There are some many great guides out there already it's near impossible to keep track of them all! I made this page to hopefully gather the best of the best guides into one place. Please also remember that TNT themselves have assembled many help pages themselves including a tutorial for new players, an HTML guide, safety tips, FAQs and much more which can all be accessed on their Neopets Help page.

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Updates (Aug 11, 2010) Sorry for letting this fall on the wayside. Good thing my awesome babysitter told me about the problem - otherwise I would have never known to fix it! *waves at babysitter!* Can I start paying you in Neopoints? :P Other updates will have to wait, I'm just don't play enough these days - but at least the links are back up and working again!
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Dailies Guides (30)
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Tarla and the Neopets Toolbar (5)
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Dailies Guides
    Lists of Dailies
  1.    Daily Neopet Clicks by Neo____Zafara (Dailies, Guides to Dailies, Color Guide)
  2.    Your Neopet Dailies by Jeordisan (Freebies, Dailies, Games for Earning NPs)
  3.    Machi's Daily NP Guide by kissmoto (Dailies and 100k/day guide)
  4.    SevenToedKitty (Dailies, Links to guides for Earning NPs, Restocking and stockmarket)
  5.    Neolinks 2.0 by rain_artemis
  6.    Kurumi_san's Dailies by hesokuri
  7.    Cool Daily Clicks by Perkyprince_
  8.    Your Daily Freebies by Dunger00
  9.    Dailies Page by X_kipling_X
  10.    Gabby's Dailies Page by chrackerzs
  11.    Juwam's Pet Page by Juwam (Dailies)
  12.    Noggy_niggin's Daily Clicks by _alarmara_
  13.    Quick Links by Blappy
  14.    MammaB37's nnw by Mammab37
  15.    1alumni Dailies
  16.    Dailies, Freebies, Giveaways and More by _Miss_Kau_Kau_

  17. Detailed guides of specific dailies
  18.    Fishing Guide by Crash_Bandicoot_Psx
  19.    The Meridell Rubbish Dump by earthwalker95
  20.    Turmaculus Prediction Times by picovamde
  21.    Snowager Guide by Elevenofour
  22.    Buried Treasure Guide by MoonLightFrost559
  23.    Wheel of Monotony Guide by Amaterasuchan
  24.    All about the Money Tree by Malruki
  25.    Nilakantha's Guide - Lunar Temple by Nilakantha
  26.    Gnardy's Jelly World Concept Guide by gnardraco
  27.    Omelettes! by milenee37363
  28.    Spring Promotions and Giveaways by Zenkuu

  29. Advent calendar (available in December only)
  30.    Advent Calandar Item's List
  31.    Winter Valley Advent Calendar items from 2005 by Brett_27893
General Tips and FAQs
  1.    The Neopets Basics Guide by Kalnteth
  2.    Dermersneo (Frequently Asked Questions and Getting Started in Neopia)
  3.    I_Deal's Shop Guide and UserLookup Page by dude_weres_me_car
  4.    Ladera's Guide to Everything and Anything Neo
  5.    Special Event Times for Dragon Folk by Draygonairis (Concerts, Jobs, Coltzan Times, etc)
  6.    FAQ 4 U by faq4u (Frequently Asked Questions)
  7.    Birnam's Helpful Info Page by birnam (Making Screenies, Making Fonts)
  8.    Frequently Asked Questions by Alistair_Growly
  9.    Untitled by JoebobPenguin (basic FAQ)
  10.    Neopets Guide by CreativeMuse
  11.    Neopoint Tips: Dedicated to New Players by moniquetheunique_9
