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Hello and welcome to my neopet page, peppsan92. My neopet name is Skuttish and is the species of Kacheek, a very playful and curious creature, which can be found at Neopets. My owner is both young and old. It is the older one who takes good care of me and Chobiiie677 as good as she can while doing other kinds of work beside her spare time.

Carrots for me

It happen once when I, Skuttish, had a flue or likely. It took awhile until I was cured with something bought from an auctions, because the hospital hadn't the cure for my disease back then. But the hospital at Neopia Central has other cures to cure neopets who has any kind of disease of this days at Neopets.


But today, Chobiie, my best neopet friend, and I are fresh like a peanut that we probably are ready for a battle in the Battledome. Though we're not sure if we want to battle yet, because we doesn't have the powerful equipment ... yet. But we will have it one day, as soon as the older one has collect enough neopoints to buy one or two and have some np left.

And my best neopet friend is Chobiiie677, which is a species of Xweetok, which you can read more about her if you click here, is my best neopet friend. She is funny to play with, unless she is not resting, which she loves to rest when she isn't playing or training with me.


For those who doesn't know about the species of mine, namely kacheek, it says that we're shy little species that live in the lush meadows in Neopia. They will avoid violence whenever is possible and love to make friends, which might be true, though we don't fight with our neopet friends. So it might have a point there ...

The species of Xweetok says they are furry, forest-dwelling creatures who enjoy active games such as tag. They're very quick and loved to be chased, might be true, though once when Chobiiie and Skuttish once had a race, my xweetok was much faster than my kacheek. So the info I found at Neopets might have a point there ...

Have a look at my new refresh neopet page and enjoy your readings :)

Skuttish's profile

Skuttish, kacheek
Name: Skuttish
Species: Kacheek
Books red: 32
Gender: Female
Level: 2
Best neofriend: Chobiiie677
Owner: peppsan92
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Personality: Skuttish may be a shy, according to what it says about kacheek species, but he loves mazes, playing different games, especially hide-and-seek where he always hides on places where I always find Chobiiie first than Skuttish as the first person. Happy neopet who avoids violence, except in battledome.

book writing

Skuttish first weapon

How did my kacheek named Skuttish discovered his first weapon? Did he find it in a store or did he found in the forest? And how powerful is that weapon he found? Well, that is exactly what I'm going to tell you in this story.

It all began one day, when I woke up and found my Skuttish laying on his special bed and seems to be kinda sad. I wonder what that could be, so I asked, but didn't ge any response. So I decided to make a nice lunch for both Skuttish and Chobiiie. While I was in the kitchen, Chobiiie (which is a species of Xweetok) tried to cheer Skuttish up while I was in the kitchen and making some food for them and myself, but didn't succed. Then when I was finished I called them out and Chobiiie ran out so fast to his plate with the sandwich I made for her, while it took awhile before Skuttish came out and ate his food. "What is wrong with Skuttish? He seems so down today", I thought in my mind.
- "Skuttish, is something wrong?", Chobiiie asked him.
- "Naaw", he answered.
- "Come on! Why not share your troubles with us?", I told him.
- "mrhmmm
And so it was quiet, except when we ate. While I was waiting until someone talked, I looked at the window and daydreamed, as I usually do most of the time. Suddently when Skuttish has finished his sandwich he said the food was delicious and so was Chobiiie's sandwich too. I said thanks with a smile, then Skuttish told me that he wants to get a weapon because almost every neopet in Neopet has one or two, but he didn't.
- "Oh. Skuttish, don't be one of them who wants something because the other has too", I said with a sad smile.
- "But I want a weapon, please", he said with begging.
- "Most of the weapons are so expensive", I said.
- "Oh", Skuttish said sadly.
- "But don't get sad. You and Chobiiie will get one day", I said.
- "Really?
- "Yes, all you have to do is to wait. So, you wanna go for a walk,Chobiiie and Skuttish?
- "Yea", did both say out loud.
Before we went out I took my backpack and packed down some food and water bottles, in case if we get thirsty, or hungry, while walking outside. And so I put on my socks and shoes, pull my jacket on me and we left our home.

