I am not actively trying to trade up from scratch as I am currently swamped with Uni and this will continue for quite a time. I am however continuing to apply. (Read update from 4.11.2019 for more info.)

Hi, I'm Kat, and welcome to my UC Cybunny Project Page! On this page you'll find information about two of my dream pets, my general plans, and details for the pets in question that are not unique for the exact pet I obtain (but more about this part later). The links above will take you to the plans and information about each pet while this section will tell you about me and why I want these pets, as well as some general history about myself and pets I currently own.

If you need to neomail me for reasons relating to the one or both bunnies, you can use this link to do so. Please only contact me on my main (this page is hosted on a side).

As a quick warning, I am very hard of vision so there may be grammatical and/or spelling mistakes as I didn't have help writing this.

This should be obvious but this a project page and not a proper application (though I may use it as such from time to time). No one made me make this page, and using it as a full application is a conscious decision when done so.


Updates range from fixes to pages/sections to apps made to any HSD benchmarks I have for trying to trade.
  • 4.11.2019 Been a bit since an update but I traded the previously mentioned Kau for an UC Baby Kougra! I do have the intention on keeping this pet for awhile -- she's cute and I just don't have time for the up-trading while attending uni. (Though honestly, I'm probably more active as an actual player on the site now than before since I'm not actively in a guild at the present and therein not wasting all of my play time chatting and/or lurking and spending it actually playing the game.) Because I am still actively playing the site daily I will continue to apply for appropriate tiered and named pets, as always with the oath that I will keep if I cannot trade up with the pet in question. The big issue with time is the actual timing I would be able to be on is currently very unpredictable. The former Kau's name has been removed from this page to protect the new owner's identity.
Updates Cleared

Which Bunnies?

The two dream pets in question are an UC Plushie Cybunny and an UC Royal Girl Cybunny. For both bunnies names are of no importance, I prefer badly named UCs anyway. You can use the links at the top to navigate to their individual sections and learn more individualized information about the pet, find art, and get links to any special pages for them. The following is simply generalized information pertaining to both or to myself, I highly recommend the information on this section first.

About Me

Personally, I am very shy, and dislike talking about me. But here it goes... I am an liberal arts student going to uni full time. I like to code and do art in my free time, you may see pieces by me scattered about here and there. I love video games, and my characters for my pets have a deep background in that love. I'm a bookworm, especially when it comes to classic literature. Oddly enough I do not watch TV or movies very much at all. I consider myself quietly outgoing -- I love to help others when I can.

On Neo I am an AI addict and I LOVE to create characters with complex backgrounds for my pets. In particular, this page (characters) and this page (portfolio) have near all you could want to know about my account and pets, both permanent and not since I do keep a couple of lab pets and may have a pet up for trade to try and help me reach this goal reasonably. My main is fire_earth_aqua__77 and have links in the main page here to it and each of my sides.

Of my main, the two primary residents are Setsuna (my UC Faerie Ixi - her full name is Wrath_of_Setsuna) and Skyfor. Additionally, Roxy (Roxy_23184) is currently being treated as a main resident as well (this may change if I wind up with four UCs and lose premium but currently it is not an issue). The remainder of my main's slots are reserved for the Bunnies and I rotate around pets I enjoy customizing with these and my sixth slots (and hope that TNT really does go through with adding more pet slots).

I run a request page called Stitched With Love and enjoy quietly poking around the different communities of Neo.

As an aside, if you are a foster and you are a proponent of any of the board-topic native practices that have questionable legality in the site rules regarding pets (in particular: the art chat and the Beauty Contest spam, PC and it's rules regarding forcing extreme petpage applications. The latter I don't see as often anymore but the former is a serious problem on that board.) know that I am probably the strictest person you will meet in your life to the adherence of the rules. I will not partake in activities I do not condone to appease a foster (it's nothing personal but this site has a rule breaking epidemic that I'm not at all a fan of). Also, I do thoroughly vet any gifters (just to make sure you are who you say you are, the idea of having a transfer reversed is heartbreaking to me).

Why These Pets?

