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thank you so much sammy!

Divinity Entry

My name is sky, I'm a zombie now but that was not always the case. Once upon a time I was a normal guy, I'd wake up in the morning, try to catch some waves before class, and almost always be late and show up still wearing my wet suit. I had just started my second term at Altador University when it happened. I was swimming off of one of the reefs that surround Altador's coast when I saw the men dumping something into the water and killing the reef. I decided to go closer to get a better look, it was the biggest mistake of my life and it cost me mine. As I watched them a man had sneaked up behind me and then everything went dark.

When I awoke it was dark and I was in a box, and I freaked out. I had to claw my way up and out of the earth and then I met him, the one who had killed me and then raised me from the dead. Apparently I was something called an "aware," a zombie that could think and do things on their own accord. The man was thrilled because Aware are hard to create, and upon ordering me to forget everything about my previous life he made me a general in his undead army. One night we were on a mission to retrieve someone the man needed when the water guardian Serinethe appeared. She didn't trust me but she needed information so she gave me back my memories. Even though I had been a functioning zombie for nearly half a year being a zombie with a conscience was hard and depressing. However I wanted revenge and she wanted the man stopped so we joined forces and sought out the man.

When we finally found him I was forced to betray Serinethe, apparently the whole thing had been a trap for her and I had been ordered to bring her to him at any cost. At the last minute the crystal spirit that Serinethe protects appeared and teleported her away to safety, and we followed on foot, laying siege to all of the towns along the way. When we reached northern Shenkuu (that is where she resides you see) a great battle ensued. In an attempt to show her how powerful of a man he was He ordered me to destroy the magical crystal that kept the waters of Neopia pure, however I faltered at the last minute and stabbed the man instead, Serinethe did the rest because after disobeying I was incapacitated. We won but my life force was exhausted and I died for real this time.

Serinethe's notes on zombies (will be on notebook paper background)

Zombies, the living dead, reanimated corpses, it doesn't matter where they are found, how they died, or what you call them, they all retain the same characteristics for the most part. However zombies, as with people and animals, plants, and stars, there are exceptions to the rules, but these exceptions are rare.

When they first rise out of the ground they are very stiff, though as they feed they become more flexible and are able to regenerate if they loose and arm or are wounded.

Depending on how long they have been in the ground they will have either a lot of memories and emotions, some, or none at all.

They can only be awoken by a sorcerer, a necromancer if you will. As with everything in this world the stronger the necromancer the more zombies they can raise and the stronger the zombies will be. The Necromancer can control the zombies completely, even if it is against their nature.

Instead of saliva they secrete a toxin that helps their food disintegrate as they chew, since their bodies are rotten and most organs don't restart this is crucial for their survival. If also works as a sedative. A bite from a zombie can make you groggy and you loose feeling near where you were bitten, it wears off after a few hours. Multiple bites can cause a full body paralysis, which is lucky for the prey as zombies like their meals warm. (if still living prey is not to be found they will settle for recently dead things, and as a last resort will eat things that have been decomposing for a while.)

Ways to defeat a zombie:

Fire is the best and most common way to defeat a zombie. The flames burn away their bodies and purifies their spirits, it is best to do this right after someone dies so that they don't have the chance to become a zombie.

Next is silver: Silver is considered a pure element and thus an unholy being such as a zombie is unable to withstand it and the areas where you cut begin burning. The more cuts (and the deeper they are) will result in their death sooner. Other talismans and objects that have been 'blessed' will slow a zombie down, but those will not stop them forever.

Water: Water that is pure and clean will act like fire on a zombie. Polluted water will do nothing except enrage them.

All zombies are weak in the sunlight. It burns their skin and eyes (if they have any left) and causes them to feel groggy and weak regardless of the necromancer who raised them, making them easy targets for silver or fire.

If you kill a sorcerer who has raised the dead then all the things they have raised and the spells they have worked will cease to be.

Some zombies are more 'aware' than others, regardless of how long they have been dead. They retain their memories and in some rare cases their hearts beat. These were people who were vital while alive, and have something that they need to take care of in death.
Unfortunately they are under the control of the necromancer and what they want is unimportant, they do as they are told.... yet sometimes they elude their masters, and experience small moments of freedom, as was the case with a zombie I encountered once. His name was Sky, and there was something a little....off about him.

