Hello and Welcome to Goals+! This is a guide, but different then your usual guide. We host articles written by award winning authors, designers, and the richest Neopians of Neopia. They have written articles for you to learn how to reach your goals and learn their secrets to success. To learn about the History of Goals+ please visit Information, if you're interested in writing an article and having it posted on Goals+ then please visit Submit Articles, if you happen to find any misspellings, grammatical errors, or dead links and ect please report them to me in Contact Me. We've just finished our new FAQ area! why not check it out check it out! Thank you for visiting and I hope you find what you're looking for!


February 25: Whoa! It has been forever since I've updated! Okay, so I've opened some sites now, I have a graphic request site, Echo Lake, and an adoptables site, Tomoya! My mall has opened two new branches, I'm working with my guild some and just normal has happened. Oh! I moved! I use to live in Montana but now I live in Seattle (area)! Anyways, what got me here was an affiliate request so yep, just doing some updates now. I want to work on Goals+ again soon but I don't think I have the time now so until then, ~bye. Goals+ is now affiliated with the NP guide, How to make Oodles of neopoints!

December 7: Goals+ is currently going through a layout revamp! Thank you!

December 4: Hi, so I'm still here and working on this site! I'm getting started to even make Goals+ its own layout, pretty cool huh? So, yes... Goals+ is still active! Thanks!

October 26: Listed at City Lights.

October 26: The content update was finished October 20th. Today I updated all the pages! I really think its coming along great! and we will be opening soon!

October 19: Content update tomorrow (October 20th). New Affiliate, button will be added tomorrow also. Reminder, Goals+ will be opening as soon as subjects, "Avatars", and "Dream Pets" are filled, thank you.

October 14: Goals+ has two new Affiliates, and is listed at one Directory.

October 5: We are now in the process of opening! all that is left it to fill in subjects Avatars and Dream Pets(reserved)! New article was added today to Customization. We have our new FAQ area, if you do not find what your looking for in there please feel free to check there first, we also have our new Terms & Agreements which is located by the link in Submit Articles or in Information at all times. To save room at the end of each month starting next month I will be deleting all update except major one's like this which will be deleted in two. Affiliates are open now so if interested please feel free to contact me. Goals+ will also still accept articles after we're open and will always unless stated not in Submit Articles. Thank you! and sorry about this crazy long long update!

October 4: Updated the whole site, why don't you check out our newly written article on the History of Goals+ in information as well as our new Terms & Agreements (so there's on confusion on ownership ect). We've also updated the Submit Articles page so if you've been interested in writing an article you should check that out. Just a reminder we are not open yet and will not be tell we have at least one article in each subject, thank you.

September 26: New button added by your very own beatle_stripe, tell me what you think! and I will be writing an article in Dream Pets after October 15 because I'll be getting my results from some of the UFA pets I applied for so yep. Thank you and we'll be opening soon.

September 25: Just added another article! this ones in Shopkeeping and Galleries check it out.

September 25: Just added a new article in Games so go check it out!

September 25: Hello, so I've updated a little and I'm starting to work on some more articles, if interested in writing one please feel free submit one in Submit Articles thank you. Just a reminder we are not open yet and will not be fully open tell we have at least one article in each subject. I've been getting a lot of questions about this so I wrote a small article on the Donation Box and the original idea behind Goals+ so if you have any questions about those two please visit Information, and that wraps up my update thank you guys and have a great day.

September 18: So just fixed some stuff up a little bit of editing nothing really. Having some buttons made by Cosmic because I'm not to great yet but getting better so please bear with me! If you find any miss spellings grammar error Please tell me! Thank you and we still need some more articles to open so Please if interested please apply!

September 16: Just did some Major Updates to the site! Hope you like them! I feel like they made it easier to Navigate through! Thank You and Enjoy!

September 16: So I've Just Opened A New Link "Apply As Writer" There Is Information On Subjects And Contacting Us! Thank You!

September 14: Yay! We are Done! We changed the Site into a Guide from a Directory! Please Feel Free to Neomail me if You would like to Write an Article! Thanks and Enjoy!

September 11: Sorry! Goals+ Is Going Through Some Major Changes right now but we will finish today! Thank You

September 11: Two New Buttons! Done By Myself! Still New at Coding But Getting Better! Check Them Out!