My history on Neo goes back beyond the 10+ year shield I bear. My first account was frozen due to hacking over 10 years ago, and it kind of mentally scarred me due to how cherished my pets were but I no longer seek solace from that event and have moved on - that is where my sweet Setsuna has made her mark, as the herald of my recovery. My new reason is simple: I love them. I love UCs, they are a joy to own and a joy to work with. If I thought more than 3 was reasonable I'd be "that person" who traded up and applied numerous times. I know the two I seek are valuable, but it's not about that for me. I have broken into T3 and though I will continuously from time to time attempt to trade I am perfectly content if I get stuck (and if given the chance to adopt these two will be the owner of four UCs, yes, I love them that much). Now it's simply about getting pets I love, and these two are my favorites in the whole game. The royal in particular is special to me -- I had one, years ago, on my first account.

It should be mentioned, one of my funniest memories comes from those days. My pets had mish-mosh type names -- My draik I lost was created as a Jubjub and me being a the age I was 15+++ years ago decided I was going to call him "Sir Poofington Fluffbunch", which was much too long, so I like... Tried to abbreviate. It should go without saying his name was a mess. Bun's name was FluffyBunny and some numbers (I don't disclose either of their full names or numbers as I use them for security questions nowadays). Not nearly as mortifying but nonetheless not well named. It is because of this I don't seek WN UCs, though I am quietly name picky in my own right. BN UCs are my preference because my long lost "babies" as I call them were not well named either.

Personally I am seeking what it is that I want. Sometimes what I want is a name, so these pets may change to suit the colors and species I feel like playing around with. Sometimes it's a pet that's fun to customize. Other times, like in the case with these bunnies, what I want is a color or species. Regardless I don't chase a goal or obtain something I don't want anymore (I have quite a few empty slots from adopting pets out that I didn't want to begin with, and sometimes I still wind up with a pet I don't want after a time but the "letting go" process is drawn out so that I am absolutely sure). I have a personal policy about wanting things as well, I tend to not immediately chase the next thing that comes to mind and make myself think about it for some time (because I'm a huge numbers person 30 days minimum before chasing the goals is preferred). I think my biggest bad habit with goals is names, I impulsively create names I find only to realize I wasn't interested in them, in which case I paint the pet and release into the pound. No need for a nice name to go to waste rotting on my accounts.

A smaller, I guess you could say pickier reason, is that I simply dislike converted cybunnies, but Cy's are my favorite species (yes, even over my beloved Draiks). I can't dress them in a manner I find attractive and with them being my favorite species in addition to those two being my favorite pets overall that's quite a downer.

My Plan to Obtain These Two

My plan to obtain these pets is to apply for UCs to retrade up while trading around an UC I obtained to trade into tiers 4 or 5, depending on how far I get before I get a WN offer. From there I plan on trading for worser named pets in tiers 6, 7, and 8. Admittedly after putting as much work into training the BD pet I traded I'm going to try to be done trading with trading around quickly as possible so there is a possibility I may stop trading while in those tiers because I get discouraged easily, which is why I'm really hoping to adopt pets to trade that are in a mid-high tier. Because training the one pet and trading her was such a frustrating and time consuming experience for my second trade chain I will primarily be applying for pets to trade, even though I'm not at all a fan of the act.

A Notice Regarding Retrade Apps

I personally dislike retrade apps. If I am sending you a retrade application you will be sent this page as the bulk of my application (in the exceptional case of a short-ran process this page will also be used for direct applications for Bunnies, but it should be known that is not my preference). My personal stance on retrade applications is that keeping applications should always be considered first if there is a suitable applicant, however I realize some pets would be sent to situations that a foster would consider undesirable in those instances and wish to make it aware that if I apply for a pet to retrade I am doing so on the oath I will keep the pet applied for until I can at least trade into the tier of the pet I wish directly -- if this does not come to pass for whatever reason I will keep the pet in question either indefinitely (in the case I cannot find a trade right away) or permanently (in the case a pet drops more than a tier or so in value). I would never apply for a pet I could not do this with. The only instance in which this does not apply is if I somehow get a pet I already have the same color/species of and my oath there is to make an honest effort to not give up (it should be noted if it wasn't before I am very easily discouraged so I will not apply for a pet that is like this that I am not confident I can trade into the next tier).