I used to be a student you know, I was going to Altador University....but I stumbled upon something I wasn't supposed to...and I payed for that with my life.
The ones who murdered me dug me up latter, and while I don't know what they did I know that something is wrong. I don't want to let her find out because she finally trusts me a little, but...it gets harder with each day. We are searching for the sorcerer who raised me from the grave, he was the one behind what I saw, and he is the only one who can answer my questions. She has other motives, if someone can raise the dead and upon raising them leave them to wander on their own then they are a danger to the world and must be stopped.
This is my story, I don't have long left so please listen to it while I am still here.

It's dark.
It's quiet.
There is a strange smell in the air. It smells like fresh earth and something else I can't quiet put my finger on, it's almost like the scent of something rotting.

I had been afraid of the dark since I was little and I was starting to panic. I always left my table light on at night, why was it off? I reached out to turn it on, and gasped in pain as my hand hit a wall. Confused I reached out with my other hand thinking I had gotten confused in the night, but I hit a wall there too.
Wha...what's going on?" I felt around and hit the ceiling. Moving my legs they hit the walls as well.
it's… it's a coffin," I whispered as I gently reached out and touched the low ceiling, "why am I in a coffin?" I began to thrash around, not caring that I was hurting myself in the process, I wanted out, and I wanted out now.
HEEELLPP!" I screamed as loud as I could. "SOMEONE PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE!"
Of course no one could hear me, no one would help. I would stay in this box until it ran out of air and I died of asphyxiation...and if there was somehow air seeping in I would stay alive for who knows how long.
I started to cry. My teeth started to chatter and I shivered slightly. I thought of the faces I would never see again, my friends, family, the sea, the sky, and a strange rage slowly crept over me.
Why should it have to end like this? Why couldn't I live like everyone else? Why did I have to die in this box below the ground?!
As my thoughts continued, I grew angrier and angrier. Infuriated I punched the coffin lid as hard as I could. I was getting out, and I was getting out now, one way or another and nothing would stop me. I felt my fist punch through the roof and I yelled in crazed satisfaction. Then the dark earth started to pour in.
My fear was starting to cut through the rage, but I refused to give in. The dirt had splintered the lid so I clawed my way up and out. My lungs started to burn, I needed air. I felt my hand break through the earth and I pulled with all my might. When my head broke the surface I drank in the sweet air, coughing as I expelled some dirt from my lungs.
I pulled the rest of myself out of the dirt and collapsed onto a patch of soft grass and nearly passed out from relief. I turned my head to look at the grave I had just climbed out of and saw the headstone. The setting sun stained the sky and earth a bloody red.
Here lies Skylieh, rest in peace."
It was too much for me and I fainted.

When I came to it was dark and the stars twinkled gently above me, but I soon registered the fact that this was a graveyard, and this was my grave.

Likes- Sunshine, rain, plants, fuzzy maminals, the water, swimming,

Hates- The dark, closed in spaces (claustrophobic), reptiles, blood.
Fears- The dark, being buried alive (he's taphophobic,) being burned, the sun (despite his desire to lay in it)