  12.    Darkstormer666's Petpage of Randomness by kilgorian
  13.    The information Station
  14.    lutri's Help Page by Fvantom
Earning Neopoints
  1.    Who wants to be a neoMillionaire? by Atablicryon (Making NP, RS'ing, Saving NP, Using the Trading Post, Quests and More)
  2.    Boril23604's Neopoint guide (Games, Dailies, Restocking)
  3.    40k in one Hour! by daemonstar
  4.    Pheo's Guide to Quick Easy NP by pheophilusllicorne
  5.    MikeyPCB's guide to a quick 30,000 NP by fishyheart
  6.    How to Make 1 Million Neopoints by sprouston
  7.    15k in 15 minutes by Kipchipotto7
  8.    1 Million for the slow internet people by goto11
  9.    Earning NPs with Dialup by _nickels_
  10.    Smile's Tips On Making Neopoints by Amb3rr
  11.    Chompal's 10k a day Guide
  12.    You wanna know how to get rich? by Breelyssa
  13.    Untitled (85k) by FizbanImperious
  14.    Weelesqueak's Guide to Making Neopoints
  15.    15k a day by babyblue0239
  16.    Ayperi's Guide to 60k a Day by Storacle
  17.    Marissa's NP Guide (20k/day) by Pixieixi
  18.    Painless NP by xaveir777
  19.    Must Do Dailies
  20.    Becoming a Neomillionaire by starry_eyed_2002
  21.    Darkies Guide to Millions by mysharonrose
  22.    ILoveLitter's Guide neoHealth, neoWealth and neoHappiness! by ilovelitter
  23.    My Game Guide (60k/day) by chinwagxxx
  24.    Free Neopoints! by Qatis_ixi
  25.    50k a day
  26.    Lobster's Guide to Making Neopoints by Fyreflye
  27.    Achieving Your NP Goal! by skaila177
  28.    Perkyprince's Royal 75k by Royal75k
  29.    swtnpeachy123's 50k a day and Dailies and etc by miss_dorkie
  30.    PixiHorse123's guide to 1,000,000 Neopoints by PixiHorse123
  31.    Zen's Neopoint Guide by XxHappyMonkeyxX
  32.    Roxxans Neogoal Guide by bonita_chickita_
Restocking, Shops and Sniping
  1.    Kipchipotto7's Beginer to Pro Restocking Guide by restocker
  2.    Lord Pepper's Guide to Restocking by crushizard
  3.    Ayperi's guide to Restocking by fallen_eden
  4.    Simplest Restocking Guide Around
  5.    Restocking, a how to guide by Jaka87
  6.    The Restocking Guide by its__all__tears
  7.    Restocking Chocolate Guide by Halloweven
  8.    Kristie's Guide to Restocking by Lambetiada
  9.    Cult of the F5 by Cubitto
  10.    Peachy's Guide to Restocking by xo_BabyCakes
  11.    Draikey's Restock Guide by antje_wangenheim
  12.    QuadTail's Shopkeeping Guide
  13.    Guide to Restocking by badds55123
  14.    x_kousei_x's Restocking Guide by x_kousei_x
  15.    Nutty's Ultimate Restocking Guide by nutty05
  16.    Stores of Neopia by Ixanthio

  17. Sniping
  18.    Moonie's Guide to Successful Sniping by Izior
  19.    Sniping Guide by Tulio_1000

  20. Shop Guides
  21.    Frisky Business by JustJuliet
  22.    Shopkeeping 101 by BunnieLovesU RC_Plushnstuff
  23.    How to Run a Great Shop by Kilbarchan
  24.    Lisa's Guide to Owning a Successful Shop by aisha_aishaNo1
  25.    Bugsy's Intensive Guide to Shopkeeping and Malling by bugsy_lenny
Paint Brushes and Improving Your Pet
  1.    Guide to Transmogrification by Eltalon
  2.    The Rainbow: Red, Green, Blue... Pirate? by Flia_07
  3.    Bobbie's Paint Brush Listing and Price Guide by paintbrushlisting
  4.    Paintbrush Guide by Siren_song
