This page is a guide to beating avatar opponents for the guild Ultimate Avatar Collectors. At the bottom of the page I will also explain the battledome indepth so that one day you will not have to rely on this page for beating avatar opponents. Also please link back to me using the code at the bottom of the page or anyway you choose. Help spread the help.

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This is how you get all these challengers.

To get the Ghost Lupe -invalid_word-Click Here

To get Kasuki Lu get the collectable card Kasuki Lu then open up the wind*w where you give items to friends or use them and he will challenge you.

To get Meuka you must have a pet with the Sneezles or NeoFlu and go here

To get the Black Pteri you must get the random event featuring him.

To get the Meerca Henchmen refresh here

To get the Space Faerie as a challenger you must redeem a rare item code if you are like me and are to stingy to buy neopets merchandise some people will let you use there code if you promise to give them the item thats how I got her.

Ghost Lupe

Here is an easy way to beat the Ghost Lupe with 13† strength.

You will need a Leaf Shield, Two Stone Muffins, and a Green Frost Cannon. First round use your leaf shield and Green Frost Cannon and defend the Ghost Lupe Should be frozen if not frozen go to the status page of the battledome then go fight the Inflatable Balthazar to regain your hp. Second round with the Ghost Lupe frozen use two stone muffins and fierce attack this should defeat the Ghost Lupe if the Ghost Lupe is not yet defeated on the next round use Leaf Shield, Your normal attacking weapon and defend.

Kasuki Lu

Here is an easy way to beat Kasuki Lu with 13† Strength.

First off you will need a Green Frost Cannon, Two Stone Muffins and Burrow the level 10 earth faerie ability. First Round You should use your Green Frost Cannon, Your regular attacking item and burrow. If you do not freeze Kasuki Lu go to the battledome status page and then beat the Inflatable Balthazar to regain your hp. Second round Kasuki Lu should be frozen simply use both your stone muffins and fierce attack and that should finish him off.


Here is an easy way to beat Meuka with 20† strength

First off you need to make a few changes to your BD set the ideal cheap weapons for beating meuka are purple sticky hand, green frost cannon, Lesser Healing Scroll, and three stone muffins and what ever attacking weapons you currently have. You will also need the earth faerie ability burrow.
First round use Green Frost Cannon, Purple Sticky Hand and Defend. Idealy Meuka Should be frozen and you have stolen his Downsize Powerplus (the only weapon you steal from meuka)
Second Round you should Use two stone muffins and fierce attack this should leave meuka with about 28 hp
Third Round Mueka is now unfrozen so use the downsize powerplus you stole from him a stone muffin and fierce this should kill him but if he is still alive the next round you can use Lesser Healing Scroll your normal attacking weapon and burrow to finish him off.

The Black Pteri

Here is an easy way to beat the Black Pteri with 55† Strength. (I suggest keeping your HP at an even level with your strength)

You will need a Green Frost Cannon, Two Stone Muffins, a Purple Stick Hand, and an Obsidian Dagger. First round you should use Green Frost Cannon, Purple Sticky Hand, and Burrow. The outcome of this round should be the Pteri has been frozen and you have stolen his Thoyras Tear if it is not like that use the healing method I gave for every other fight. Second round use both your Stone Muffins and fierce attack. This should leave the Pteri in a hp range of 10-20. Third round use the Thoyras Tear you stole, Obsidian Dagger and fierce attck this should K-O the Black Pteri.

The Meerca Henchmen

Here is an easy way to beat the Meerca Henchmen with 85† strength.

Also you should have the faerie abilities burrow (level 10 earth faerie ability) and sink (level 32 dark faerie ability) (remember to get this avatar you must be on Defenders of neopia mission 8 and on the page where you get the Champion Trophy and the Meerca Henchmen looking beat up click Back to Defenders of Neopia Headquaters not back to the battledome.)

You will need to be level 50 so you get Berserk Attck. You will need Scroll Of Freezing, Lucky Robots Foot, Dual Water Muffins, Obsidian Dagger, Downsize!, And two Icy snowballs. First round use your Scroll of Freezing, Icy Snowball and Sink. If they freeze you withdraw from the fight. Second round use your water muffins and berserk. The Meerca Henchmen should now have about 39 hp. For this round use your remaining Icy Snowball, Obsidian Dagger and Burrow. If they freeze you you should just pray they don't kill you next round. If your Meerca Henchmen still aren't defeated use Lucky Robots Foot, Obsidian Dagger and Defend. If they still aren't defeated you got really unlucky. You should use Downsize!, Obsidian Dagger and Defend. If you haven't beaten them yet I can not help you anymore because you should have beaten them by now.

The Space Faerie

Here is an easy way to beat the Space Faerie with 250† strength.

You will need a Scroll of Freezing, five Stone Muffins, and Downsize! First round use your normal attack, downsize!, and Fiery Gaze. If the space faerie is not frozen withdraw and start again. Second round use two Stone Muffins and Berserk. Third Round use a Stone Muffin Scroll of Freezing, and Sink. Also pray that she doesn't use her Jade ss if she uses her Jade ss and heals herself back to full health simply withdraw and try again. Fourth round use dual Stone Muffins and Berserk this will beat the Space Faerie.

Understanding The BD

So you have decided being told how to beat avatar opponents isn't enough but you want to actually understand how I was able to come up with stratgies that work everytime if you exicute them right well I'm going to explain that down here. First off you are probably wondering why does he tell us to get our strength to certain levels before fighting opponents well that is actually quite simple your strength determines how much damage you do per icon you attack with I will now list each strength boost. (Boost is the common word used by bders to explain when you do more damage per icon.) 6 and under you will do 0.5 damage per icon.
8-12 you will do 0.8 damage per icon.
13-19 you will do 1 damage per icon.
20-34 you will do 1.3 damage per icon.
35-54 you will do 1.5 damage per icon.
55-84 you will do 2 damage per icon.
85-124 you will do 2.5 damage per icon.
125-199 you will do 3 damage per icon.
200-249 you will do 4.5 damage per icon.
250-299 you will do 5.5 damage per icon.
300-349 you will do 6.5 damage per icon.
350-399 you will do 7.5 damage per icon.
400-449 you will do 8.5 damage per icon.
450-499 you will do 9.8 damage per icon.
500-549 you will do 11 damage per icon.
550-599 you will do 12 damage per icon.
600-649 you will do 13 damage per icon.
650-699 you will do 14 damage per icon.
700† you will do 15 damage per icon. No matter how high your strength goes after this you will never do any more damage per icon.

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