When we arrived to a sign which says if we go to the left direction, we will come to Brightvale, while if you choose the right direction, we will arrive to Meridell. So we didn't knew where to go, so we stood there and decide to go which way. Chobiiie wanted to visit Meridell, while Skuttish wanted to see what kind of weapons Brightvale might have, and myself, well, I didn't even knew where to go, suddently I thought in my mind that Skuttish wanted a weapon so checked with Chobiiie if it was okay if we went to Brightvale first, then to Meridell. And luckly she was fine with that decision.

While we walking towards to Brightvale, we talked about what food they might have in Brightvale, same with weapons and clothes, and how much it might cost. Though I didn't have much neodollar with me, so we had to buy what was necessary to get, except a weapon for Skuttish though. After 30 minutes walking towards Brightvale, we finally reached the entrance and kept walking inside the town city. It took awhile until we found a weapon shop in the city, though there was several food shops in town, while there were only a few weapon shops. "Is it so hard to keep a weapon shop alive?", I thought in my mind. After we passed a few food and clothing shops I told my neopets:
- "If I see another food shop, I'm going inside
- "Hihi, I bet the next store will be that kind just because you said it", said Chobiiie with a giggle.
- "We don't mind to get something to eat", Skuttish said with a wiggle on his tail.
- "Hehe", I laughed.
And so it is, we saw an other food shop and we went inside. This food shop had a lots of fruits, just like the other ones in Brightvale, so I chose to buy some sliced pineapples, Chobiiie wanted some oranges and apples, while Skuttish wanted apples, pears and some bananas. All the fruit we bought came up to a cost at 40 neodollar.

Before we went out I put it all in a small papper bag, then put it all in my backpack, but for Chobiiie and Skuttish, they couldn't hold their hunger. So they decided to eat each an apple right away, but they ate it very quickly, much quicker than I eat a fruit. Hehe, of course! They're neopets and they're special creatures so it wouldn't mind me if neopets could eat slow if they wanted to. I laughed out loud at my thoughts that Skuttish and Chobiiie wondered what I thought about, and when I told them, we all laughed.

After been walking awhile we finally found the weapon shop, thankfully to some people we asked for direction. As soon as we got there, Skuttish ran to the shop window and looked excited to all the weapons they put there for both people and neopets to look at and maybe come inside and buy a weapon.
- "Any weapon you want, Skuttish?", I asked him.
- "Oh. Let me see", he said.
He did looked at the weapons at the window awhile, then he said afterwards:
- "I wanna go inside and have a look. Can I?", did Skuttish ask.
- "Alright my Skuttish, lets go inside and have a look. And for you Chobiiie, if you find anything interesting for you, give me a shout and let me see what it is", I told my neopets.
- "Okay", did my neopets answer.
And so we open the door and went inside. The weapon store was neither too small nor too big, rather a small store with most kind of weapons, and there were a couple of neopets and its owner inside and looking for a weapon to buy or making a plan to buy one. While I was walking with Chobiiie to look at the different weapons, Skuttish went to see if he could find a weapon he wants to practice and use in Battledome. It is amazing to see and read all the info about the many weapons they're selling in their store, because I found a couple of favourite weapons which was a bow and arrows for an Archer, many swords which one caught my eyes on, because this one was perfectly made on its blade. I held it and felt how the movements fit into the holding on the sword, but then Skuttish shouted at me. But it wasn't until Chobiiie pushed me I heard him shout at me from inside the store, and then I looked at the sword I held and thought, if I leave the sword on its place, will I ever see it again when I come back? I decide to put it back and hope nobody will buy that kind of sword, so after the sword is back on its place, Chobiiie and I went inside to see what Skuttish might have found in there.

As soon as we found Skuttish, we saw him looking up and jump back and forth and pointing at the awesomely sword placed pretty high up even for me. So I asked and showed the owner about the sword, and his answer was kinda disappointed for Skuttish, though he told us that sword isn't for sale. Seems someone has order it and this room isn't suppose to be open for costumer to go inside, because only weapons in this room, we're inside, are orders from people who has come and ask for a customise weapon of their own. I didn't have to look at Skuttish how he felt about the news, cause I felt how he felt about the sword he loved, and now he lay down on the floor, so I had to carry him in my arms. Took a look where I found my favourite, it seems someone has brought it too, so another sword of that kind wouldn't be easy to find. Hope I find a I sword I like though. Same with Skuttish, and Chobiiie.

