Cloudburst Layouts

Welcome to my premade shop layouts site! I noticed that there weren't a lot of these around, so after much trial and error I created some layouts that I hope you will enjoy. :)
If you wish to contact me, you can do so here.
05/11/2016: Three new layouts added - Springtime in Neopia, Field of Daisies, and Wooden Town.

31/10/2016: Happy Halloween! I've added new textured backgrounds to each of the layouts to replace the basic colour backgrounds they had previously.

27/10/2016: Three new layouts have been added - Gathering of Conjurers, Button Town, and Valentines Garden.

26/10/2016: Welcome to the new site! There are four layouts at the moment, and more will be coming soon.

Bullet points from Whirligig
Background from Mariposa
Shop background textures from transparent textures and subtle patterns

Listed at:

Wooden Town

Field of Daisies

Springtime in Neopia

Valentines Garden

Button Town

Gathering of Conjurers

Terror Mountain Mansion

Chocolate Ballroom

Harvest Market

Holly Fortress

About Me!

Hello! I'm Sleekasus, a Water Kyrii. I used to be yellow but I was painted this colour a few years ago.

Hobbies: reading, playing games, exploring
Favourite Food: pyramicake
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Favourite Book: snowy - a white kougra story
Best Time of Year: the annual chocolate ball