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New to stamp collecting Common Acronyms Wishing Well + Newly Released Stamps Stamp prices Stamp avatars and their overall cost Restocking Stamp-related events History of Rare Album Items Top Collectors
Introduction to Stamp Collecting
Cost's approximately 7,000,000,000 Neopoints to obtain ALL 759 Album Items(assuming Skarl Charm = 900m or so).
R101's and Above (EXCLUDING Skarl Collectable Charm - no real price available) = 6.2bil
R99's = 700mil
Below R99 = 155mil
Total: 7.055bil

Last Updated: 19/03/2018
Thank yous...
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Counter added: 13/08/2017

New to stamp collecting

There are approximately 490 buyable Stamps. It will cost you around 6million neopoints to obtain them all (I have done this 6 times, 3 times with ssw where it cost 5m or so).

On the 07/08/17 - Obtained 462 Buyable Stamps through SSW where the Total cost = 4,781,412.

On the 19/03/18 - Obtained 489 Buyable Stamps through SSW where the Total cost = 5,630,491.

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Common Acronyms

MI = Mystery Island
VP = Virtupets
TY = Tyrannia
HW = Haunted Woods
SV = Snowy Valley
LD = Lost Desert
BD = Battledome
FL = Faerieland

BoSS = Bottle of Sand Stamp
MIKS = Mystery Island Kiko Stamp
NABP = Need a Better Printer Stamp
CGS = Commander Garoo Stamp
DPEFS = Double Printed Evil Fuzzle Stamp
WTYDS = Wock Til You Drop Stamp
DoFS = Discovery of Fire Stamp
STS = Scary Tree Stamp
SS = Snowbunny Stamp
SSS = Sticky Snowflake Stamp
RSHS = Rainbow Sticky Hand Stamp
DBDS = Dark Battle Duck Stamp
BSS = Battle Slices Stamp
EEC = Emerald Eyrie Coin
TGBS = The Great Battle Stamp
LKS = Lord Kass Stamp
SPFC = Smiling Space Faerie Coin
FEC = Flaming Evil Coconut
CSS = Captain Scarblade Stamp
KKS = King Kelpbeard Stamp
YYCS = Yooyu Celebration Stamp
ACS = Altador Colosseum Stamp
FCS = Faerie Caverns Stamp
QFS = Queen Fyora Stamp
LBCS = Large Black Collectable Scarab
LESI = Limited Edition Scurvy Island Stamp

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Wishing Well + Newly Released Stamps

Wishing Well link.
How it works:
You would simply go to the Well and donate the amounts of Neopoints you want, and type in the name of the item you desire. If the wish is granted, theneopetsteam will be in contact via neomail to tell you so! You can make up to 14 wishes a day; seven every 12 hours. Traditionally winners were chosen at 8:30pm and 8:30am NST. It will only grant items that are rarity 89 or below. Therefore, if you refuse to pay the 300k+ prices for new album items that are released of this rarity and below, or you are no good at restocking, the well is a fantastic way to claim the newest stamp. Please note: you have to donate at least 21 Neopoints in order for your wish to count. After that, however, the amount you donate appears to have no correlation to your chances of winning (from Jellyneo).

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Stamp Prices


Expensive & Above R99

Coltzan Stamp

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Stamp avatars and their overall cost