September 10: We've Just Opened Our Donation Box! Want To Check It Out? Just Click Here, Or If You Would Like To Learn More About Why We Have A Donation Box Please Visit Information

September 9: We are Not Open Yet! But Please Feel Free to Browse


Welcome, here you'll be able to find information about Goals+, if your looking for answers to questions please visit our FAQ. Thank you.

The History of Goals+

Founded on September ninth of 2013, we've had a lot of changes. The original idea behind Goals+ was it to be a directory that would help people find and give help, and this is how it would work. You would simply apply by filling out our application which would include what you need, why you needed it, and why someone should help you. If accepted, you would be listed and anyone could see your profile and decide if they wanted to help you or not. We also had a Donation Box in which all NP would go to helping those listed, but due to the Neopia we live in, I would have been accused of robbing the hard working Neopians of Neopia. I was also getting multiple letters from people warning me and telling me to close Goals+ down because I would be at risk of being frozen and that the best goals are the ones achieved by yourself, but I had put so much work in the little time of making Goals+ already and so I decided to change Goals+ from a directory to a guide. That took place between 9/11/13 and 9/14/13. We've been adding on since then. I hope that one day this will be a common guide that will be known to every Neopian for helping, teaching, and sharing each others secrets on how to reach their goals.

Terms & Agreements


Welcome to our FAQ page, here I hope to answer most of your questions, if you do not find what your looking for in here please feel free to
contact me.

Is Goals+ open? No, not for the time being.

When will Goals+ be open? Not til we have at least one article in each subject.

How do I to submit my articles? Just go to Submit Articles and the rest will be explained there.

Can I submit more then one article? Of course, you may submit as many articles as you want, but they must be submitted separately.

I submitted my article but I can't find it? It is possible that you article was not accepted.

Why wouldn't my article accepted? It could have not been accepted for a number of reasons, for example, It could have had to many grammar errors, may have been reported stolen before or we could not hold your article at the time due to one subject being overfull.

Can I be anonymous? Yes, if you would rather keep your "Neo"identity to yourself then you may remain anonymous, just say so in your submission.

I don't agree with an article? That's okay, all articles are written on the opinions of the authors.

Why did Goals+ have a Donation Box? When Goals+ has first started it was a special kind of directory, you would have your profile listed and other people including myself would try to help you reach your goals, the Donation Box has for user who couldn't choose who to help, they could just simple just make a donation and the NP gained from that would go to help the people listed at Goals+.

Why does Goals+ have their own Terms & Agreements? I so that if I was ever blackmailed or threatened I would be able to pull those up to protect my account

If I submit an article will I lose the ownership of it? No, all ownership goes to the authors. If ownership agreements changed all authors would be informed. To learn more on about the ownership and credit please read our Terms & Agreements.

Terms & Agreements

All authors will be given credit unless requested to remain anonymous. Goals+ does not claim any ownership of the articles listed at Goals+, all ownership go to the authors unless ownership agreements change, if so all authors will be notified of the changes and will be given the choice to remove their article from Goals+. Goals+ is not responsible for the lost of any writings. Goals+ has the right to refuse an article, Goals+ also has the right to remove an article without informing the author. Goals+ has the right to make minor changes any article submitted. Goals+ can advertise any article on other pages owned or co-owned by me. Goals+ does not buy or pay authors for articles and never will, Goals+ does not owe any authors for their articles. Goals+ has not and will not ever force anyone to write an article, we may ask or request that you write an article but it is no more then an invite such as a guild or mall invite, all submitted articles are voluntary. Goals+ has not ever blackmailed anyone and never will, if an author or anyone attempts to blackmail Goals+ it will result in the reporting of their account. If any articles are reported stolen will first result in a warning sent to the author, if reported stolen again Goals+ will be forced to removed the article, if the article is anonymous, the article will be removed with the first report. Goals+ does not claim that all articles listed are the "only way" or the "right way" to achieve your goals, all articles are based on the opinion of the author, Goals+ does not claim that reading any of the listed articles will achieve your goals, there only here to help. Submitting an article signifies your acceptance of our Terms & Agreements.


Will be adding more! If your interested in writing your own article please visit Submit Articles.