When we got out from the weapon shop, we notice it was almost time for evening. So while carrying my sadly Skuttish, I decide to send Chobiiie in to a food shop to buy some more food before we leave Brightvale. After 20 minutes, we left all the weapon and food shops in Brightvale, we were heading to Meridell through the forest. Though we decide to make a camp in the forest during the night to rest, so that's why.

After been walking towards Meridell in the forest, we decide to set down for camping and make a campfire. So Skuttish, after been cheered up during the walk in my arms, and Chobiiie went out to collect many wood sticks to set up a campfire for both warming the food and light. As soon as the campfire set some fire we made our food warm, ate it and spoke a little what we might find in Meridell. When the sky became dark with shiny stars in the sky, we decide to go to sleep to have enough energy for tomorrow's walk to Meridell. As soon as we slept, suddently the thunder and heavy rain woke us up and we were wet from top to bottom, that I didn't knew how long we slept, but seeing from the positive side, the only thing that's missing is the schampo. And Chobiiie and Skuttish did laught at my joke about the heavy rain. There were a couple of thunder bolts that hit some places while we made a place where we can stay while raining like this, luckly it wasn't near. But as soon as we finish and went under the leaf roof, the thunder bolts seems too getting closer and closer to our area. And unluckly, there was a leak on our roof, we made, and it dropped at my shoulder. But it didn't bother me so much, although the lighting bolt was even worse than getting wet, see it as a shower for the day.

Suddently the thunder bolt hit a tree, not far from us, and it fell. And another lighting bolt hit a tree and that fell too. While the trees were falling down to the ground by the thunder bolts, I had a sense that there must be a reason why only two trees where hit by the lighting bolt, because just a minute or so, the heavy rain and thunder bolts was gone. And we were wet, so Skuttish and Chobiiie went out to shake them dry, while myself got out wet and looked at the way the two trees fell to the ground. After been standing and looking at the way the trees fell, my neopets saw how I thought about something so they asked:
- "Anything wrong?
- "Huh?
- "Anything wrong Peppsan", did Skuttish ask again.
- "No, but it's kinda strange
- "Strange about what?", did Chobiiie ask and looked at the same way where my eyes was fixed on.
- "Very strange that a night, the weather change too a heavy rain with lighting bolts, then two trees falls down by the lighting bolts and then the rain suddently stop. Doesn't it make sense to you guys?
And so they thought and yes it did. They didn't knew that the rain will stop so rapidly, because everytime it rains, it often stop after hours or days later, not like this. So we decide to investigate the areas where the two trees fell after we got our stuffs with us. When we got our stuffs with us, we went against that way where we saw the two trees falling down, and when we arrived we began to investigate the area between the fallen trees.

After some researching, Chobiiie found something brownish sticking out from the leaves and dirt on the ground, so I ran to her and moved the leaves and dirt, and could feel something hard. So I called on Skuttish too help us digging whatever is hidden on this place. And digging out the thing wasn't easy, though it was large and quite heavy too carry it home, and when when dig enough we could see it was a chest of treasure. But when we opened the chest it wasn't a treasure with gold, it was a treasure with three different weapons, and thinking of it, we are three persons, or maybe more exactly, two neopets and one person. And a closer look, there were two swords, a bow and arrows. Perfectly weapons for us and we didn't have to buy it, but what? It is a rare coincedence that this weather of heavy rain and thunder bolts came by our area, but we don't complain, although I think and suspect the Gods wanted to gives us these hidden weapons and probably knew we will take a great responsobility of the weapons we found.

And indeed we did take responsobility with our new weapons, although when we arrived back home, we did immediately put it on a safe place in our home where none of us will get hurt, but will be a safe way to grab our weapons in case if we need to defend ourselves against attack. If we will get attacked one day though. And for my Skuttish, he became very happy for the weapon he, I mean us, found in the forest that he and Chobiiie practise almost everyday until the day they will sign up for a tournament in Battledome in Neopia.