  5.    Emroza's PB Guide by Niloneara
  6.    Jessica's Paint Brush Guide by 420_meerca
  7.    Painted and Rare Pets Guides by Xanjie
  8.    Pet Stats by keara_888
  9.    Mystery Island Training School Guide by shayley223
  10.    The Flask Fiasco by Bae
  11.    (Untitled, Trans potion guide) by whit_comb
  12.    Pet Redraws (by Colour) by shieboo
  13.    Converted Pets (by Species) by Jauzlin
  14.    Limited Edition Pets by Chii634
  15.    Cutepuppy_03 Limited Edition Pet Guide by blue_blurry_moments
  16.    Transmogrification by Syndustry
  17.    Unconverted Pets by Caster
  18.    Unconverted Pets by Daurn
  19.    Unconverted Pets by Vypath
  20.    Cross-Painted Pet Guide by ColtzanIII
  21.    Morphing Potion and Transmogrification Potion Guide (includes prices)
Lutari Island and the Lutari Talisman
  1.    The Original Lutari Island Mobile Guide by Maniverus
  2.    Lutari Bead Guide by trebormailliw
  3.    Save the Lutari (Lutari Pets and Lutari Island Guide) by naughty_ottsel
  4.    Lutari Talisman Help Page by bloominblumin
  5.    Lutari Info by Suegny
Tarla and the Neopets Toolbar
  1.    Neopets Toolbar Info Page by tronbonne
  2.    How to fix the Tarla Alert bug in Firefox by Nerkuneo
  3.    Xoe's Guide to Tarla by Zoe676
  4.    Using the Neopets Toolbar with Firefox 2.0 by Zapp_Spazz
  5.    Tarla Checker by Flow
Adoption and Pet Applications
  1.    We can Adopts Painted Pets Too (Adoption rules for under 4 months) by aichinemeru
  2.    Petpage Applications by Verouse
  3.    Ladie_Media's Guide To: Neomail Applications by ladie_media
  4.    Cocoa's Guide to: PetPage Applications by BHJS_KaU
  5.    Supasbk's Pound Page by Ignorance_CS
  6.    Stop the Insane Rules by Sagewood
  7.    So you wanna apply for a pet? by AmiyaPrincess
  8.    Draiks and Krawks by Sacha755
  9.    Pet Lending and Borrowing Guide by bangkokk
NeoHomes & Gardens
  1.    Zimny's Neohome Index by Zimny
  2.    Neohomes by JoeyLomu
  3.    Neohome Museum by britney1617
  4.    Garden Display by secret3191dd
  5.    Neohomers Guide to Neohoming Guides
  6.    Basic Neohoming by Neohoming
  7.    Furniture Catalog by FlyingUniKnight CAUTION: VERY picture dense!
  8.    NTP's Furniture Catalog by FlyingUniKnight
Kadoatery Guides
  1.    Carmen's Kadoatery Guide by Laleeky
  2.    Carmen's Kadoatery Food List by Vanvericus
  3.    Kadoatery Basics Page by Sissy01
  4.    Kali's Kad Guide by Careenz
  5.    Aqua's Helpful tips on Feeding Kadoatery by My_Mspp
  6.    Andy's Kadoatery Guide by kalohani
Sidebar Guides
  1.    Sidebars Emporium by smoking_Fish
  2.    Sidebar Guide by Belexsus
  3.    C0ntaminat3d & Devils Guide to Getting Sidebar Themes by C0ntaminat3d
Item Guides
  1.    Complete List of Books by SerenitySmiles
  2.    Healing Potions by paurisa254neo
  3.    Gourmet Food List by Quramia
  4.    Clumpish Item Guide by Clumpish
  5.    Nerkmid Guide by Fruzia
  6.    List of Pluslies by listofplushies
  7.    Negg_o_pedia's Complete Guide to the Neggs of Neopia
  8.    Neggs by _totoro_
  9.    The Neopian Stamps, Sea Shells, Coins, Coconuts and Charm Guide by Riverpeacock
  10.    Alwinta's Guide to Stamps by Narazok
  11.    Scratchcard Guide by Bampbamman
  12.    Twiztid Shrooms (a shroomy guide) by twiztidshrooms
  13.    Collectable Sea Shells by kedi001