Shopkeeping & Galleries

Dream Pets


Becoming Rich

To become Rich you have to be smart and cheap. One of the fastest ways to make NP is through your shop. It's always good to have a category shop like Petpets, Fast Food, or Toy Store that way people will remember you as that shop with all the cute/cool/whatever _________ and will come back. One NP shop will take you ages to become rich so I do not suggest One NP shop, but being cheap is good just make sure you're making a profit.


Habitarium is a nice way to make NP too, once you reach level 50 (Highest Level At The Moment) you'll get 500 NP per Gem and you get one Gem each 1,000 XP, the best way to get these Gems is to leave your Habitarium on over night. Once storages start getting too full you can help others with their Habitariums by sending them gifts too! (Everyone wins!)


Dailies are a good way of making NP too, Forgotten Shore Map Pieces are cheap also, and at the Forgotten Shore you can get pretty good prizes like Pirate Draik Eggs(rare), Pirate Krawk Morphing Potoin(rare), NP and More. Written by beatle_stripe

Battle For Bucks

For those of you with relatively good Battledome pets, battling can be an excellent source of neopoints. Best of all, if you have a limited amount of play time, it is possible to make a good amount of points in a short period of time. First off, battle the Maraquan opponents (or if you have premium, battle in the Cosmic Dome opponents-they give the best prizes!) In general, the Maraquan challengers have the fewest junk item drops and the highest likelihood of codestone and dubloon item drops. The Koi Warrior is a more accessible opponent for the average player, but, if you have a pet that can handle the challenge, the Giant Spectral Mutant W,alein has an even better chance at codestone drops than does the Koi Warrior. Normal codestones sell up to 10k and red codestones sell up to around 32k each! Of course, since codestones are randomly awarded, some days may be fruitful while others... not so much. Either way, happy battling and good luck with your neo goals! Written by parody_ham


My Favorite Games

My favorite games would have to be Hasee Bounce, Cloud Racers I, and IceCream Machine. I'm about to tell you why. Hasee Bounce, I like Hasee Bounce beause it is hard (or at least to me it is) and after playing for... about fifty times you finally spell Hasee and then your all "whoop whoop!" It's just a super fun exciting rush. Will you help Jimmi (orange) and Woogy (purple) get the Doughnutfruit? Cloud Racers I, I like this game because its hard to me and I've always played this game, ever since my very first account (seven years ago). The farthest I've ever gotten was the Tooth Faerie, the fifth out of nine faeries (including Fyora). There's no way you can play as Fyora (sadly) but you can race her at the last level. IceCream Machine, I like the IceCream Machine because its simple but does get difficult. The farthest I've gotten I believe was... Double Chocolate, level ten out of thirteen and its very hard hehe, but its a very fun game. Make sure you check it out. Those are my favorite games and I hope you like them too there Super, Awesome, and Fun! Written by beatle_stripe


Sorry there are no written articles for this subject.


Customization includes Clothes and Neohoming. If interested in writing an article, please visit Submit Articles. Thank you!


Customising with NP

First off "-" look at species specific wearables. Say you want to customise your Tonu, you could give it a shirt enabled for all species… which is very ill-fitting. However, looking at the species specific wearables for your pet will enable you to look at clothing that was made specifically for your species of pet. Often these items are better fitting even than NC items, although a lot of the rarer ones can rack up into the hundreds of thousands of neopoints. Neopoint wearables are often released with site events, so a lot of them can be very inexpensive, and there are several extremely pretty backgrounds which can be found in user shops for a measly amount "-" sometimes even 1np! Take a look at the winners of the customisation spotlight for inspiration, the NP side of the spotlight is made up of pets dressed in only neopoint items!

Customising with NC

There are many pretty items in the NC mall, however most NC items are items that have been retired, or were only available for a limited time in an NC game. On the birthday of the NC mall, in July, neopets often releases "birthday capsules". These are sort of a lucky dip, they re-release a lot of retired items, often ones which are highly sought after and hard to come by. However, this can be a bit of a gamble, as they won't always give you the items you want. If you're looking for a specific wearable, I recommend trying to trade for it on the NC boards. Gift box capsules (or GBC's) are released in the final two weeks of every month, and many traders on the NC boards will trade their favourite items for these capsules in order to obtain gift boxes to trade further with. Don't forget, though, that you will need a gift box for every item you are trading!

Excelling at customising your pets can be difficult, and often depends on whether you are willing to spend your real life money on your favourite NC item for your pet. Don't let the NC mall put you off trying, though, it's still possible to come up with a lot of creative customisations using neopoint-only items.

