Axtar's AC and Misc. art page

(until she can find a way to improve her actual art page's html to fit all this because she fails at html)

This is my current art-dump page, until I get around to revampingYerenwen's page. Enjoy looking around! C:

Art update for 2014~

Moar Makoto (quite wish I owned this named Neopet now. xDDDD)

WIP stages

Makoto from a particular swimming anime. :9

First girls of 2013 (I know, I know, super late). Amastri and Kikeelo, done for my side's UL. It's interesting to see how a larger canvas size has affected my lineart!

Because I wanted to try out (and kind of fail at) a slightly different style. :3 Jimmy's loose jacket/Jodon's wings kind of block the falling-ish poses though so, uh.
Also, possibly how Jodon safeguards Jimmy's (im)mortality: everytime his lifeforce wavers - this! #maybecharacterdevelopment #mostlygratuitousdoodling

Seraph!Aomine. There's a whole set of angel-KoS, but the file's humongous and well, Ahochin's my fave anyway.

Suddenly, a deluge of Scorch art. :L

Scorch's quad.

Gijinka!Scorch headshots + BONUS

Kaijirou lineart - hoping to colour this eventually.

Natsu's Kalidriano

Nix's Tauek - such a cool fella.

Jimmy's BC entry (on the right), and original colours.

New head-shot for snowgnats; it's time he got a revamp. c:


WIP for CNY, and the finished card.

Aomine~chin! It's been awhile.

Day for Denise - eeeeeh, still a bit unhappy with the eyes, but it's an awkward drawing night.

Quick doodle of Nefz - it's been awhile!

Regency!Layton for Denise. Gosh, Regency collars are messy. :S

Yerenwen torso-shot - it's been awhile since I've drawn my favourite penguin!

Ilyasiel for Leana; the dress was incredibly fun!

Kikeelo, with wings. Generally, the latter forms her bow, but for BC-accuracy's sake and all. :3

Chubs headshot. ♥ (chronologically out of place, but eeeeh.)

Craish for Jo, and his bishounen hair.

My (quite gratuitous) take on Leana's Lancelot. :D

Hikiarey for Enchanty - thanks so much for your offer once again!

After massive procrastinating, finally got to outlining this properly. ^^

Nekoeon for Danke - Pwn that meme - I mean, research, YUS.

Ridy headshot. It looks better with a purple bg somehow.

Nope for Lisa - thanks again for being so understanding!

Sketch of Aural for Denise - sorry, equine anatomy still needs work. xD;


Jimmy headshot. Noses, how do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.

Berry sketch, for Lemr - hope you like it!

Flash-sketch for Denise. 8D

Loqan headshot for Zan - hope I didn't butcher your boy too badly. ;w;

Yerenwen sketches at work - might turn the one on the left into my shopkeeper. ^^

Sketches for Yerenwen's BC entry, including the original post and a Blumaroo!Zhou Yu. :D

^Raine's WIP. (Check out the completed version on her lookup at Knight_Raine).

Update: Scorch, the gentleman dragon.

^Quick at-work doodles for fun.

^Ridy(kullus) concept art - high time he got one in color!

^Gijinka interpretation of Layton Vickles.

Alternative version of the Dirigibles Support banner.


Alternative version of the Snarkie Support banner.


My submission for the RC! It didn't place 2nd or 1st (not sure about 3rd even), but I really liked how this turned out. :D

Sketch: Heathcliff for Bellial - hope you like him! *fingers crossed*

My christmas present from the ever-epic Bellial! ♥

Christian Tellez for Chris - Thanks so much again for everything!

Aealiso for Ant - Hope you like it!! :*

Pending approval from Ant.

Experimental Kai headshot.

The painstakingly hard work of a couple of friends and I. Yes, those are watermelons. Yes, we all got heartily sick of eating them. xD

Tablet sketch - Yerenwen and his infamous cookies.

Tablet sketch - Ridy's character art.
Quick-sketch for esh. My take on Minx.

Done during the period when the petpages were down: Tudju for Denise, Raienana for Chris, xCiiindy for Lieva.

Araneth for eshh. One of the cleaner pieces I've produced, imo. It's been awhile since I've done a female gijinka!

Lunariah for Bethy, because she is amazing. A little scrappy in terms of coloring though, whoops.

Hadevir II for Vilma, because she is awesome and amazing and I wish this could be better because she deserves it. (Ear fixed in header image.)

Leera quick-doodle. I rather like the sketchy lines.

Enloch for Hazard (Kiko)! I love Loch's concept - hope I did him justice. Tried to make the wings a little ghost-like. Also, perspective practice, yay!

Besck for Aaron. I tried a less-blended coloring style to get a slightly-cartoony, little-boy feel and I really like the effect. Cleaning the lineart took me ages though - still not used to my scanners settings.

Dr. McKay (again!) for Rodney. Because I wanted to sketch a situation in which the cranky genius might actually smile. The lineart turned out blurrier than I'd like though. +.+

Inverness for Cristy. Tried to capture a dark, necromancer-y feeling for this.

Shiebha for Fardreamer. Was totally inspired by Dynasty Warriors when doing this sketch. (Also, spelt Shiebha's name wrongly in the picture link - Sorry, Mallory!)

Doctor Mckay for Rodney. Really, really couldn't help myself (hello, curt workaholic?) and ended up sketching him in the end.