  14.    Book List by AdorableAviendha
  15.    Guide to Codestones by tiggerestaa
  16.    The Official Neopets Gift Guide by letaous
  17.    The Rainbow Registry by Twiztid_psychopathic
  18.    Jellies by ditziwtdnakcis
Petpets and Petpetpets
  1.    Petpets - A Pictionary & History by 100bottles
  2.    Petpet Matcher
  3.    Nuggler Explains Petpetpets by irotio
  4.    Petpetpets by Henrys_Honey
Contest Guides
  1.    Beauty Contest Guide by froststar
  2.    Neopia's Most Comprehensive Beauty Contest Guide by Mawsi
  3.    Help!!! It's the BC... by itsshy
  4.    Tailia's Guide to Winning the Story Telling Competition by Tropicandy
  5.    Lobster's Guide to the Art Gallery by Furbert
  6.    Caption Contest Guide by Kembial
  7.    The Petpet Protection Leagueby marcua1357
  8.    PPL Weekly Winnersby Daemonnaire
  9.    Agb2001's Guide to the Beauty by elkenorr
Miscellaneous Guides
  1.    Concert Mania Review (Concert Schedule) by Cozy_Sweet_Eyes
  2.    Concert Headquarters by Riley_Cooper
  3.    Stolen Art by whatisstolenart
  4.    Katfun's Word Help by Katfun
  5.    How Not To Be a n00b by RandomPinkCybunny
  6.    Smuggler's Cove by LeGosi
  7.    Blocking Neopets Ads by JetLab68
  8.    The Mega-Uber-Pwnsome Ad-Blocking Guide by Adfree
  9.    Heal Your Pet For Free by ZappaPat
  10.    Neo-Netiquette by Cultured
  11.    Tips and Hints and Hiddenlinks and Hard To Find Location[sic] by riumerenge
  12.    Spaky and Nabella's Neo-Nomics by Nabella1
  13.    Boxstercraz's guide to Job Coupons and Basic Jobs by _prince_tidus
  14.    Animefreak869's Guide to a sucessful Guild by __Ari_
  15.    Devil's Guide to Neopian Holidays by Miera
  16.    Get Help - Your guide to being helped in the HC by get_help
  17.    Get a Job! by __Cyora__
  18.    Concert Schedule by WillWright
  19.    Pet Cures, Diseases and More by Doctor_Roo
  20.    CuddlyCubbie's Untaken Name Guide
  21.    Forever Searching For Untaken Names by shrebble
  22.    Untaken Names by Ravanlee
  23.    Anything bug Rover untaken names
  24.    FAQ In The HC by Jeepny
  25.    Help FAQ by sn0zb0z by _The_Flame_Lord_
  26.    Eating on the Cheap by Rozalou
  27.    Locked_Topic's Guide to the Neo-Rules
  28.    Yoglorye's player dictionary
  29.    Willow's Easy Guide to Roleplaying by Zhedrian
  30.    RP Guide by Jalapinopeppers
  31.    Got Emotions? by Morskey
  32.    For You Tutorials
  33.    The Darkest one's Healing Guide by gordo919kayzo
Neopets Premium Guides
  1.    Leto's Guide to Neopets Premium
  2.    Flosset's Guide to Premium by kadoatie
  3.    LeenaLu's Premium FAQ by LeenaLu
Non-English Guides
  1.    Swedish Dailies Guide by Guden_Frejsis
  2.    Chinese Return of Dr. Sloth Plot guide by Xoneey
  3.    Clics Diarios Avanzados de Perkyprince by PerkyPrince_
  4.    Sniggy's Stock Tips (Dutch, German, French, Polish, Swedish, Portuguese, Serbian, Romainian, Spanish and Korean) by dogooderneoneo
  5.    Tjeveras Guide till Neopaxen (Swedish) by Tjervra
  6.    Aide pour les Neocollections (French) by Arkadek
Game Guides
If you're looking for guides to a specific game, please refer to My_First_Little_Pony's indepsensible guide The Games Room. I will not be listing individual game guides here for any of the regular flash- or html-based games.