Stamp Collector - Mystery Island

Mystery Island Kougra Stamp

Mystery Island Aishas Stamp

Coco Stamp

Jhuidah Stamp

Island Native Stamp

Mystery Island Hut Stamp

Assorted Fruits Stamp

Triangular Flotsam Stamp

Zeenana Stamp

Mystery Island Grarrl Stamp

Island Acara Stamp

Haiku Stamp

Mystery Island Heads Stamp

Bottle of Sand Stamp

Island Uni Stamp

Mystery Island Chef Stamp

Tombola Stamp

Mystery Island Kiko Stamp

Island Mystic Stamp

Ryshu Stamp

Need a Better Printer Stamp

Upside down Island Acara Stamp

One Hundred Million Neopoint Stamp

Misaligned Printer Stamp

Nibbled Cooking Pot Stamp

The estimated cost of completing the whole album = 1.33bil

Stamp Collector - Virtupets

Grimilix Stamp

Neopet Version 2 Stamp

Gormball Stamp

Splat-A-Sloth Stamp

Dr. Sloth Stamp

Space Faerie Stamp

Grinning Sloth Stamp

Zygorax Stamp

Purple Grundo Stamp

Commander Garoo Stamp

Roast Gargapple Stamp

N4 Bot Stamp

Blarthox Stamp

Tazzalor Stamp

Zyrolon Stamp

Advert Attack Stamp

Evil Fuzzles Stamp

Gargarox Isafuhlarg Stamp

Mutant Grundo Stamp

Zurroball Stamp

Double Printed Evil Fuzzle Stamp

Inverted Space Faerie Stamp

Grundo Warehouse Stamp

Virtupets Space Station Stamp

Holographic Virtupets Stamp

The estimated cost of the whole album = 700m

Stamp Collector - Tyrannia

Chomby Stamp

Tyrannian Elephante Stamp

Grarrg Stamp

Tyrannian Kougra Stamp

Tyrannia Stamp

Omelette Stamp

Tar Pit Stamp

Wock Til You Drop Stamp

Tyrannian Grarrl Stamp

Chunk of Meat Stamp

Tyrannian Kyrii Stamp

Tyrannian JubJub Stamp

Tyrannian Korbat Stamp

Tyrannian Blumaroo Stamp

Tyrannian Plateau Stamp

Flying Korbats Stamp

Stone Armchair Stamp

Giant Leaf Curtains Stamp

Bone Chair Stamp

Tyrannian Usul Stamp

Monocerous Stamp

Kyruggi Stamp

Discovery of Fire Stamp

Shiny Monoceraptor Stamp

Stone Stamp

The estimated cost of the whole album = 810m

Stamp Collector - Shenkuu

Shenkuu City Stamp

Kentari Stamp

Negg Noodles Stamp

Linae Stamp

Shenkuu Lunar Temple Stamp

Orange Draik Stamp

Captain Tuan Stamp

Anshu Stamp

Enchanted Pudao Stamp

Kazeriu Stamp

Bonju Stamp

Pineapple Dessert Stamp

Cyodrakes Gaze Logo Stamp

Kou-Jong Tile Stamp

Kentari Spyglass Stamp

Hoban Stamp

Thoughtful Linae Stamp

Orrin Stamp

Shumi Telescope Stamp

Biyako Stamp

The Cyodrakes Gaze Stamp

Anshu Fishing Stamp

Wise Gnorbu Stamp

Quilin Stamp

Shenkuu Stamp

The estimated cost of the whole album = 50m

Stamp Collector - Sea Shells

Green Clam Shell

Purple Scallop Shell

Glossy Blue Shell

Green Smooth Shell

Tangerine Trumpet Shell

Brown Spotted Shell

Rainbow Coloured Shell

Spiky Shell

Crimson Spotted Shell

Camouflage Scallop Shell

Pink Curly Shell

Shiny Purple Cowry Shell

Blue Spiral Seashell

Faerie Wings Shell

Spiky Orange Murex Shell

Sparkly Green Scallop Shell

Dazzling Blue Mussel Shell

Deep Seashell

Purple Spiral Shell

Blue and Gold Tube Shell

Tiny Golden Shell

Matching Pastels Shell

Royal Orange Cowry Shell

Purple Twirly Shell

Golden Shell

The estimated cost of the whole album = 38m

Stamp Collector - Haunted Woods

Brain Tree Stamp

Esophagor Stamp

Fetch! Stamp

Haunted Mansion Stamp

Spyder Stamp

Scary Tree Stamp

Hubrid Nox Stamp

Mutant Usul Stamp

Rock Stamp

Carnival of Terror Stamp

Korbats Lab Stamp

Luperus Left Head Stamp

Luperus Centre Head Stamp

Luperus Right Head Stamp

Halloween Aisha Stamp

Spooky Gravestone Stamp

Moonlit Werelupe Stamp

Moonlit Esophagor Stamp

Edna the Zafara Stamp

Glowing Brain Tree Stamp


Count Von Roo Stamp

Misprint Meuka Stamp

Holographic Magax Stamp

Foil Slorg Stamp

The estimated cost of the whole album = 385-400m

Stamp Collector - Snowy Valley

Snow Wars Catapult Stamp

Rainbow Slushie Stamp

Frosty Snowman Stamp

Wintery Petpet Shop Stamp

Wintery Bruce Stamp

Christmas Meerca Stamp