Customising in general

Choose a theme. I have often in the past found an item that I don't particularly use, and themed my entire customisation around that. The best way to do this is to build up a wardrobe, be it of neopoint wearables or neocash wearables or a mixture of the two. Try to match the colour scheme, and try not to have your wearables clash with the colour of your pet! Painting your pet can be a good idea when customising, some colours come with clothes attached, and there are some colours, such as Christmas, which can look as pretty as higher-valued colours like faerie once the paint brush clothes have been removed. Written by heatheeer


We do not have any articles in this subject for the time being.


Steps to Bringing Business

I own a rapidly growing and very profitable petpet shop and I am about to share with you the steps that helped me in my beginning weeks and are still helping me now.

1. Categories Find a category you like and find best for you now and I do not suggest 1 NP shops because that will take a long time if ever to reach your goal on that kind of shop till. Its always great to try and upgrade as much as you can at least tell you reach shop size fifty then one should be good unless your in a mall. Codestones and Faerie Bottles seem to be pretty good sellers but I like selling petpets because there cuteness will often make the customer fall in love and soon they have to buy it! its worked on me.

2. Malls I have found being in a mall easier. When I was smaller, especially when it came to upgrading, my mall would help me stock so I could focus on upgrading. So over all, I would suggest joining one.

3. Ads I believe that people enjoy seeing more than a link when searching shops on the Shop Ads board. After all, how appealing is a plain blue link? Making a good add can really benefit your shop, tell them your goals, share how close you are to your goal just give them a reason. Make sure also to not copy and paste the same ad over and over. It's okay to have a slogan, but let people know that you care enough to take the time to write it... if you get what I'm saying.

4. Themes This isn't a must, but seeing a shop with colors graphics and design always looks good. Especially in the holiday seasons like Halloween and Christmas.

And that is what I do to help bring business to my shop. Also remember to get listed at shop directories. Thank you and good luck with your new and improved shop. Written by beatle_stripe

Dream Pets

Sorry I haven't added an article to this subject yet. But, I will soon, thank you.

Submit An Article

Hello, so your interested in writing an article are you? Good! Here you'll find the rules and information about the submitting process.

How to submit your article

First, you'll need to write an article, if you haven't already. Have a subject picked out to have your article listed in. Now that you've written your article you'll need to put it on a petpage so I can copy & paste here. Now if you've got your article written with a subject picked out and have it posted on your petpage, all that's left is to fill out the application and send it off, and after that you're good to go and remember to post the link to the petpage so I can get to it. Good luck!


  1. No stories.
  2. Information most be accurate.
  3. Proper punctuation and spelling please, I know everyone makes mistakes, believe me! I'm the worst! but please check.
  4. Article must be placed on a petpage.
  5. Articles should be between 100 and 500 words.
  6. This isn't necessarily a rule, but putting a button or word link in your user lookup, petpage ect would help advertise Goals+ and your article.


Here are some subjects that are available. Remember, these are just some, if we do not currently have your desired subject please feel free to request it.
  • Neohoming
  • Galleries
  • Avatars
  • Customization
  • Dream Pets
  • Games
  • And Anything Else People Would Want!


Now that you've read the rules and have your article ready, all that's left is to fill out your application, label it "New Article", and send it off. Remember submitting your article signifies your acceptance of our Terms & Agreements, thank you!


Contact Me

Hello, I'm Xavier, and I am the Owner, the CEO, the Big Chief of Goals+, and I want to hear your feedback, so please, tell me what you think about Goals+! If you've found any misspelled words, grammar errors, dead links, ect please report them to me by just simply clicking the envelope below. Also, remember to read our new FAQ if your wondering about a question, and if you can't find your answer there then please feel free to contact me with your question, thank you!


Here are our buttons. If you found this guide helpful I would be very grateful if you would pass on the word and help advertise, thank you. I'm thinking about adding Icons and Banners. Please tell me what you think.


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Affiliates are

Masquerade Customizations


Like this Layout? Then why not get it for yourself?

Cosmic is a great graphic site and their request process is easy, simple, and quick. I recommend them to anyone looking for graphics.

Reviewed by Adieu

Affiliates are open sign, back buttons, and envelopes by Bedazzled!

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