Active Trade Chains and App Totals

Currently I am in the middle of a trade chain with the first pet I traded up, this trade chain goes down as the following:

  • RW Robot Kachek w/ 550+ HSD :: BN UC Faerie Kau
  • BN UC Faerie Kau :: BN UC Baby Kougra (Stopping here for now)

Additionally, my current number of applications made is at: 2

General Future Plans

In general, I am a very organic pet owner and do things on a whim, so take this section in with the mindset it is all subject to change. My plans for both bunnies is for them to reside permanently on my main. Both bunnies will have nice petpets, and both pets will be actively customized with Neocash and Neopoint foreground and background Items. In their Individual Touches sections I will discuss in depth their Neopian designs and the petpets, customizations will be given their own section. I would like to enter them in the BC, this shall utilize the Neopian design set forth for them, but I make no promises that they will ever get trophies. The BC is too much of a popularity contest and I refuse to spam or be fake just to get votes (though I have trophies on a number of my pets). both pets will have characters and a role in my stories in their own way. These get their own design and their own section. You can follow the links above to read more about them if you wish. Both pets will also have character related petpages and a unique pet lookup that is cohesive with my current pet lookup style.

A general explanation of what my characters are is this: they all characters in a video game concept I had, the world in which it took place is a place where all fiction had to be found to be reality. This page has most of the world information you'll want or need.

Each of my pets characters represent the characters in the game. You can view a chart with who is what below. One of my current goals is to write up petpages with information for the main characters, with other's petpages being world information.

At this time it should be noted that many of the petpages are dated, broken, unfinished or missing altogether as I have scrapped quite a few while trying to write up the story. Pets with a red "*" next to their name DO NOT have anything that is being kept (they may have something but it's dated and not being used) on their petpages currently. Pets with pages with missing information, needing artwork (note: not all character pages will have artwork -- this is because I am constantly changing the characters appearance either throughout the story or just in general) or having a WIP page will have a regular, not red "*" next to their name. Pets that do not have character information on their petpages but have a complete petpage or currently do not have a planned petpage are italicized. All petpages of pets I am keeping are linked for ease of access to any fosters who wish to see what has and hasn't been done.

Petname Character
Wrath_of_Setsuna Essentia (The Alpha)
Skyfor Skyfor (The Omega)
Plush Bun (Current Placeholder) Scourge
Roxy_23184 (Placeholder for RG Bun if obtained) Bane
Vitaqui Vitaqui (Keys Girl)
Iggy_Lizard Iggy (Keys Girl)
Ikufumi Ikufumi(Keys Girl)
Spahrks Sparks (Keys Girl)
Kiramekimasu Kira (Shimmer Leader)
Guramarasu Gurr (Glamour Leader)
Shutten Shutten (Fusion Summon - Glamour/Shimmer)
Pyranova The Delta(Fusion Summon - Scourge/Bane)
Ninaalicia Nina (Imposter)
Stihtches Stitches (Imposter)
Harvestbells Might (Broken 7th Face)
Somatsu (You are here!) Somatsu (Imperial Fate)
Shunzo Diamond (Gem Stone Fate)
Sparkliez Sapphire (Gem Stone Fate)
Corontis Emerald (Gem Stone Fate)
Shiroyuri Topaz (Gem Stone Fate)
Qetsia Lore Keeper (Also the Narrator of Keys to Fantasia)
Jhallie Water Aeon
Whimsli Earth Aeon

It is important to remember that I am currently attending university -- it is not unlikely I will apply for pets with unfinished pages on my pets because I have time to care for my pets but not the 6-7 HOURS several DAYS at a time it takes to finish a page and the associated artwork outside of the weekends. Because of the sheer amount of time it takes to finish a petpage they will be finished 1-2 at a time each weekend (assuming I have the hours necessary free to do so) until I get them done.

The art featured on this page for both characters are recolors of their current art or is concept art currently (in time I may change this, but I prefer to tailor character designs to the exact pet in question and any additional inspiration that draws), but when doing the art for the Neopian Design that will be completely new and used solely for that pet.

What you can expect to not see is the same for both bunnies: I do not do collections trophies (though I am currently casually -- very casually, as in just here and there, reading to my pets for intelligence and either of the two book-related trophies). I do not pursue collections trophies under normal circumstances (more about this in just a second), and I minimally train pets who aren't Skyfor. I say minimally because I do at times get the wild hair to do some dubloon training but that's the absolute maximum the other pets would ever see.

