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Welcome, guest-san! Thank you so for visiting my page! I appreciate that ^__^ Oh, sorry for my impoliteness. My name is Sojiro the Kacheek. I'm a Samurai, who once fought for the imperial army. ?! But now we have peace and I'm living together with my friends Okami, Kaoru and Kenshin und in Soji's dojo in Shenkuu. It's a wonderful place. It's so beautiful here, being surrounded by all those green mountains, the mystic forest and the bamboo groves. And I have a lot of fun, training Neopets in some Kenjutsu (swordplay) lessons. Hahaha and if you can't find me in the dojo, then I'm walking through Shenkuu, searching for some pretty papers. Why you ask?! ^___^ I love to make paper animals in the origami style. Okay, that's enough for now, isn't it? ^__^ Have fun while viewingmypage.

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Personality and Stats

Hobbies: smiling ^__^ , collecting Origami-things (when I find some, I bring them to my owner for our Shenkuu gallery ^__^), training Kenjutsu (jap. swordplay)
I like: smiling ^__^, being wanted, Sushi, being sad (but that´s impossible for me, because I can be nothing but happy ^^')
I dislike: nothing, because everything´s funny ^_^ but… let me think… there´s something, I don´t like: things that I can´t unterstand… that makes me so… so… mixed up -_- why… I… … ^__^ everything´s okay. Oh, and I dislike Kacheek plushies... it's boring to play with yourself, haha!

Name: Sojiro_Seta
Spezies: Kacheek
Colour: striped
Gender: Male
Owner: black_wolfheart
My Petpet: a Juma called "Tenken" (japanese, means „sword of heaven")

High: 37cms
Weight: 32lbs
Level: 30
Hitpoints: 24
Strenght: 51
Defence: 30
Move: 24
Intelligence: 199
Painting history: I was born as a green Pteri, but no long and I was stirped. But then Soji started to draw the Samurai Neo Manga with his pets as actors. He wanted to give me an important role, but not as a Pteri. There are people which would abandon me, but not so my owner Soji ^__^ All his pets are his friends, he would give his last shirt for helping us. He bought an (at this time) very expensive Kacheek morphing potion. Then I was a yellow Kacheek for one day until Soji bought a paint brush for painting me striped again. ^__^

a Smile for an Eternity

While the capital of Shenkuu won steadily in prosperity and painted the life more and more in the colours of joy, the chaos and poverty still ruled in the country. It often happened that parents could not nourish their children and had to put them out. Similarly it had also gone out to Sojiro the little Kacheek boy. His father would have been able to nourish him and his mother. However, he rather spent the Neopoints on his pleasure and so he could not pay the doctor when his woman fell ill. The little Sojiro had just been three years old when his beloved mother died. His big, help-searching puppie-eyes filled with tears, but instead of taking him in the arms and comforting him, his father pushed him. "Dad, I am so sad!" cried Sojiro. However, the father only shouted at him: "You´re just a load for me! I´ll start a new life, you´re no part of it!" He leafe, but Sojiro courageously followed him on his small paws. "Clear out!" the father pushed him again. The little Kacheek fell and remained lying. The sand around him coloured darkly from Sojiros tears. "Dad", he sobbed. "Why don´t you like me …? Nevertheless, I also love you, dad … and mummy …" The father not even turned around, than he disappeared in the darkness of the night.
Up to the break of dawn Sojiro had cried. He rose and looked around. He was completely alone. Nobody was there to reduce his grief or to show him that also he was loved. If he died here, there would be no one who cries for him. Nobody would know who he was. In the shade of a big rock he discovered a small flower which had fought through between two stones. Although it must have been hard, it had fought for a life in the shade and her blossom was wonderful nevertheless. It was the only flower far and wide. It would wilt lonely but despite of this, it wanted to live. Sojiro smiled at the flower. It was like himself and he wanted to live also. He dug up the flower in ist own earth. Wherever he would come, he wanted to plant it where other flowers bloomed. He put it in the sleeve of his kimono.