Terror Mountain Scene Stamp

Igloo Garage Sale Stamp

Rink Runner Stamp

Christmas Kougra Stamp

Christmas Uni Stamp

Christmas Zafara Stamp

Scratchcard Kiosk Stamp

Candychan Stamp

Grundo Snow Throw Stamp

Stocking Stamp

Cliffhanger Stamp

Christmas Scene Stamp


Negg Faerie Stamp

Snow Farie Stamp

Ski Lodge Stamp

Snowager Stamp

Snowbunny Stamp

Sticky Snowflake Stamp

The estimated cost of the whole album = 180m

Stamp Collector - Lost Desert

Golden Khamette Stamp

Desert Petpet Stamp

Pyramid Sun Rise Stamp

Lost Desert Grarrl Stamp

Advisor Wessle Stamp

Senator Palpus Stamp

Midnight Desert Lupe Stamp

Ummagine Stamp

Osiris Pottery Stamp

Senator Barca Stamp

Desert Paint Brush Stamp

Peopatra Stamp

Grackle Bug Stamp

Princess Sankara Stamp

Lost Desert Scroll Stamp

Lost Desert Sphinx Stamp

Tug Of War Stamp

Fruit Machine Stamp

Sakhmet Palace Stamp

Holographic Sakhmet City Stamp

Geb Stamp

Coltzan Stamp

Scarab Stamp

Lucky Coin Stamp

Holographic Coltzans Shrine Stamp

The estimated cost of the whole album = 610m

Stamp Collector - The Battledome

Sword of Skardsen Stamp

Attack Pea Stamp

Slorg Flakes Stamp

Faerie Slingshot Stamp

Hubrids Puzzle Box Stamp

Eraser of the Dark Faerie Stamp

Jhudoras Bewitched Ring Stamp

Everlasting Crystal Apple Stamp

Sword of the Air Faerie Stamp

Jewelled Scarab Stamp

Rod Of Dark Nova Stamp

Jade Scorchstone Stamp

Thyoras Tear Stamp

Exploding Space Bugs Stamp

Monoceraptor Claw Stamp

Wand Of The Dark Faerie Stamp

Alien Aisha Myriad Stamp

Alien Aisha Ray Gun Stamp

Kings Lens Stamp

Ring of Sloth Stamp

Illusens Staff Stamp

Shield of Pion Troect Stamp

Rainbow Sticky Hand Stamp

Dark Battle Duck Stamp

Battle Slices Stamp

The estimated cost of the whole album = 60m

Stamp Collector - Maraqua

Maractite Dagger Stamp

Piraket Stamp

Seawe.ed Necklace Stamp

Petty Crewmate Stamp

Maraquan Defenders Stamp

Pirate Attack Stamp

Goregas Stamp

The Black Pawkeet Stamp

Scurvy Island Stamp

New Maraqua Stamp

Pirate Troops Stamp

Maraquan Troops Stamp

Chasm Beast Stamp

The Drenched Stamp

Maraquan Charger Stamp

Maraquan Blade Specialist Stamp

Garin To The Rescue Stamp

Caylis Stamp

Swordsmaster Talek Stamp

The Revenge Stamp

Jacques Stamp

Garin Stamp

Isca Stamp

Captain Scarblade Stamp

King Kelpbeard Stamp

The estimated cost of the whole album = 70m

Stamp Collector - Other II

Veggie Pizza Stamp

Plesio Stamp

Hannah Stamp

Shenkuu Draik Stamp

Altador Cup IX Commemorative Stamp

3D Camp AAA Stamp

Mutant Techo Plushie Stamp

Fruit Bomb Stamp

Altador Cup VIII Commemorative Stamp

Underwater Chef Stamp

Mysterious Obelisk Stamp

Halloween Ona Stamp

Threelegs vs. Techo Master Stamp

Games Master Challenge Stamp

Tasu Stamp

Plushie Slorg Stamp

Charms Stamp

Altador Cup VII Commemorative Stamp

AAA vs. Abigali Stamp

Shenkuu Helmet Stamp

Altador Cup V Commemorative Stamp

Captain of the Guard Stamp

Geraptiku Stamp

Altador Cup VI Commemorative Stamp

Brains vs. Brawn Stamp

The estimated cost of the whole album = 65m

Stamp Collector - Faerieland

Library Faerie Stamp

Captain of Fyoras Guards Stamp

Healing Springs Stamp

Faerie Techo Plushie Stamp

The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity Stamp

Delina Stamp

Ruins of Faerieland Stamp

Faerieland Petpet Shopkeeper Stamp

Faerie City Stamp

Faerieland Justice Stamp

Snowglobe Faerie Stamp

Faerie Foods Stamp

Faerie Furniture Shopkeeper Stamp

Hubrid Nox Commemorative Stamp

Fountain Faerie Stamp

Fyora Faerie Doll Stamp

Destruction of Faerieland Stamp

Dark Faerie Stamp

Faerie Slorg Stamp

Fyoras Castle Stamp

Aethia Stamp

Wheel of Excitement Stamp

Faerie Caverns Stamp

Jhudoras Cloud Stamp

Queen Fyora Stamp

The estimated cost of the whole album = 125m

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Post office link.

