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***update notice 3/29/14***

ok, so for the sake of convenience for you guys,
i'm just going to start uploading my latest screenies from NEWEST TO OLDEST.
that way, if you guys decide to check back for updates,
you don't have to scroll alllllll the way down to the bottom
you won't have to wait for all of the previous images to load just to see if i've updated.
i'm so thoughtful~ :D
i'm still keeping my old screenies as they are.
they'll still be from oldest to newest, if it even matters.
it's not like my screenies were in any particular order anyway.
so this kinda works out.

also, i don't know if you can tell,
but i also have a new "style" for my screenies.
my old ones were made on MS paint with the crayon tool.
ever since my tablet started going bozonkers when i tried to use it in MS paint,
i kinda gave up on my screenies for a while because it was just too annoying.
school also started getting more hectic and i didn't want to waste time trying to fix my tablet.
but i ended up finding another solution: a new program (kinda sorta not really)
now i make them using the snipping tool.
i like how these new ones are and i hope you do, too :3
if not.... then i don't know how to help you :I

tl;dr updates are now at the top, screenies no longer drawn using crayon

***end update notice***

as you know,
i tend to print screen something and then think of something to draw for it later
i upload in bulk 'cause i'm really lazy to keep updating this page (it's on a side account)
anywho, you probably wouldn't notice anyway...
so... enjoy?

apparently someone reported me for showing this person's name and i actually received a warning from TNT
i didn't know you couldn't show names of others
i thought it was just common courtesy :/
oh well... shows how lame i am, i guess...
so if you decide to post screenies about people like the person above,
DON'T... otherwise people will go crazy and report you
and if you see people like me breaking the rules...
it would be nice if you warned them yourselves =.=

Don't worry... More is on the way... I think :/

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