Sojiro had wandered on his small paws for about five days. When hunger and thirst became intolerable, he broke down. When he awoke again, he looked in the eyes of a Grarrl family. They looked sordid and unfriendly. However, they seemed to have saved him. "Little one!" said the Grarrl mother. "We take you up with ourselves." Sojiro wasn´t able to catch his luck. "Thank you", he was glad and his eyes shone. The Grarrl father looked at him crustily. "However, you have to do something for that!" Sojiro nodded and smiled. He was so glad that he finally had found a family. "They like me! Somebody loves me!" sang Sojiro when he jumped out of the house next morning and ran to the porch where he had dug the flower last night. Here he wanted to look after it, until he had found a suitable place. But where had the flower gone? Then he found the blossoms which were on the ground. "My flower …" Sojiro started to cry. "Stop blubbering!" ordered the Grarrl son who came just out here. "You was the one who planted the weed? You fool!" He whipped Sojiro´s face with his tail. Sojiro cried and shouted, but the more furiously became the Grarrl son.
The years passed. Sojiro washed the laundry and the dishes, got firewood and carried the harvest into the stock camp. The older and more strong he became, the more he had to work. He only got as much food as he needed to survive. If he made something just a little bit dirty, if something dropped or for every mistake he did, he was hit and sometimes he had to sleep outdoors by every weather. Sojiro cried if one hurt him, but he let everything happen to him. He didn´t know a different way of life. He thought, they treated him like this, because they loved him. He believed, they were only so strict, that he learnt to make everything right and to make headway in life. He was too young to understand that they only used him as a free worker. While carrying the harvest he had broken down because of exhaustion. However, instead of helping him up, he was hit again. Even Sojiro was suffering a lot, he does not cry. Because he believed they bothered him because they loved him, he lifted the head and smiled. This made the Grarrl family the more furious. But they were also confused and desist from him. Since then Sojiro smiled more and more, although he did not know the true meaning of joy. He smiled if one applied work to him even if he was exhausted and he smiled if one abaseed or hurt him. But if there was nobody wo could have seen him, he cried.

In the meantime, Sojiro was 9 years old. It was cold winter but he was not allowed to come indoors until he had brought the remaining harvest into the stock camp. At night he broke down exhausted. Suddenly an awful shout fulfilled the night. Being full of panic Sojiro ran in the direction from which the shout had come from. He just still saw how an awful completely in bandages coated Uni raised his sword and get rid of a Pteri policemen. Sojiros eyes widened and he was paralyzed of fear. The Uni with red sparkling eyes turned to him. "Die!" it shouted. Sojiro trembled and was full of panic, but nothing happened. The Uni had lowered his sword again. "Why do you laugh?" it wanted to know. Sojiro had not noted at all that he smiled. Sojiro could not answer because of his fear. "Boy", began the Uni." In this world only the strong one will survive, the weak will die. You are weak. If you remain being that weak, if you don´t become strong, there is no place for you in this world."

Since this day something has changed in Sojiro. Again and again he heard the sentence: "The strong will survive, the weak will die." Sojiro was weak, he knew that. But when the Uni and the Grarrl family were strong, was the true meaning of Strength to injure others or even to kill? That was against Sojiros believings. It was his own fault that he had to suffer. At least, he was not the biological son of the Grarrl family. Things were good how they are. He didnt want to become strong. He didn´t want to get evil. „Sojirooo!" the menacing voice of the Grarrl father resounded by the night. Although Sojiro knew that he would get annoyance again, he ran in the direction from which the voice had come from. If his family needed him, he wanted to help. When he had come to them, he reeled frightened backward. They had never looked so furios ever before. „Sojiro, you good-for-nothing!" yelled the father. „We have found pieces of bandages around here. This belongs certainly to the criminal in request. You´re not only eating us out of home and house! Now you´re hiding a dangerous criminal! That´s the truth, isn´t it Sojiro?!" Sojiro said no and smiled. „Liar!" shouted the Grarrl son and with a wooden stick he hit Sojiro to the ground. „If the government finds out that we´re hiding an in request, this will cost me my existence! Is this your way of saying thanks for everything what we have done for you?" „Do you really believe", mother Grarrl began. „We love you, just because we have raised you? You´re just an envumbrance to us!" „Let´s kill him!" the Grarrl son suggested. „Then we affirm that it´s the criminals work. Maybe we get a reward for the fact that we have informations?!" „Yeaaah! Let´s kill him!" shouted the whole family and rushed about Sojiro. He let everything happen to him.

His heart was suffering even more than his wounds. They didn´t love him, they had never loved him. And now they wanted to betray him for some Neopoints. Even kill. Sojiro yelled and he succeeded in escaping. He ran off, ran for his life. „Help!" he shouted again and again. „Help! Somebody! Anybody! Please, help!!!" But nobody heard the little Kacheek boy's desperate cries for help. The strong one will live, the weak one will die, it crossed his mind over and over again. He fled in the storage shed. Suddenly he stood before a sword which hung on the wall. The strong live, he thought and took the weapon. He thought: „It hurts terribly when they hit me. But a sword surely causes even more pain!" He smiled. „No, that´s wrong. To hurt others is evil. I woun´t be evil." Just when he wanted to put back the sword, the Grarrl family came. „Meet your end, you good-for-nothing!" Armed with wooden sticks they came closer and closer. Sojiro stepped back. His eyes were widened panicly and his whole body trembled. „They will kill me! The weak one will die" thought Sojiro. The Grarrl father swung his stick. „Why does nobody help me?" whined Sojiro. When he saw the stick rushing to him, everything happened quite fast and as if somebody steered him. „The strong one will survive, the weak one will die!" he shouted, drawed his sword and three dreadful pain shouts let shake the night. It flashed and a downpour came down the sky which rained onto Sojiro through the broken place in the roof. He stood with hanging head, the bloody sword still in his hand. The Grarrl family laid on the ground around him. They were evil, Sojiro knew. However, now he had been evil himself.