Post Office - Shop Number 58 - Place to restock Stamps.
Toy - Shop Number 3 - Place to restock Charms.
Collectable Coins - Shop Number 68 - Place to restock Coins and Scarabs.
Sea Shells - Shop Number 86 - Place to restock Shells and Treasures of the Deep.

Restocking Album items is no easy task and requires you to put in 100% concentration and have fast hands in order to haggle correctly. It is very rare to see someone restocking R99 Stamps as much one can restock for example, R99 Morphing Potions. Although I am far from the best, I have been able to restock a majority of Stamps and other items throughout my time on Neopets and therefore I believe I am well placed to provide you with some helpful tips to succeed in the Post Office.

1)Only Restock when there has been a clear.
2)Zoom out so as to be able to see the majority of the rows.
3)Each time you refresh, move your cursor to a particular position where a profitable stamp may appear. Use your mouse to click the shopkeeper, and keep one finger of your other hand on the space bar and another finger on the number '9'.
4)Once the shop restocks, search for the best stamp - usually 10k or 50k+ and then haggle as close as you can to the asking price and click the pet in the box.

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Stamp-related events

dr_sloth auctions

On February 17, 2011, TNT had decided to do something about the scarcity of some of the extrememly rare Stamps. These were released at a very early time and because it is near impossible to find them on the market, TNT had decided to hold an auction within the account dr_sloth in order to release more of these Stamps into the economy. This helped some of the Top Collectors immensely, as it allowed them to complete their Stamp page with the correspoding rare (R101) Stamp and possibly, gain an avatar. There is no set date as to when these auctions take place, it is completely random and hasn't happened in years. The list below some of the auctions carried out by dr_sloth.

February 17, 2011 – Commander Garoo Stamp
March 8, 2011 – Scary Tree Stamp
April 12, 2011 – Midnight Jelly World Stamp
May 17, 2011 Petpets Stamp
June 24, 2011 – Kyruggi Stamp
July 28, 2011 – Kyruggi Stamp
August 19, 2011 – Mystery Island Grarrl Stamp
September 30, 2011 – Coltzan Stamp
October 15, 2011 – Scary Tree Stamp
March 28, 2013 – Commander Garoo Stamp
February 1, 2014 – Coltzan Stamp
July 25, 2014 – Wock Til You Drop Stamp

Charity Corner (CC)

Whilst this isn't completely Stamp related, this event affects the price of many Stamps especially the R99 ones, and so I decided to write a little bit about it. So how does it work? You would donate 5 items (any item at all) of Rarity R90-99 and receive one item in return, possibly an R99 Stamp! Because there were thousands upon thousands of donations, it makes sense that there were some lucky fellows out there who managed to receive some valuable Stamps in return. When such an event takes place, the R99's drop in price by HUGE amount for the most part. For example, a Battle Slices Stamp would typically sell for 75-80m in today's market, but during the Charity Corner event, this could go as low as 50m. Other Stamps (non-restockable ones) however, would inflate as the availability of the R99 ones increase so more people are able to complete their avatar pages. For example, Candychan Stamp is R180 and typically sells for 60m, this could go as high as 80m during CC.

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History of Rare Album Items

This section of the Guide will inform you about how some of the most rare and sought after Album Items came into Neopia and how they can still be obtained, if at all.

Mystery Island Grarrl Stamp
Origin: The Mystery Island Grarrl Stamp was only given as a prize for Better Than You. The first 500 who defeated Spectre's score in Igloo Garage Sale on September 6th, 2002 earned this stamp.

Bottle of Sand Stamp

Island Uni Stamp

Mystery Island Chef Stamp

Tombola Stamp

Mystery Island Kiko Stamp

Origin: All of these stamps were part of a sponsor offer, and they were only available for a short time beginning september 21st, 2002.

Commander Garoo Stamp
Origin: The Commander Garoo Stamp was only released through a Lenny Conundrum competition that began on November 13th, 2002. Therefore only a possible 250 were ever released (and that's if that many people could solve the puzzle).
Wock Til You Drop Stamp
Origin: Released exclusively through a Lenny Conundrum prize on September 17, 2002 that was not solved by many Neopians, very few were actually made into existence.
Kyruggi Stamp
Origin: Exclusively released as a prize in a Lenny Conundrum contest So that leaves only a possible 250 in Neopia.

Monocerous Stamp

Discovery of Fire Stamp

Origin: Both of these stamps were released through a sponsor offer called "The Great Stamp Giveaway". The Discovery of Fire Stamp and the Monocerous Stamp, which have a rarity of 110, are fairly hard to find.

