That wasn't funny at all.


WARNING: Not responsible for any damage to your health, pet, sanity, computer, or general well-being when you read these screenies. Never leave your pet unattended on this petpage.

About: I'm Jay. I make screenies, participate in the Random Contest [Have gotten second place twice so far!], attempt to get into the Art Gallery and Neopian Times. I also love restocking at the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop and the Garage Sale Igloo. If I'm not doing any of that, I'll be at Scorchy Slots or Dice-A-Roo.

Bumperboats is my only side account. If you see my art on another account, it's probably my main, though if you're not sure you can Neomail me.

Goals:Desert Yurble. Island Hissi. Pepper Chia. 10 million neopoints. Get into the Art Gallery. Get into the Neopian Times for a comic. Win something besides snowballs from scratchcards.

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Who what where?

Hey, you changed your screenies!
Yeah. Some people may remember when this page had Spherity's secret agent screenies. I decided to change it because a) I got a better graphics program for doing screenies and didn't want to change all of them and, b) It got really hard to come up with 'evidence' for each screenie that would make sense. Obviously the other concept was more interesting, but it turned out to be more difficult then I expected. Hopefully one day I'll be able to do something like that again, but not at the moment.

Who are the neopets in your screenies?
The Ghost Grundo is Spherity. The Red Hissi is Cubicity. Sometimes my other pets from my main account will also make appearances.

What is this?
My screenie page. Mostly a page for me to work on my art style and learning how to compose art.

What do you draw your screenies with?
I use Gimp 2 on an Acer Netbook with a USB mouse.

Can you help me learn to do screenies?
No. I don't have the time or patience. I suggest looking for good Paint tutorial and start making screenies with that. There are also a number of good screenie tutorials out there as well.

Will you make a screenie of me/my pets/blah?

Can I neomail you or add you as friend?
Yes and no. Yes, you can neomail me anytime you want. I love to hear from people. But no, I probably won't add you as a friend unless I've spoken to you for awhile.

Do you get bored a lot?
YES. Expect lots of Dice-A-Roo and Igloo Garage Sale screenies. Also slots and Super Happy Fun Snow Shop ones. That's mostly were I hang out while on Neopets.

Can I link to your page?
Yes, please do. Drop me a Neomail if you do. I'd love to see who's linking here.


Had to resize this slightly, hope you don't mind.
Thanks a bunch!

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Fairly sure I spelled that wrong...
Here's where I'm going to put all of my Neo-sculptures that didn't make it into the Art Gallery and/or Random Contest for one reason or other. I spent a lot of time on these and didn't want that to go to waste.

They are made out of white oven bake clay and paint. Nothing else.

Forgot when Kiko Day was and submitted to the Art Gallery way too late. xD

Second version of the previous Kiko. I wasn't sure which background was better.