Why did we find those weapons after a weather like heavy rain and thunder bolts? Was it a coincidence after all? Might the weapons we found held any mysterious power? Well, we might discover it one day when it's time.

Written by: peppsan92 (S)

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Chobiiie677's profile

Chobiiie, xweetok
Name: Chobiiie677
Species: Xweetok
Book red: 32
Gender: Female
Level: 2
Best neofriend: Skuttish
Owner: peppsan92
our gallery

Personality: Chobiiie's species of Xweetok lives in the forest, though they are forest-dwelling creatures who enjoy active games. And if you don't know why your xweetok is so actively running up and down on your furnitures or why your xweetok is laughing when you're chasing him/her, then you might know now that a wild xweetok loves to be chased and are very quick runner. No wonder why my xweetok Chobiiie is always laughing when I chasing him all around the appartment.

book writing

Chobiiie's experience with a butterfly

Where has my xweetok Chobiiie677 gone? Have you seen her? Has anyone seen her? Wherever she is, it always take me two hours to find her in her comfortable bed, while my kacheek Skuttish is awake and having fun with me with some plays and other fun activites, indoors as outdoors. Neither did Skuttish tell me much what she, Chobiiie, was doing so early on the day. I think my neopets are hiding a secret behind my back and it is time to find out what they have in mind.

So my morning began with making some breakfast for me and my two neopets, Chobiie and Skuttish, but though, Chobiie wasn't in her bed, so the breakfast was made for two of us. And I decide to make some pancakes with some flour and milk, and it tasted good. While eating breakfast I asked Skuttish if he knew where Chobiiie could be, and he answered:
- "No I don't
- "Are you sure you don't know. Because it seems that you know something where Chobiiie could be and if anything is happening to her, I won't forgive myself to not take care of her.", I said.
- "Don't worry. Wherever she is, she will be fine", Skuttish said with a blink.
- "How do you know?
- "Remember that a xweetok is forest-dwelling creature ...", Skuttish began.
- "Right ...", I said. "You're right, Skuttish. Chobiiie will be fine
And he's right, although I do remember the information I red about Chobiiie's species, Xweetok, I began to realize that she might be somewhere in the forest. But the forest are huge and I've no idea where she can be or even walked. So the rest of the breakfast, I sat and watch out from our window and looked at the way the forest is and wondering what she is doing out there.

So I decide to take a walk, and Skuttish came with me to talk about anything about Neopia while walking. When I got dressed and had my backpack packed with things I needed, we decide too go west for a visit at Kiko Lake in Neopia and see if there are any chance to try out their boats in the lake near the city area.

The journey to Kiko Lake went through the forest on a sandy track, and if we had a horse we could ride on, we would be in Kiko Lake in a minute, which I told Skuttish. And he couldn't laugh, although he answer "why not get a horse one day so we can travel to other city areas in Neopia that is a bit far from our home". As soon as we arrived to Kiko Lake, we looked for the their boat area and paid some neopoints to hire a boat to row on the lake. And it seems that the kikos, creatures whom live in Kiko Lake, has made a track on the lake for those who wants to row in it, but we decide to row around the lake. Which we also did, when we got into the boat. After around one hour and a half, we rowed back to the place where we came from and went out and got into a food store and bought some cookies and vegetables too eat at home.

When we were walking on the track back home, we saw some butterflies flying to our right side. As we stood and looked at the butterflies, suddently some of them flew against us and seems they were playing with us and Skuttish did have much fun with them. And as I looked how Skuttish played with the butterflies, I got to think if Chobiiie might went out to play with them, although I didn't notice any butterflies on the road to Kiko Lake. It must be something like that.

As we got home, Skuttish shouted and I could see that Chobiiie was laying in front of the door, sleeping. Though I do lock the door when I leave the home, so while I carried Chobiiie to her bed I wondered what could make her so tired. "Could it possible be so? Chobiiie having fun with some butterflies? Naa … or maybe ...", I thought in my mind.

After I put Chobiiie on her bed, Skuttish went out to the living room too play some of his toys I once bought to him and Chobiiie. While myself packed the food and cookies I bought from Kiko Lake, then I went out to the living room too, but took a book too read a little before dinner time. Then Skuttish wanted to read something too, so he went to the book case, looked for a interesting book too read, raised him up with his tail and then grabbed the book he wanted too read. While reading, the home got very quiet that you can even hear a leaf fall to the ground, which made me laugh in my mind while reading.

