentioned a plot character to someone in real life and gotten funny looks.

...You've memorized the comics.

...You make a board about being obsessed with it.

...You live on the TFR neoboard.

...You take the time to write fan fics about the characters.

...You've made neoboards about how bored you are waiting for the news to update.

...You make comics and articles in the neopian times about it!

...You are waiting to flame someone who bashed your favorite character.

...Before you go to sleep, its the last thing on your mind

...You dream about it

...You doodle pictures of the plot characters on your schoolwork.

...You change your avatar to fit the theme.

...You start calling Han Solo "Hanso

...You talk about the plot with your bff in classes

...Every time a new chapter is released, you read all the old ones again... Just to refresh your memory

...You hear "Xandra's library" and think that activity was ages ago.

...You imagine that you are in the plot along with the heroes/villains.

...When even though you've completed the achievements the day they came out, you still go and do the maze just for the fun of it.

...You've had nightmares about the Castle Nox maze.

...You're already planning the next NT story and how to incorporate some characters from here.

...You think the maze was fun

...You write a poem about it

...You swear the pegs in the Nox maze have minds of their own...

...You catch up on a character's history by reading their original plot comic, Book of Ages entry, AND their Neopedia article.

...You get ideas for NT comics relating to the plot every day in study hall.

...You get caught drawing characters by your friends

...Jazan is awesome.

...Your dad has asked you if the faeries have been saved yet.

...You've been made fun of for being obsessed with TFR.

...You've noticed the little "Test 1e" thingy on the comic pages.

...You name your pet Hanso, then paint him blue, then yell at it for not being as cool as him or have his amazing drawing abilities.

...You've started making Nox Nox jokes.

War for the Obelisk

Feel free use the adoptable on your lookup/petpage/petlookup/whatever

Thieves Guild

The Sway

Order of the Red Erisim

Brute Squad



Zafara Digger
Feel free use the adoptable
on your lookup/petpage/petlookup/whatever

Hi there, I noticed some of your members were missing their frocks and noisemakers, so I took the liberty of adding them to the picture above.

So that's why they steal your socks...

What's That Zafara Pointing At?

Dr. Sloth Photobomb!

On a whim, I entered my Sloth Photobomb into the art gallery. Basically, my thought process was "I dunno if this fits the qualifications, but maybe it'll give the art gallery judge a laugh." It didn't get in, but it ended up on Neopets' FB page:

(drag to URL bar to see full view)

And this... is my Jazan impression. Arms crossed? Check!
Grumpy look on my face? Check! I'm good at this, aren't I?

There are no words to describe just how annoying you are.

Daily Dare 2013

The Trouble with Chadleys

Moltara for the Altador Cup!

(as with all the adoptables on this page, feel free to use them on your lookup/petpage/petlookup/whatever)

Aldric Beign
Vere Polnicek
Vere Polnicek
Zax Bannet

Things that Don't Exist (But I Wish They Did)

Like the rest of this petpage, I made this list for fun, and I don't expect it to be taken seriously. Except maybe maybe the Clockwork Paint Brush. *crosses fingers and hopes for a steampunk-themed pet color*


The Cyodrake's Gaze Murder Mystery: Someone has been throwing Neopets staff members off a boat one by one

Defenders of Neovia: Gilly dons a cape and mask to fight monstrous townsfolk

The Ancient's Ruin: Roxton, Clara and Jordie get turned to stone, and nobody cares


Autobiography of the Island Mystic: My direction in life was altered unexpectedly when I was assaulted by radioactive Sloth clones in the Uni Meadows.

The Riddle that Drove Thade Insane: How much Alta could an Altachuck chuck if an Altachuck could chuck Alta?

Goodnight Mr. Coconut: Goodnight head bop and goodnight fance top...

Pet Colors

Haunted Woodland - Makes your pet look like a rotting tree

Clockwork: Like Robot, but for steampunks

Stealthless: A clashing mix of polkadots and stripes in neon colors


Ahdial: To go with your Krawk

Great: So on your pet's lookup it will say "no name the Great"

Tyrannian Rock: Looks like a fossil

NC Items

Neoboard Correction Fluid: For when you make mistakes with your Neoboard Pen

Blinking Contacts: Though they wouldn't work well with Aishas and Chias

Rolling Your Eyes Contacts: Representing a reaction to yet another awesome item being released exclusively through a capsule or game so you'll have to spend ten times the expected NC to get it. Naturally, these contacts will be a capsule bonus.

More Pet Colors

Plasma: We already have a gas, solid, and liquid, after all

Honest Sailor: Like Pirate, but with less stripes, peg legs, and adoring fan girls

Royal Pain: Think Oblivion with a tiara and ruffled shirt


Ipriamel Emxa: A cross between Castle of Eliv Thade and Imperial Exam - first you unscramble the words, then check the spelling

Meepit Housebreak: You'd better hope they're housebroken, after all that juice

Faerie Jubbles: Put three JubJubs in a row, and they'll disappear

Itchy Blaster 53: Save the alien scientists by throwing volcanic rocks at petpetpets


Cast Shadow: For use with those backgrounds that get inexplicably lighter where your pet is standing

Cheshire Cap: Using the same principle as the Headless Cape

Care for a puzzle, foolish mortal?

Dr. Sloth on a Pogo Stick

Minimalist Plot Posters

Spooky Food Contest


Never gonna give Roo up
Never throw Roo in the pound
Never gonna get a Kau and desert Roo

Never gonna let Roo rot
Never leave Roo out of plots
Never Battledome a lot and hurt Roo

Animated jumping Xweetok! O.O

End Note

StorySpinstress the relic Korbat hosts this petpage.

Every time someone wastes time on this petpage, she absorbs their time energy - feeding off the potential time they could have spent doing something productive.

Thank you for your contribution.



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