Training and the lack thereof is pretty standard for owners I feel, but I know some people promise collections trophies on their pets. I personally dislike this, I did own a pet at one point that I had traded for Setsuna that I had obtained a Booktastic Badge on (if you would like this pets name to see the badge in question I will give it to fosters on request) and to be frank, I hated the act because it was very stressful and anxiety inducing. If I do it again it will be done slowly and casually (The badge for the pet in question? Took me about a month. As I'm doing it again I don't expect to be done withing a year.) because the stress it put me under made it feel like a waste of time and Neopoints. I am a trophy collector so it is something I may (or may not because it was maddening to say the least) consider it more seriously once the Yuck mechanic is fixed but what it did with my anxiety was pretty bad and I can't do that to myself again if it causes the obsessive completionist mindset I have to kick in. (This all being said if I go for it with full intent to complete it I will go for it until I'm satisfied with what has been done.)

Important Differences Between Main and Sides

Spend 10 minutes looking over my account or enough time watching and you will see there are some noticeable differences between how my main's permanent residents (Skyfor and Setsuna, namely) and the rest of my pets are handled. It should be noted that those two pets are the most accurate representation of what to expect for the bunnies, as none of them will ever leave my main and their core features -- petpet, petpetpet, and petpage content -- are very rarely changed. Pets that are side pets or what I call rotationals -- pets that rotate onto my main every now and then, usually to be worked on or dressed up -- change pretty frequently. Because of this there is always a chance pets that aren't Skyfor or Setsuna (or the bunnies if either ever make it home) will be in a state of needing updated (such as for petpages or lookups) or missing things at any given time. Please remember this when looking over my accounts.

It is at this point I will direct you to the navigation to pick which bunny you would like to read more about. You can read either first but I personally would start with Scourge where her character is older, Bane has the younger character and the most dramatic change.

And finally...

A big thank you to anyone who even half considers reading this. If you wish to know more about the pets, as stated, use the links at the top to navigate around!

Thanks for reading!

(Credit: Layout coding and images are my own for my personal use.)

Plush is a carefree, whimsical sort... Well, until you make her angry. Then she should be readily feared.

Individual Touches

What makes my pets individual is their designs and their out of the ordinary petpet choices, here we discuss both.


I am HORRIBLY indecisive when it comes to petpets. For this reason I will not guarantee that the listed petpets will actually be used and will provide several possible variations of both Petpet and P3 (where I can or where is applicable).

Petpet | Petpetpet

Plushie Dribblet | Vernax

Faerie Minitheus | Aboogala

Valentines Cirrus | Ditrey

NOTE: No petpets or P3s will be bought as part of my item dedications since I'd constantly be putting in and taking out petpets.

Neopian Design

A pet's Neopian Design is for when their actual character design differs too much from the original Neopet. I use this design for the Beauty Contest and any official spotlights I may enter with her.

Drag to address bar for full size.

My design for the UC Plush Cybunny features a heart motif and her signature top hat! The redesigns were made to channel Terrier mon, which somehow remind me of Cybunnies.


Scourge:Unleashed is the Scourge from and after Prism Lords, an arc in the story for my World Setting. This form is known as "Dreaded Violet" in previous parts of the tale. You can Click Here for her formal profile, it's far too much to detail here, or you can use the link in the navigation to view it at your leisure.

Drag to address bar for larger size.

The design made for the Plush Bunny is the same for Dreaded Violet and is intended to be a darker and just a bit more frightening than her standard hues.

Story-wise, Scourge reaches a level of power where she cannot change her appearance from Dread Violet as it reveals her true nature that is filled with sinister plans and true malice.


My pets customizations are as unique as they are! I love to customize and because I love to customize my pets shift customs pretty often. This sections lists just some of the customs I have dreamed up for my Plush -- all with items I own! Previews have been generated in DTI.

Petpage and Lookup

All of my permanent pets petpages have a purpose and are used, be it for the guild I'm part of, a page I own, or just an extra page to build customs on. All of their lookups are cohesive yet unique. Here I detail the intentions for both, and link to and show live examples when possible.