  1.    The Games Room by My_First_Little_Pony
  2.    Av Game Guide by tropator
  3.    Hard To Find Games by neo__bori
  4.    Unnamed Guide by doni031459
  5.    The Trophy Room (Guides to Easy Trophies) by garmfire
  6.    Game Help & Dice Escape Guide by LupeKnight
  7.    Soggy's Game Codes by slim_cognito
  8.    The Brown Pages by Bootleg_Bill
  9.    Precious Game Guide by Shannons_cutie
  10.    The Ultimate Whack-a-staff-member Guide by Loshare
  11.    Neopet Game Codes by ZenEnigma
  12.    Monthly Trophy Reset Scores by Piachea
  13.    GiantRawr's Game Code Compedium by GiantRawr
  14.    Daxo's Game Guides by Daxo (answers to quiz games)
  15.    Game Codes by _alex_4
  16.    Neopets Gaming Help by StripedShiningStar
  17.    Wolfie's World Challenge Guide by Nigak
  18.    Nickt666's Guide to World Challenges by Death_knightX
  19.    Tips Page by SpiffyDiscoDancer
  20.    LeeAcara1's Game Guides
  21.    Flyrta's Game Codes by Flyrta
  22.    World Challenge Map Prizes by _knight_dog_
  23.    Fred's Trophy Guide by tied_trophy_scores
  24.    The Wiiopian Guide by usetogetthelennyavvi

  25. Daily Dare Guides (Can still collect prizes, but dare is closed)
  26.    Daily Dare for 2008 by Capn_Flora

  27. KeyQuest
  28.    KeyQuest Guide Directory by Aeudrie
  29.    Key Quest Beta Guide by Little_Mini_Moehog
  30.    KeyQuest Guide by 5tar (available prizes) by KeyQuestHelp
  31.    4facedangel and Amarthe's guide to KeyQuest
  32.    KeyQuest Token Guide by Incanting
  33.    Keyquest Help and FAQ by some1_luv_me
  34.    Keyquest Tokens by Aspheir
  35.    Your ABC's guide to Key Quest by Pyromattiac
  36.    KeyQuest Powerups Guide by marmeri81841
  37.    KeyQuest Frequently Asked Questions by Oessu
Avatar Guides
  1.    Avatar Help by The_Pet_Eater
  2.    Avvy's Secret Avatar Guide by Avvy
  3.    Guide To Secret Avatars by Transmorphis
  4.    Av Game Guide by tropator
  5.    Tavi's Avi Help by o0Tavi0o
  6.    2dod2's Avatar Help Page by 2dog2
  7.    Avatar Guide by tallerana
  8.    PunkieMunkee's Avatar Help by PunkieMunkee
  9.    Avatar Guide by HeartPearl
  10.    Neopets Secrect[sic] Chat Avatars by swidler
  11.    Neopets Secrect[sic] Chat Avatar Links & Lists by neopetsassy42
  12.    How to Get Every Borrowable Item Avatar by Kyrenatae
  13.    Stevo's Avatar Guide (Part 1) by Australia
  14.    Stevo's Avatar Guide (Part 2) by Mutant_014
  15.    Auto's Avatar Help by Spider_Fangs
  16.    Packrat shopping list by ErimenthaElsu
  17.    Guitrplyr's Clickable And Game Avatar Guide by Goooberr
  18.    So You Wanna Be Lent? by Socs_The_Kitty_Cat
  19.    Faerie Avatars by Soosa12
  20.    100 Easy Avatars
  21.    Avatar Reset FAQ by Heliophobe
Battledome Guides
  1.    Battledome Guide by garmfry
  2.    Defenders of Neopia and Battledome Challengers by Nangauta
  3.    Weaponpedia by skeeterGurl
  4.    The Complete Idiot's guide to DON by UnderGreg
  5.    Defenders of Neopia! by frickle
  6.    Battledome guide by SilverCyanide
  7.    One Player BD Info by EvilZBoy
  8.    Battledome Guide by Doughnut_Don
  9.    A Weakling's Guide to Kicking the Snot Out of Meuka! by Wyvern280