Meeting Serenithe

I pulled my lips back in a snarl as I smelled the scent of fresh meat close by. I staggered off in the direction, looking forward to a fresh meal. I hadn't eaten anything since I left the graveyard and my mouth was watering.
The scent grew stronger as I neared it, and then I saw her: a little girl sitting by a lake. A part of my mind started to protest, but I silenced it. She turned around as I stumbled closer, looking surprised.
You shouldn't be out here alone" is what I wanted to say, but instead only a guttural growl came out. Her surprised face turned from surprised to murderous. She held her arm out and pointed at me, I found myself unable to move.
Dead things," she hissed, "belong in the ground." And she clenched her hand into a fist.
I felt like every nerve in my body was on fire. The ground rushed up at me as I fell, landing hard.
Who brought you back?" she spat at me. Still burning I couldn't catch my breath to make an intelligible answer. "I asked a question, and I demand an answer!" she slammed her hand down, I felt my arm break. I gasped in pain, it was too much, my good arm clawed at the dirt, I wanted to tear her apart. I wanted to see her bleed.
Suddenly the burning stopped. She leaned over me and smirked.
Awww, did that hurt?" she emphasized the last syllable by stomping on my broken arm. "Answer me zombie, or I'll do more than break your useless undead arm." She twisted her foot mercilessly, making me scream.
I haven't got all night you know. Answer me now before I get mad. My lake is pure and like acid to your kind, I could always slowly submerge you in it and watch as your flesh-"
ple…ase…." I interrupted her, I was feeling sick at the thought of burning.
Hmm, did you say something?
Please…..stop" I gasped, "stop…." I think I was crying again.
So you can talk!" she looked pleased and a little shocked. "Now, tell me who raised you and you can go back to being dead."
I…don't know, I woke up in a coffin, and a guy said someone in Shennku named Serinethe could help me. I've been traveling ever since to find her." She was quiet and looked genuinely surprised.
You came here to find me? Why?" she was suspicious now.
I felt the blood rush to my face in embarrassment, this was Serinethe? The little girl who I had planned on eating moments ago? How could she help? A voice whispered in the back of my mind, don't be rash, she may be able to help yet. Be polite.
I took a deep breath, "My name is Sky, he said you helped the dead find peace, but I need to find a man before I can rest. Will you help me?"
Who is it you are looking for?"
I…don't know his name, just his face." My arm was throbbing and my consciousness was shifting back to wanting to devour her.
No." I growled, "no, not yet, I need to talk to her still."
Zombie boy are you okay?"
Yes! I wasn't thinking about, umm…yes?" I was embarrassed and hopped that she couldn't somehow read minds. She looked at me quizzically and rubbed her head like she was getting a headache.
I bit my lip before asking, "Are you okay little girl?"
What?!" She glanced down at herself, "oh yeah, The dead thing's spirit seemed like a childs so I figured that this form was less intimidating."

She shimmered for a few seconds with a light that was so bright I had to look away. When I opened my eyes a very tall lady stood in place of the girl. She had pale green skin that shone in the moonlight and eyes that looked like two pools of water. Her aqua colored hair was braided and knotted into an elaborate set of loops.

She stood over me and reached out a hand, I recoiled in fear. She scowled and reached down to grab my good wrist, and some of the lake water dripped onto my face. It seared like acid, she hadn't been kidding about the lake being pure. I thrashed and tried to pull away and her eyebrows snapped together.
Stay still." she ordered.
No." I thrashed harder. Why was I so determined to not have her touch me?
Stay still or I'll break your other arm and possibly some ribs." she threatened.
I obeyed her and stopped moving, but hatred was building in me. If I could just kill her I would be able to escape and look for the guy before he could do anything else. it was obviously a waste coming up here, I had lost precious time that was now gone forever.

