Aboogala VS Shimmer in
Style Showdown
Congratulations to Aboogala for winning 3 out of 4 rounds, proving that the members of Aboogala are supreme customizers!

Hello and welcome to a little game between the members of two active customization guilds in Neopia: Aboogala and Shimmer. We have challenged each other to see who is the true Imperial of customization.

This activity will consist of four rounds, and a tie breaker if necessary. A specific theme or item will be chosen for each round, entrants from both Shimmer and Aboogala will submit their customizations and then guild members and the ncc community will have the chance to vote for their favorite. Votes will be tallied for each round and a winner will be declared. Whichever guild receives the most round wins will be crowned victorious!

-There will be four rounds. A fifth round will be implemented if needed. Once the votes are tallied for each round the winner will be announced and whichever guild they are from will be the overall winner for that round.
-Each round will last 7 days. 4 days to enter, 3 days for voting. Votes can come from guild members and the neo community.
-You may use your current pet's outfit, DTI outfit links or JN Wardrobe links for entering. You can also create and host the image yourself and just provide me with the location of your image link. Otherwise, I don't mind making an image for you if needed (when dyeworks are used in dti, the outfit image link defaults to the original for some reason. Not sure if this happens for JN Wardrobe.)
-Members of both Aboogala and Shimmer are encouraged to advertise the Showdown, but are not permitted to reveal which entry is theirs or entice users to vote for their entry in any way. Doing so is dishonest and will disqualify you from further Showdown rounds - plus this is for fun anyway!
-Themes are described for each round, participants must follow each round's theme.
-Because I (urredneckgirl1128) am hosting the page, all mails for entries and votes will come to me. I will save everything in folders and provide screenshots if so desired!
-Entries will be shown in random order to alleviate any bias to voting.
-Please do not vote for yourself!
-If someone is in both Aboogala and Shimmer, their default guild will be the one they belong to with their main account.
-You do not have to own any of the items used in your custom.
-Unless anyone objects, I - urredneckgirl1128 - will enter a custom into the Showdown, but I will not be casting my vote since I will know who all the entries belong to.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to mail me!

now, let's have some fun!

Round 1 - Spring

Round 1 Winner

_rodeo_ (Jessica) from Aboogala!


note: there is no distinction between the white and black numbers, it was just what worked best with the custom.
All entries were screenshot and uploaded to prevent snooping on who entered what custom XD.

Round 2 - Summer

Round 2 Winner

aesare (Vally) from Aboogala!


urredneckgirl1128 (Shimmer) 2nd || _rodeo_ (Aboogala) 3rd

nineoneone_ (from Aboogala) & buzzy2sweet, hulkmania6191, gr8caesarsghost (all from Shimmer) tied for 4th!


Round 3 - Fall

Round 3 Winner

xx_happy_girlz_xx (Nastia) from Shimmer!!


sinchy13 (Aboogala) || minkypinkypandakid (Aboogala) Tied for 2nd

urredneckgirl1128 & iona_guild (both from Shimmer) tied for 3rd!


Round 4 - Winter

Round 4 Winner

_rodeo_ (Jessica) from Aboogala!!


skuria99 (Aboogala) 2nd || sulfurbutterfly (Shimmer) 3rd

Round 5 - Spooky

Vote Here :)
Voting deadline is Sat 4/22/16 at noon NST

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