„I've got everything." sounded a sudden voice from the door. It was a guard of the imperial army. „It´s not your guilt. They wanted to kill you, you have only defended yourself. You will not be amerced by us." Sojiro did not react. „Do you cry?" the imperial guard wanted to know. Sojiro lifted the head and let platter the rain down on his face. Then he turned his face to the guard and smiled. "No". The guard was astonished: „You are a very strong child! Join the imperial army and we´ll train you. You will become one of the strongest! Shenkuu is confronted with a war. We need an invincible warrior as you will be!" This had been the first time that Sojiro was really used and he agreed smiling. He joined the imperial army of Shenkuu and trained every day determinded. Soon he became better than his masters. Later, during the terrible war of Shenkuu, he became one of the three legendary Shenkuu warriors together with Kenshin the Zafara and Okami the Lupe. Sojiro always smiled. No matter what happened, he seemed to be always happy. Because of this he was a dangerous opponent, because he was unpredictable.
He had lost all feelings, except joy. However, this was amiss. The truth was, that he had not lost them, but had sealed them. Hidden deep in his heart still all feelings remained, as well as the reminiscence of agony, fury, fear, mourning and his awful childhood. But he had suppressed all feelings expect joy and had sealed them deep in his heart. That way he had not to suffer any more. At that night when the imperial guard had asked whether Sojiro cried, he had not laughed as he had said. He had looked into the sky, so that the rain agitated with his tears and washed them away. After that he had answered and smiled, so no one could note his weakness. He had to be strong, that his sensitive heart did not have to suffer any more. And he had to become strong to live on. The strong one will survive, the weak one will die. At that time these words had saved his life and had become his only truth now. Will his sealed feelings ever appear again, or will they remain concealed behind his contend smile? But this is another story as well as his joining to our family and will be told continuing in the Samurai Neo Manga.

Fanart and Mini Me

Yummm! What a tasty bowl of rice I got from Tink, our friend... oh, wait. What do you say, Soji? It´s not only the bowl, she gave us?! Oh ^^; sorry! It was this awesome picture of me, she has drawn for us. ^___^

Thank you a lot rikuishizu! You're an awesome artist and you deserve a lot of admiration (so don't forget to visit her amazing pages ^__^)

Green, lacorice, mint... I love tea. It's tasty and I like the silent moments, when drinking one ^__^ thank you flameshard for this beautiful picture!!!

Aaaaamazing ^___^ My first custom! Isn't it just adorable?! Thank you so much, shmozie!!!

Do you dare to challenge me?! Icesneasel has catched me during my training on a picture. Thank you for this amazing art ^__^

Yuria001 has drawn this sweet picture of me and her pretty Flotsam Headi. It was a present and ^___^ I love it and Soji too!!

Aww, thank you so much arcanium! You're so kind ^__^ this pretty picture is a bonus, Soji got for an adoptable trade. Don't forget to visit her, she's an awesome artist!

Look at my teeth ^.^ isn't that funny? Huh... you're right, everything's funny for me, so... hahahaha! This was an art-trade with desphair. She wants to say sorry for the red letters in it, but that was her camera. She's kind enough to scan it for a better quality, when she'll get a scanner soon ^^

My Family

Okay, family isn´t the right word, because we´re not related in any way, but since black_wolfheart took us to his house in Shenkuu, we became something like a little family and we´re the best friends. So, here they are:


Kenshin is a nice guy. He´s allways smiling but not as well as me. If there´s something serious or he´s seeing any Neopian in danger, he´s getting that special gaze, wich I know from older times, when he was a Shenkuu warrior just as Okami and I. Even he was called the strongest and even he can be such a conscientious and austere swordsman with surpassing skills, he´s so gentle and helpful like no other Neopet, I know.


She´s looking fragile and gentle, but that´s deceptive. She´s one of the strongest girls, I´ve ever met. She´s the assistant leader of my owner black_wolfhearts Dojo with an unbreakable spirit. She´s allways achieving, what she wants, but she can be too stubborn. On the other side, she has a heart of gold, being friendly and generous... if she wants ^_^ Oh, I forgot: she´s trying to Hyde, that she felt in love with Kenshin, but being so sultry, he doesn´t remarks it ^_^


Funny and weird the same way. He´s very sociable, loves chatting and telling jokes (as well as playing tricks on others ^_^), but sometimes, he´s very earnest, gazing to the moon and then he suddenly disappears. I think, there are many things, troubling his head. But he´s not the type, falling into depressions, he´s very optimistic! But he wasn´t allways like that. Before he decided to stay with us at Soji's Dojo, he was the Shinsengami, the new selected god of darkness. He still is, but... just visit his page, if you want to know more about him. Knowing my strenght, Okami wants to set the score with me in a swordplay in friendship, prooving that he´s the strongest besides Kenshin, but he can´t. Just as everyone else, he can´t see my feelings behind my everlasting smile ^_^ and so he can´t win. But there are certain no feelings but joy behind it, hahaha!