  10.    Battledome Made Easy by LeQuig
  11.    How to Beat Kasuki Lu by Uggsa
  12.    Faerie Weapons by Deschain1129
  13.    Beat the Space Faerie by x_Julianna_Rose_x
  14.    A Simple Guide to Beating the Black Pteri by Glacieride
Stock Market Guides
  1.    Stocktycoon
  2.    Stock Guide and more by SilverCyanide
  3.    Buy and Sell's Stockmarket Guide
  4.    Stock Talk by Kuraddo
  5.    Sniggy's Stock Tips by dogooderneoneo
  6.    The Stock Stats by stock_stats
  7.    Advanced Stock Strategies by CountdeMonet
Treasure Map Guides
  1.    The Extensive Lab Ray FAQ by JustToClearThingsUp
  2.    Lab Map Results Stats on how often each outcome occurs
  3.    Petpet Lab Ray FAQ by PrincessaCrow
  4.    Maps, Maps and More Maps! by Akikel
  5.    California75's Lab Map Guide by Calindracol
  6.    The Secret Laboratory by Vanarty
  7.    Lab Map Guide & Statistics by Cutey_4573
  8.    Jerringston's Lab FAQ (includes piece prices)
  9.    Dekasin's Lab Map Guide (includes piece prices)
  10.    Cheapest Lab Map Prices Guide by faeey
  11.    Map Prices by MapPrices
Plot and Site Event Guides
  1.    A Chronicle of Conflicts by Thur_ilin
  2.    The Neopian Plot Archives by mobian_lily
Altador Plot: (Open)
  1.    Aardax's Guide for the Altador hosted by Arrazetti
  2.    Altador Plot Guide Supplement by Kooshie_Booshie
  3.    Altador Plot Guide by Ma_Belle_Michelle
  4.    FerrariHorse360's Altador Plot Guide by ferrarihorse360
Petpet Park Plot: (Open)
  1.    Latest Mission News by attackpeaz
  2.    LimaLima500's Miniguide by UlaYama
  3.    Petpet Park Plot Guide by sassy_acara_yal
  4.    The Petpet Park Plot Guide by olliesaurus
Altador Cup: (Closed)
  1.    Altador Cup Information by spitfirz90
  2.    Youyuball Guide by AgentPen007_2001
Movie Mountain Tickets: (Closed)
  1.    Ann883333's Movie Ticket Guide
The Return of Dr. Sloth: (Closed)
    General Guides
  1.    Vily's Plot Guide by Ralvieren
  2.    Night's Plot Guide by Syvael
  3.    The Return of Dr. Sloth by saschasascha95
  4.    Slothy Plot by SlothyPlot
  5.    Untitled by Siatamo
  6.    Xay's Visual Guide by Inendyn

  7. Rumours, Non-flash Comics
  8.    Non-Flash Comic of The Return of Dr. Sloth by Noniai
  9.    Return of Sloth Plot Rumours by slawth

  10. 3-Modifier Guides
  11.    Step-by-step Guide for the dreaded 3MODS by Trimshi
Quest Guides
  1.    _CleopatrasCat_
  2.    Marchegai
  3.    Rainbow Fountain FAQ by colored_buzz
  4.    Your Guide to Faerie Quests by bubba23neo
  5.    All About Illusen by PILGRAMRULES51
  6.    Faerie Quest Items by Quest_Items/Questette
  7.    Illusen's Glade; a Guide by Sefiriah
  8.    ThunderNeo Faerie Quest Help by xamiy0h2
Cooking Pot Recipe Guides
  1.    Neopian's Cooking Pot information Center
Customization and Neopet Wearables
  1.    The CC -- the original wearables list by Echoh
  2.    The WCG by snowflakethepenguin
  3.    N Magazine
  4.    Panther's Clothes Catalogue by panther___17
  5.    Wearable Frequently Asked Questions Guide by Mastershake43
  6.    Cross Painted Pets and Paint Brush Clothing Guide by Rhoku
Avoiding Scams and Keeping Your Account Safe
  1.    Basic Tips to Avoid Scamming & Keep your Account Safe by tyrotatics
