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This is my page, for my stuff. I've got my pets, goals, even an about me section! So yeah, go wild?

My bbs ♥

-These are my bbs, they are special and perfect and mine-

Here are some quick blurbs about their characters/stories for me to reference when I finally get around to actually writing them.

#1 StellaLinwe{Stella,Stels} was the first permanent start to my family, I created her a month and a half after starting my account. She's an adorable, weird little alien ghost who greatly enjoys pastries. She's also very into alchemy, she built a lab cabin next to Ebi's tower but it's best not to get too close... there have been some slightly explosive incidents. She hangs out the most with her bffff Ebi and her petpet Amy.

#2 Eberri{Ebi} is a moon princess, daughter of Callisto. Her mother sent her down onto Jupiter in an effort to save the dying planet, though she could not see what was harming it. Ebi lives in the largest of the few forests left on the planet, in a tower long abandoned by nuns but fixed up with some help from Leo. She spends her time wherever it is needed. Whether it be planting new trees, or meeting with kings and queens, everything she does is for the fulfillment of her mission. Stella and Leo are her close friends, the only ones she let get close to her.

#3 Illeot{Leo} is the son and heir of a Wingtop Blade Master, a very important figure in Eyreland. Which is why Leo was given more punishment than most would after getting into a fist-fight. Temporarily banished from Wingtop Mountain, and forbidden the use of his wings, Leo has to perform a heroic act in order to rejoin his family. So he set out with eyes peeled for a stranger getting mugged, or about to be run over by a cart, and somehow winds up with an army at his command and a prophecy to break ¯_(ツ)_/¯ He spends the most time with his generals and warriors, but also finds quite a bit of his day spent with one of his odd friends Hax, Ebi, or Stella.

#4 Haxte_{Hax} is a cool kid, def too cool 4 school. I'm still working out his story, but his character is that of a 18 yr old wraith-ghost hybrid of some sort, the first of his kind. So naturally everyone's after him, for either scientific or "honor"? reasons. He's spent his whole life on the run, while simultaneously trying to figure out what he is and how to control the strange abilities his mixed genes gave him. His struggles have made him head-strong, street wise, and highly independent. But he's also a secret nerd, and if his childhood had been less tumultuous he would've been a timid, sweet kid. He still holds onto a good heart, but he doesn't trust anyone enough to show that "weaker side" of himself. Hax spends most of his time alone, besides the constant company of a Miamouse he named Nessa, but sometimes he'll visit his unlikely friend Leo.

#5 Pea_Bomb{PB} is a pea bomb, made by the hands of a revengeful old chemist. His purpose is to sneak onto the dinner plate of a tyrant Lord, but getting to the palace from a farm a few miles from the city wall is a very far walk when you're as tiny as him. A lot of time for thinking, which a robot isn't supposed to do but he does anyways. PB is much like a child, but he has the brain of a nearly empty computer. He fills it by reading newspapers and books when he can, and also by pure observation. He finds flesh-beings infinitely interesting to watch. PB considers everyone he's met on his journey a friend, but he doesn't spend time with anyone too long, he has a purpose after all.


One pet that I don't have but plan to hold one day is a UC Plushie Kau. A lofty goal, I know, but I've got a game plan.

Rokento here is my key, he's being trained to one day trade for a UC, which will be uptraded until I have myself a kau. It'll be a few years before he reaches my goal of 1800HSD. I can wait though, persistence is key!

End Goal!
Level: 300
H/S/D: 600 even

Short-term Goal 1
Level: 74
H/S/D: 148 even


Well hi, my name is Rebecca. My family calls me Boo{slowly switching to Becky now that I'm getting older}, but I use the name Lin on here just cause my UN shortens to it. Call me whatever you want tho.

{fun fact: my UN Linwe is the name of an elf character in the Lowthar's Blade Trilogy, which I read when I was like 12 or smthing. It was the first old-world fantasy book I ever read and it was mind blowing. Also I like the number 22 so}

I'm a 20 yr old Texan gal and no I'm not country at all, though I admire the spirit of it. I'm enrolled in community college, in the hopes that I'll find an actual major by the time I finish my core. All I know for sure is that I would lovelovelove to get a science degree of some sort, because science is cool and I think I could do something amazing for the world if I learn enough about it. Specifically I love nature, and I want to help preserve and care for Earth and its creatures the best I can, so I'm thinking my degree will head in the environmental sciences direction.

Neo is my great escape, though it's difficult for me to avoid using it to escape the problems I need to face. I take the good with the bad. I love it though, even if I'm too ashamed to let any of my friends know I still play it. On Neo I most enjoy lurking the PC/trading pets, customizing, earning avatars, thinking up characters/stories, and drawing when inspiration hits.

Things I want

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