How nice! You want to link back to me? It´s most appreciated!

awesome pages, you'd enjoy to visit!

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Samurai Kacheek Adoptables

You want to show your Kacheek's heart of a warrior or you just want to pick up a little souvenir? So you might want to adopt one of these little minions. Oh, and if you find a missing colour, please neomail Soji (he'd appreciate that!)


- never delete my name or the link back to this page. It´s helping others to find this page ^_^
- don´t use any of these pictures in the beauty or art contest. Using the art of others will end in becoming frozen. That would be sad for you!
- it´s not allowed to edit any of the adoptiees. If you want a custom adoptie, please neomail Soji ^__^

Customs: open, just click here for sending me a neomail

or click the following picture for my other kacheek adoptable design

yellow, red

blue, green

black, brown

chocolate, christmas

darigan, fire

ghost, glowing

grey, halloween

island, jelly

pirate, purple

royalboy, royalgirl

pink, skunk

snow, speckled

split, spotted

starry, striped

white, faerie

Custom adoptables

Here are the custom adoptables, my owner Soji made. Never use them, unless he made it for you. If you want to have your own, just ask him, requests are open ^__^



For thepogostick

shmozie's aqua_no_niji


^^; hahahaha! Sorry, but Soji's currently working on my petpage, so you can't find much here. But soon here'll be all the pictures, he has dran of me.

This is Headi, a nice Flotsam girl. We're friends ^__^ Oh, and have you ever seen something that sweet?! I mean... I hope, Headi isn't hungry and will give me another Dango (that sweets, we're holding) ^___^

Hello, it´s me, Soji. I will no longer disturb you, but just one thing: I wish you a lot of fun whilst reading the Manga. I really gave my best and to make the complete thing perfect: I coloured the first pages just as some Manga artists traditionally do ^_^

IMPORTANT!!! This is a Manga, a japanese Comic and so you have to read it from right to left. Go and try, it´s not hard ^_^ Never forget: from RIGHT TO LEFT! (Or the story will make less sense ^^'

Finally, I´ve finished the first chapter -^_^- I´m very busy in my real life, so I can´t tell you, when I will draw the next pages, but I promise you, that I will keep on, working on that Manga. I will appreciate every feedback, because it´s showing me, that there are people, reading my stuff.I really hope, you enjoyed my first Manga, I´ve ever drawn.
-yours Soji

Meet the pets, acting in this Manga and art about them on Kenshin´s petpage

Link back
Oh really? You want to link back to my Manga? You´re so kind! For being that nice, I created some banners for you to chose. Here they are:

Hallo! Ich bin´s, Soji. Jetzt möchte ich Dich nicht länger stören, aber eine Sache noch: Ich wünsche Dir ganz viel Spaß bei meinem Manga. Ich habe wirklich mein Bestes gegeben und um die Sache perfekt zu machen, habe ich die ersten Seiten coloriert, so wie es traditionellerweise manche Mangazeichner tun ^_^

WICHTIG!!! Das ist ein Manga, ein japanischer Comic, den du von rechts nach links lesen musst (die Bilderreihenfolge, natürlich nicht die Schrift ;). Los, versuch´s, es ist nicht schwer ^_^ Also, vergiss nicht: von RECHTS NACH LINKS (oder die Geschichte macht weniger Sinn ^^'

(soll natürlich Schwachpunkt heißen,das S ist irgendwie abgeschnitten worden... und das T wohl auch... ^^')

-^_^- So, nun ist das erste Kapitel fertig. Da ich leider sehr viel zu tun habe, kann ich nicht genau versprechen, wann es weiter geht, aber es wird auf jeden fall eine Fortsetzung geben, Ehrenwort!!!
Euer Soji, Juni 2010

Ich hoffe wirklich, dass Dir mein Manga gefallen hat (bzw. das erste Kapitel), es war das erste, das ich je gezeichnet habe. Bitte vergiss nicht, wieder vorbeizuschauen, denn ich werde immer mal wieder Seiten hochladen. Pro Monat mal mehr oder weniger, da ich auch noch ein Leben außerhalb von Samurai Neo habe ^_^

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Oh, wirklich? Du willst zu meinem Manga zurücklinken? Du bist so nett! Dafür, dass Du so nett bist, habe ich ein paar Banner gebastelt, aus denen Du aussuchen kannst. Hier sind sie und vielen Dank =D

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