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Sitting in the quiet of your own home, you curl up in your favourite pile of leaves. They are so comfy and your world is at peace. Nothing could possibly go wrong in your sweet little abode. But then suddenly your safe space shifts and flies into the air. A smol hooman finger come near...


Your snoot has been booped.

Mildly offended, you slither away to find another safe space.

Noodle Rules

  • rule one Make sure to submit your noodle using the form!
  • rule two Only submit your form using the Add a Noodle button!
  • rule three Do Not submit sneks that are not yours.
  • rule four Do Not submit sneks that are not permanent pets!
  • rule five Please ensure that all noodles are wearing a background item otherwise they might get lost (will be removed from the page)!
  • None of these noodles are UFA or UFT. Do not ask.

    Alright, now that you've officially been jostled, let's add those beauties! Go ahead and use the form below and submit it here! Let's all enjoy staring at the pretties together. *drools*

    Example Ukraine (liviathana), Snowaeger the Ice Hissi, He loves to boop his snoot into your business.

    So, Add your Noodle today!

    Noodle Updates

    February 13, 2019 - Took a haitus, but we are back, baby! Added 1 more noodle!
    October 9, 2018 - Added 2 more noodles!
    September 27, 2018 - Ukaine got her accounts back! Added 2 noodles!
    September 13, 2018 - Ukraine is brokenhearted. She has lost all of her babies in a freezing. Currently waiting for a response from TNT for her ticket. Until then? I'll just run my noodle page here.
    August 14, 2018 - Added 11 noodles! & +3 buttons!
    August 12, 2018 - Added 4 noodles!
    August 10, 2018 - Added 14 noodles!
    August 8, 2018 - Outback Snekhouse is OPEN!

    Number of Noodles: 35

    Frequently Hissed Questions

  • Q: What is this page?
    A: A Database that lists all permanent Hissis!

  • Q: What if my permanent noodles are on side accounts?
    A: The account you are submitting them from is the account I will be listing on this database, so feel free to use whatever account you want! Pet Owners usually prefer to use their main account, though.

  • Q: I submitted my noodle via neomail to the wrong account! Will they still be added?
    A: Nope. Please resubmit your form to the correct account!

    Q: I submitted my sneks and did NOT use the form. Will they still be added?
    A: Most likely not. If the neomail is too garbled for me to easily do my copy-paste business, I may ask you to resubmit.

  • Q: I submitted my danger noodle and I forgot to add a description/they changed colour/etc!
    A: Don't worry! Just shoot me a neomail and in your message say who the description is for and/or that you want to add/change something about your pet!

  • Q: Do I have to submit each noodle in a separate neomail?
    A: Well, that's up to you! You can submit one per mail or all in one! Either way, as long as the form is filled out - I'm happy. ^^

  • Converted Noodles

    Please hover over all the pretties to learn more about them!

    8-Bit Sneks

    Baby Sneks

    Biscuit Sneks

    Blue Sneks

    Brown Sneks

    Camo Sneks

    Checkered Sneks

    Chocolate Sneks

    Christmas Sneks

    Cloud Sneks

    Custard Sneks

    Darigan Sneks

    Desert Sneks

    Disco Sneks

    Electric Sneks

    Eventide Sneks

    Faerie Sneks

    Fire Sneks

    Ghost Sneks

    Glowing Sneks

    Green Sneks

    Grey Sneks

    Halloween Sneks

    Ice Sneks

    Island Sneks

    Jelly Sneks

    Magma Sneks

    Maractite Sneks

    Maraquan Sneks

    Mutant Sneks

    Orange Sneks

    Pastel Sneks

    Pink Sneks

    Pirate Sneks

    Plushie Sneks

    Polkadot Sneks

    Purple Sneks

    Rainbow Sneks

    Red Sneks

    Relic Sneks

    Robot Sneks

    Royal Boy Sneks

    Royal Girl Sneks

    Shadow Sneks

    Skunk Sneks

    Speckled Sneks

    Split Sneks

    Sponge Sneks

    Spotted Sneks

    Starry Sneks

    Steampunk Sneks

    Striped Sneks

    Transparent Sneks

    Tyrannian Sneks

    Water Sneks

    White Sneks

    Yellow Sneks

    Zombie Sneks

    Zappy Sneks

    Unconverted Noodles

    Please hover over all the pretties to learn more about them!

    Unconverted Darigan Sneks

    Unconverted Maraquan Sneks

    Unconverted Mutant Sneks

    Unconverted Plushie Sneks

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