The next day I woke a bit early. I don't why, but I didn't got from the bed, instead I lay in my bed and daydreamed how it will be to have magical powers or being a knight with a sword and a shield, just like what we (Skuttish, Chobiie and I) will get one day when we have enough neopoints to buy the equipment. Suddently I woke up from my daydream by a sound, as someone has woke up, and luckly I let the bedroom door being open and then I saw her. Chobiiie was going too get out in the forest again, but lyckly again, I called her name and she turned around and said surprisingly:
- "Oh. Are you awake?
- "Kind of, didn't want to get up so early", did I say. "So … where are you going Chobiiie?
- "Um, shopping", did she smile a little.
- "Shopping? That early? Are there any shop that opens so early in Neopia? It's six am.
- "I think there are some in Fearieland", she said.
- "No, I don't think you're going for shopping. You are going out in the forest, aren't ya?
Then she looked down and went slowly to my bedroom and got up on my bed. Then she told me that she met some new friends in the forest once we travel to Meridell. While we rest, she climbed up in the tree, so high up that she came to the top and saw some butterflies flying around. They asked her where she lived and maybe they can play every morning, although they liked her being so actively funny to play with. She also told me that Skuttish already knew it, but promise her too keep it secret from me. After hearing her story I ask:
- "Why didn't you tell me about it?
- "I thought you will be angry
- "Me, angry? At Butterflies? Noway, I love butterflies. Shall we go out for a play with them now?", I said to her.
- "Yea", she said.
- "Go and wake Skuttish up
And she did, while she tried to wake Skuttish, I got dressed on and took my backpack with me. When I got out to my neopets sleeping area in our home, Skuttish still hasn't wake up, so I decide to carry him to the place where Chobiiie has been playing with the butterflies for awhile until now.

When we arrive to the place I saw how close it is to the lake and a river not far away from the place, and a hill, which I chose too sit on and placed Skuttish down beside me too keep sleeping while Chobiiie went too play with the butterflies, and some butterflies even flew above my head and it is the first time I get a xweetok too jump over my head. So I laughed when she landed on the other side.

And so it is, Chobiiie, Skuttish and I went out too the place too be with the butterflies, sometimes on the mornings, and sometimes on the afternoon. Hey, what is that? Is that a Lupe? Or was it a wolf? Maybe time for another adventure with my two neopets.

Written by: peppsan92 (S)

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About Skuttish and Chobiie's owner

You have come to the section about the owner, which name I can't mention. If you have been directed to his neopet page, then you already know her name. She is the one whom is taking good care of both Skuttish of kacheek and Chobiiie677 of xweetok. Below you can spot some of my works I would like to share with others who visit this page. But please have in mind though you need to ask for permission if you want to use or save any of my works you might see. You can either send me a pm via Neopets or send an e-mail to me, if you have my e-mailaddress though.

To know something about the owner of these two wonderful neopets, it all began one day when the younger one decide to be a member at Neopets because of the games like Meerca Chase (which is still fun even today) and other games of course. Then, after some years had passed, the neopets was almost starving so the older one decide to take good responsibility care of them and have done it since then.

dragon Shoyru shy hello

The person is a creative, whom had a wild imagination which she gets a lots of ideas that is not only incremental (updated) or innovated (new) products and concepts. But also design on different layouts for either websites or anything that has layout to do. And also an imagination to write different kinds of text, from stories to campaigns and competitions.

Then I'm also a responsible person. Though it takes a great responsibility too take care of my neopets Skuttish and Chobiiie so they don't starve in many days that they will get sick of it. I also take great responsibility of the projects I will be doing at the job, too make sure the costumers and the people at the company will enjoy and be satisfy with the results.

And I'm also a very helpful and a nice person who help other people with the issue they might run into and need a helping hand. So if there are anything you don't know about, but I do. Then I will be able to help you out, unless I do know the answer though. You can't be a master in everything, but you can be a master at something you're good at ;)

When it comes to solve a problem, I observe what the problem to see if I can solve it on my own. Most of the times I have solve my problems by think how it can be solved.