Flashes of memory started to play through my head from before I died, finding the dead reef, the boat with the sorcerer, being pumbled and dumped in the ocean, his smug face as I sank beneath the waves, everything going dark. These thoughts made me pull back my lips again and snarl at her. Anger was coursing through me and I gave into it.
She was shocked and sat on my stomach, holding both my arms against the ground, trying to prevent me from moving.
Sky, wasn't it? Control yourself or I will send you on right here and now. Tell me, who raised you, necromancy is a forbidden art because careless people raise the dead and then leave them to wander."
I continued to thrash but I was quieting down, her words made sense. After a few minutes I was still, exhausted and humiliated. The rages were happening more frequently these days, she hadn't really done anything to me, my broken arm was slowly healing and I kept trying to eat her. Humiliated I glanced to the side and muttered "I'm sorry, and I really don't know who raised me."
Look me in the eyes." She ordered.
Slowly I turned my eyes to look at hers. They were a clear emerald green that I felt like I was drowning in them. I started to panic again, and she tightened her grip on my arms.
I won't hurt you if you answer me honestly, okay?" not waiting for my reply she continued, "Now you are looking for a guy whose name you don't recall, am I correct in assuming he was the one either responsible for your death and or raising you from the dead?"
He…killed me. But there have been others, and there will be more." I could feel the rage again, and I got a little scared. I tried to suppress it but it was growing to fast.
Concerned she leaned her head over mine and asked, "Sky, where were you born?"
Startled I stared at her. "I was born…in…I don't remember."
You don't remember? it's happening sooner than it should, okay, how old are you?"
…18… I think." I could tell she was trying to distract me, and I was thankful that it was working.
Do you have pets, siblings? How about your favorite colors?"
These questions are pointless, send my spirit or help me."
Hey, they're keeping you from trying to kill me so they work fine. Last thing I need is a crazed zombie on the loose."
Whenever you start to get mad your eyes turn red. To be honest it's a little creepy."
…they turn red?" I asked incredulous.
You were unaware?" she seemed surprised again.
I didn't know. This really isn't a dream is it?" I asked hoping that she would do something and I would wake up.
Nope, it's real, unless you are implying that you have dreams full of pain and delusions and beautiful women whom you want to eat?"
No…my dreams don't usually involve those-" I stopped talking, I could feel it in my bones, the sun, it was going to rise soon. I started to panic, the sun meant pain, it seared my eyes, burned my skin, and made me sad. I couldn't lay in it, couldn't walk in it, had to look on from the shadows or a dark cavern and even then it hurt.
Not noticing my panic she went on smoothly, "So you came here looking for my help, what will you do for me if I give it to you?"
I had to think about that but it was hard, the sun was distracting me. "I have nothing to offer you."
There must be something!" she urged, "think."
But…I can't do anything and and and I have nothing." I ended dejectedly.
You have the ability to travel no? Let me go with you and I'll help you if I can."
What? Why? Why do you want to go with me?"
Her expression hardened, "because I've been tied to this spot for hundreds of years. My lake is the purest in the world as a result of my diligence, but there is something wrong out there that is calling to me. I don't know what it is but I have to find it and set things right. The other guardians are resting from the battle and the ones who are awake won't make it in time. I can't leave this place unless I have a contract with someone or I am ordered to go by one of my superiors, and they are not around right now."
I was growing hopeful, if she came with me then the dark wouldn't be so scary, and she could help me find him.
Deal." I said it just as the sun broke over the lake.

I felt the sun warm my body as I floated in the water off of the coast of Altador. The tang of salt ticked my nose and the gulls made a ruckus as they flew above me.

Smiling I allowed myself to sink beneath the waves. As I sunk I opened my eyes and was met with a different scene. My body hurt and the sky above was an ominous green. I struggled to rise to the surface, but I couldn't. Glancing at my hands I saw that they were the pale ghostly color of flesh that has been decaying in water.

I screamed, I was inhaling water but I didn't care.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them the world was different. I was on land and the sounds of crickets could be heard in the background.
Are you okay?" A quiet voice drifted over from a small fire.

I looked at my hands and wanted to cry. I had dreamed of when I was alive, of the days when I could be in the sun and the water.

Serinethe walked over to me and looked me in the eyes.
It's okay Sky, it will all be over soon'
She gently touched my hair. Saying again quieter and a little sadly so that I couldn't hear 'soon you will be at peace.'

Mystic stop writing the endings to your stories right offa the bat 8U

He stumbled along, placing one foot in front of the other day after day, night after night. His glazed eyes were focused in a far off mountain range, and he mumbled under his breathe, "one more step......one more step......"
If he stopped he wouldn't start going again. His spirit was exhausted and his thoughts were quiet. He hesitated for a second, confused. Blinking slowly he looked at the surrounding trees, his forehead wrinkled in confusion.
Why am I here? he thought, Where is here? Something shinny caught his attention and he looked down, and saw the the little blob of crystal hanging around his neck. As he touched it he felt a sense of peace wash over him. He wondered where he had gotten it, and as he stared into it he almost thought that he could see a person in there.
A memory stirred in him, he couldn't find a name for her but he recognized the girl.
this is hers!" he exclaimed after a while, "and I have to return it to her!" he was getting exited at the prospect of returning this precious item. "She's.....over those mountains."
He started walking again, he was so tired but this mission was mroe important than sleep. Placing one foot infront of the other he continued on his way.