  2.    noyouwerenothacked explains the difference between scammed and hacked
  3.    Trading Post Scam Guide by JubiNumo
  4.    Scam Artists by From_The_Moon
  5.    LupeMoneyCounter's Pet Page
  6.    Fake Login Pages and Cookie Grabbers
  7.    Scammers, Hackers and naughty people on Neopets
  8.    Cookie Grabbers and Auto Adopters by Macky
  9.    Protect yourself from Cookie Grabbers by cookieDefender
  10.    Unofficial Guide to Neopets Account-Keeping by akaunts
  11.    Warnings about commons scams by Grephun_the_sequel
  12.    Stop the Spam
  13.    N00bs vs. Newbies by Baby_of_Blue_Eyes
  14.    The Complete Guide to Avoiding Scams... by Rose_Mist
  15.    Akaunts' UNOFFICIAL Guide to Neopets Account-Keeping (Side account rules) by Akaunts
Premade and Custom Lookups
Sorry -- this section is too much trouble to maintain. Try using google to search for "neopets premade user lookup" (or even add your own key words if you're looking for a particular theme!) and you should find what you're looking for, or use a guide such as an Idiot's Guide to UserLookup Layouts
HTML, CSS, and Screenie Guides
  1.    Lookup Coding (Formerly hosted by L00kupHelp) by Kished
  2.    csshelp
  3.    HTML Help by Chinook_Of_The_North
  4.    HTML Help by Red13_K9
  5.    CSS Overview: CSS Basics by CSSish
  6.    An Idiot's Guide to Userlookup Layouts by meriliki
  7.    Wizzney's Help Page by karotene
  8.    HTML & Css Help by Sebastian_33175
  9.    Al's HTML/CSS by Patraiki
  10.    Kaxians HTML for Beginners by kazian
  11.    Oakko's Screenie Tutorial
  12.    How to Make a Blog by Teana463
  13.    Screenie Guide by ScreenieHelp
  14.    Kristina's Screenie Guide by MetalWorks
  15.    DIY Lookups by deathwinks
  16.    CSS Guide by Art
  17.    Riddle's (CSS) Tutorial by Riddlemethis77
  18.    Scumie's Lookup Tutorial by Kux
  19.    Toona's Music Help by holuke412
  20.    Uber's do-it-yourself Lookup Tutorial by Suggestion
  21.    Uber's (slightly more) Advanced Lookup Tutorial by Zorzyn
  22.    The Way to Make a FAQ by Sesperian
  23.    How to Code a PetPage by maybememphis
  24.    Siddey's Changeable CSS by xycote
  25.    Coding Help by Kitty by YurbleBurble_26
Guild Help and Guild Layouts
  1.    Froggy's Guide to Starting Guilds by daphines
  2.    Pirate's Guild Guide by soundwaveofsunrise
  3.    A Step by Step Guide to Making Guilde Layouts with MS Paint by clemenia
  4.    How to Make Guild Layouts Using Microsoft Word by _Cheerful_Beetle_
  5.    Guild Layout Guide by kayllinah
  6.    A do-it-yourself layout helper by Make_your_own_layout
  7.    Ashley & Mattie's Custom Guild Layouts by cheyfeamoon
Font guides and Premade Fonts
  1.    Dawnbug's Fonts by scootaloo
  2.    NeoFontGuide
  3.    Kaleesas Fonts by sweethardlacy
  4.    Wythered's Premade Fonts
  5.    Moony's Fonts by Mikchie
  6.    Crackers_x's Siggy Pets by Lenny_Einstein_2001
  7.    Hexidecimal (color) Chart by Rantimaru
  8.    Bubbles Colour Charts by niesean99449
  9.    Mithrandhirs Font-Seite(German, Pre-made fonts) by Mithrandhir
  10.    F.O.N.T. Complete Font Guide by Serikem
  11.    Fontastic Font Help
Graphics, Glitters, etc.