KitsuneDevil for Pam. Couldn't resist the whole human-concept, so I compromised with a human-anthro. Really looks more human than anything though. I may have gone a little overboard with the string...*unrepentant*

Izzleia for Chelsea. Couldn't resist the challenge of drawing a Mutant Gnorbu - tricky but fun. Will probably reupload this after I scan it.

Surlanth for Sarin. Animal anatomy still needs improvement.

PiccoloD for Nega. This was crazy-fun to doodle.

The_Aragorn_Elfstone for Arwen. The lamp allowed me to putter around with blatant lighting, which was pretty cool.

Blouge for Soda. Tried playing with one-tone non-blend shading to achieve the cookie effect.

Jury6 for Dragi55, featuring the Return of Photo Shadow Experimentation for colored texture.

Niqalo for Rookfeather. Experimented with the shadows from the photo to create some colored texture.

Theluji for Rain. I couldn't resist gif-fing this - too much fun! I got the hair on the wrong side of the face though, d'oh.

The stills for the Theluji gif...and a gijinka I really, really wanted to try. :3

Quick sketch - Candie for Kristen.

Quick sketch - Lady Viona for Minipet.

Kaedyr for Wolfy - the yellow bits in the wings aren't part of the Kaedyr's color scheme, but I uh, took a few liberties. Hope you don't mind, Wolfy!

Quick sketch - Atuos for Codestonees.

Umbacano - now with color! Reshot the outline with a better lighting source and cleaned the sketch again. Umbacano's got a lovely, lovely design that's crazy detailed - hope I did her justice!

Umbacano for Tea - sketch

Alex, for Meg. First attempt at drawing lineart directly into PS Elements - clearly I need a lot more practice! xD

Almost done! Messed a little bit more with the hair and finished the boa. It was surprisingly easier to do that I had expected, mostly because I played with layer properties rather than manually color in each lick and curl. The full picture can be seen on my art page.

Hair done! May tweak it yet though - I tried increasing the highlights to give the hair a more fiery feel, but it feels a little too much.

1/4 done. Boa still going to be a pain. Hair should hopefully be easier though. Skin is fun!

1/4 (1/5?) done - Kaijirou gijinka. May or may not finish this; the boa's going to be a pain.

Ant's Polarchuck Den aka 'A Polarchuck and his Hat'. No references, so I forwent the igloo. I apologize for any mistakes! Tried for a soft painting style and the orange arch behind 'polarchuck' is wonky because I fail that way. Hope it's okay, Ant?

Also, on request:
Initial sketch and base layer. The last layer was the final product - wasn't much separation of shading to do on a piece that was mostly white. ^^


A few early-progress shots for the Yerenwen-gijinka header currently decorating Yerenwen's lookup. Super-duper-proud of this one, especially the coloring. I just hope I'll ever be able to pull it off again!

Mankey's Draik, now in blue!

Extreme Kacheek Herder

five-to-ten minute doodles feat. Dirigibles and Snarkie and DD games done in prof. writing classes in between taking notes. No refs (hence funkiness of Wheeler's Bike). Textures and blurness due to photo since my scanner's not working atm.

Snarkie banner-thing. Anatomy skeelz, I lack them - please forgive me.

Random image = Lactobacillus yogurti (moyashimon) charm bracelet I bought from CF09. ^^

Flash doodle - Ant's polarchuck den.

Banner for Mankey, in 4 steps:

BC Entry

Thank you, everyone who voted! Snowgnats placed first in his category and 10th overall with 420 votes! ^^

Snowgnats' lookup WIP - finished Snowgnats
Completed: 7th December 2009
Tools: Mechanical pencil 0.5, ballpoint pen (black), Photoshop Elements
Time taken: Roughly 3 hours (with other half of the picture)

Decided I should make Snowgnats a proper lookup of his own, especially since he's pretty much a Fire Kiko for life now. ;) Loved doing the fire part. I kind of fail at metal shading though.

The complete picture can now be seen on Snowgnats' lookup.

4Mankey - Bobby quick sketch

Completed: 9th December 2009
Tools: Mechanical pencil 0.5,Photoshop Elements
Time taken: Fifteen minutes

Quick pencil sketch of Bobby for Mankey. Excuse the anatomical blips.

Also, the color is kind of funky because my scanner was broken, so I took a photo instead. Covered it with colors to hide the blahness of the grey tones.

Quick doodle - Snowgnats (human)

Completed: 15th December 2009
Tools: Mechanical pencil 0.5,Photoshop Elements
Time taken: Ten to fifteen minutes

Quick random doodle of Snowgnats if he were human. Scanner still down, hence the gray smudge-like textures (results of shadows caught in photo).

I'd like to think that Snowgnats would be a pretty boy. :p Forgot to add in the gloves and his polarchuck hat looks a little deranged, but I'm still pretty satisfied with this. Note to self - improve drawing heads wearing hats.

Quick doodle - Kaijirou (human)

Completed: 16th December 2009
Tools: Mechanical pencil 0.5,Photoshop Elements
Time taken: Twenty five minutes

Quick random doodle of Kaijirou (my Magma Peophin) if he were human. Still fiddling around with his design, so this may change yet.

SO MANY ANATOMICAL PROBLEMS IT ISN'T FUNNY. Legs especially are too small and awkward - I'll probably edit the bottom half of this sketch another time. (It looked bigger on paper. x.x) I rather like the pointing finger though and his face. :3