She was mopping in her lake, without her necklace and was unable to leave. She could feel the dead starting to move around up but she couldn't send them unless they came near her lake. Which they never did. It's purity drew them in but also repelled them.
She had been angry at first but now she was just sad. She had promised Sky that she would send his spirit on but now he was just a puppet.
A tear leaked down her cheek, "I'm so sorry Sky," she whispered to the lake, "for everything"

She was sitting on the crystal when she felt it: An undead was on the lake shore. Dragging her thoughts away from Sky she slowly swam to the surface.
She would send whatever had wandered here, but her heart wasn't in it. She broke the surface and swam towards the dead thing when she realized who it was. Heart beating fast she quickened her pace until she was near the shore.
Sky!" she squeaked and pulled herself out of the lake, struggling to get to him. With all of her might she threw herself at him and wrapped her arms around him in a hug.
You're here" she whispered and rested her head on his. She held him like that for a minute before pulling away, he had angry burns where she had touched him.
Sky why didn't you tell me I was burning you?" she demanded aghast.
He didn't respond.
Sky?" she asked, moving his coarse white hair out of his eyes, "Are you okay?" he just looked at her blankly and blinked.
Oh sky." her vision swam a little as she felt the warm tears fall down her cheeks. Taking his hands she squeezed them gently, "It's okay, you're here now, it's over."
What?" She bent down to look up at him, "what did you say?"
Here," he smiled, "this is yours, right?" he freed his hand and gestured to the necklace he wore.
Smiling she nodded, "yes, it's mine. Thank you for bringing it back to me."
Smiling crookedly he pulled it over his head and placed it over hers. The minute the necklace slipped over head she felt the pull from the lake stop.
You're welcome.' He was very proud of himself. He had walked almost non stop for this moment, and he felt the feeling of pride swell up in his chest. He turned around and called to the trees "Master you were right, she was very happy to get her pretty back."

Her breath caught in her chest as the sorcerer stepped out of the shadows, "Hello my dear" he grinned.

Because it's time for your soul to rest.' She backed into the water. 'Please, let me keep my promise.' she beseached him. A tear fell into the water and the lake began to glow.
He looked at the figure in the water, memories were starting to surface. He looked at his burned hands and remembered someone saying, 'My lake can be like acid for the undead, but under the right circumstances it can be a place to purify a spirit.'
Serinethe?' he asked slowly, confused. His eyes were becomming bright again. 'How did I get here?'
You came here to return my necklace.'
He smiled and strod on the very edge of the lake, "Mission accomplished I guess" he gave her a thumbs up. "Although..." he seemed a little sad, "I wish that we could have more time together. I mean...I know almost nothing about you."
She smiled happy that he had remembered her, 'What would you like to know?'
I want to know everything I suppose, but how did you become a water guardian?'
There was an evil polluting the waters and the previous gaurdian lost their life as a result. I was the only one in the region who fit the parameters at the time. After awhile I prooved myself and they gave me the power to leave the lake and purify other parts of the world. In a battle to banish a great evil I moved up to being able to send spirits onto the afterlife. What else would you like to know?' She talked fast, wanting to tell him all that she could in the short amount of time he had left.

He thought for a minute.
What is your favorite color?'
She smirked, 'Deep blue, like the sky on a summer day.'
He smiled and rubbed at his eyes, his vision was blurring and he tried to stay focused on her.
Do you get lonely here all alone?'
She looked down, 'Yes.'
He took a step into the lake, expecting it to burn. Instead it felt warm and slightly tingly. Taking another step he asked, 'Do you want me to stay with you?'
He was up to his knees now. She reached out to steady him.
The glowing lake was an amazing site to behold, Sky thought that he had never seen anything so beautiful or so sad before.
Serinethe?' He asked worried, the water was up to his chest.
I'm scared.'
She reached up and brushed the hair out of his face. The lake water was stripping away his dead flesh and making him appear as he did when he was alive. She leaned her forehead against his and closed her eyes.
It's okay, you would be a fool to not be afraid. But you are going to where you belong. You weren't meant to come back as a living corpse.'
He glowed now, you would never have know that he was dead. Taking a deep breath he looked her in the eyes.
I'm ready. Scared, but ready.'
Smiling she reached up and closed his eyes.
Rest in peace, for real this time.'
He smiled and started to faded, off on another adventure in another place.

She stood in the lake all alone as the water's glow began to fade.
I love you.' she whispered to the place where Sky had been standing. She turned and sank beneathe the surface.

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It is a journey
I must face...alone.
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
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I want to stay on Neopets,
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Meepit invasion
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