  1.    Yuliya's MS Paint Tutorial by Delikitty
  2.    Microsoft Paint Guide by Grape Candy
  3.    Chandy's Custom Cursors by Chandy900
  4.    Pitty's Glitters by Adam12345678910244
  5.    Sand's 'Grams (Ambigrams) by Mud_Sand_Earth
  6.    Sandshaven's gliters by Zeenapie
  7.    Sandshaven's Backgrounds by legacy_06
  8.    Go Couture Yourself by photobucket_10
  9.    ThunderNeo's Want Some Glitters by xamiy0h3
  10.    Custom Shields by Cytoxic
  11.    Pet Emotions by EmotionFaces
  12.    Tippy's Custom Shields by MemorableName
  13.    Brita's Button Tutorial by nuagia
  14.    Adele's GFX Page by vegetaandroid18goku
  15.    I am not UFT by Lolirott
  16.    Kaylee Kreations by maytheforcebwithu
  17.    Fairies Fortune by fairies_fortune
Other Guide Indices
  1.    Yael's Links by looloo_a16
  2.    All FAQs by Hitakae
  3.    Ellemdee's Helpful Links by Pink_twirls
  4.    Petpage Guide Directory by Xantharia
  5.    Petpage Guides by OO_Blizzard
  6.    iWantAnswers
  7.    Help Petpages by Renifrow
  8.    Tips 4 Success by ExtraSpecialSmile
FAQs About This Guide
I know of some guides that you don't have listed, or I have one of my own that I'd like you to add. Can you add them/it?
NEW! If you know of any guides that provide unique information that is not already available on the guides listed above, please feel free to Neomail me with the name or names of the petpage guides. I'm very sorry, but I simply don't have the time to keep adding every dailies guide (for example) that is created (it seems every one and their sister have created a dailies guide). If you have a similar guide to one already listed, please let me know how yours differs from the ones listed above and why you think your guide still provides a unique benefit to your fellow Neopians. Please still feel free to contact me with corrections on the page though -- they have been a great help in keeping this page up to date How did you determine the ratings? I don't agree with some of them.
The ratings are just my own opinion of what I like to see in a guide:
  • Clean, uncluttered and easy-to-read layout which makes good use of space
  • Content which correct, complete (for whatever subject it is trying to cover), is to the point, and up-to-date
  • Any use of images add, not detracts from the value of the page. Some pages I've seen are so laden with images that the guide takes too long to load for my patience. I've also now hit one page that was so full of images it managed to crash my (albeit fragile) modem!
Your preferences may be different from mine and you may still find the information you're looking for on the pages with lower ratings. The lower-rated pages aren't necessarily useless, but are perhaps less useful than the higher rated ones. But with so many guides, I've added the crude rating system to highlight those I feel are the best guides out there to give you a place to start. If you still think that a guide was over- or under-rated, feel free to neomail me to let me know which page and why you think it deserves a higher or lower rating. I might have overlooked something especially in those areas that I don't myself dabble in (I don't train for the battledome, for example) You don't have any guides to help me with x. Where can I find some? Will you answer my questions?
The reason I made this page and knew about many of these guides already is because I don't know much of this information myself and I depend on the guides too. I try to update this page as soon as soon as I find out about new guides, so all the guides I do know about are listed. I can try to help you find the guide you're looking for, but I'm not going to get into the habit of answering individual questions. You might find someone willing to help on Help Boards.

Can I put a link back to this guide in my lookup/petpage/shop?
Of course! I'd be delighted. Feel free to use this button (I'll try to add more soon, but visual arts has never been my strong suit)

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