Scary Tree Stamp
Origin: The Scary Tree Stamp is the only r101 stamp in the Haunted Woods set and was released only through the Mystery Pic Round 151 on September 19th, 2002. Fortunately, the Mystery Pic Round 151 in which the Scary Tree Stamp was the prize was solved correctly by a large number of people making this stamp not as rare as some other r101 stamps.
Coltzan Stamp
Origin: The Coltzan Stamp was only released through a Lenny Conundrum competition that was announced on January 29th, 2003 (which I believe leaves only a possible 250 in Neopia). The difficult LC was not solved by many people and the demand for this stamp is high.

Petpets Stamp

Midnight Jelly World Stamp

Origin: Both of these stamps were released via an extremely difficult Lenny Connundrum, making them nearly impossible to be found.

Golden Mr.Irgo Stamp
Origin: This stamp restocked less than one month as a R90 and was retired October, 2003. This stamp has become one of the rarest in Neopia.
Emerald Eyrie Coin
Origin: Extremely rare r100 restockable item. You can also have a chance at obtaining this R100 through the Wheel of Extravagance (very, very rare).
Flaming Evil Coconut
Origin: This item was originally given out as a Number 6 Plushie from the Lenny Conundrum. Those particular plushies were later changed into a Flaming Evil Coconut.

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Top collectors

High scores link.This shows the list of the Top 100 Stamp Collectors.

It's an amazing achievement in itself to be in this Table and the people who have managed to gain their place are amongst the elite Stamp Collectors. It is an incredibly difficult achievemtent and takes an enormous amount of hard work. Whenever we see someone with a Stamp Trophy, or even a rare avatar, we should admire the beauty of it.

What the Top Collectors have to say:

_mariokart_ (25/6/2017) : Ive been collecting stamps since 2010 and it has drastically changed since then. It is an expense to work on but rewarding to see albums being completed. When I started collecting, it was more for completing albums and the act of collecting stamps. Now I think its more about being ready for the next stamp avatar. This has brought MANY more to stamp collecting (ultimately inflating all stamp prices). Regardless of the reasons for collecting, it takes a lot of work, determination and persistence but with patience, anyone can become a Top Stamp Collector =)

megh4n(25/6/2017) : I started collecting stamps the day the Snowy Valley avatar came out, and since then, I've been hooked. Stamp collecting is what keeps me playing Neopets. It's fun to have goals and be able to complete them. There is also a wonderful community of stamp collectors on Charter and we all cheer and support one another.

steve_km(25/6/2017) : Hello there, My goal is not necessarily for stamps. My goal is to just make my account the best it can be; trophies, avatars, reading books/booktastics, feeding gourmets, or in this case stamp collecting. My collections have recently hit around 3.5bil in spending so far between all sections. What keeps me motivated is the fact that I want to be the very best *cues Pokemon theme* but also it seems that JS is now releasing new stamp avatars! My best advice to anyone collecting is setting a cap on their Neopoints and not going lower! For example, I refuse to dip down below 100mil pure. You need NP to make NP and if you don't have any you are out of luck. With that said, I am probably going to have to make a new cap at 250mil given that my books now cost 10 - 25m each and stamps are 70m+ each now. Hope this helps, Stephen PS. Feel free to message me if you want any elaboration or tips on making NP as I have made a guide for that as well

triciasager(1/9/2017) : Ten years ago, when I started stamp collecting, it was a semi-obscure hobby that didn't interest most people on the site. There were not that many album pages and new stamps were rarely released. A lot has changed since then. New avatars, stamps and album pages have sparked the interest of collectors and made stamp collecting one of the most popular aspects of Neopets. It's an expensive hobby, but a fun and rewarding one. There are many goals that can be achieved, from a shiny trophy for your lookup, the avatar of your dreams, or just completing as many pages as possible.

tickleh(11/9/2017) : Many years ago, I started collecting stamps when I was asked to make some improvements to my account so that I would be lent SuAP for the avatar. I got to 100 stamps but it turned into an addictive habit. It's amazing how much has changed for stamps. It was and still is not about avatars for me but completing pages and meeting my own personal goals. I'm glad I started early on. I was really happy to have gotten the Gold Stamp Trophy after trying many times and made sure to be strategic in having a few extra rare stamps to add in so no one could bump me. I somewhat regret not putting Petpets Stamp in my album when I owned it but selling it lead me to buy hundreds more to add instead. It's been very rewarding and I'm very happy that TNT has decided to increase the number of pages and stamps.

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