A good example is that I have been a helping hand to the project leader. If you want to know more about this, just ask me and I will tell you more.

Then, one of the things I like to do, is to develop different things eg. products, services or anythingelse as I see need an update. This is something I really want to work with. It is also something I do at my spare time, unless I don't design different kinds of layout, from websites to other types of layout.

Then I love to read books, crime and fantasy are my favourites book genres. But of course, I welcome other book genres as well.

During my education at two different colleges, I taught myself a lot which things are creating different user interfaces, building prototypes when have working on a specific concept about anythin. Depends what the concept is about. Most of my ideas are based on ideas in different areas, although I am interesting in many kinds of areas.

Then I would like to mention that I am running a fansite with different activities eg. news articles, room reviews, images and competitions at my spare time.

So tasks like doing or creating newsletters, communicate and create activities at social media or at website, design diffrent kinds of layout or other things are some of the tasks I would like to work with no matter if it is internship or a job. I will do my best to share my ideas for the company and make sure the costumers will be satisfy or happy of the results.

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Projects in progress

There are so many different projects I have in my mind that come and goes, but some of those ideas I had in my mind is still on progress. And in this section, you will be able to find out some of it, unfortunely I can't write too much about it though. As same with the other sections below, I will continuely add more projects I'm working on in the moment.

Sort more
This idea, or concept, is based on how to make people to sort their trash eg. metals with metals, plastic with plastic, paper with paper, battery with battery, etc. And because people are not that good at sorting this kind of trash, I on my way to draw how the thing can look like to make the sorting much easier and quicker to throw away the fulfill bags with metals, plastics, batterys, etc. And I bet some companies within this will be interesting, although I figured it out some scenarios in my mind how my concept will work in reality.

Bike app
While I'm doing the other projects which also are in progress, I got a funny idea about a new kind of a application (app) you can have when you're travelling. But what you do in the app, I unfortunely can't tell you here, but as soon as it is finished, then I will be able to link it from here.

Winter layout
For a friend via a community, the layout is still on progress and has come pretty far, but not finished yet. But will be as soon as I work on it.

Then I've been drawing some other layouts by hand, which is finished drawing by hand, though not done it in the computer to later code it as a layout for later use.

A green concept
This concept is about my idea how to make the workers, who have the responsibility to clean up the trash that irresponsible people have thrown on the ground, to do their job more properly. Though where I walk, I see trash in the bushes, trash on the ground, trash on ... almost wherever you go in the city, and that is not what a tourist or the people who live here as there to see. So first thing I do is to get some answers from the city's government.

Puzzle Cube
This project is another kind of puzzle. Unfortunely I can't write much about it, but I think you already have some kind of image of what it could be of the name of this concept/project.

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My different projects

Now it comes to the part where I will share some of my works, which I sometimes called them projects I do at my spare time, and the list with my different projects will be updated with new projects I might have done either during my education at study at college in my country or at my spare time. Although my creative mind keeps getting ideas of different layouts I plan to do after my other projects Im doing right now.

While I'm working on my projects, I write news articles, but not only those, but also different kinds of stories for the visitors who comes to the fansite I work on my spare time, too keep the fansite alive at the net. As I mention, I will add a link to a site I will share my stories, but you can already now read two of my stories above though.

Layout for snow
- The site was made during my work within a group, which we were two persons inluding myself. And I made this to let our supervisor to have look at our work during the project when study the course Interaction design at a specific college. Sry can't mention it here, but if you're interesting to know, why not send a pm via Neopets or mail, if you have my e-mailaddress though.
Link: http://webshare.mah.se/TF08317/interactiondesign/skisser.htm

Video on concept assignment
- The video you will seen soon, is a video I made during the work with an assignment at a college which task was to develop an idea of concept of how a bus driver can plan on his route.
Code: sikkerhed

Video assignment - group
- The video was made during an assignment in my education program where I was working in a group of five other including myself. And we did co-operate with each other during the group project, although I can co-operate with others as working alone.
Link: http://s1137.photobucket.com/albums/n503/Garuruwolfie/Other%20picturees/?action=view&current=Projektturneringar_0001.mp4
Code: sikkerhed