The future Plush's petpage would be the same as the character profile previously mentioned, the link is in the navigation but you can click here to find it as well.

For her petpage, I would like to add a special section to her profile. If you look at this page it has multiple full page sections that are linked between each other, I would be adding a section like that to her petpage to cover the changes that occur during and after Prism Lords. The petpages of the pets that are currently holding these pages would then be converted to a place to hold the stories Prism Lords and Way to the Dawn.

Drag to Address Bar for Full View.

This is an example layout image, I may not use it or I may -- all depends on how I'm feeling. You can see the layout I have in mind has a lot of purple in it.

Pet Lookup

I use a uniform style for all of my permanent pet's lookups, I think them all having matching ones is attractive and organized. The lookup I have in mind currently can be seen being modeled here, with a snapshot of the layout provided below.

Art and Other Goodies

To close out this section, this place will be nearly entirely dedicated to art for my Plush Bunny. Subject matter could include character concept art I wind up scrapping, Potential BC Entries, and adoptables I make or find (those note mine will be linked for credit), and more. There may not be much here but if you check back more will be added as I apply (the contents of applications will be found here) or get the whim to redesign and such. You can also see I have a tendency to experiment with art styles, this is purposefuly as I'm never really quite satisfied with my work.

What was once gentler and delicate becomes a unstoppable force, here we have the Princess Bunny.

Individual Touches

I love to give odd choices in petpets, and deviate slightly from Neo's designs. This section covers topics relating to both.


I am the worst person about sticking to a single P2/P3 set up so here I shall list some ideas I have!

Petpet | Petpetpet

Feloreena | Springabee

Snowbunny | Springabee

Faerie Whoot | Springabee

NOTE: No petpets or P3s will be bought as part of my item dedications since I'd constantly be putting in and taking out petpets.

Neopian Design

Her design as a Neopet for contest use is based around Moons, Stars, and the Sunset Sky.

It all has a very "Terriermon Family" (from Digimon) feel to it, but I made some upgrades to be a bit closer to their general aesthetic.


Though much of the general info about her person stays the same, Bane's strengths, weaknesses, and overall capabilities is delivered an immense change in Prism Lords and the Royal Bunny is there to represent that.

Drag to address bar for larger size.

Banes new design is very vibrant with lots of pink and gold, whereas before it was very muted and white.

Most of the new information is based around Bane's powers, as stated, but also Bane becomes less fearful and "finds herself" so to speak. Because I would like to craft some of the looser parts of this change to the pet in question, I would need to have a pet to apply for in front of me to decide just what "finding herself" meant.


I LOVE customizing UCs, they're such a joy to work with! The pets that reside on my main have shifting customs, my UCs are no different. Here you can see just a few of the ideas I have for my Princess Bunny. Custom previews are generated by DTI.

Petpage and Lookup

My Princess' petpage and lookup will be formatted similarly to this page and my other pets (respectively), with a uniform style and multi-page design for her petpage.


Similar to how Scourge's character page will be transferred to my Plush, Bane's Profile will be transferred to the royal and given an update.

Princess Bunny's new petpage section, to be added to her profile and then transferred to her, will be geared heavily towards the changes in her power and how she functions -- Unlike Scourge her changes are less in how she behaves and more in how she works.

Drag to Address Bar for Full Size

This is an example preview and is not likely to be used, but it does display the intentions. You can see here a complete pallet change to match her updated character design, while keeping with the darker aspects of her character to be revealed.

Pet Lookup

Click here for a live preview of the Pet Lookup style I'm currently planning. I use a uniform style for my permanent Pet's Lookups, it feels cohesive between my accounts. As for a preview of the layout, it is provided below.

Art and Other Goodies

For the end of the Princess Bunny part of my project page, I offer a reward of goodies for reading this far! This section has all of the Royal Girl Bunny art and general goodies your heart could desire that I have made that aren't part of this page. Anything not made by me is linked for credit! There may not be much here, but in time I will add more, especially if I wind up applying for a Bunny, the contents of the application will be moved to here after the process. You may also see artwork added here and there that is not in conjunction with an application, this is usually due to my ever evolving art style and my love to experiment when drawing.