July 31, 2015
Spending some time tonight tidying things up around here. Streamlined is better :)


Don't claim you made it.
Please leave visible credit somewhere, even/especially if you alter the coding.

Don't redistribute.
Even if you credit Sparkle please don't use my coding to make your own premades for your own site. (Making things for friends is totally fine!)

Enjoy and explore!
Everything you find posted here is for you to use, pull apart, and learn from. Have fun creating!


Q Can I edit your codes?
A Absolutely! I encourage it. Just leave credit please.

Q How do I copy the entire code from the box?
A Click inside the box you want. Hit Ctrl + A, then Ctrl + C. Now the entire code is copied.

Q Will you make me a custom _________?
A I'm sorry, but I sadly do not have the time.

Q What programs do you use to make layouts?
A For my graphics I use Adobe Photoshop CS4, and to code I use Editpad.
Sparkle and its layouts, graphics and content created by me, whitehouses

On site, I use textures and resources from Foomanshu, The Lunch Box, 49 Days and Nienkju's Resources

Sparkle's current layout: elements from Arcsin CSS (off-neo), and inspiration to be better from the beautifully organized Best Dressed

Pages like Lilacia's SWF Collection, Background Bonanza, Dress to Impress and Jellyneo's Item Database have been very helpful for me as well

Removal code help from Darkest Faerie Lair


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