Laysite (layout + website)
- The site was creating for the last project in a course I studied, and I know the site is a bit too much green. But as I did with another assignment, I will update this old layout. But the link below might lead to the entrance, so you don't get confused when I wrote "too much green" and then, don't see any green colour on the link site.
Link: http://webshare.mah.se/TF08317/ImageMaking/dragonballme.htm

Below are my projects that requires Java installed at your computer. So you know about it before visiting the page by clicking on it. Or if you would like to test it, why not use your either surfpad (eg. Ipad) or smartphone which support Android, although I taught that the program I use can be tested on Android phones.

Updated assignment
- This idea came during a lab about using classes and how too use the connection between the sketch and the class. So I came up with the idea too create this lab where you can move a frame and then easier print screen a part of the image.
Link: http://home.hkr.se/~SHTR0001/lab3b/applet/index.html

Terror Mountainer cv
- This was made too have it as my temporary portfolio, while I'm still working on my neopet Skuttisk's pet page at Neopets. Because I love winter very, very much. Why not having one of the team in Altador Cup at Neopets, namely Terror Mountain.
Link: http://home.hkr.se/~SHTR0001/terrormountainer_mycv/applet/index.html

Whale in sunset - This was made during an assignment in the first course, then when I got the task to publish one of the sketches I've done, I chose to publish my whale in sunset.

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My images I've done

Some images I have done it together with someoneelse, while other I have created by myself. Though I will write a decription about each image too let you know a bit how it was made, because I do not only draw directly in an image-editing program like Photoshop, Paint, etc. Although I draw by hand too, because sometimes you need too draw or sketch by hand to have a quick look of how the idea is supposed too be.

Besides, it's a great excersize to switch between drawing by hand and drawing in an image-editing program eg. Photoshop, Paint, etc. And it is also relaxing to draw by hand with pencil, rader gum and paper.

Please note that I have much more images, sketches and drawings that are not uploaded!

Some images need a code to see the image, some not. But you could try to click on the link and see if the image can be seen without the code. If not, then I will be able to send you a code if you send a pm via Neopets or via mail.

Logotype + layout

- This layout was made for a specific fansite. Some part in was done by someoneelse in the team, but otherwise I did the rest.
Link: http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n503/Garuruwolfie/For%20Habbos%20by%20Habbos/Habbosnyalayoutprocess-1.png


Asiktstorgets ad
- A ad banner I made for the site where you can give your opinions in the polls they got for each member.

Tweeting a christmas song

my christmas song tweet
- Ever since I heard about the site Twitter, it sounds like tweet. Tweet like a bird. And it makes even better when Twitters logo is a bird so I made an image where the bird is tweeting whatever it is in the speech bubble.

santa badge
- This is a badge I made for a christmas competition where you have to solve and find the characther in order you could find in a letter written by an elf.

Golden badgeSilver badgebronze badge
- Badges I made for a competition which occur at a community I know. And those three best entries will win one of these badge, depends on what place the participants got in to.

Danmark 2013 badgeSverige 2013 badgeNorge 2013 badgeice crownwelcome badge
Some more badges I've done for a forum and can be used for a competition eg. reward every member who is online at the day of Sweden, Denmark, Norway or other independence day in the country.

Dragon Ball inspiration

me with dragon ball power
- This image was made during an assignment when study a course where I taught some more about images as photographs. And this one was taken for an inspiration of the manga (and anime) Dragon Ball. Love it so, especially the powers. But of course, it can be better ;)
Link: http://webshare.mah.se/TF08317/ImageMaking/dragonball.jpg

Horisontal ad banners

Morrison ad
Target horisontal ad
Coast ad
- The horisonal ad banners were made during I course I study, where the pupils had to create a website and put self-made ads on the site. And I like them all, so hope you like it too and/or get inspired to make some own ads.

Vertical ad banners

Target adFraser adbbc adSpecialized ad

- The vertical ad banners were also made during a course I study where we have to create a website with your own made ads to put on the site. So I made a research on different companies in UK. What I later discovered is that all of them have red background, hehe.

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It is a journey
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I want to stay on Neopets,
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